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Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel)

Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dirty Tricks 2 (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/10/2002

Running Time: 131 min.

Production Date: 4 / 7 / 1996

Director: John Leslie

Cast: Tricia Devereaux, Johnni Black, Carlie, Celine Devoux, Illana Moor, Lexi Leigh, Nicole Jefferson, Obsession, Elone Disere, Jake Steed, Jean Yves LeCastel, Leonardo (better known to some as Hakan), Philippe Soine, Riny-Rey, Richard Langin, Roberto Malone, Zensa Raggi, and Vince Voyeur

Initial Expectations: Dirty Tricks #1 wasnít too bad, and I really enjoy both John Leslie and Tricia Devereaux. The combination, and also because itís an Evil Angel title, give me quite a bit of hope for this DVD.

Initial Reaction: It varies a little between scenes, but Tricia Devereaux definitely leads the way sexually.

Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters looking for hot sex and people who like nice art direction in sex scenes and fans of Tricia Devereaux

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for softer, couples sex or extremely high production values

Audio /Video Quality: John Leslie has a very definite style that will appeal to some and turn off others. The audio is pretty good, but is unbalanced in some places, and has some hard to hear dialogue. Thereís a little dubbing that seems fairly obvious, but it doesnít interfere too much with the feature. The video has a slight grain, as if it were shot on film. Many of John Leslieís films were shot on film, however he switched to video later on and used a mastering process that gave it a film-like look with some grain. Most noticeable is the lighting, which is normally a little on the low side. You normally have enough to see what you need to, but it isnít the extreme lighting that you see in many features where everything is so lit up that you donít even have any shadows. John Leslie also uses natural lighting whenever possible, which also adds to the lower lit feel at times. All combined, it gives the feature a minimalist feel that turns some people off.

Music: None.

Menus: As usual, Evil Angel has some of the best thought out menus around. The main menu is nicely done with a little bit of animation to give it a nice start. The chapter menu nicely lists the star in each chapter, which is something Evil Angel has done almost from the start. Itís a great touch and shows a lot of care for the viewer. Finally, they have a fetish menu that allows you to watch specific sex acts. This is something else that Evil Angel has done for a long time, and once again shows a lot of care for the viewer and trying to give the viewers what they want to see.

The Feature: Dirty Tricks #2 continues John Leslieís prostitution scene. Unlike some features, the prostitution aspect is never played down. In each scene thereís money exchanged, and some of them the sex itself is handled very businesslike. Thereís a few small plot threads that run between the scenes, but none of them really matter that much or demand any attention, just as in John Leslieís Voyeur series.

Lexi Leigh, a very nice looking bleached blonde with a few small tattoos, and her boyfriend Leonardo, who many might know better as Hakan, hire Carlie to watch them fuck. Carlie, an average looking brunette with multiple tongue piercings as well as nipple piercings, watches Lexi as she sucks Leonardoís cock. She lubes up a large dildo and starts fucking herself with it after watching Leonardo fuck Lexi for a little bit. Carlie encourages them while fucking herself with the toy until Leonardo decorates Lexiís face. Itís a pretty good scene, and has a nicely different feel from most adult film scenes. Thereís no physical interaction between Carlie and the others, but thereís some nice heat between them.

Johnni Black is given to Roberto Malone as part of a small down payment to push back the final payment on a loan a week longer. Roberto calls Jake Steed and Zensa Raggi in to enjoy his good fortune, and the three of them start working lightly on Johnniís great and all natural body. From her face, Johnni looks very apprehensive about the deal, but when the guys start working on her, her nipples immediately get extremely perky. They all move to the staircase where Johnni gobbles Jake and Zensaís knobs while Roberto eats her pussy and fingers her ass. The guys take their turns in Johnni, with each one fucking her in different position. After theyíve each taken a turn in her pussy, Johnni goes airtight with Roberto in her pussy, Zensa in her ass, and Jake in her mouth. As they pump away on her she tells them she wants them to cum all over her face and does her best baby bird impression as they unload over her entire upper body. Itís a hot scene with Johnni doing her normal great job.

Zensa tells Roberto about how his girlfriend, Tricia Devereaux, fucked three Frenchmen, Philippe Soine, Richard Langin, and Jean-Yves LeCastel for a thousand dollars. As usual, Tricia looks amazing and has a great natural body. Tricia starts out sucking Philippe and Richard as Jean-Yves fingers her holes and fucks her from behind. One other guy gets a chance at Triciaís pussy before Jean-Yves fucks her ass. Soon after it turns into a DP (which happens to be Triciaís first), and Tricia takes it in two different positions. They go back to a little vag before Tricia takes each guy on her face. Itís a very hot scene, and Tricia takes on all three guys amazingly well.

Celine Deavoux, a nice looking brunette with a great natural body, dances, strips, and plays with herself for Riny-Rey and Elone Desire, who stroke their cocks as they watch. After teasing them for a few minutes she stoops down and has the guys come up so she can suck their cocks while telling them how much sheís loved to suck cock ever since she first did it when she was ten years old. She continues to suck one of the cocks as she lets her pussy swallow the other. She begs to have a cock in her ass also, so the guys willingly oblige her with a double penetration before granting her last request of cumming on her face. Itís another very hot scene, thatís nicely guided by Celineís great sexual appetite. She stays at the center of this scene very nicely, and takes a great facial to end the scene, along with her pay.

