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Double Dip 'er

Double Dip 'er

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Anal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Double Dip 'er:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Double Dip 'er overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Double Dip 'er Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Double Dip 'er Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Double Dip 'er Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Double Dip 'er Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Double Dip 'er DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Dip 'er A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  8/27/2005
Prologue Francesca Le has put together a cast that's a mixed bag for me. From the sublime Marie Luv to the smoldering Dillan Lauren she completely captures my attention. Barbara Summers is someone who comes across as more of a fuck machine than sexpot and Staci Thorn is something of a wild card. She can be very, very good, or exceedingly ordinary. All of these women are getting double penetrated today. Something I like a lot. Too bad Francesca didn't throw herself into this one to round out the cast and tilt the scales on my enthusiasm.
Staci Thorn starts the video out looking very horny in black bra, panties and fishnets with red arm stockings. She's teasing her body along with the camera as the outfit gets removed, talking about what will transpire shortly. She sticks a blue double pronged dildo into her holes. The anal probe is beaded. Staci licks them clean so they can be used by someone else later, then she's joined by two dicks. She does a tandem bj, deep throating Mark Wood, and gets face fucked by Steven French. She goes deep on French and Mark gives her a light skull fuck, followed in turn by Steven. Staci sits on Mark in CG and leans over to mouth Steven some more. Mark repeatedly pulls Staci's ass down on his cock like he's jerking off with her pussy. He caps it off with a lively pounding before passing her on to Steven in doggy. She shows a nice pussy gape that even Mandingo would have trouble filling. Mark jabs at her mouth. He gets a turn in doggy as they put Staci on the rotisserie. Mark gets Staci to cum as he drives in the up and over. They turn her over for mish on the arm of the couch. Mark enters her ass and Staci gives Steven a handy. French takes the inviting hole in doggy with Staci's face in Mark's lap. She produces a huge gape after a couple of strokes. I mean you could fit a baseball in there without scraping the walls. Mark takes a shot at losing his cock in there as they put Staci on the spit again. Another huge gape and a cut to the DP insertion with Staci riding Mark in CG. He takes advantage of having her sweet tits in his face and suckles them. Staci looks like she's running from it a little, and when Steven pulls out, she makes hay with Mark's cock in her pussy. They turn it to RCDP and Wood up her ass. This position does the trick for Staci as she creams on the pussy pounder. They take her for a ride on the flying DP machine and a double suck clean-up. Staci gets another flight and cleans the cocks again. Since she's down there already, the guys decide to unload their guns into her mouth, giving Staci a nice filling and a fine mess all around. She swallows and kisses the cocks and camera good-bye.
Dillan Lauren opens the second scene looking like she's in heat. Decked out in a wide mesh outfit, Dillan dispenses with the top right away and lets us see her luscious tits in all their glory. She's holding a two pronged beaded toy and sinks the thinner set into an obviously wet pussy. She turns her ass to us and penetrates both holes, the fatter beads in her ass. Dillan has what looks like an angry lash mark on her right cheek. I wonder what she's been up to. And not for nothing, but her fat pussy looks ultra inviting in this position. Dillan is a great beauty with a bit of a hard edge to her. The word "slut" comes to mind when I think of her. She licks the pussy juice off of the beads and gets joined by Mark and Alec Knight. Mark spanks Dillan and her lash mark must be tender from the gasp it provokes. They start jockeying about like they're just going to stick her before Dillan remembers she hasn't sucked any cock yet. She remedies that by sinking to her knees and chicken heading the two stiffies. After sufficiently bouncing them off of her throat, Dillan gets up on a chair for Mark to dog her pussy. Alec takes his turn and Mark comes back for more. The unseated cock is always at Dillan's face. She sits on the chair and Mark fucks her in mish. Again, Alec takes seconds. Mark gets another turn and so does Alec. Mark comes back to open Dillan's ass, staying in mish. He slides deep and easy to start the train going. Mark strokes her pussy and Dillan gets a nice flush to her chest. He goes back for seconds and leaves some for Alec. Mark sits back on a couch for Dillan to ride in CG anal. She puts on a hot ride as she pounds him deep in her rectum. Alec lays back and sticks his pole up for Dillan to slide over and bounce her ass on him. Cut to a CGDP in full bloom, Mark as the anchor. Dillan fucks back at them, making it look like a very rewarding position. She works it hard enough to make Mark look catatonic underneath her. Dillan turns for an RCDP. This looks very good and seems to produce maximum pleasure for her. They break the DP and Mark rolls her into spoon anal. Mark gives it to her balls deep and Dillan wants another cock. Alec comes back to complete and awkward looking DP by going up and over to her slightly turned body. P2M and Mark slam fucks her ass turning Dillan's headlights on full blast. Another CG vag ride that turns into a flying fuck with Aled coming up the rear for another DP variation. P2M and back to CG on Wood. They just use that for another flying re-set and engage in the DP again. Dillan hits the ground to take the ball blasts into her open mouth. Mark had quite a bit for her, bringing a smile to Dillan's face. She swallows and does a little PCH before hefting her tits into the fade.
