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Discovering Alexis Texas

Discovering Alexis Texas

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
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bono-ONE's ratings for Discovering Alexis Texas:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Discovering Alexis Texas overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Discovering Alexis Texas Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Discovering Alexis Texas Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Discovering Alexis Texas Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Discovering Alexis Texas Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Discovering Alexis Texas DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Discovering Alexis Texas A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/23/2008
Hello fans here's another Belladonna release that just came out not to long ago focusing on the lovely girl Alexis Texas-- she's in every scene which have nice little titles too. I think most of you have already discovered Alexis long ago but it's Belladonna's take on this interesting young girl so let's see where she takes her and just how much Alexis is willing to do, no anal so don't expect that but from the scenarios laid out there seems to be plenty of action so let's get to it.

Hippie Blowbang:

We open with some free love, lol. The picture is grainy, scratchy-- but it's on purpose as we're back in the gold old 60's where everyone was fucking'n'toking!! They try some weed which inspires Alexis to do the fucking or in this case sucking as she ends up taking on three cocks!! I wish the picture would've gone to regular once she got fully into the blowbang, I just like a clear picture when I watch a girl suck cock but I can go with the flow as they say. Alexis proves she can handle more than one schlong with ease and we get some pretty good body shots too moving around Alexis as she's polishing knobs. Loads meet pretty face and mouth to close it out, a good start even with the grainy picture.

In College:

This one gets to the heart of what a 'fellatio' is, hehe. Alexis and Bella aren't quite sure so they want a man's help and luckily one's nearby. The girls are wearing nice revealing clothes too and the sex talk is so innocent and to think Bella's actually saying these words did cause me to chuckle a bit, Alexis I can more believe the whole innocent angle. Well they go downstairs for this help in finding what a fellatio is, Bella at least knows about blowjobs-- well my dear that's one in the same, haha! The girls have to do very little convincing in order to get his cock out and well they both do quite a fine job making sure that cock stays hard. We get really good views of Alexis and her ass in this scene, first riding the dudes face and later his cock in cowgirl which is a must for any Alexis Texas scene. Bella does excellent ball licking while Alexis is riding plus there's P2OGM so these girls do know a little something something!! Bella cuts quite a nice pic herself when it's her turn to ride, reverse was very nice, Alexis goes back on top of the face to get that cooch licked more and Bella wants more pussy juice so she tastes her own doing P2M. Moving to cowgirl this gives Bella a great vantage point to lick Alexis in the ass-- I think we'd all jockey for that spot! A nice bit of double decker doggie fucking and finally the load which goes right to Alexis's open mouth which quickly gets upturned to share with Bella!! Much better than the first scene.

Boyfriend & Friend:

Alexis starts this scene with a little soul searching, a little finger twisting of the hair and she appears to be in deep thought!! The hands start rubbing over her covered tits and then Nina Hartley's voice comes in, she's the older version of Alexis and well she speaks about wanting to be taken-- sounds good! So she gets on the phone and calls a boyfriend-- ah she wants her to talk dirty, Alexis you are so naughty!! Alexis does all the talking and she doesn't get loud at all, makes it more believable but also sometimes hard to hear unless we're up close. The titties come out and get some serious rub down treatment and Alexis like a good masturbator doesn't forget to show off the pussy as she continues the dirty talk! Turns out her girlfriend's not alone, her man is there too and this allows her to fulfill a fantasy of fucking two guys at once, oh yeah!! So Mick Blue and Mr. Pete show up with Pete going right for the pussy while Mick's dick gets slurped on nicely by Alexis. She does some very good bj action to both cocks, taking each deep, the booth also starts to get a little tv time. Sexwise they work her out pretty good in doggie, cowgirl-- lots of stellar footage here with jiggle after jiggle after jiggle of her ass!! Real good facial/ open mouth pops close this scene out, very nice job there Alexis.