Obsession and Nicole Jefferson, two above average looking black ladies, comfort their white pimp, Vince Voyeur, after heís had a stressful day in the following scene. They start out with one of the all time best stress relievers, namely a blowjob, that they put some nice effort into. They take turns fucking him, but the two girls never pay any attention to each other. Instead, the other girl watches and plays with herself. This is a pretty standard setup in John Leslieís features, but still stands out as nicely different since heís the only director I know of that consistently uses it. The pop shot seemed a little different to me also. Once again itís a facial, but one of the girls seemed pretty into it while the other seemed a little cum shy. Itís a pretty average scene that doesnít really stand out in any way outside of Leslieís style.

Illana Moor works over Roberto Malone after rubbing lotion on herself as she gets ready to take a bath. Illana is a very nice looking brunette with a cute face and nicely realistic tits that she puts to good use on either side of Robertoís cock early in the scene. She also sucks his cock a little before lying back on the edge of the tub for Roberto to fuck her. Surprisingly, they only fuck in one position before Roberto blows his ball butter on her face. Itís a pretty hot scene that has some decent chemistry as well.

Finally, Tricia Devereaux returns with Zensa Raggi, and starts sucking his cock in the bathroom as Illana Moor showers. When Illana notices them she comes out of the shower and helps Tricia suck on Zensaís cock. Occasionally the girls team up on Zensaís cock, but more often one girl works on Zensa while the other girl works on the cocksucker. They more into a bedroom where the girls concentrate a little more on each other in a 69 while Zensa watches and lends a finger now and then. He finally slides his cock into Tricia from behind as Illana watches from below and occasionally sucking his cock. Tricia licks Illanaís pucker as Illana rides Zensa for a bit, and then takes his cock back in her pussy as Illana gets her head down there to lick Zensaís cock and balls, as well as pull it out to suck. Tricia also takes Zensa in her ass before sharing a very nice pop between her and Illana. Itís a great ending and a very good scene overall. Thereís some great chemistry to it and it moves along at a great pace.

Dirty Tricks #2 is another well done film from John Leslie. Itís very raincoater friendly, but does have a small plot running throughout it. The cast does a very good job, especially Tricia Devereaux, Johnni Black, and Illana Moore. I was a little disappointed with Obsession and Nicole Jeffersonís scene, but itís the only one. John Leslieís style, as usual, gives the feature a nicely different feel, which helps it to stand out from the multitude of other raincoater features out there. The only thing that might turn some people off about Dirty Tricks #2 is that the lighting in some of the scenes feels a little on the shy side, but thatís part of Leslieís minimalist feel. If youíre a fan of John Leslieís style or anybody in Dirty Tricks #2, give it the chance it deserves.

Extras: The photo gallery includes about fifty very nice looking snapshots. Trailers are included for The Voyeur 6, The Lecher, The Voyeur 7, and Fresh Meat 4. A complete cast listing is included for each scene, and if youíre curious about the girls, you can also find filmographies for Tricia Devereaux, Illana Moore, Celine Deavoux, Johnni Black, Obsession, Nicole Jefferson, and Lexi Leigh. Thereís also a bio on John Leslie, a commercial for the John Leslie Blues Band, and website information.

As usual with John Leslieís DVDs, he has included about twenty three minutes of extra footage from five of the scenes thatís started with a nicely done menu which allows you to jump to a specific scene if you choose to do so. The extra sex appears to be fully mastered, so it looks every bit as good as the original film does. The only difference is that John Leslieís comments to the cast are left in, so it also acts like a behind the scenes featurette. The sex ranges from a few short clips to longer segments, so it also acts for more whacking material for those who are interested in that. It ends up being a great balance that should please almost everybody.

Tricia Devereaux provides an audio commentary during both of her scenes. Evil Angel hasnít used many straight audio commentaries, but lately Tricia has been providing them for her scenes. She does a great job here, and talks about everything from her dog eating her panties to the lighting and production values on the set. She also talks some about the sex, both in the main feature and the extra sex, leaving very few bases untouched. Although itís only for her scenes, it nicely adds to both of them and should make her fans extremely happy.

Themes: Straight, prostitution, group, toys, masturbation, spanking, inter-racial, rimming (male > female and female > female), DP, tit-fuck, and lesbian

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Dirty Tricks #2 can be found online for between $20 (on sale) and $32 with most stores offering it for about $25. Although I happen to like his style, some people might not want to shell out the big bucks for this one because of it. For that reason, Iíd recommend renting this one if it interests you unless youíre familiar with John Leslieís style. Almost all of the sex is hot, but the lighting is a little low and the picture is a little grainy. The extras are excellent, with the extra sex and Tricia Devereauxís comments adding quite a bit to the overall package.

Note to John Leslie / Evil Angel: The commentary by Tricia Devereaux was great, and something I hope weíll hear more of in the future. In future commentary tracks, it might be nice to include the original audio track in the areas when Tricia isnít commenting.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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