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Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2

Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2

Studio: Candy Shop
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Dipped Chocolate Honies 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/15/2007
Double Dipped
Chocolate Honies
Prologue I'm taking my first taste of the sweets from RLD spinoff The Candy Shop with this Diana DeVoe helmed title. Her work has always shown promise, with a good vibe and women I like, but technical issues have usually led them astray. The cast here contains the very hot Nyeema Knoxxx, Candace Von and Carmen Hayes. Candace and Carmen make breast lovers everywhere happy. Janae Foxx lives up to her surname and Belle D'Leon also looks delicious. They all get two cocks to play with, but I know better than to expect anal in at least a couple of the scenes. No matter if they get a good old fashioned railing.
Out of the gate we have Nyeema Knoxxx sitting between Tyler Knight and Jean Claude Batiste. They're having an inane conversation about language and quizzing Nyeema on her knowledge of foreign languages. They ask her questions, and if she gets them wrong, an article of clothing gets removed. If it wasn't for a couple of bracelets she'd be naked in no time flat. Nyeema's got no trouble with showing off her succulent body and must be wondering why these guys are stalling the inevitable. After she fails the test they finally get down to some in depth drilling, starting with a dual bj. Nyeema's got a wide mouth and willing throat, making those ebony fucksticks hard. She's laid on her back for Jean Claude's pussy invasion while she suckles Travis. The spit lubed drilling gets her attention and Nyeema can only concentrate on her fuckhole, which is leaking dairy. The guys switch ends and Nyeema's pretty much theirs for the taking as she grooves on the two cocks. Jean does pushups in her mouth while Travis swings his hips into her. She humps and squeals to her second orgasm, and they're just getting started. P2M on Tyler, Nyeema's ass in the air for a spanking, and a new target for Jean to fuck her pussy in doggy. Her body's got a nice sweaty glow and she offers Jean verbal encouragement. He can't resist her unprotected sphincter and Nyeema's cock sucking gets deeper and more intense with the anal violation. She sits on Tyler's cock in CG and sucks Jean clean. Cut to spoon anal with Tyler. Nyeema mouths Jean's hose and buries a couple of fingers in her pussy. Her clit sticks out like a litte pinky. Back to a dual bj, then mish with Jean. Nyeema's body shakes to another orgasm as Jean lays her with long, even strokes. She's cursing and grasping at air as the cock pounds her. He moves to her head and lets the fresh cock of Tyler take over the pussy plundering. Jean jerks a hot load onto her left tit, Nyeema sucking the remnants out. Tyler keeps pumping away and Nyeema starts squirting on his cock as it goes in and out. He unplugs and she gushes. Tyler gets back in there and deposits a small load on the sated Nyeema's snatch. She thanks them for the education.
I'm not going to suggest that Nyeema's the best looking woman in porn, and her skin has a bunch of blemishes, but she is a great lay with a body built for a man's comfort. This was a very enjoyable threesome and possibly the best squirting sequence I've ever seen because it was mostly done with the dick still lodged in her pussy.
Broc Adams and Ace look to be casing someone's house for a burglary. They think there's nobody home but Carmen Hayes is napping by the pool. Brazenly, the idiots enter her house and start hauling items out of it. Carmen catches them on the second trip with a huge vase and they're faced with an angry amazon. Carmen looks smokin' in blue lingerie and matching diaphonous robe. The fools stick around while Carmen checks on their lame alibi. They pretend to be strippers for her birthday surprise and Carmen buys it, sitting back on her lounge chair for the show. She's a dirty girl and she wants the guys to get nasty. Carmen wants to know if the deliver "happy endings" and soon has two cocks in her hungry mouth. She slurps and babbles on the growing fucksticks, then invites them into the house to get cool. Everybody strips and Carmen kneels to resume the bj's. Lots of spit as Carmen keeps it nasty, then doggy on the couch with Brock while continuing to polish Ace's knob. CG on Ace with Broc getting his cock cleaned. Carmen's tits bounce wildly while she jams herself on his pole, then she gives Broc a ride with Ace facefucking her. Carmen never gets cheated when she has a dick in her, slamming down on the hard cock. Hopping off and sucking Broc's dick leaves Carmen's ass in the air for Ace to get a few pussy licks in before drilling her doggy. She has some trouble continuing the bj as her pussy is getting its spots hit. Carmen sucks both cocks, then lays back for mish with Broc while Ace skullfucks her. Carmen tucks her leg behind her head, as is her custom, and gets a vigorous drilling by both guys. She turns and tucks the other leg behind her head and gives Ace the pleasure of the deepest reaches of her vagina. He really gets to digging her out and Carmen looks like she might have cum before asking for a milkshake. Ace drops his load on her pussy and Broc lays a thick one on her mouth. Carmen says it's her best birthday ever.
