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Discovering Alexis Texas

Discovering Alexis Texas

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex
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ai no corrida's ratings for Discovering Alexis Texas:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Discovering Alexis Texas overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Discovering Alexis Texas Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Discovering Alexis Texas Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Discovering Alexis Texas Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Discovering Alexis Texas Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Discovering Alexis Texas DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Discovering Alexis Texas A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  3/28/2008
Discovering Alexis Texas
An Evil Angel/Belladonna Entertainment/Deadly Nightshade Release
Directed by Belladonna & Aiden
Feature Runtime: 2hrs 15min
Bonus Features: 47min
Condoms: None!

Starring: Alexis Texas and Belladonna.
With: Chris Charming, Daniel, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, Scott Lyons & Steve Holmes.
With Very Special Guest: Nina Hartley.

Brief Synopsis:
Discovering Alexis Texas sets our heroine in a flurry of scenes, two accompanied by Belladonna, into the form of fictionalized autobiography, narrated by none other than Nina Hartley. And though Alexis still has yet to introduce anal into her films, there is plenty of stunning action here to satisfy even her most rabid of fans.

Scene One: Hippie Blow Bang
Alexis Texas (with Scott Lyons, Chris Charming & Steve Holmes)
Over a proto-60’s filtered paen to weeding out, the credits roll, and Nina’s voiceover introduces us to the memory of blowing a trio of guys in exchange for a few spliffs. Alexis, sporting a pair of white sunglasses, does a round robin jaw slurp along her pals’ uncovered wieners, slipping out of her clothes as the wangs are slurped down farther and farther, and the fellas follow a similarly naked suit. Her pace gathers quite a bit of steam, sharing each rod without too much haste, steaming up the room with her hand and tongue curlicues. Alexis belts out a few chokes of throat-baring before her studs are well-equipped enough to circle jerk around her greased-up lips. Two spurt out simultaneously over either side of her opened face, and the third lays his seed out in the otherwise uncoated space on Alexis’ chin. She scoops up the remnants and toys with the results briefly, considering the four of them square. Alexis revels in the bounty of meat placed before her, and she handles all three with a fine amount of balance and even-handed style. The post-production effect of scratched film noise and slight color tint was a little annoying, but appropriate for the narrative, I suppose. I tended to look past it, catching every glimpse of Alexis stroking off those stoners in a haze of white smoke. Delightful!

Scene Two: In College
Alexis Texas & Belladonna (with Daniel)
Fast forward in time to a span of college years, where Nina admits that her younger, Alexified-self, was ill-equipped in her sexual knowledge. Roommate Belladonna is as baffled by the word “fellatio” as she, and they both seek to find an answer in Alexis’ boyfriend Daniel. He kind of has to just show them, he says, because that’s the only real way to it. In tanks, underwear and matching legwarmers (Bella even has tiny pigtails!), the ladies snake and set their ample posteriors on either side of Daniel, who keeps up by kissing and fondling their asses, legs and breasts, now pulled out. The girls kneel beneath him and do double duty on Dan’s ball and stick, shafting down his rod to the hilt. As Alexis saddles up in cowgirl, Bella sits on his face, returning to her pal’s side to masturbate and encourage her couple in double cusp. Bella takes a ride in reverse cowgirl, the results of which Alexis tastes and arches her posterior upward to queen Daniel. The girls switch positions, with another dual taste as a warm-up to the double-stacking, sitting atop on another for Daniel to plow into, doggy-style. A little toe sucking between ladies and more one-on-one doggy and even more tasting continue (phew!), with Daniel finally popping into Alexis’ mouth, swapping with Bella, who spills it out and kisses her fuck sister. The party never seems to stop when Belladonna’s around, thank the stars, and co-starring with Alexis truly brings out the best in both of them. The way they work Daniel over is both invigorating and exhausting, and I’m sure he ate a few cookies and some juice before they sent him back home. After seeing this scene, I had to literally get up and gather my thoughts – and it’s only the second scene on the disc! Amazing, as always, everybody!

Scene Three: Boyfriend & Friend
Alexis Texas (with Mr. Pete & Mick Blue)
Whilst engaging in phone sex with her boyfriend, a hot and bothered Alexis learns of his impending visit with another guy in tow. Her self-fondling is interrupted by their arrival, and her snug pink nightware is soon perched up and below the knees as they attend to her pussy and fill her mouth with summery sausage. They take turns sucking and being sucked on, lifting Alexis’ gorgeous ass in the air for doggy-style trimming from behind, the other down in front with all due slobber. In cowgirl, Alexis’ cooch grows redder with each stride forth, and the dual bald brothers twist and shift our lady in spoon and reverse cowgirl positions. Hands rub furiously, spit is swapped with dicks, and a final few jerks lands two loads along Alexis’ chin and mouth, the results strewn around with her tongue and fingers. Little strains of grunts, yelps and pangs of joy can be heard as Alexis stuff her mouths, and is stuffed from below, behind and from the side, and she carries the scene like a champ, losing herself in both dudes, and in the moment. Totally great, totally, totally great!

