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Dominators, The

Dominators, The

Studio: Mercenary Pictures
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Dominators, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dominators, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dominators, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Dominators, The Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Dominators, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Dominators, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dominators, The DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dominators, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  8/21/2005
Prologue Domina X (Vanessa Blue) has assembled a top notch cast for what seems to be a recurring theme for her. Female domination. At least that's what I think it's all about. I'm not sure how this differs from Black Reign, but with personal favorites like Marie Luv, Jada Fire, Mika Tan and newer faves like Vida Valentine, Victoria Sweet and Destiny Deville in the cast, I'm pretty stoked about this one. I hope Destiny can keep her voice at a comfortable decibel level and just go with the flow. Hopefully, Victoria will give the performance I've been waiting for from her. The rest of the cast is rock solid and hotter than a five alarm fire.

Anatomy of a Domme

Destiny Deville comes home looking for her man Doni Blass. She catches him in a clinch with Victoria Sweet and goes ballistic. First she's kicking Doni out of the house, then starts to wrestle with Victoria. We all know where this is going. They grapple on the couch and the floor with Doni finally getting between them. The girls decide to pay him back with kindness. Victoria smothers Doni with her tits while Destiny fishes his cock out. The girls team up on sucking Doni and Destiny is running her mouth non-stop. She sits on his face, giving Victoria orders. Cut to a mish insertion for Destiny while Victoria feasts on her tits. P2M on a very wet cock. Victoria takes a taste and Destiny climbs on in CG. Victoria rides Doni's face and Destiny has a loud orgasm. She hops off and Doni goes up and over Victoria in doggy. She's also unbelievably wet. Doni slides into Destiny in doggy and back to the super pretty Victoria. They move to spoon and Destiny keeps her tongue on their union, also doing P2OGM. Spoon for Destiny, who rolls up into RC and goes on a wild ride while Victoria perches on Doni's face again. CG for Victoria, who eats Destiny's pussy over Doni's head. They all swap some spit, Destiny rubs her hot twat on Doni's bald head, and he picks Victoria up for some flying. They land on the couch for mish. She spreads very wide and Doni gets some great locomotion going with Destiny holding his arms behind his back. He brings his wet cock to Victoria for cleaning and Destiny eats some pussy, then shares with Doni. Cut to Destiny getting fucked in mish. Doni slides into a waiting Victoria after a few cursory licks. Quick cut to CG. Destiny grabs her ass and pushes it on the cock. Doni laps at Victoria's flopping tits. She gets off and Destiny climbs on for RC. Quick cut to doggy for Victoria. Cut to Doni cumming on the crack of Destiny's ass. Victoria laps the jizz off of her rival. The girls embrace and Destiny kicks Doni out.
This could have been a great scene but the positions were rushed through. Too many changes to really get a groove on. It was also underlit, giving it a warm, murky look.

Learning the Scales

Mika Tan is playing piano for Marco Duato, who's singing scales. Marco screws up and Mika slaps him. She's a hard taskmaster. He screws up again and she grabs his balls. Marco grabs Mika and kisses her. She's taken aback by his aggressiveness and inappropriate behavior. Marco grabs her pussy and a writhing Mika turns into the hosebeast we all know and love. This music teacher is wearing leather underwear. She pulls off his belt and wraps it around his neck. There's some legitimate heat between these two as Marco licks her tits and Mika sinks to the floor to suck his liberated willy. She jams that bad boy down her throat and Marco fucks her face. Mika gets nasty with the spit and deep with her throat. She lays back on a hard chair and Marco licks from her high heels to the pussy. Mika gets up and points her ass at Marco. He mounts like an animal and Mika tugs on his belt while he rails her. She leads him into another room and mounts in CG on a couch. Great shot of Mika's stupendous ass. She spits in his mouth and does some nice riding, then turns for RC. They roll into a side entry mish and Marco shares his spit. Spoon with the two of them locking eyes and whispering sweet nothings. Mika grabs the belt/leash and leads Marco up a flight of stairs, stopping at the top to suck his cock. She lays back on a table and Marco spears her in mish. Cut to another room and Mika bent over a glass table, getting fucked in doggy with a leg raised. P2M and doggy again. When Marco's ready to pop, Mika gets to her knees alongside the table and he drops his load on her tongue and the glass below. Mika laps the cum off the table and plays with it on Marco's cock. She hoovers the resultant mess off the glass and drools her way to a good-bye.

Bitch - Fucked

Marco's back to take on Jada Fire and Vida Valentine. He has some hot history with Jada and she's looking smoking in black latex. Vida smolders as well, wearing a red latex nurse's outfit. She helps Jada remove her jacket and reveal her big tits. Her own top comes off next and the girls get at each other. Jada sounds ready to rumble. They go after Marco and he undresses in record time, his hard cock whipping out into their faces. These two cockhounds attack the stiff member with Jada deep throating the big cock. Vida doesn't want to be outdone so she gags herself on it. She also reaches into Jada's honeypot from behind, then uses her tongue to get her friend crazy. Marco gets behind Vida for a doggy insertion. He goes up and over with Jada crawling underneath Vida, then a quick cut to Jada getting hers in mish. Cut to doggy with Vida stacked in mish for some hot sliding. Back to Jada, who cums, then a cut to a doggy anal insertion for Vida who gets Jada to stick her pussy in her face. Vida gets off on the sodomy and Jada's getting more excited by the second. She finds a bar stool and presents her awesome ass for penetration. Marco buries the bone and Vida wraps Jada's head in her tits. She moves under her to eat Jada's pussy while she's being buggered. Cut to a mish anal insertion for Jada on the barstool. Vida finger pops Jada for a technical DP that leaves her speechless, almost. A2OGM for Vida (maybe), and a reinsertion in Jada's ass. Jada's looking bedraggled and she's chanting quietly. They petition Marco for his cum and he pulls out, squirting into Vida's mouth, who shares the load with Jada. Post pop play for both girls. Marco sqeezes out another small load and the girls share it and each other to end the scene.

