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Double Dip 'er 2

Double Dip 'er 2

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Straight

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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Double Dip 'er 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Double Dip 'er 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Double Dip 'er 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Double Dip 'er 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Double Dip 'er 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Double Dip 'er 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Dip 'er 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Dip 'er 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  3/19/2004
Double Dip’Er #2
A Le’Wood Production in association with JM Productions
2003, 1 hour and 55 minutes minutes
Directed by Francesca Le‘
Starring Alicia Rhodes, Katrina Kraven, Venus and Lauren Phoenix


Francesca Le’ has always been a quick study. Growing up fast as a notorious wild child on the streets of LA, Francesca had done by age sixteen things most of us haven’t done and never will do to this day. The lip-curling, vocal veteran of films by such names as Max Hardcore, Greg Dark and late legends, Bruce Seven and Rex Borsky, obviously picked up a thing or two from her mentors before retiring in 1993. The performer is still an on-screen presence but is now also a director/producer, putting out smut under her very own Le’Wood banner which she shares with husband and fellow performer, Mark Wood (whom she met while she was working as sales manager for Extreme Associates). Since returning, Francesca still performs and not only with her husband. She’s still the same nasty nymph from Anabolic’s Gangbang Girl #13 who loves blow bangs (Cum Swallowing Whores), getting DP’d (Double Dip’Er) and doing interracial (Francesca Le’ Has a Negro Problem). Only now she calls the shots and so far, the results have been off the charts. Le’ has a natural eye for casting talent (Butt Quest #2 featured Francesca Le’ herself, Olivia O'Lovely, Katja Kassin, Ayana Angel, Bella-Maria Wolfe and Rio Mariah) and giving her public what they want to see. This trend continues with her double-penetration series, Double Dip’Er. Let’s see just how much Francesca has learned and how well she puts it to use.

The Action:

Alicia Rhodes:

Alicia Rhodes walks onscreen in a shiny pink bikini and introduces herself as a horny little bitch from England that we’re about to see get double penetrated. Not only that but she likes having two cocks in her. She massages her big floppy hangers while talking about craving a dick between them then produces a clear, ridged dildo that looks to be about a foot long and starts pumping it in and out of pussy and her ass, licking her juices off of it occasionally. Now she’s ready for the “two big cocks” of Mark Wood and Scott Lyons. She kneels and gives them the respect they deserve before she takes turns torturing her tonsils with both sticks and sometimes simultaneously. Alicia nestles her snatch down on top of Wood cowgirl, rocking her ass back and forth over his prick while she keeps a mouthful of Lyons. Does anyone have any idea what that star-shaped scar is on Rhodes’ left butt cheek? It looks like she was stabbed in the ass during a back alley brawl with a Phillips screwdriver. I guess that means she was running away from the fight. She dismounts Wood to suck him while Lyons tags her from the back anally. Only briefly, however, before she climbs back on Wood reverse cowgirl and crams his dick in her ass. Alicia’s got a small spare tire thing happening here, but nothing excessive. To her credit, when I saw her in January pal’ing around with Rita Faltoyano in Vegas, she had one of the flattest stomachs I’d ever seen. Somebody got a Bally’s membership between this movie and AEE. Wood takes his cock out and lets Alicia show off her gape before Lyons closes the door on it with his cock and then brings his dick around for Alicia to slobber on a2m while Wood continues to rock her rectum. When Rhodes swings around to suck Wood off a2m, Scott takes that opportunity to help himself to more of her ass doggie. Mark lies Alicia back for some mish anal next while she strokes Lyons’ hardness into her filthy mouth. It’s somewhat hard to keep up with who’s who as far as the guys go in this scene because Francesca has a (very good) tendency to focus on the action and the girl without ever seeing the guys’ faces. How do I keep track? Mark Wood is the one who keeps his sneakers on the entire time. In the middle of getting her face battered by hard dick slaps, Alicia makes an announcement: “Now I think it’s time for two fucking cocks in me. Do you wanna stretch both of these holes and treat me like a nasty little bitch?” Of course they do, Alicia. They get down to business and Alicia relishes it like a virgin, DP’d for the very the first time (I said “like“, I know it‘s not her first-ever DP), even taking the time to taste both dicks in between switching from reverse cowgirl to cowgirl. She has no qualms about tasting cocks right out of her ass, even if she chokes LOUDLY on Lyons at one point, trying to suck him back too far. “Are you guys gonna feed me all that hot sticky cum? Come on, I wanna taste all that fuckin‘ spunk!” she says as she drops to her knees and waits for the shower. Both guys do a good job of aiming their slippery streams straight into Alicia’s mouth. “Thank you guys for stuffing both of my fucking holes,” Alicia says as she lets the cum run down her chest and she plays with her tits. An average DP‘ing, but Alicia‘s fervor and penchant for dirty talk in that Brit accent of hers made it interesting to watch. *** ½