Scene Four: The Show Girl
Alexis Texas & Belladonna
Wrapped in futuristic pink and blue suits, Alexis and Bella hold each other in study, gliding their suited hands, legs and feet across their bodies in twin exploration. The curve worship warms up Alexis enough to crest around Bella’s mouth, who opens her crotch zipper far enough to pull and toy with Alexis’ pussy lips, a few ass slaps included. She turns around in 69 to attend to Bella’s unzippered quim, tonguing for every finger stab Bella administers from behind. She pulls her toes for Alexis to suck on, and brandishes and caresses her bared breasts before doing the same to her partner. The mutual piggie nibbling begins while the two face each other, suits now barely fitted on, with big toes finding their way into the gooey grips of each other’s pussies. More lips-to-crotch noshing sets a finale of warm kitty to kitty bumping into motion, and Alexis and Bella kiss before it all fades away. While I was put off by the sci-fi aspect of the girls’ suits from the start, the slow burning sensuousness became almost insanely great, with every new move a revelation, all the way through the toe-to-toe worship. Gorgeous, just gorgous!

Scene Five: The Stranger
Alexis Texas (with Steve Holmes)
Seeking the thrill of being with a stranger, Alexis dons black stockings, heels and cat-like eyeglasses beneath a beige raincoat while visiting a subway station, filled with overworked businessmen desperately needing relief. After flashing her pinkest parts to a somewhat ruffled Steve, Alexis follows him home (awesome!), lurking in the shadows until seductively revealing herself yet again. They fall into the opened door and kiss passionately, only as complete strangers can, kneeling down to service Steve’s steely trunk. He positions Alexis against a wall for some backwards pounding, de-shafting for a timely lick and ass rim before they kiss so very Frenchly. Tried and true missionary is affronted with more cunnilingus, with a cowgirl tread allowing for maximum booty jiggling on the part of dame Alexis. She tastes their results before flipping around for reverse cowgirl, Steve smacking her bottom with each rise and fall, growing redder by the stroke. He pulls out to rub her massive ass cheeks before she throats his wand yet again, with spooning, missionary and doggy to follow, all with copious amounts of kissing both above and below the belt. A little dirty talk keeps the scene moving, with Steve pleading for Alexis to give up her ass (cheeks only, Steve, sorry!), but his pining leads to an anxious amount of wad to land on her face as he dangles his wangle from above. An exciting amount of chug-a-lug, along with a smattering of lascivious vocal play, make the scene an intense one, with the characterizations working incredibly well. Ah, to be so lucky!

Scene Six: Epilogue
Nina Hartley & Belladonna
Facing the camera, our ever-present narrator Nina, quite well-dressed herself, addresses the camera in present day, admitting that she has no regrets for her past, and is proud of every single moment. The camera pans back to reveal a cat o’ nine tails in her hand, which she quickly deploys on a tied-to-the-corner Bella, a series of lashes landing with a punishing kiss upon each one of her sweet cheeks. It lasts only a few incredible moments before the credits roll, but, damn, talk about your endings! En-fucking-core!

Bonus Features:
A series of short Bonus Clips sets the section off to a good start. Six minutes worth of Alexis standing over a bathtub and peeing warms up first, ending with a toe-tastic dip into the yellow remains before it all goes down the drain. Another clip shows co-director Aiden being smothered by Alexis’ bouncy ass, which runs into a final clip of baby oil rubbing, both of which last around five minutes, together. Plenty of ass smacking and worship is quite hair-raising, but some may not enjoy the dual pleasures of urination and foot play palatable (me, I could take hours and hours of it, with a smile on my face!). Suffice it to say, a very nice extra. A Behind The Scenes feature (clocking in at approximately 28 minutes) shows our star warming up for a few scenes, showering, drinking her favorite beer, and placing said beer bottle in between her pussy lips to carry it across the room. A nice party trick, to say the least! The remainder of the footage consists of set-up and directorial business, which only endears me further into the mom & pop aesthetic that Bella and Aiden so proudly produce. More insight can be gained from an Audio Commentary, featuring Alexis and Belladonna, touching on topics such as fried chicken, white lotus anal kits, toe love, bartending, fuck friends, relationships, strangers, friends and the Life Pornographical. The conversation suffers long gaps toward the end, but what remains is jovial, off-the-cuff, and worthwhile for the hardcore Alexis or Bella enthusiast. A scene-specific Photo Gallery, Filmography and a Cast List round out the section: overall, a pretty great time, indeed.

How the Disc Looks & Sounds:
The video is a richly captured presentation with generous use of outdoor and indoor lights, always highlighting the talent with a soothing amount of tone and grain. As with other Bella/Aiden films, the overall look is true to life (but somewhat exaggerated in post, a la the first blowbang). The audio is a clear 2.0 channel stereo (as is the audio commentary), never suffering any pops, bangs, or other such deferments in the sound field. The soundtrack (NRBQ/Root Boy Slim-esque party music) is actually quite good, making navigation from menu to menu easy on the ears, not like the aural assault usually found on other company’s discs. Fine, so very fine!

Overall Thoughts:
Discovering Alexis Texas really delivers just what it promises: five stunning scenes, with a few firsts (the boy-boy-girl & girl-girl scenes) and even more role playing than she’s ever done in one feature (she’s more or less a natural, really!). The bonus content is quite nice, especially for die-hards and fetishists, and seeing Belladonna and Aiden’s camerawork work its combined magic over Alexis’ work is really a sight to see. The combined enthusiasm and effort put for by all involved makes for a delicious dvd experience, even if Ms. Texas still hasn’t gone anal (yet!). I hope you won’t hold that against her, because you’d truly be missing out on one damned fine film. Just say yes!

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