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astroknight Double Dip 'er 5 4 starsDouble Dip 'er 5 4 starsDouble Dip 'er 5 4 stars
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Double Dip 'er 5

Double Dip 'er 5

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Double Dip 'er 5:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Double Dip 'er 5 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Double Dip 'er 5 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Double Dip 'er 5 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Double Dip 'er 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Double Dip 'er 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Dip 'er 5 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Dip 'er 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/13/2006
Prologue Another release, fifth in the series, from the mom in porn's mom and pop store, Francesca Le'. Annie Cruz graces the cover for this one and looks pretty glamorous here. If things go as planned, that will change into a glorious, sweaty mess. The rest of the cast isn't bad, with wacky Keeani Lei along with the impressive derrieres of Luscious Lopez and Georgia Peach.
This is a Le'Wood production, so out to the pool area to tease the neighbors. Keeani Lei looks smashing in her red fishnet stockings. Nipples at attention, hard and long. Into the house where Keeani picks things up with verbal tease as she works her hot, hungry holes. Mark Wood and Alec Knight join her, Mark checking out her pussy lube with his dipstick while Alec gets some oral attention. They trade spaces and the sweet slut starts to get her engines revved up. Squatting, Keeani does a double suck that gets messy with throat goo flowing onto her body. She mounts a chair in reverse for Alec to fuck her doggy, Mark putting her on the spit. They rotate and give it to her hard, Keeani's body showing the excitement mounting. Mark asks if she wants her rectum invaded. Keeani's very positive in her response, even demanding it. He has her howling, muffled by cock for the most part, until she reaches a fever pitch. Alec takes over in side entry anal, Mark feeding her face. The guys rotate and Keeani gives Alec a ball wash. Mark gets caught up in Keeani and pulls her away for himself, pounding her bottom lustily. Keeani's halfway between her wacky act and an orgasmic howl. Alec gets back into the picture for some head and Keeani asks for a double stuffing. Cut to Keeani mounting in RCA. After some happy bouncing, Mark fills her hungry twat, making Keeani a happy little hose beast. Wacky banter just flows out of Keeani's mouth as she gets the double pumping she's been craving. Keeani has a nice orgasm in this position as Mark shafts her long and hard. He picks her up to get under for CG, never missing a stroke with the happy Asian. Alec gives them a few moments before completing another DP. They ride her hard, then she sucks the cocks clean before resuming the CG, then DP. They do a synchronized pump that looks hot, pistoning Keeani's holes. She's picked up for a flying DP. More double cock cleanup, and a return to the flying DP. Back on her knees, Keeani prepares the dicks for spillage, offering up her throat and making another nasty mess on her frontage. The guys shoot their loads in succession in Keeani's wide open mouth and environs. She pushes most in and gulps it all down.
Keeani is a sexual wonder. She takes verbal abuse and turns it around into something positive, spouting descriptions of herself that are as nasty as anything that can be said of her. All the while she's being hammered, and loving it. Her "me time" with Mark was special and went a long way toward making this an excellent scene.
Georgia Peach, out by the pool, wearing a one piece blue unitard type thingy tied in the front just under her breasts. It's tight to her curvy body and her cameltoe is pronounced. She unleashes her hot tits and waves that phat ass at the camera. A nice striptease, then she's on a chair with a couple of beaded toys in her hands. A toy DP teaser, then into the house to pick it back up. She's just keeping things warm for the hard cock she really craves. Mr. Pete joins Mark for this one and squeezes Georgia's tits while she gets her face fucked. She turns around and takes as much of Pete in her throat as she can get. Quite a bit, actually. Mark beats her tits and they both take turns jamming their dick down the willing slut's throat. Mark mounts her pussy in doggy, Pete keeping her on the rotisserie. P2M, and Pete takes her doggy. Tit spanking by Mark, then she rides him CG. Pete dangles dick in her face and Georgia captures it no hands. He's quick to move around behind her and start the double stuffing early. Can't blame Pete. It's a very compelling target. Georgia really gets mauled here and wouldn't have it any other way as she asks for it as deep as possible, mewing as they fill her to the hilt. A2M, then back to the DP. Cut to RCA on Pete, then a face full of cunt covered cock. Legs spread wide to invite another dual invasion. Georgia's hot body is just absorbing their cocks, her hair matted by sweat. Pete rails her rectum, then locks her head in an A2M. Back to the RCDP. She gets pounded into orgasm, then cleans both cocks off. Georgia remounts Pete, this time in CG, and Mark fills her ass. Deep and hard they go, then A2M. Pete flips her onto her back for some g-spot manipulation, then positions Georgia on her side and they DP her in this position, then trade holes back and forth, effectively turning her into a total fuck toy. Her nipples are budding as Pete goes into an up and over scissor anal, Georgia making cooing sounds. Mark fucks her pussy in mish, railing her hard till he's ready to cum. Georgia hits the floor and Pete gets back into position to drop the first load into Georgia's mouth. She swallows and opens up again for Mark's offering. She finds that one lip smacking good as it also gets swallowed.
Georgia took a good reaming here and seemed to genuinely love every moment. The guys worked well together and seem to know when to give the other some space. Very high intensity. Very good.
