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Dominators 2, The

Dominators 2, The

Studio: Mercenary Pictures
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Dominators 2, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dominators 2, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dominators 2, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Dominators 2, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dominators 2, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Dominators 2, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dominators 2, The DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dominators 2, The A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  10/10/2007

The Dominators 2

Prologue Some certifiable man eaters in this one as the torch gets passed from Domina X (Vanessa Blue) to Cherokee. Havana Ginger, Alexis Silver, Ayana Angel, Angel Eyes, Jazmine and Sinnamon Love will bring the heat that Sledge Hammer, LT, Tee Reel and John E. Depth will have to contend with.
LT is just chillin' in his house when Angel Eyes and Ayana Angel come stomping in and bossing him around. They're corsetted in fetish finery and firing attitude at him as they order him to take his clothes off. The girls push him around and tell him they're going to put something in his mouth to shut him up, then get it backwards and start sucking on his dick. Angel Eyes sucks deep while Ayana sticks a tit in LT's mouth, then they attack the staff in tandem. He gets bossed around verbally, but the girls are doing a bang up job with this maddeningly effective bj. Angel Eyes sits on his face, then Ayana rides the cock in RC, swirling, grinding and spanking her clit. P2M, then a CG squat fuck. P2OGM for Angel Eyes, another suck for Ayana, and a cut to Angel getting hers in doggy while Ayana pumps her own pussy with a life-like dildo. LT gets ordered to lick Angel's juicy pussy, and he throws in some tossed salad on his own. He goes back to pounding the pussy from behind, then getting another tandem bj. CG with Angel while Ayana rides his face and the girls get extra friendly with each other. The ride is hot with Angel Eyes getting all she can from the hard cock, angling it to feel it all over and grinding deeply. Meanwhile, Ayana's making good use of his tongue. LT takes his measure of revenge by plowing Ayana's asshole in mish while Angel strokes her clit. He strains to keep up with their harsh demands but manages to nail the dirt hole nicely. As soon as he pulls out of her tight hole, the cum is flying, with the girls positioning themselves for a joint swallow. Cum kisses end the scene.
Fast pace with the sometimes overly shrill verbal abuse pushing LT. Not a lot of position changes, but quality CG by Angel Eyes, and a good anal reaming for Ayana.
Alexis Silver is getting hot and heavy with herself on a couch. She's got a tight latex jacket that can't possibly contain her ginormous tits, so she releases them. Her equally phat lips are pouting as she rubs pussy through her black panties. This is the scene that LT walks in on, and he gets an earful from Alexis as she berates him for being late. Ordered onto his knees, LT gets a faceful of Alexis' tasty pussy and ass. He shows some special enthusiasm for tongue fucking her brownhole, but sooner or later any man is going to discover her tits. Some extremely short breast play, then a cut to Alexis sucking LT's tumescent member. She sends those lips down to his balls, then rides the wet dick in CG. LT's in heaven as he shafts her deep and has Alexis' tits in his face. She warns him about spanking her, but he's naughty and does it anyway. Alexis does a deep grind on his dick, poorly captured, and they switch to mish. She's calling the shots on tempo and depth, luckily favoring deep and hard. Alexis is spread so invitingly, and her pussy lips are plump and wet as LT really gets to work it in her. Cut to doggy, Alexis telling him she'll decide where and when he can cum. She decides she'll let him spew in her mouth as he bangs from behind, but LT's still enjoying her heavenly fold. Alexis disparages his size, but hope for some volume when he's ready to let off. She drops to her knees as LT reaches his breaking point, and takes his offering on her tongue. Alexis spits it on the floor and tells LT her guinea pig cums more than that, slapping his cock and walking away.
Alexis is lusty and verbal without being shrill in her dominant role. I wasn't crazy about some of the camera angles, but there did seem to be a decided emphasis on showing her beautiful breasts. Too bad she didn't make LT worship them, or at least lube them up and fuck them.
Havana Ginger is in bed with Sledge Hammer, and when she gets up to shower, he pulls out a porn magazine and wanks under the blanket. I suspect this won't go over well with the very sexy Cuban. Of course, she catches him, and seems most upset that he's turned on by "white porn whores". She lets him know that he can't even satisfy her, but today will be different. Sledge sits against the bed and Havana mounts his face, feeding him her womanhood and demanding a spanking to go along with the tonguing. She rubs it in his face, but not long enough to really satisfy her or me. Havana catches him playing with himself again and slaps his arm away. She's adamant about getting hers first and continues to give Sledge orders. Too many softcore shots here for my taste as the camera dwells on Havana's upper body from a ground up view. She tells Hammer that she's only going to blow him to get it hard enough to fuck, but she's constitutionally incapable of sucking dick without making it look or feel great. That big pussy