Katrina Kraven:

Damn. Katrina Kraven is BLESSED. What an ass on this woman. The camera follows (where else?) behind her as she walks near the edge of a pool, wearing a skimpy red mesh tube top and some lacy red lingerie bottoms. “I’m Katrina Kraven, take a look at what I got,” she says before pulling her panties down and smacking her ass. She walks a few more steps then turns around to show off the Wonder Woman tattoo above her crotch and pinch her nipples. Lord, if she and I both weren’t already married, I’d propose today. Actually, I’d have proposed three months ago when I met her. Nicest, sweetest and genuine girl you’ll ever meet with the rare ability, apparently, to go from zero to cum-starved erection-inducer in no time flat. The red jelly double-headed dildo she’s playing with here has me jealous. Not satisfied, she laughs her masturbation tease off as “kid’s stuff” because now she’s ready for some real dick. Cut to Katrina naked and on her knees still outdoors, but already sucking full fucking throttle the dicks of Rick Masters and Guy DiSilva. Masters leans over to give Kraven a reacharound which sends her into a whole ‘nother zone. When he goes behind her and puts his dick in, she goes from in the zone to Demonically Possessed. She’s sucking DiSilva’s dick like it was a $5 snitch she’s trying to beat information out of in a bad detective movie. “Smack my ass. HARDER!” So Masters gives her ass a few weak slaps, I’m sure not what she had in mind, while Guy pulls her hair back and feeds her more of his sausage. Katrina doesn’t mind, boys: ROUGH HER UP. Guy gets his crack at fucking her mish while Masters positions himself above her head and drives his cock down her throat. Katrina tells DiSilva before riding him reverse cowgirl anal, “Fuck it like you like it. FUCK IT LIKE YOU LIKE IT!” as she bucks like a bronco, their pelvises colliding hard when they meet in the middle. As Kraven rides Guy, Rick wraps his hands around her throat and whispers some sadistic shit I can’t make out to her. His glasses really do make him look like some repressed, about-to-go-postal-any-minute-now serial killer, which really weirds me out. He won’t be committing any crimes today however, unless it’s an anal violation because that’s what he’s doing to Katrina doggie while she continues to amaze me with how assertive she is where it concerns stuffing her mouth full of cock. I mean, Jesus, she’s going to hurt herself if she’s not careful. Caution be damned, though she says in so many words as the guys DP her reverse cowgirl and she just keeps begging for more. I’m beginning to think that nothing short of a semi driven straight into this woman’s crotch can slow her down. And I’m halfway doubtful on that assessment. A cowgirl DP is next and Kraven doesn’t really want to slow down long enough for Guy to put his dick in her ass but she wants it “deep” in there, so she’s just patient enough to wait. Katrina’s getting fucked so good here, she’s reverted back to her childhood and started sucking her thumb. When she’s finally been boned all the way back to infancy, Guy and Rick baste her face with gonad glaze, which of course, makes her happier than….well, as happy as Katrina Kraven with a face full of jizz. I‘m holding my copy of this movie that Katrina signed for me over my heart right now. ****


“Hi, I’m Venus and you’re going to watch me get double penetrated.” Beautiful and now apparently psychic, the former Penthouse Pet Angela Costello takes off her red and black bra to reveal some new boobs before lying back to play with herself. Already in possession of a pair of the largest areola in porn, they somehow seem even larger now with the enhancement. Venus gives a solid double blowjob to the uncut hunk of Steven French and Mark Wood. Something I just noticed: It’s funny how when a woman gets on her knees, her face is directly in line with your crotch. I’m not religious by any means, but you’ve got to admit that The Creator knew just what he was doing when he mapped out human body dimensions. Mark, still rocking just his sneakers, lets Venus ride herself dizzy on his dick reverse cowgirl until she requests to switch and lets French do her doggie while she blows Mark. “Come on, fuck me,” she says, egging on French. She looks at Wood with lust in her eyes as she asks him to “bring that big cock over here” to fuck her up the ass mish. “You like the way my tight ass feels wrapped around your cock?” she asks in between mouthfuls of French pastry. She howls, “Fuckin’ give it all to me…fuckin’ pound my ass…OH FUCK!” as Wood picks up the pace. French gets his turn next and Venus helps him wedge his thickness into her ass while he sucks her toes. The sleepy-eyed slut grabs Mark’s ass and pulls him closer to force his cock all the way into her mouth, down to the root. Venus grinds down on Wood hard cowgirl before everyone agrees that French needs to fuck her ass and DP her. Mark’s hands palm Venus’ butt cheeks and spread them apart for his partner, his wedding ring proudly on display, fucking with my mind a little bit. “Don’t fucking stop, pound my ass!” Venus screams as they DP her cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl before popping all over her upper lip, mouth, chin and partially up her nose. Venus seems pleased with herself and lets out a chuckle as she strokes the dicks free of their last drops of semen. Having seen her tons more enthusiastic before, I got the feeling Venus was just going through the motions here. She seem subdued. ***