The Showgirl:

This next scene features Bella and Alexis both wearing full body length suits, I believe the material is latex but I'm not familiar enough with that type of clothing to be totally sure, anyway there is only an opening for their eyes, forehead and a little bit of the nose. So this seems to be a more fetish geared scene. The hands do roaming over the body, ahh Nina aka the older Alexis, is musing about being with a woman hence this scene but why wear this type of clothing? I will say the suits were nice and shiny and the material looks like it would feel great to the touch so hopefully they enjoyed that and I bet they did. You see zipper openings near the ass so that bodes well when it comes time to really get into the fun stuff. Trying to kiss when both mouths are covered just seems silly to me but they try that as well as moving down simulating kissing around the neck and over the breasts. This is also bordering on performance art-- at least what I think that is and hey that's something a bit new for me so I appreciated this to some degree, I am sure the more fetish fan you are your level will be higher than mine. Alexis is the first to get her mouth uncovered and she does some good foot sucking though it's over a covered foot. Alexis then places that ass squarely over Bella's face and now I'd wish she'd upzip that so we can really see the real deal, reading my mind Bella does just that but no licking though she buries her nose deep in there! Alexis then gets to unzip Bella and she doesn't waste her chance and goes to licking, gorgeous pussy eating here!! Finally we have both mouths freed and they do intense lip locking with tongues twirling too. The boobs come out also getting sucked on then Alexis really gets to play with Bella's uncovered feet now so foot fans will enjoy this no doubt, sexy in between toe licks as well as deep throating the foot! More oral from Alexis then it's Bella's turn to make love to a foot taking a nice slow tongue bath over one of Alexis's tootsies. The foot play gets even more intense when Alexis works all her toes in fucking Bella's pussy-- so is that footing, haha aka fisting but with toes-- is that legal, haha!! Bella does a little of this as well to Alexis's neatly trimmed bush. Great shot towards the end of both sets of pussy lips rubbing over each other, wow an interesting scene, not one I'd perhaps watch again but I did appreciate what was shown.

The Stranger:

Ok this one has Steve Holmes out and about with Alexis showing up every view seconds in a trench coat, exposing herself to him!! Steve is rightly confused and even when he gets home, his sanctuary, she shows up and finally he has had enough. Nina was bored with sex as this time so she wanted to be taken and used, be a slut, sex was boring so this was her way to spice it up. Steve is more than willing to help her scratch this itch!! Alexis does some fine oral here, still wearing the trench coat and glasses too!! Damn this girl's got a jiggly ass, it's perfect!! Steve props her against a glass wall to start pounding that kittie from behind, the strokes get fast'n'furious right away. Of course they work in cowgirl and well there just isn't a better angle to capture this ass in, save for the cock actually being in her booty-- give this time fans and I think it will happen! I thought reverse looked pretty good too and she keeps the glasses on too fans for most of the scene which ends with more fine head from Alexis and a solid load from Steve's cock dripped onto her tongue with some reaching down to her tits, very nice conclusion to this title. Well we aren't quite done as we actually get to see Nina who now loves who she is and this fully sexually aware woman ends the title whipping Bella's ass and I think she got off here even as her ass got redder and redder!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for fans of Alexis Texas this is a no brainer plus you add in Belladonna who has a great and wide appeal and this title is an easy purchase. The scenes differ too from blowbangs to 2 on 1's to g/g in fetish attire plus you add in toe sucking/ foot fucking with a bit of exposing oneself in order to fulfull a fantasy and I think you have a full plate of sexual exploits! Nice job all around to Bella and especially Alexis who did these various scenes for our viewing pleasure. Extra wise you get some extra clips and what is the first thing we see, an upclose view of Alexis standing over the camera which is slightly behind her, so that means ass footage and she pees into the bathtub-- so yeah watch this!! You can also watch some BTS which goes on for just under 1/2 an hour so definitely give that a look see. Again an easy pick up for Alexis and Bella fans, lots to see here.

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