She said "Three Way"

Marie Luv, dressed in a blue robe, wakes up her man. She's been fetish shopping and shows off her pink and black corset, bra and thigh high fishnets with latex tops. Marie looks awesome. She also informs her man that she's set up a threesome for herself. He's intrigued. As Marie tells him what she's going to do with these guys, she teases him with her body and lets him touch her. More tease, a knock on the door, and Marie leads Jack Venice into the living room to meet her man. She goes back to the door and brings in Alec Knight, her man's brother. Marie's top and panties come off and she squats to suck Jack. Alec slides under her for a taste of pussy. He brings his cock to Marie under orders and she gives them a tandem suck. She gets them over to the couch, side by side. She offers her face to Jack for fucking and her tears start running. Alec fucks Marie from behind. Marie's fucking back at Alec and giving orders. Jack gets a shot at the prize as they keep Marie on the rotisserie. Some loud spanks on Marie's tight as a drum ass. P2M gets her mascara running free. She's ready for anal and Alec gets the honors in doggy. A quick ride and Jack gets doggy anal. Alec gets some face time. Cut to mish anal for Alec. Jack takes his turn and Alec goes deep into Marie's throat. Cut to Marie riding Alec in CG. He opens Marie's cheeks for Jack to join them for the DP. Marie gets plumbed deep, then she turns for the RCDP. Her upper lip snarl is in full effect and she's taunting her man with her wanton behavior. Doggy anal with Alec and Jack keeps her on the spit. The boys trade ends and Alec digs out her throat some more. Cut to Marie in the receiving position and she takes the two loads into and around her mouth. She gargles and slobbers onto her tits, taunting her man some more.


Destiny Deville is back and she's on the phone to a friend. She knows her man is cheating on her and she has a plan for retribution. She sets up a video camera on a tripod and awaits her liason. Lex shows up and apparently he's her brother-in-law. He's suspicious and reticent about coming in. Destiny cajoles him into the house and shares her suspicions with him. She starts to seduce him and goes off for some baby oil to slather on in front of Lex. He's getting turned on and Destiny goes in for the kill, giving Lex the oil to do her back. He greases up her ass and Destiny is all over the man of Steele. Destiny runs some oil on Lex's chest and bares her own. It's all over but the stripping now as Destiny has Lex like putty in her hands. She pulls his pants off and unleashes the hound. Destiny two hands his cock and takes a sizable chunk into her mouth. Lex tastes her twin charms and grabs some ass before Destiny gets back on the stick. She titty fucks him with her nice rack and licks his balls. Lex eats some pussy to prepare for entry. He prongs her in mish, Destiny's body jerking on the entry. He long poles her, then picks her up for some flying. They settle onto the couch in CG with Destiny riding Lex hard. Her sweet cum is coating his cock and amazingly they're staying in character for this scene. Lex lays her back onto the couch for side entry mish. Destiny cums loudly and Lex unloads all over her face. She cleans up and leads Lex to the top of the stairs where he sits down and Destiny mounts him in RC. P2M and a switch to doggy. More P2M and Destiny backs that ass up for doggy again. Balls deep mish on the floor. Destiny cums again and Lex pulls out to shoot on her pussy lips. Some PCH and Lex discovers the fact they were being filmed.
Epilogue Vanessa Blue has a good idea here. She's playing with popular themes in erotic literature and portraying women who use, manipulate, cuckold or seek revenge for imagined slights. The problem is in the execution and other technical facets. This video was shot or edited with one eye on the clock. I don't know if Mercenary is keeping to the VHS limit of 140 minutes out of need or habit, but these scenes needed stretching. Positions weren't held long enough or were edited into oblivion. The first scene was like a Chinese fire drill. It also might have played out better if one of the girls in the first scene had a nasty streak to corrupt the other properly. Since Vida Valentine got so underused in her scene, maybe she should have paired up with Victoria. Jada, who was her irrepressible self, could have stolen the scene from Destiny, who was getting another scene anyway. Mika Tan's scene was pretty hot, if also suffering from cut fever, and Marie Luv keeps adding to her growing legend. Destiny came into her own in a very well done pairing with Lex that moved with a much better pace and had a good build-up. The video quality in some of the scenes was less than stellar due to insufficient lighting. It might have been an intentional darkening for mood purposes but it just came off as murky. One note to anybody that intends to view this video: If you have any expensive crystal near your TV when you view this, keep the volume low or do something to protect your chatchkis. Destiny's shrill howl will shatter them. Overall, not a bad video, but flawed.
The Disk BTS, photo gallery, fetish menu and trailers.
Recommendation I can suggest a rental. It's interesting and has some good heat at times.

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