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Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers

Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex , MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/15/2007
Ok fans time to check out the first directed flick Chris Streams has released since moving over to Jules Jordan Video, it's featuring more experienced female performers among them Rayveness, Francesca Le, and the legendary Ginger Lynn who is doing her first scene in over four years-- how many of us cut our porn viewing teeth on a Ginger Lynn flick, you can count me amongst that number. Well Chris has a proven track record of hot scenes from what I've watched so let's hit some highlights.

Francesca Le:

We start off with Francesca in the shower, the water splashing out onto her body as she lathers up-- I love watching a girl in the shower and you add in she's a knockout with a fabulous body-- love the tits! Chris moves the shot around as Francesca gets the soap in all those sexy places-- tits, ass, pussy, going floor angle while zooming in on that ass was a great shot, made even better when the water takes care of the soap leaving only that booty to oogle! This is solid tease footage fans, a fine way to get us worked up to watch this hottie fuck. Francesca gets her own motor humming even harder using the shower head which is detachable to shoot those pulsing streams of water right directly up at her pussy. Miss Le is then out of the shower, towel wrapped around her body. Someones at the door, it's Mark Wood who is dropping by to see Bobby-- whoever that is, lol, trouble is Bobby's not here and Mark knows it, still he shows up everyday around the same time asking to see him, lol, wonder why-- could it be that Francesca is alwasy in that towel when she answers, me thinks so! Heading upstairs we get right behind, literally starring up at her ass as Francesca leads us up-- in more ways than one I might add! It's funny just as they get to the room her towel conveniently falls off and she plays it like oops and Mark hands it back with Francesca running off. Back to Mark who finds a picture of Francesca and starts musing on seeing her naked and I think he wants to play!! Going back to Francesca she's upset that her shower pleasure session was interrupted but she tells her pussy don't worry we will be satisfied. She slips into something comfortable-- no panties mind you. Seems Bobby doesn't want to see Mark so Francesca goes to kick him out when she finds Mark whacking off to her picture. There's the initial surprise but it's soon game on as Francesca envelops Mark's cock. Good solid blowjob but hey they are married so the energy & chemistry is already there. The two have a spirited session of fucking let's just say that, dirty talk abounds and Mark pounds down hard into that pussy. At scenes end he explodes into Francesca's face, very good start to this one.

Kitty Caulfield:

We open with Kitty upset, it appears she's been left by her man and there is surprise from Kitty as she feels she's kept her body up pretty good. Her man bought those boobs, her pussy was always open to him, what a bastard, someone needs to help her out! Kitty does a little self pussy pleasuring, her man will miss that pussy once that 19yr old kicks him to the curb. Chris does some good floor shooting here as Kitty diddles her pussy, she moves around so that ass gets a little screen time-- that pussy loves dick so please lets help this gal out! Well there's a knock at the door, it's Mr. Pete to see Bobby-- ok who is Bobby and why isn't her ever at home, lol. Well Kitty starts giving Pete a piece of her mind, he's the bad influence giving her son weed to smoke and Pete's all chill out, how long has it been since you've had a cock, lol. Magically Pete's cock is out ready for Kitty to play with and she's more than receptive after what we heard from her to start the scene. They are barely inside the house as she's sucking him off, Kitty reveals more of that body as she's giving oral. Pete then gets a little taste before slipping inside from behind. Once on a couch you really get some strong shots, cowgirl for one, more in doggie-- Pete actually blows his load inside in this position with Kitty squeezing some out. There's a good floor shot showing this, a good scene.

Kayla Synz:

This scene begins with Kayla arriving home, driving a fine looking Mercedes too. That is one tight outfit she's got on too and Chris is sure to follow close behind as she heads to the frontdoor where she finds John Strong and James Deen waiting-- seems they were here to do some work and she's late. The outfits for the two are obviously a few sizes to big which caused me to chuckle a bit- but it hides those hard dicks I bet so perhaps that was the reason. John is pretty upset, he's here to fix the shitter and she's going on about having to do her workout, lol. So they head inside finally after that little tirade-- she's a hot lady John perhaps play your cards right and you can fix her shitter-- meaning her ass!! The guys follow and this gives us yet another chance to gaze up at her ass- it's covered but the shape is sure pleasing. So the guys get to it as Kayla goes to get ready-- nicely this offers us a chance to see her naked and damn tha is a nice bod she shows off too. I've seen Kayla before in a superb lesbian scene and here she's changed the hairstyle and I think for the better, it's short and very flattering to her. I think she's primping herself for her man but those two workers might get the benefit!! It takes Kayla a few minutes to get the lingerie on and I enjoyed every second getting to check her bod out, can't wait to see her take on some cock. Well she gets the call from her man who has to cancel dinner on her so bad for him, she's horny and ready to fuck so again I think those two men working on her toilet will get the benefits. James needed something from the truck so he was trying to go past her so he could get what he needed but Kayla needed something even more and of course that's his cock which is soon being engulfed by her. This woman can suck some cock fans, very strong head from Kayla. So the two head over to the bed where off come the panties and James dives in for a taste of her cooch. John finally comes in and hey what's he doing with a power drill -- with a cock tip, hehe. Well Kayla goes back to sucking off James while John employs that tool on her pussy-- that's soon replaced by John's power tool, lol, and she's receiving a pounding from both ends. Miss Synz also gets in some good strong ass fucking too, reverse is always a fave plus they dp Kayla too. The guys double dip in her pussy/ ass in cowgirl as well before filling her mouth with cum, two good loads with cleanup after. I think plumbing just became a profession to aspire too!