Barbara Summers, the blonde, tight bodied Czech, seems to like the same toy Staci was playing with in the first scene. She bares her body and lubes up her pussy for the smooth dick portion of the toy. After getting a little thrill from that, she adds the anal bead section for the toy DP. When her ass is pointing at us it looks round and solid. She could crunch walnuts with that thing. Barbara licks the toy off. I'm sure Francesca appreciates getting her playthings back clean. There's a cut and Barbara's squatting between two cocks and orally servicing them. She seems to take special pleasure in sucking Steven French's balls. As she concentrates on getting his cock into her throat, Mark rocks her pussy from behind. They break to walk into another room and Barbara puts her ass on couch ridden Steven's cock in RCA. After giving her a chance to warm her ass up good, Mark fills her vacant pussy for the titular DP. He pounds the shit out of her hot twat and leaves her to Steven for some solo anal, which she rides hard. A2M and a move to CG anal. Steven spanks her taut glutes and Mark moves in to drill her for another DP. She's leaking lube and cum as Mark backs off for a bit. He moves in again to give Barbara more at her own request, then leaves her to jam with Steven as they seem to be having a good time together. She lays back on the arm of the couch for Mark to fuck her in mish anal. Steven pops her cheek with his cock, then replaces Mark in her ass. A2M and Mark gets a return trip to her ass. Steven takes a side entry for his renewed anal and makes Barbara gape. Mark follows suit. A little A2M and a cut to CG anal with Mark. Barbara just machines his cock, taking him full length and hard. She lifts off him to give Steven doggy anal access. He gapes her so huge he has to put his cock back in before something falls out. More CG anal for Mark and Barbara mouths Steven. Another turn at doggy anal for Steven while Barbara cleans Mark's cock. More big gaping. Cut to an RCDP. Not too surprisingly, this seems to be Barbara's favorite position. Steven plays at choking her, but it never gets serious, even though her eyes light up at the prospect. This gets them all ready for the payoff. Barbara gets into the position and takes the ball blasts into and around her mouth. She kisses the cocks and pushes some of the mess into her mouth to swallow.
What can I say about Marie Luv that I haven't already said ad nauseum? She's super model pretty and nasty as the day is long. Hell, I even love that outy belly button of hers. She's going to get double stuffed, and that's something Marie especially likes doing. I listen to all her interviews. I know. Marie's wearing a black bra and panties that are dark pink and black. They don't stay on long, but she also has mesh stockings to match, accentuating her long legs. She has a black, beaded toy that gets stirred into her pussy just long enough to lube it for her ass, which she drills with it. She produces a twin of her toy and gives herself a plastic DP. As Marie lets out a deep moan from that wonderful place she gets to, Alec Knight walks up and sticks his cock in her mouth. Mark is right behind, replacing the toy in her pussy. Marie gags and slobbers on the cock in her mouth, making hot slurping sounds between deep draws. The guys trade ends and Marie is getting pretty hot from all this attention. She gets laid back on a chair for mish from Mark and Alec pulls a couch close to them so he can climb up and dick Marie's face. Mark goes into a reverie, chanting that he wants to fuck her ass. So that's what he does. Alec pretty much keeps his cock in the back of her throat. Marie rolls a little to her side as the anal continues. This has to be a very uncomfortable position as she's scrunched onto a dining room chair, even though it's padded. The guys switch ends and Alec gets to mine her lovely derriere. Mark goes looking for sputum. Marie gets a reprieve from the chair as she climbs onto Mark's cock in CG to initiate the first phase of a CGDP, which gets completed post haste. Watching Marie clutch at Mark's body tells me she's really getting into this stuffing. The longer they go at it, the more she offers up her ass. An A2M break while she's still riding Mark turns into a short deep throat show. Marie sits on Alec in RCA for a short stint before Mark joins in for the DP. They get her super hot, then Mark backs off and Marie rides Alec in a grind and swirl that would make anybody crazy. Mark comes back and rails her pussy like a madman. Marie just can't get enough of this. Mark has her clean his cock and she's still bouncing on that cock in her ass like she's trying to make it fit better. They take her up for flight and Mark gets the ass in this DP. That turns to a standing doggy anal rotisserie shot, a switching of ends and the final priming of the meat pumps. Marie squats with her mouth wide open and takes the loads into and on her mouth. Lip smacking good and Marie sucks a little more out of Mark's spent cock.
Epilogue In grading this video, I have to take into account the fact that there are only four scenes, and none that are epic in length. It's like degree of difficulty in judged sports where a perfect performance can't draw a perfect score. That said, the performances range from the ordinary (Staci Thorn) to excellent (Marie Luv). In Staci's scene her body language was telling a different story from her mouth. She was properly ravaged but I didn't get the sense of enjoyment I'd like to see. Dillan Lauren provided a different look. Her beautiful grayish eyes displayed trepidation, but her body (and what a body it is) invited the onslaught. Dillan was beautiful to watch. Barbara Summers can be very mechanical. She's like a fuck-bot that says and does all the right things with little or no emotional commitment. In this case, Barbara seemed to connect with Steven French and it raised things up a notch. A very good scene. Marie came out as the cleanup hitter. Even her masturbation had more of an edge to it than the other girls. She invites the guys to "take" her pussy and ass, getting proactive when they slow down. The image of Marie riding in RCA and just stirring it up as deep as it can go will stay with me for a long time. I don't know if it's Francesca's direction or Mark Wood's good instincts, but when the girls seemed to have a special bond with his partner, Mark stepped out of the scene and allowed the chemistry to flourish. He played second banana very well for the good of the shot. Overall, a well done video.
The Disk There are trailers, a nicely done slide show replete with a light jazz soundtrack, a striptease that runs about 12 minutes total and a BTS feature. Le'Wood do a great job in their interviews of the girls, usually either in make-up or costuming. There seems to be a pleasant ambience and the performers are very relaxed and open. No fireworks like a Steve Holmes BTS but very nice.
Recommendation A strong rental with an eye to buy and must own for Marie Luv's fans.

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