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Disco Party European Edition

Disco Party European Edition

Studio: Sunshine
Category:  Orgy , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Flash's ratings for Disco Party European Edition:
Overall Rating 0 stars
Disco Party European Edition overall rating 0 stars
Female Looks Disco Party European Edition Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Disco Party European Edition Male looks rating 1 star
Sex Disco Party European Edition Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Disco Party European Edition Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Disco Party European Edition DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Disco Party European Edition A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Flash  on  6/24/2001
Disco Party European Edition
A film review by Flash

Movie Specs:
Distributor: Sunshine
Run Time: Two hours and 26 minutes
Rated: XXX
Year of release: 1999
Director: Alexandros Marco
Cast: Edina, Betty, Judit, Bridgitta, Orsi, Angelika, Szilvia, Nikky, Zoli, Kate, Mike, Tibi, Andrew, Jones, Attila, Lajos, Bert Hold

Disk Specs:
Audio: 2.0 Mono English
Video: 1.33:1
Regional Code: 0
Disk: Dual Layer, Single Sided
Special Features: Interactive Menus, Jump to Scene, Multiple Angles, Picture Gallery, Bonus Scenes

An adult film without a plot set in a disco club.

The 2.0 audio track appears to be a mono track and few lines of dialog spoken are in English. There are no other language tracks or any subtitle tracks. For the most part, the sound is blaring repetitive synthesized disco music. The music volume is set so high, the few things that are said in the film are usually drowned out by it. In scenes where you can actually hear the actors, the sound is so muffled it's still almost impossible to hear what is said. The picture is soft, but usually free of blemishes. It is obviously direct from video production and there are some points where you can see problems from the source tape.

Special Features:
The picture gallery is a waste of time with twelve small photos of the Sunshine girls. Eleven of the photos are soft-core with the final one being hardcore. There are two bonus scenes on one track, the first is ten minutes long and takes place in a greenhouse. The audio is so muffled in this scene that you can't clearly make out what anyone says. The second bonus scene runs for fourteen minutes and is set in a living room. To add to the lack of erotic heat in this scene, one of the male's faces is blurred out throughout the scene. This scene has some distinct video problems and suffers from the same lighting problem as the main feature, which will be discussed in the next section. To add to the scene, the same synthesized disco music is present throughout the scene. As for the multiple angles heavily advertised on the box cover, when you read the menu option on how to use the multiple angles, you find that the only places they are present are in Chapter 12 of the main feature, which allows you to view an extra bonus scene which ends up being a male and female on a red couch so you can watch them with the sound from the main feature. Which brings us to the main feature itself.

The main feature is actually two features put together, first is the film Disco Party that has a run time of one hour and fourteen minutes. The second is a film called Disco Party 3 which has a run time of one hour and twelve minutes. As for Disco Party 2 you might ask? My guess, given the production value of the films, is that the producers honestly felt three follows one. Before Disco Party 3 gets trashed, we must back step and trash Disco Party 1.

The setting is an obviously closed club with black walls. The film opens with a twelve minute scene of the actresses performing strip teases individually. Of all the females present, not one is able to generate a spark in any of the strip teases. The basic goal of each dance is to become topless in a matter of seconds and let the next female up. During these dances, we find out that most camera angle changes, are done with incredibly bad, and annoying, sweep fades that any first year high school media student could pull off. We also find out that the lighting is an incredibly bright light directly on the performers so their bodies reflect the light back toward the camera with luminance close to that of the sun itself.

After the females are done on the stage, we are jumped into an orgy already in progress, there are two angles used for the most part for this scene and both are shot from a distance that you would need a telescope to actually see any action, not that you would because the camera man actually manages to miss every good angle for each shot giving you a presentation that would almost pass for a R-rated movie.

Now we move onto the individual scenes, instead of giving you a scene by scene description I will give them all at once as they are almost all identical. There are five scenes, the first of which features one male with two females and the remaining four feature one male with one female. All are set on various couches with the black wall of the club for the backdrop. The standard formula to the scenes is a blowjob, followed by some pussy licking then heading to the sex in various positions. To break up the formula monotony an occasional ass lick is thrown into a scene or two.

As we head into Disco Party 3 we are given a new disco club now. This is a new club, but the first thing you notice that is that like the first one, it is obviously closed. To make Disco Party 3 different from Disco Party 1, to open the film we are treated to the females doing strip teases one by one in a ball.

After the strip teases there are some poorly done sex scenes inside the ball leading to a few blowjobs intercut with each other. Again we are given an orgy scene leading into the individual sex scenes. I don't have a count of the scenes in this film because by now my finger was repeatedly hitting the fast forward button. At the end of the film, you jump immediately into the bonus scenes described earlier.

Fans of a little plot with their porn will be completely disappointed as there is no attempt at a plot at all. Fans of all sex porn with no plot getting in the way of their fucking will also find this film a loss since each scene appears to be the same as the one before it. On the bright side, a few of the females are good looking, unfortunately the rest look like the ass end of a horse. The males present are mediocre to poor. This amateurish uninspired film screams, hey we got a Handy 8 camera and an empty club and two hours to make a porno, lets go for it. Unfortunately I can't recommend this film to anyone, but if you really want to see it I'll sell you my copy hell I'll even give you a good discount.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. feel free to contact me. Flash (

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