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Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance)

Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance)

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Doll House, The (Zero Tolerance) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/7/2007
Ok fans time for some playtime. How do you feel about Doll Houses? Well Zero Tolerance's got a new one here where all the barbies are sexy as hell babes who want to be Barbie to your Ken! Ok not POV style but I'm going with the whole doll house thing there, lol. The list of talent shot here is incredible, from Jenna Haze to Hannah Harper to Audrey Bitoni to HOlly Morgan with Paulina James and Nikki Benz round out the cast. One nice thing with the individual menus for the girls you also get listed the positions shot and you can go right to the pop if you so desire but I say let's hit a few highlights first.

Hannah Harper:

Well this first woman up has been making some good flicks now for some time and we start with Hannah sitting at the piano practicing her bars and looking sexy as can be. I'd certainly let her fingers to some stroking on my keyboard! Getting up we see a fine floor shot used to let her ass be shown off and Hannah acentuates the pose caressing her ass. The camera keeps moving about her body and Hannah nicely lowers the top down exposing her tits which she fondles. This woman's got a fabulous body, no question about it. Sitting back on the piano bench she starts rubbing over her pussy and here we get a little shadow creeping in but I still liked the vibe overall. Hannah then gets completely naked, puts her ass high up in the air spreading her pussy lips too, then asks if we'd put our dick in her mouth, oh yeah! She crawls over to where Manuel Ferrara has been presumably watching the entire time.

The two passionately kiss and the eye contact between the two was very sensual and Manuel says a few sweet nothings under his breath as he begins exploring Miss Harper's sinfully hot body. She keeps up her desire for a cock in her mouth and Manuel is a gentlemen obliging this need and we soon have Hannah sucking away. Manuel is a romantic guy so he gets in a little pussy play himself stroking it furiously until she orgasms and you can hear how wet that pussy is. The sex here had a very passionate feel to it, not really a wham bam thank you maam type of deal, still strong though. Cowgirl was an obvious winner as was reverse. The scene closes with Manuel firing several strong ropes of cum at Hannah's open mouth and she lovingly licks the last few drops out as well as licking her lips, always a sexy site. Blowing a few cum bubbles too didn't hurt and we end with a shot of cum trickling down her lovely chest. A very nice opener.

Nikki Benz:

We start this next one with Nikki wearing a combo red/black outfit leaning against a wall giving us some serious fuck me eye contact as she explores her body. The tits come out almost without prompting, hey they know we want to see them out and Nikki also sticks a few fingers up inside her lovebox though her skirt's in the way for now. Nikki is also good about showing off her ass and that isn't hidden by her skirt and we continue with the good boob shots, the floor shot in particular was nice. Nikki then discovers she's being watched,lol, she wonders why the camera guy's in her house and he explains that he's got an appointment with the hubby but alas she's not married so try again, lol. Things get around to Nikki admitting she's a little lonely and the camera guy likes what he sees, well one thing leads to another and whammo sex!!

We don't quite jump to that but we experience a little more tease with Miss Benz bending over to fully show off that ass and finally the two introduce themselves to one another-- Nikki meet Mick, Mick meet Nikki! Only in porn could a guy wonder in off the street holding a camcorder and not get shot on site, lol, in fact he's rewarded for trespassing by getting to fuck this gorgeous woman. She starts off here with a little POV head for Mick-- the picture had a pinkish tone to it here for some reason, you still see everything nicely but thought I'd mention it. This is gone once they get to the fucking where Nikki has a seat in a big comfy black chair. Mick slides in easily for an opening salvo in mish but it's the following cowgirl that really kicked the sex into high gear. The floor shot comes in and that just gets me every time the angle is so good in showing off the ass. Going from a sitting side saddle they work in reverse and that sees some good boob bouncing. Mick finishes with some titty fucking and he blasts his load on those large knockers with Nikki then cleaning up but not licking at her breasts which is what I would have encouraged her to do, come on Mick!

Holly Morgan:

On we go and next up is this cutie pie. She comes walking into the kitchen area giving us this innocent look but the mesh see thru attire she's sporting gives us a much different appearance outwardly. Holly feeds into that with some good caressing over herself then the facial looks start to get more sexual in their tone and also licking the fingers a sure sign of sluttyness!! The pouty lips too were nice but even nicer was when Holly pulls those tits out, very nice size and shape to them. Ben English then strides in and the tone gets instantly more aggressive.

Holly drops down to her knees and licks over his trousers before they're taken down revealing his hard cock which Holly effortlessly envelops. There was a good mix of POV style and a side view for the bj. Holly is allowed to lead the pace here and it's a good mix of fast'n'slow. Sexwise they use the kitchen counter to start off with some standing doggie but we soon make it to the bedroom where they get on a large bed which is much more comfy and roomier. Reverse and cowgirl were the best shots here and her asshole seems so ripe here for plucking, it's a shame it wasn't invaded. Finishing off with some hard driving mish we get Ben busting his load over Holly's open mouth with some cleanup after.

