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Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance)

Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance)

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MythMaker's ratings for Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by MythMaker  on  8/16/2007
Well, this is yet another first for me in watching a flick directed by Mick Blue. The cast alone, in Doll House, is enough for me to have high expectations for what I want to see from these girls. I have no idea what will happen, so here goes!

First scene is Hannah Harper, looking quiet the stunner in a silky pink teddy. There’s lots of natural light that just cascades down her curvaceous, mouth watering body. I’ve never watched a scene with her before, and I like what I be seein’ here! The tease is pretty good, and there is a moment just when Hannah gets on her knees with her bare ass filling the screen and she reaches under and spreads what must be one of the most perfectly shaped, tight little pussy I’ve seen in a while. Did I say mouth watering before; I meant to say habit forming! Manuel Ferrara has the pleasure of having Hannah Harper crawl to him begging to let her suck his dick – which he reluctantly, I’m sure, allows. Following is some very nice, thorough pussy eating and Manuel frigs her a bit too where we hear just how sloppy her pussy got – squish! First position is a Vag Spoon which she is in for a while, followed by a beautifully shot CG ride. More Spoon leads to Mish then to RCG – all Vag. Yet more spoon on the other side, when Hannah does some P2M. Doggy follows, and her ass looks scrumptious – I just wish he’d fuck it! Well, no such luck and we finish with a pop to her face and open mouth. She does not swallow, which is disappointing. However, Hannah is very beautiful and has a nice presence for this one scene I’ve seen her in. I would have liked more, but I will look forward to another chance watching Hannah down the road.

Nikki Benz is next, wearing a red mini-skirt/tutu with a matching top that clings to her large (overstuffed, in my opinion) man made tits. She is pretty, though, and her ass is nice and thick – hopefully we are treated to an anal. The premise for the scene is that Mick Blue is caught snooping in Nikki’s house, and naturally she rewards him with a fuck. We begin POV, and Nikki does a nice job of teasing, sucking cock, titty fucking, and more teasing till Mick is front and center fucking Nikki in Mish on a couch. He moves to Spoon and bangs for a bit before a little P2M. Nikki hops on for some CG, though she remains stationary while Mick pounds her hard from below. While this is all well and good, I do like for the girl to rock her hips at least a little when the movement slows. This shows how the woman’s pussy lips clench the cock as she glides up and down, the truly sensual moment of a CG romp. This goes on for a while followed by more titty fucking. There’s a bit of Doggy which looks pretty good, then Mick frigs her a bit for good measure. More Doggy leads to some P2M, then on to some side saddle. The fucking here appears somewhat mechanical; with Nikki present as a prop for Mick to fuck as opposed to a partner giving each other mutual pleasure. RCG goes on for a bit, till the scene climaxes by Mick titty fucking her till he cums on them. A below average scene, not much chemistry, and I feel Nikki’s talents were not put to the best use.

Next we have a rare chance of seeing Holly Morgan, a sexy, petite blonde with a gorgeous all natural frame, tight, round ass, and soft, ripe tits – boo-ya!! Not much tease from Holly before Ben English walks up and Holly is on her knees sucking cock. Her perky lips look good wrapped around a stiffy, though she doesn’t go very deep and sucks like a girl who doesn’t just “live” to give head. Ben takes her in a Standing Doggy first, in which Holly winces a bit as he penetrates her. They move to the bedroom where Holly gets fucked in Spoon then RCG. Much like the scene prior, all the work is put forth by the stud du jour. A little “tip of the cock” sucking happens before Holly mounts him for some CG. This is the best looking shot so far; I mean, this chick’s ass is gorgeous and she does manage to put a little axle grease (figuratively) on her hip movement. We move to Missionary, and onto the second best position of the bunch, Doggy. A little ass slapping, dirty talk, brief oral, ANYTHING! would have raised the heat index where it should have been at this point. This was just too by the numbers for me; as though Mick had a flowchart for the scene and they changed when an egg timer went off. A pop to her face finishes this one off.