Carmen has a tattoo that says "Teaz" on her left breast, but except for her ass, it's all deliver. She has an imposing look and a freaky disposition. The guys are little more than mope squad refugees but she used them just fine.
Belle D'Leon leads Ace to a couch. He's got special plans for them that don't seem to include spending any of the money that he's made her believe he has. Broc Adams appears and reminds Belle that she was supposed to go out with him this night. A dilemma. Belle decides that whoever fucks her best, gets to take her out. Only in porn. Belle unbuttons the pink blouse that wasn't doing a very good job of restraining her titties and proceeds to inhale the dicks. She does just enough to get them working and peels off her booty shorts, then getting on the rotisserie with Broc getting first pussy. The doggy drilling has Belle moaning around Ace's cock and Broc slams her pussy before relinquishing it to Ace, who takes her in mish. Broc jabs her mouth with some light facefucking. Belle's having trouble deciding on her suitor for the evening and orders another round of fucking, riding Broc in RC. P2M and standing doggy with Ace. They shift to CG, Broc getting head the whole time. P2M. Side entry for Broc. Belle decides the guy with the bigger load wins and she turns her ass toward them for inspiration. And target practice. Each of them takes a cheek and leaves a deposit. Broc clearly has the glue gun working this day as he leaves a major load and wins the day.
Belle has the same duo as Carmen but needed a push that she didn't get. A pedestrian scene with a boring climax.
Candace Von is sitting in the backyard and being harrassed by Cuntre Pipes and John E. Depth. She walks away and they chase after her, offering Candace the dick she's been searching for. For the uninitiated, Candace Von has one of the most bodacious bodies in porn. Her tits are straining and spilling out of her top, and she has ass for days. The guys swear they can handle this cock monster and talk her into the house. Candace sits to receive Cuntre's cock. John E approaches from the other side and Candace takes big gulps of his growing black snake. Back and forth she goes, slobbering and throating, keeping things nasty and hot. She gets rid of her booty shorts and Cuntre mounts in doggy, putting Candace on the rotisserie. Her tits are out in the wild now and those babies are incredible. The guys switch ends and now Candace has a big dick exploring her womb. Almost too much dick for Candace, but she's a slut at heart and fucks back at John E, who becomes more insistent with his strokes. She sits on Cuntre in CG and sucks on John's pussy flavored cock. P2M on Cuntre, then mish with John E, who has some temporary wood problems before the penetration. Long, slow strokes put everything right in Candace's world. He gets a little energy and Candace is howling. She rides Cuntre in RC, a more manageable dick that she can pound into her hot pussy. Big tits flopping wildly, presenting a clear danger to any head that gets in the way. Cuntre spanks Candace's pussy and she pulls his hands away, giving him the evil eye. She moves over to John E's pole in CG, Cuntre sticking his dick in her face. Candace is digging getting her unexplored areas stroked, but Cuntre wants more for himself, taking her in doggy, then mish. John E sprays his load over her tits, neck, arm and face. Cuntre leaves his mark on her pussy.