Lauren Phoenix:

If there’s anyone here more bananas than Katrina Kraven, it might very well be Lauren Phoenix. Despite her whore-ish black mesh catsuit, she’s the picture of wholesome innocence but don’t let that leggy frame and adorable face fool you: this girl is LOCO. Outside on a swing, she puts her long legs high in the air and calmly lets us know that she needs to be “double-dipped,“ that she needs to be “stuffed” with as much effort as you or I would put into saying ‘pass the ketchup’ before busting out a long thin light purple dildo and plunging it deep into her ass. Phoenix soon tires of that, however, and expresses that she’s ready for the real thing. When her two dicks arrive, ‘Bar the Door, Katie‘, it’s a pier-six brawl about to go down here between Lauren and these two pricks. I’m convinced there are no organs in the back of Phoenix’s throat. She has teeth and a tongue, yeah, but there’s no way in Hell she can have all that other stuff that makes girls gag and their eyes tear up when dicks touch their tonsils and below. Lauren makes it look so easy she leads me to believe I could drop a broomstick down her gullet and never see it again. After SERIOUSLY INTENSE head-bobbing blowjobs for both men, Lauren leads them inside and Le’ cuts to her already furiously riding Hardwood and grunting like she’s trying to move a two-ton boulder all by herself. All the while, she’s leaning over and taking Julian to the head like his dick were a 40 oz. of St. Ides. Lauren’s got St. Jox’s tool in her mouth like a life support tube and treats it as such, as if it actually helps facilitate her breathing. Off of Hardwood, she bends over on all fours to suck him off and St. Jox starts to thrust into that robust ass doggie. On her other business end, Phoenix is giving Anthony an ANGRY blowjob, spitting on it and giving it the evil eye like it owes her money. Somebody owes her something after a scene like this and it’s only just begun! The boys make Lauren beg to have her ass fucked while she has her mouth full and she isn’t the least bit embarrassed about doing it. “Yeah, stuff that fuckin’ dick in my fuckin’ asshole…yeah, stuff that fat cock in my ass!” she says as she rides Hardwood reverse cowgirl anal and St. Jox chokes her out with his hands and prick. There isn’t a lens wide enough to fit Lauren’s long legs into the frame, but damn they look magnificent spread-eagled across Hardwood’s lap. “I love to suck this big black dick while I get fucked in the ass.” Line. Of. The. Night. It was all in her rapid-fire, I’ve-got-a-dick-in-my-ass-so-I-can-barely-speak delivery that put it over the top. After letting Julian get a crack at her ass, Lauren gets DP’d cowgirl where she tells us between grunts that “I love getting fucked by two big dicks at once!” and tells them to “Stretch my shithole open while you fuck my pussy!” I’m sitting here in disbelief watching Lauren go. Speechless, jaw-on-the-floor-type shit. Phoenix opens her legs once again, this time to welcome a reverse cowgirl DP, which Lauren’s legs makes the position resemble a huge human spider; a tangle of legs and arms, all swaying this way and that, moving in and out. “Fuck yeah, I love to be double dipped. Fuck my ass and fuck my pussy. I need some cum all over my face.” Anthony Hardwood obliges her first and like magic, she makes his dick disappear down her throat several times in appreciation. St. Jox is up next and gets a similar, vigorous deep throat experience. Check Lauren into an institution, she is MAD. *****


An automated still gallery, cast bios which don’t include the girls’ stats but rather a questionnaire for each of the cast members. For instance, Alicia Rhodes’ lets us know that she was only 13 (!) when she first had anal sex and Katrina Kraven has managed to already fulfill all of her sexual fantasies. Yikes. A trailer for Double Dip’Er #1 and a short 8-minute Behind the Scenes featurette round out the bonus features. The Behind the Scenes portion is labeled “Backstage” on the animated DVD menu and it consists of Francesca having short talks with all the talent except for Katrina Kraven, sadly, the one girl I wanted to see the most and can‘t get enough of. I guess you can’t win’em all. Kraven probably had dicks to fuck and suck elsewhere and didn’t have time to chit chat. Dicks, I’m sure, take priority over fluffy interview segments.


Francesca Le’ has learned her craft and learned it well. After a nearly decade-long ‘hiatus’, she has come back to us all, never missing a beat, showing she still knows what it takes to put together a hot scene, even if she’s not the one getting banged. In fact, Le’ probably fits in better with today’s adult environment than she did in the early ‘90s. Could it have been that she wasn’t just burnt out, but rather had to wait almost ten years for our sensibilities and tastes to catch up with her own? With how effortlessly she seemingly assembles top-level seismic smut, I’d say it‘s a safe bet. I know it’s a bit late but “welcome back.”

Crucifixio Jones

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