wedge comes to life in her hands and mouth with Havana being nasty as usual with her spit. The shots of her slobbering on his dick while he hovers over her are enough to make guns go off prematurely, and belie her statement that he's only getting it to be workable. She's laying on the verbal abuse, but considering what she's doing to Hammer's dick, he can take it. When she's finally ready to fuck, Havana takes Sledge balls deep in RC. He slams from underneath and puts Havana's size queen credentials on display as she swallows him up with her hot snatch. Titties bouncing and neck sweating, Havana's getting a nice workout. She orders him to fuck her in doggy and the audio doesn't match the video. They're back in synch as he bangs from behind, Havana getting more verbally agressive with every stroke. When he's ready, Havana makes Sledge drop his load on the centerfold's face. Nasty Havana licks the cum off the magazine and dismisses Sledge, ordering him to "Get outta my face!"
Very hot scene as Havana shows her sexual confidence and overall aggressiveness throughout.
Sinnamon Love and John E Depth are sitting around playing poker and Sin decides to make the game more interesting. She tells John that if he loses, he has to lick the kitty. John's not too thrilled with the prospect, but he draws a straight and figures he dodged a bullet. Too bad Sinnamon drops a full house on him, then her pierced pussy. She tosses in some instruction, and for incentive, indicates that he might get his dick wet if he can make her cum. Sinnamon bad mouths him and gives John orders to finger fuck her because she knows he can't get his dick hard enough to please her. After more cunnilingus and verbal abuse, Sinnamon goes down on John E's huge tool. Not for his pleasure, but to get it hard enough for hers. She does him wet and nasty, and John E's groaning and growing. Sin threatens to leave him in this aroused state with no relief, but continues to slobber on the knob. After enough of this sublime torture, there's a cut to Sinnamon riding CG. After making him testify about the goodness of her pussy, we're serenaded with the erotic sounds of flesh on flesh as Sinnamon rides him into the ground. The video is too concentrated on closeups of the union, with no face shots for too long a time. Short stint of doggy with Sinnamon rocking into the strokes and demanding compliments from John. Cut to modified spoon anal, John E's reward for staying hard, and Sinnamon almost brings things to a resounding end as she goes wild on his dick. Quick edit brings them back to the same position, but at a decidedly slower pace until Sinnamon starts rocking back again. Again they have to restart so John E doesn't lose his load. Third time's the charm as John E drives it home and spills his seed on Sinnamon's pubes. She tastes his leavings and approves.
Sinnamon was scalding hot, but the scene was shot poorly, audio didn't always match up, and Cherokee can be heard giving instructions at the end. Could have used another anal position as well.
Tee Real is nibbling on Jazmine Leah's tits, working down to her pantied crotch, and she couldn't look more bored. He gets too clumsy and rough, eliciting a complaint from Jaz and a cessation of all activity as he decides to take a shower instead. Left alone, Jazmine seems to hit on an idea. When Tee returns, she rips off his towel and goes dick diving, verbally abusing him between sucks. Complaining about his size and ability, she still doesn't seem to be able to get much into her mouth as she overworks the tip. Tee's lesson in satisfying Jazmine begins with her sitting on his face and cooing orders on how to lick it right. The fucking starts in CG and Tee looks plenty big in her snug hole, stroking deep into her well lubed snatch. Jazmine takes full advantage of this position and gets to stay with it long enough to pleasure herself, looking especially hot with her sweet tits flouncing around as she rocks. She chokes Tee and feeds him some tit. Eventually they get into spoon, Tee's balls banging on her pierced clit, then mish for a good tit wobble. Tee pulls out and drops his load on Jazmine's open mouth. She's noncommital about whether he really pleased her, or not, retaining control for the next time.
Very simple fuck scene with three positions, mostly CG, which works here because of the domination theme and the emphasis on Jazmine's pleasure. I just wish she had actually achieved an emphatic orgasm, given that she had free reign to work it out.
Epilogue I found this video to be a stronger effort than the first volume, mainly because the women projected their power in a less shrill way, except for the first scene with the two black Angels, but managed to get their point across in scene after scene. Unfortunately, from a technical standpoint, the camerawork left something to be desired, audio synch in editing wasn't always what it should have been, and director Cherokee left in some instructions that should have not reached our ears. If you're going to break the fourth wall, it should be done emphatically. Not by accident. My favorite scenes were back to back with Havana Ginger, then Sinnamon Love taking charge and getting their hot bodies satisfied. Weakest was probably Jazmine Leah, but she was a relative newbie in the industry when this was filmed. I think Alexis Silver should screen some Gianna scenes to get some ideas on how to throw around her stunning body more forcefully, something Ayana has down pat herself. This series is on a good track, it just needs a little buffing.
The Disk There's a BTS and photo gallery.
Recommendation Solid rental material.

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