One of my top ten favs of the moment comes next, and I know all we will get is pussy fucking but damn it all if that’s all it takes with this stunner – Paulina James. She’s wearing a wisp of red and black patterned skirt, g-string, and bikini top; writhing around and fondling herself like a girl who literally has erogenous zones everywhere on her body. Hell, if I had her body I’d rub myself constantly and with feeling too (don’t tell my analyst)!! Paulina looks so fucking tasty as she undresses, telling the viewer how wet she is which is demonstrable as she finger bangs her “tight..uhhh…wet..pussy…uhhh”. She fucks herself to a climax, splattering pussy juice over her inner thighs, yum!! 2 minutes in, and it is my favorite scene so far. There’s some very nice POV head by Paulina, who then crawls across the floor asking the camera if the viewer wants to put their cock in her tight pussy; surely, a rhetorical question. Paulina crawls onto a couch spreading her ass cheeks wide and opening her pussy lips to reveal her silky pink lips still dripping pussy juice – it will blow your mind when she asks the question again. Mick Blue is the man who answers by laying her back on the couch and making that first penetration in Spoon. Paulina keeps cooing sweet nothings at him, and I adore it when a girl can play the innocent dirty talk that’s not too nasty, but enough to convince you beyond a doubt it is not acting (remember her wet p-lips!!). Mick coaxes a second orgasm from our little honey, does a quick bout of Mish, then Paulina is on riding CG. This is what a I was talking about earlier – Mick is pounding her hard on his own, yet Paulina is still bouncing on her own. She looks remarkable, ass cheeks curved and tight and her natural tits bouncing vigorously. Perhaps there is no way to get around staying somewhat still when the stud is pounding continuously so hard, but Paulina changes position, spreads her ass cheek, and talks dirty enough that she doesn’t just sit still. She’s a presence, not just a good looking prop to fuck. CG goes on for a while with the switch being to RCG, and no P2M in between. Another switch gets us to Doggy and another reason to anticipate Paulina’s upcoming anal deflowering. We do get a very brief P2M from Doggy to Mish. The Mish is captured beautifully, and I really appreciate here how soft and delicate Paulina’s pussy looks even while getting fucked hard. Mick is worked up and there is a cut between him pulling out and the facial that leads me to believe he didn’t make it the first time – both cool and disappointing. Paulina takes one on the chin, and continues to talk dirty while rubbing the cum over her face. Easily the best scene so far and it altogether raised my opinion of this movie. However, I would like to mention that Paulina may have talked a little too much during the scene which makes the dirty talk less spontaneous and erotic for the viewer. I would also have liked to see Mick eat her a little bit. I mean, really, directly following her showing us her dripping wet pussy after masturbating she asks Mick to “eat my pussy” – which he did NOT!! Ugghh! Perhaps he’s a purist, but I appreciate M-F head, and he could have gotten to her asshole too! I also would have liked to see more P2M, which is essential for a no anal girl in an anal pervasive market – it would have been something new about which to talk dirty. All in all, though I have yet to see Audrey and Jenna, this scene officially makes this a rent worthy video. Paulina is fucking amazing!!! I love her!

I’m going to get it out of the way and say that I also flat out love Audrey Bitoni! Hey, I got a lot to give. And I’ll announce before watching the scene that anyone who doesn’t at least try to kiss her on the mouth during a scene is silly – her lips scream to be kissed. Audrey enters wearing a bright pink and blue piece that is perfect for her skin tone, eyes, and hair. She looks amazing rubbing her pussy, and while she doesn’t get as wet as Paulina, there are a few pussy smacks to be heard. Manuel Ferrara is the man for the job here, and I am very happy since he will be somewhat aggressive and will definitely put his mouth on her pussy. True to form there is a nice bit of pussy eating, but it is completely lost by the camera angle. We have shots of the back of Manuel’s head and Audrey’s face amidst her groans and sounds of the pair of lips smacking. Very frustrating for me when I like to see the mouth on pussy contact, not just be aware that it is happening. For someone as hot as Audrey and talented as Manuel this was a big waste of a moment. The best scenes are solid from start to finish. On a similar note, not to be overly critical, but I also would have liked to see them kiss when they did, not just hear about it while watching Audrey’s ass – I like her ass, but some of the kissing would have been nice. When it comes to girls I like, I want certain things or get disappointed easy. Back to the review – Manuel enters first in Mish and he fucks, then frigs, Audrey to a juicy finish – very hot! Even hotter is the Audrey’s ass as Manuel it a few times while fucking her in Doggy. Unlike Paulina, there are no anal talks for Audrey yet, but man will she sell vids when anal and DPs are in her rep!! Manuel swings a leg over her head and holds her in scissors while continuing to fuck her silly. There’s a lot of stark cuts in this scene, one of which is here leading to Audrey lying across Manuel as he frigs her pussy to an orgasm. Audrey wants to return the favor, and sits on his cock in RCG for a bit and finishes with CG; both positions are money for Audrey. This is a pretty short scene, as Manuel pulls out here and blasts a few streams across her lips and into her mouth. Audrey looks damn sexy pushing the jizz into her mouth and telling the camera how much she loves cum on her face. I’d really like to believe she swallowed it, but I think she simply held it in her mouth till the fade. Even for a short scene, Audrey was smokin’ and had good chemistry with Manuel.

Jenna Haze. Oh, maybe a brief mention of a highlight or two wouldn’t be completely out of order. Question: Would velvet or Jenna’s skin feel more like velvet? That could be a koan for you Zen practitioners out there – talk to your roshi. Jenna wears a blue outfit that covers only the goodies, and every inch of her will melt your brain. Obviously, the tease is intense, and I also loved Jenna crawling across the floor – for more obvious reasons. There’s a great sequence where Mick spears Jenna while she’s in CG 5 or six times. Jenna looked great in every position, and her couple of P2Ms were solid. The pop shot landed on her tongue, she pushed the rest into her mouth, and swallowed with a pixyish grin on her face… learn from that, ladies! What can I say, a good Jenna scene is better than most everyone else’s, but for fans of Jenna it was average. I must say I am not a huge fan of the way Mick fucks; he pounds them, does not kiss, and provided absolutely no oral attention. How can you not want to eat Jenna Haze’s pussy? Average, but better than the first half of the video.

Overall, this was a mediocre production. I was not too impressed with the first half of the video, as the girls were more interesting to me for the novelty more than the fucking. The second half was carried by Paulina, who looked mouth watering throughout. Audrey and Jenna add to the value of the video, but I’m afraid it’s more of a rental type than something to add to one’s collection. Extras contain behind the scenes and trailers which are always nice.

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