Paulina James:

This next young lady has been having a pretty good year so far from what I've seen. She's got that sexy tart thing down pat and you get a little of that here during the tease. She's showing off that ass right off the bat while giving us an I'm a young girl look but please lust after me!! The finger licking only fed that notion and the tits come out, the pussy is stroked over. Paulina James is fuckin sexy, sexy, sexy. The floor shots only make that feeling stronger, you will want to jump through the screen and lick those fingers clean after they've been dipping into her honey pot! Paulina does it for you before moving on to something far sexier.

This entails the tried and true POV position where the cock comes out and she engulfs it. The slower style head was carried off nicely by young Miss James who gives some eye contact along with a good crawling to keep the cock in her mouth as we step back.

Mick then is allowed in front of the camera as he slides inside the pussy spoon style. I liked how he kisses around her neck and his eye contact to Paulina while drilling her pussy suggested a passionate vibe that I appreciated. Things only get better when she sits up into cowgirl and bending over Mick's shoulder you see that ass thrust prominently into view and you'll see another sexy asshole which hopefully will be tested very soon. We get a good reverse shot too leading us to Mick blowing a good load just to the side of her mouth but Paulina does take in a nice bit of cum too showing it off with a smile. She's definitely got a great look for porn and her performances so far I've liked a lot so I'll keep an eye and cock out for more Paulina James.

Audrey Bitoni:

Keeping the party going we get this sexy raven haired hottie who strides confidently into the room. The pink/ blue outfit looks amazing on her and thankfully it's bare in the ass area so Audrey turning around to show that ass off was a fine opening tease shot. Audrey then has a seat for some nice boob fondling and those large nipples looked very tempting and to top it off Audrey's got a set of cock sucking lips which are among the best in the biz. She does a little more self pleasuring before Manuel shows up.

Manuel ever the romantic swoops in for a few licks before setting Audrey up for some opening mish thrusts. The titties bounce a little here and they kiss a bit which Manuel's great at with his costars. Taking a break we get the bj in and sitting to his side Audrey bends down and takes him in and we watch this from the ground level and she sure seems to enjoy sucking him but it's all to brief as Manuel wants back in that pussy! The shot gets real nice in reverse where those boobs do bounce wonderfully and closing out you watch some cowgirl and once again an ass which seems ripe for fucking goes untouched but hopefully Miss Bitoni might see her way to some anal sex real soon, she's got a perfect ass for cowgirl anal. A good load is soon left around her face, Manuel shoots at least 4-5 good streams out with Audrey doing some cleanup.

Jenna Haze:

We arrive to the final scene featuring the second of the covergirls, Hannah being the other. Jenna is flat out sexy, nothing else need be said. The face of an angel but the heart of a slut!! I mean that in the most passionate porn way it can be said. Jenna Haze oozes sex appeal from every ounce of her being and it's mesmerizing to watch. The blue felt outfit was hugging her curves perfectly and she is a pro's pro at working the tease along which she does wonderfully here including the requisite floor Jenna ass shot which should have your cock rock hard if it isn't already. Pulling those perky tits out she continues to work that sexy face/ eye contact on us and even lets a male hand in to caress those tits. Jenna then has a seat and spreading the legs open she diddles with that tasty twat and with the facial expression she's giving in conjunction with the picture you're being shown the impulse to jump through the picture will be strong but resist otherwise your tv will be fucked and you can't see Jenna get fucked, lol, so patience my friend and you'll be rewarded.

Sure enough that starts to unfold as the outfit's totally discarded revealing that sexy body in its entirety and the bend over ass shot as Jenna strokes her pussy might have you to the breaking point once more so again resist the impulse, it will get even sexier and even hard to hold your pop. Working some dirty talk in we finally get a chance for some relief as there sitting before us in POV land is Jenna Haze and her mouth wraps itself around our bulging cock and well you know the story, great head with engaging eye contact and wonderful tongue usage. Mick's the lucky guy one more time, he plays US, lol, and sexwise we get a very good and I mean good cowgirl to start. Jenna Haze has an ass folks, this just in!! I even liked the reverse which is more of a boob lovers shot but the floor shot here was as good as could be and Jenna's still working in some awesome dirty talk. There's a little dipping in doggie and mish before Mick unloads onto Jenna's tongue and she takes it all in as well as giving some stellar cleanup. We end with the best scene no doubt about it.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was an excellent title, no bad scenes at all. No anal either but this title only goes to show just how strong and excellent non-anal sex can be with a good cast that clicks with their partners and I felt that in every scene most notably with Mick Blue who was in three of the scenes if I'm correct and Manuel is also strong in his two scenes with Ben English in the remaining scene and he wasn't bad either. Extras here include a photo gallery, the pops are repeated and we get some BTS and with this great a title I definitely want more so check it out. Well worth the purchase, it's very good indeed.

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