I can't overemphasize how hot Candace Von's body is. It's hard to imagine these guys even being able to think straight around her. She had some chemistry with Depth, but Cuntre always seems to be more comic relief than stud. He did provide her with a dick she could work freely, but it was the challenge of John E's size that made for the best moments here.
Janae Foxx has movers coming over and she says she's horny and ready to give up the pussy and ass today. Tyler Knight and Rock are the lucky guys who are going to be moving her furniture. She drives them crazy with her indecisiveness and Tyler hits her up for more money. Janae is getting off on watching sweaty mens working for her and she talks them into losing their shirts. Tyler hits on her for a little extra for all their hard work and specifies that she'd make a nice bonus. Just what Janae wanted to hear. She digs their hard bodies and lets them paw at her soft one. Tyler sucks on her tits and Rock pulls her pants off. Rock gets his tongue deep in her snatch and Tyler sticks his manhood in Janae's mouth. She puts her head in Tyler's lap and Rock bangs the pussy in doggy. Her tongue stud gets a rise and a comment from Tyler. He gets some pussy in CG, Rock receiving Janae's oral ministrations. She starts to trash talk and spit, showing a lovely nasty streak. Tyler passes her back to Rock for doggy anal while she sucks the pussy juice off his dick. They get Janae kneeling on an ottoman and put her on the rotisserie, Rock continuing to dig out her fudge tunnel. Tyler moves back there for his piece of ass, which he admires verbally while sodomizing her. He spits on her cheeks and spanks them, raising Janae's heat a couple of notches. Cut to side entry anal with Rock. He digs her out nicely, then a cut to vag mish with Rock. He's working the endgame, hitting that pussy from every angle he can. His ebony baton is all slicked with her juices and Janae's locked in. Tyler cums in her hair, which seems to surprise her and amuse him, but Rock is digging like a steam shovel and she's with him on every stroke, right up until he dumps on her tits. When she realizes her hair has been messed up, Janae freaks out, rips off her wig and complains about the $35 dollars it cost her.
Some good action at times, especially when Janae is feeling freaky. The hair cumshot is just bizarre and not hot.
Epilogue I don't feel like this video was everything it could have been. Starting with the premise of two on ones and having only two scenes contain anal seems very limiting, to say the least. I realized going in that Carmen and Candace wouldn't be giving up the booty, but they have other attributes that make them welcome in any arena. Also, even when there is anal, no DP's. It doesn't seem right. It isn't as though you could substitute intimacy and chemistry for the raw sex that these matchups call for. Next, there's a tremendous amount of waste in Carmen and Candace's scenes. These two women are amongst the most blessed in all of porn where breasts are concerned. The camera rarely found them, or lingered on them, and nobody played with them. I'm not really a boob man, but faced with those wonderful fun bags, I'd certainly enjoy myself to the fullest. Also, the male talent left something to be desired. After the first scene they rarely asserted themselves. The matchup of Broc Adams and Ace was fairly lame. These guys work best in large groups, but someone has to take charge and assert himself. The same goes for John E. Depth and Cuntre Pipes, except for the redeeming factor of Candace being enthralled by John E's size. Carmen's physical dominance countermanded her male costars inadequacies, but Belle is too inexperienced to carry a scene by herself. Lastly, there's the cumshots. I realize that gonzo's in a rut when it comes to sperm delivery but having a guy spanking on the side and walking over to drop a load on a pussy mound, or on an ass, just doesn't cut it for me. If you're going to use those tired old targets it should come directly out of the fucking. We used to call it a climax. There were some nice breasts on hand, why not a hot titty fuck to happy ending? The best scenes were the first two, especially Nyeema squirting with the dick still in her. The rest had some good moments, but were ultimately disappointing. One thing I will say is that these women like to fuck. I just think they could have been fucked better.
The Disk There's a cumshot recap, BTS and photo gallery.
Recommendation Nyeema, Carmen and Candace make this worth a look, but just as a rental.

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