Luscious Lopez is in a green bikini by the pool. More importantly, she's got her ass filling the screen. Mark has her shake it, but that sucker's solid. Her top comes off to show a pair of perfectly formed little titties. Her body is very much like Lauren Phoenix's. Mark checks with Luscious to make sure that both her holes are open today. I think this might go back to an earlier scene she did for Francesca that was supposed to be anal, but wasn't. He's making sure, and Luscious sounds positive. She walks naked into the house for the staging area of her defilement. On his black recliner, Luscious plants a huge red jelly double dong in both her holes, if only to prove her point. Mark has her suck on it, then sends in the clowns. I'm sorry, that's Tony T grabbing the back of her head and using her mouth like a pussy. The other cock belongs to Alec Knight and Luscious does a tandem suck. Tony mounts her in standing doggy while Alec keeps her on the spit. The guys trade spaces in the same configuration. Alec puts her back onto the recliner for mish, his long strokes hitting her spots nicely. Tony takes a turn, then another for Alec. Tony fucks her spoon on the floor and Alec lends her something to suck on. Tony moves into her ass and Luscious ramps up the intensity of her bj. A2M, then she climbs on Alec in anal CG. Tony fucks her face as she works the long cock in her very tight hole. Tony sits on a red couch and calls Luscious over for CG, then Alec fills her ass for the DP. It isn't as easy or loose as the girls before her but Luscious seems to be getting excited, her nipples looking like little glass cutters. Tony picks her up and they do a flying DP. Tony gets some "me time" in this aerial and pounds her pussy just the way she likes it. Cut to RCA on Tony, Luscious getting her ass railed. Alec joins back in for the DP. A2M and back to RCA. Alec feeds Luscious his pussy juice flavored dick, then gets back to work in her fuckhole. Cut to Luscious on the floor, sucking the two cocks and waiting for cum. Tony drops his baby T's into her mouth and Alec follows. She shows and swallows, then lets Mark check out her ass and abused holes once more.
This scene wasn't on par with the two preceding, but it was more because Luscious was fairly new to the more extreme acts required here. She did get acclimated and it turned out well, only suffering by comparison.
Covergirl Annie Cruz starts things out in the house, wearing the outfit she's pictured in. No superficial tease by the pool, she's talking our dicks hard and describing what is about to transpire while grabbing handfulls of her body. Off comes her bra and Annie's playing with her perfectly round, full "B"s. Panties are removed and Annie's stroking her pussy wet. A couple of fingers get plunged into her anus and Annie takes a taste of this savory mixture. She plays with a DP toy that's beaded on one shaft and cock shaped on the other. I think she's using it in reverse when she plunges the cock into her ass, but whatever feels right. Annie pumps herself silly, then sucks her juices from the toy. Turning, she finger fucks both holes and gets more taste. Cut to Tony T face fucking Annie, then some head for Mark as they trade her back and forth. Mark does some face fucking also and Tony spanks Annie's tits. She sits on Tony's cock in RCA. Moving over to Mark, she rides in vag CG. Some head for Tony, then Annie concentrates on letting her freak out with Mark, riding the cock as hard as she can. Back to Tony for RCA and begging for the DP. Mark pounds the pussy and gives Annie's face some hard smacks, then her tits. Some choking by Tony. She gets some alone time with Tony who flat out rails her ass. Annie is desperate for more sensation and smacks the hell out of her tits insisting that he keep up the pace so she can cum. Juice splatters the lens and Mark moves back in for the DP. More one on one with Tony, then A2M face fuck. CG on Tony. Annie's ass gets spanked and Mark finishes another DP. He goes to town on her and she's fucking back. Some hair pulling and more spanking. Tony picks Annie up for some aerial fucking, then drops her down on the arm of the couch for an elevated mish, turning anal. Mark takes his turn in this almost piledriver position and Annie keeps inviting them to fuck her ass hard. Tony gets more ass and Annie eats Mark's. CG anal with Mark, Annie riding hard. Tony takes her in standing anal doggy with some hair pulling, choking and face slapping. Cut to piledriver anal with Mark, Annie stroking Tony by hand. A gape, then a cut to side entry vag with Tony and Mark getting head as they wind their way to the finish. Annie takes a strong stream of cum from Tony into her mouth and she swallows. Mark also makes a deposit for the hungry Annie, who makes sure she gets every last drop.
I keep seeing Annie with bruises on her thighs and ass and it's easy to see why. She demands her sex as animalistic as possible. I can't say there's any chemistry here, but there's a savage passion without any letup. I'm sure they had to stop filming a couple of times to regroup but there are long stretches of uninterrupted mayhem. Annie Cruz rocks!
Epilogue Francesca rounded up a nice mix of women for a hole blasting and they didn't disappoint. Keeani is a unique combination of slutty and goofy that just can't be a put on. She turns verbal assaults inside out and submits her body completely. Georgia, like Keeani, just looks too sweet to be doing the things she does. And yet she does them with conviction and ends up a sweaty but sated mess. Luscious did well. She was tentative at first, and put in the ring with one of the rougher males in the industry. In the end, Luscious was taking everything that could be dished out, and looking like she had this DP thing figured out. Annie burned in her scene. At one point she had Mark exclaiming "I love this shit!" Balls to the wall and a total sensation junkie. I'm not sure there's anything she would have objected to. A great sendoff for a very good video.
The Disk It wouldn't be Le'Wood without a good BTS. Fun on the set with all the women and some neat stories, especially from Annie and Leeani. There's also a photo gallery.
Recommendation Normally I'm a big proponent of rent first. But I think that small business providing a solid product is important. Go ahead and buy it.

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