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bono-ONE Double Anal Plugged 4 starsDouble Anal Plugged 4 starsDouble Anal Plugged 4 stars
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Double Anal Plugged

Double Anal Plugged

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Eolfeci's ratings for Double Anal Plugged:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Double Anal Plugged overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Double Anal Plugged Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Double Anal Plugged Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Double Anal Plugged Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Double Anal Plugged Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Double Anal Plugged DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Double Anal Plugged A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Eolfeci  on  12/20/2003

N.B. Please note that, since this movies have no real plot or acting, the “Plot/Acting” part in the rating section is used to report the general attitude of the performers. Also note that IF there is some kind of a plot or atmosphere setting, it may boost or lower the rating of this section.

N.B. In the summary, the first number in parenthesis next to each girl’s name represents the rating for her look and the second number is her attitude (both on 5). Ex: (3½, 2) means her look is good (3½) and her attitude is below average (2) .

General information
Movie title: Double Anal Plugged
Studio: Red Light District
Director: David Luger
Female performers: Trinity, Christina, Sarah O’Neal, Sandra Romain, Vivienne la Roche
Male performers: Wesley, Christian, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Claudio Meloni, Manuel Ferrara
Scenes: 5
Length: 139 min

P.O.V.: Point Of View (means the shooting style make it seem the watcher is in the male performer)
BJ: Blow Job
DT: Deep Throat
CG: Cowgirl (a sex position)
RCG: Reverse Cowgirl (a sex position)
DP: Double Penetration
DPP: Double Pussy Penetration DAP: Double Anal Penetration
P2M: Pussy to Mouth
A2M: Ass to Mouth
CS: Cum Shot

About the money shots:
W: Winner (means a cumshot is shot with maximum force and/or is very massive)
g: Good (means a cumshot is shot with a decent force and decent volume)
w: Weak (means the sperm weakly drop without power and/or is lacking in the volume department)
f: Fluid (means a cumshot has no thick consistency. This kind of cumshots usually does not provide a good visual effect)


Scene 1: Sandra Romain (4, 5) has a big accent and despite her restrained vocabulary, she talks dirtier than most girls out there in the valley! The scene begins with her doing solo action with inviting dirty talk to the camera. She’ll spread oil on her rack and fleshy butt before the two European droogs, Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes, hop in. They get down to business very quickly and while Sandra’s blowing Steve, Manuel will pull his turbo-fingering trick on her, which will drive her wild!! She pumps his rod like crazy as a reward. Seconds later, Steve is in her poop hole! Manuel takes the pussy, making it an RCG DP. They swiftly switch to CG DP where Sandra demands that her butt be slapped! But attention, this was only foreplay for these folks… Now Manuel wants a piece of her ass as well, so he slips in it (CG DAP) —She likes!! “Fuck my ass!”, she yells. And fuck her they will, and scream she will! After RCG DAP is a very hot & nasty session of A2M and rimming. At one point Sandra scares Manuel by wanting to finger his ass. Meanwhile, Steve is laughing his ass off! They take turn at fucking her ass while she’s giving oral services to the other. We get to see many HUGE GAPES before Sandra gets double anal plugged RCG DAP again. Their lubricious activity gets interrupted only to let Sandra have a taste of her ass juice. And so it is with Steve deep in her crack and Manuel’s ass on her face that she’ll squirt in a screaming orgasm! Finally, she’ll finish the job by letting them fuck her Missionary Anal until they cum, which they do in her mouth. She’ll swallow both their fluid but massive loads.

At some point, it seems even Manuel and Steve are overwhelmed by her sexual hunger. And with reason! The girl amazes by her genuine passion and love of sex. She’s always talking dirty, always begging for more and harder, and her accent is so sexy! High energy is the key. T = 32 min. All in all: BEST (5)

Scene 2: Our second anal goddess is Sarah O’Neil (4½, 3½). She’s got big natural jugs, a fairly fleshy bottom and big fucking sexy lips! Whoa! The scene, taking place on a couch, follows the same pattern as the previous one, which means that after inserting a few fingers in her ass, Sarah spread oil on her butt. Now she’s burning for some solid penetration so Claudio Meloni and Erik Everhard come to her rescue. One fills her mouth while other takes her coochie. They will go Doggy, RCG and Anal Spoon like this, before the guys take her in sandwich for some CG DP, Standing DP and DP RCG. Sarah’s got a good attitude, responding well to the pace of the dicks pumping her. It gets more painful for her once they both park in her tight pussy though. They do her CG DPP and RCG DPP like this, before the main attraction begins! She’s managing to stuff the two stiff dicks fairly well in RCG DAP, making the scenery more enjoyable than the DPPs were. The best part however is when her voluptuous lips get splattered in spunk! 1.g 2.g. —Priceless!

