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Double Down 1 (Damaged)

Double Down 1 (Damaged)

Studio: Damaged Productions
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MD James's ratings for Double Down 1 (Damaged):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Double Down 1 (Damaged) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Double Down 1 (Damaged) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Double Down 1 (Damaged) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Double Down 1 (Damaged) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double Down 1 (Damaged) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Down 1 (Damaged) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Down 1 (Damaged) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  9/2/2005
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Double Down #1
Released by: Damaged Productions
Reviewed by
MD James

I normally don’t like blowjob-only movies. Part of the reason is that…

  1. I think that too much time is spent on blowjobs on regular sex movies.
  2. It’s something of a waste to get a girl naked and then have her only use her mouth to get a guy off.

But I think I’ll make an exception for Damaged Production’s video "Double Down". If there is a blowjob-only movie that I’d want to watch, this is it.

"Double Down" deals with two girls and one guy. The two girls basically do tag-team blowjobs on the guy. Everybody is naked. There is no dialogue. There are no plots or storylines to get the scene going. Two naked girls, one naked guy, and the two girls just suck-and-jerk the guy off until he climaxes.

The action is obviously repetitive, so I’m not really going to get into too much discussion over each of the scenes. Also there is no mention of the names of the lucky guys in this video, so they’re all going to be referred to as "the stud".

Scene 1 – Grace and Leslie

We start off with the two blondes already naked and heavily into masturbating on the couch when the stud shows up with his cock. He gets in between them and one girl starts kissing and pulling his sausage while the other girl continues to masturbate. Pretty soon they both get into the sucking part, although the more natural blond seems to be more into the kissing than the sucking, while the peroxide blonde just wants to play with herself when she isn’t sucking. But they both get some samples of sperm from him. Not too bad.

Scene 2 – Jina and Lindy

A blond and a brunette this time are masturbating on the bed of what appears to be a prison set. The stud shows up and instantly gives Lindy a quick kiss before sitting down between them. He’s already primed and ready for the blowjob, and Lindy wastes no time going at it while Jina continues to masturbate beside him. After a few bobs, Jina gets down for some bobs of her own. Jina moves her action to the floor, while Lindy continues to suck him off. Eventually Jina gets back on the bed, but she still can’t stop masturbating. The stud stands up and Lindy gets his sperm, with Jina getting sloppy seconds.

So far there appears to be an imbalance in the blowjob category. One girl will do most of the blowjob while the other girl prefers to masturbate. I hope this is not a trend.

Scene 3 – Venice and Lindy

Lindy’s back, along with Venice, and this time they’re in a parlor set, masturbating while waiting for the stud to show up. The stud shows up and gets to sample a little of Lindy’s pussy before they get to business. Again, Lindy goes right to work on his cock while Venice simply sits there jilling herself. Pretty soon she gets down on her knees and joins in. This guy is a little more vocal about his satisfaction, which beats having the two girls simply moan and moan like a repetitive sound clip. Both girls do a fair share of sucking here, and the stud rewards them both for their hard work. Definitely better than the previous scene.

Scene 4 – Tina and Shelly

Both ladies are lying down on bed, slowly playing with themselves, when the stud shows up and sticks his dick in the brunette’s face. Tina quickly sucks on it, while this reviewer sarcastically wonders why it’s just not that simple in the real world. The stud, meanwhile, gets to play with Shelly’s pussy for a bit. Eventually they move around so they both can take turns sucking his cock, but Tina gets the brunt of the pop while Shelly gets sloppy seconds.

Scene 5 – Grace and (blond) Lindy

We have two blondes in what appears to be a café-style set, masturbating until the stud shows up with the day’s special. Grace is, again, heavily into jilling herself off, while the blond Lindy (not to be confused with the brunette one) is waiting for the stud to show up. (Actually this could very well be the same girl with peroxide.) This time around Grace is more into the kisses and sucking than masturbating. Maybe it’s because this time she’s staying as close to the stud’s cock as possible. Either way, they both get rewarded with a little protein spill. Again, not too bad, and at least Grace got more into this one than the previous scene she was in.

Scene 6 – Lindy and Shelly

Our two cover stars are masturbating on a doctor’s exam set when the stud shows up. He looks like he’s about ready to fuck Lindy right there, but, no, this is a blowjob movie, so he just nudges her aside so he can get between them. (Hey, that’s what I would do if she were just sticking it out there for me.) He’s not really at full-staff so they both get on their knees and get him hard. They both take their turns, although once again Lindy seems to do more of the work, so she gets most of the sperm in the end.

Scene 7 – Margaret and Beverly

Two busty brunettes are just sitting down, playing with themselves and eagerly waiting for the stud to show up.

He shows up already primed and ready to go, so they waste no time getting down there and getting busy playing bobbing-for-sperm. He tries to share his load with both of them, but neither of them really gets too much.

This was probably one of the best scenes in the video, probably because they looked like they were more into it than the other girls. Of course they looked a little older than the rest of the girls, which probably explained why they weren’t picked to be on the cover.

Scene 8 – Rebecca and Tina

Our last scene is next to a hot tub. Not IN the tub, mind you, just next to it. The stud shows up between them and the two go at it on his cock. He gets to play with them for a moment, and then they get to play with him. The two girls trade off, one sucks while the other plays with his balls. He stands up and they both get a sample of his returns before we fade to black.

Whew! That’s a lot of sucking!

Now one of the gripes that I have about this video is that we don’t know who the studs are in this movie. There are no real credits other than a general introduction of the two ladies from each set. We don’t know who the studs are, we don’t know who directed the scenes or who served as the cameraman or anything else about the video. We just know who the girls are! Granted, the girls did all of the work (hence the term "blowJOB") but that doesn’t mean that the guys (and the entire crew) should get left in the dark. We don’t even know who came up with the techno music that played during every scene. Someone had to spend some time coming up with it. At the very least they should have put something up in the extras about it.

The other gripe is that there were several girls that did more masturbating than interacting with their respective studs. If she’s not going to suck dick, then at least have her interact more with the guy, or let him interact with her.

Now some of the plusses… the girls did wear nothing except possibly stockings and some heels. The guys were okay… at least they weren’t all freaks of nature. There also were no forced trailers when you put the disc in the player. (That’s ALWAYS a big plus.) And the on-screen menus didn’t have too many delays like some of other releases from this company.

In terms of bonuses, you have a big gallery of images that are broken down per set, which is a new twist. There’s no music to go with it this automated photo show, but it does show more organization, which is good. Then there are the three trailers, which are lumped together into one section. It’s a pity they did this, especially after all time they put into organizing the photo gallery and breaking it down by sets. They should have done the same with the trailers. Then you get the cumshot gallery, which is basically a recap of every stud’s cumshot. Then there is a rather lame plug for Damaged Productions. It’s pretty much all standard fare, although the detail into the photo gallery gives them a little extra plus.

All-in-all, this is a really good blowjob video from Damaged. If you’ve never seen a blowjob-only video before, this is a good primer to the genre.

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