I have a few disappointments/complaints concerning this scene. First, there certainly was more vaginal sex in this scene than there was in the first one, and I was hoping they would continue on that wild ride. As for the performance, Meloni was good and enthusiast as always but Everhard, besides being hard, wasn’t anything else. He was just “there”, but rarely showing any sign of life. Another disappointment comes from David Luger, behind his camera, who launched a few brutal and completely useless command words to Sarah throughout the scene. I found this to partly break the good mood the performers had set up. T = 60 min. All in all: GOOD (3½)

Scene 3: Vivienne la Roche (3½, 3) tells us that we are going to see something special. At first she fingers her ass and goes up to 4 fingers in there. Eventually, the xplosive Manuel Ferrara/Steve Holmes duo make its entry. Steve will oil her behind while Manuel gets his dick sucked and say nasty things to Vivienne in french. Then it’s straight the the A! Yes! It’s Anal Doggy with Steve, followed by Anal RCG with Manuel. They’ll keep things going with 2 minutes of RCG DP before double anal plugging her in RCG DAP. A swift A2M session takes place before switching to CG DAP. They make her do some colourful incredibly huge gapes. Back in RCG DAP, she gapes some more, A2M them some more and then it’s pop shot time. In their turn, both Manuel and Steve will fuck her Anal Doggy until climax and cum in her mouth. 1.f 2.w —on her cute nose. She gulps their loads voluntarily and with glossy eyes. Very pretty!

There is much less emotions and heat coming out of this scene then there is in the 2 previous ones. Also, there are a few things about Vivienne that bug me, like her smile and how she can’t say “ass hole” without laughing. There’s no real passionate moaning, no dirty talking, no butt slapping her and no roughness of any kind either, so that’s why I find this scene looks a bit empty. T = 87 min. All in all: AVERAGE-HIGH (3)

Scene 4: Christina (2, 2) is a Brazilian girl with dyed blonde hairs. Unlike the previous girls, she doesn’t use the oil but use her solo time to parade her very dark genitals and anus while govoreeting in portuguese to the camera. That is, until Wesley and Cristain, who both talk portuguese join her. She starts by sucking them off simultaneously. Christina has natural dirty look, so this plays to her advantage here. It is Christain who opens the show and he does so with a CG. Then for a long time, it’s CG DP that eventually mutates, in a white flash, into CG DAP. And it goes on like that for the rest of the scene. She takes their loads in mouth, 1.w 2.g, spew them out and massage her body and face with this natural body oil.

From beginning to end, and, proportionally to the number of cocks in her ass, Christina keeps yelling “AAAYE”, which probably means “YES” or “AAAH”, but in my main tongue, it means “OOOUCH”, and I was having a hard time thinking of it as anything else, especially since she had 2 angry dicks in her ass. Plus, she really did looked in pain sometimes. And of course there’s this Luger guy behind the camera who launched another very pissed, “CAMERA!” to Christina. T = 110 min. All in all: LACKING (1½)

Scene 5: A green eyed Brazilian girl presents herself as Trinity (3½, 4). She starts fingering her ass with 1, then 2 fingers and occasionally talking dirty in Brazilian. Soon, the hands of Steve Holmes and Manuel Ferrara are all over her. She’ll suck both studs simultaneously and with a real slutty attitude. It is Holmes who fucks her (CG) first but Manu soon relays him and take Trinity’s ass in Anal RCG. Holmes comes back and it’s RCG DP. Then a CG DP mutates into a CG DAP but it seems that this position is more difficult to do for the girl because they switch to RCG DAP and she looks more comfortable. Manu will take a small A2M break, followed by one from Steve. In a submissive Anal Doggy position, Manu makes her do some huge gapes. CG DAP is next and back to RCG DAP again and more big gapes again before the finish. 1.f 2.w. She swallows her loot and moans endlessly in lust until the end.

This Trinity girl is quite the real deal: she kept the good sex-fiend attitude all scene long, with enjoyable moaning even when 2 big dicks were tearing her ass apart! T = 139 min. All in all: VERY GOOD (4)

Behind the scenes: Short but very funny. Manu and Steve really look like they’re having a blast working together. (6 min)

Bonus scene: There are 2 of them! They’re with, I suppose, David Luger and shot in P.O.V.. In the first, Sandra Romain is pumping his dick with her usual energy. She also fucks him CG, RCG, Anal RCG and swallow his cum. Awesome! Next is Vivienne la Roche. She’ll blow him to climax and eat his mess entirely. Totally hot extra! (30 min)

Photo gallery: A few pics. Most are sex ones, others are non-sex. Average stuff.

Trailers: 25 Red Light District trailers! (32 min)

There are some serious quality girls in this DVD! Sandra Romain totally blew me away by her nastiness and Sarah O’Neil by her sexiness. The other girls are just fine too, except Christina, but fortunately, her scene is the shortest. All the males are laying solid performances and the electric Holmes-Ferrara twosome opens and closes the movie. The extras were appreciated and there is no problem with the picture quality or the sound. The most annoying thing was probably Luger shouting once or twice a scene a very harsh and mood-breaker “CAMERA!” to the poor girl who’s concentrating on the circus act she’s trying to pull. Anyway, this remains a nice DVD and maybe the best to date in term of amount of DAP performed!

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