Rylee & Rhyse Richards:

Ok these two step-sisters get to hook up in this scene and I must confess to not knowing much about them but the idea of sisters getting it on is something which I suspect a few of you out there might harbor. Well we open with Rhyse catching some rays poolside when Rylee shows up. The two chat a bit before Rylee starts to spread lotion over her 'sister's body. Seems the two have hooked up before-- when they were drunk and Rylee wonders about bring in Rhyses's hubby in the act. Well we will get to him later, lol, first we enjoy as the girls get really really really comfortable with each other, no alcohol needed this time and we get pussy eating, loved Rylee sitting on her steps face. The two head inside to get dolled up for John as they really want to bring him in to their sexual escapades. Well John is finally home-- fixing that shitter took a long time, lol, and it's just Rhyse at first seducing him with her lingerie, she enjoys some ass eating courtesy of Mr. Strong and they work in some pipe laying right there, just inside the front door. As he's standing behind fucking we watch Rhylee walk down and she has a seat on the couch. The two soon join her and well there was no arm twisting needed as John goes right back to fucking his lady doggiestyle while she munches on her stepsisters pussy. The two then engage in some shared knob polishing and I think Rylee was really horny as she kinda hogs the cock, lol. Following this the women take turns getting fucked and they continue to have some fun with each other too- licking at a pussy while John's fucking it was a pretty good shot and we end the scene with John sharing the wealth blasting off into both mouths and with the jizz still freshly coating each tongue they twirl them a bit before the shot fades out. A strong finish to disc one, now it's on to the second where Ginger Lynn awaits!


We open the second disc with this busty babe and damn those are some amazingly hot tits which have been in the biz for a few years now. The scene opens with Rayveness arriving home, going inside she locks the door and starts caressing over her shirt, you get an upskirt shot then it's back around front where the shirts removed, bra pulled aside and bingo Titties!!! The skirt's then lost too letting that nice booty out too. Going floor level we watch from behind as Rayveness strokes her ass crack as well as spreading that ass for us, ok I'm ready!! Our girl then has a seat in front of her laptop and seems she's watching a dirty movie which is only encouraging that strong pussy stroking she's doing. Well damn it the computer fucks up just as she's about to cum so she calls for help-- I think my phone's ringing, lol. Well Rayveness will get dressed since the technician will need to concentrate to do his work, hehe. Ok who shows up wearing nerd glasses- there is tape in the middle holding them together, lol, it's Everhard!! Erik is trying out his nerd voice too, lol, so they head to her office where he gets to work. Well he is good and it doesn't take to much keyboard work for Erik to get back to the site she was looking at,, lol. Erik's all shocked, calling out to her, lol, and finally she returns. Erik thinks overtime might be needed to fix those porno viruses, lol. But Raveness is horny and is willing to pay the price to achieve that orgasm and Erik's finally coaxed into playing. It's not long until those massive tits are out and Erik even as a nerd knows what to do!! A little boobie sucking, some strong knob polising, titty fucking and then it's off to the races with the hate plow plugging that cooch. Reverse cowgirl was so good, titties flopping, Rayveness talking dirty. The pop comes from a bit more titty fucking and is a combo facial/ titty pop with Rayveness making sure to get those last few drops out with her tongue, ok now I want to be a computer repairman, lol.

Shannon Kelly:

This scene gets underway with Shannon in the car, freshly arrived home and she's enjoying a cigarette. She's got on a pretty skimpy outfit, good cleavage showing as well. As we get the upskirt shot you notice she's sans panties and we head inside where the bright sunlight isn't an issue. Shannon heads to the bathroom where she does some self checking out in the mirror, caressing over the titties, then she squats down opening up the legs showing off her neatly trimmed bush. Shannon loses the skirt and bra so we have her totally nude, now all we need is a cock or perhaps two cocks! Well she gets back into some clothes, a tight bikini, and goes back out to catch some rays. There is more titty and pussy stroking done before Shannon makes her way over poolside to lay down. The pool guy then shows up along with his supervisor and they both can't help but notice how hot Shannon is. She's horny, they're more than horny and that's a recipe for success. Shannon is soon bobbing up and down both long cocks. The action moves inside where she continues to suck off one while the other nails her pussy. Chris gives some good ground shots for this part of the scene which then heads to the couch for spoon, cowgirl, and reverse. This pretty red head also opens up that backdoor and those large black cocks smoothly slide in. They even manage a dp here as well in both reverse and cowgirl. The pops find the inside of Shannon's mouth and she pushes it out down her chin making a mess!

Ginger Lynn:

Well we close out this two disc set with a living legend, Ginger Lynn has perhaps launched more loads than just about any female performer in history and opening the scene we catch her putting on lingerie and she's upset because her lazy ass son won't help out around the house. So she goes to wake him up and get him to do some chores. James Deen is there too, guess he stayed over, but the thing you notice is the huge boner he's got, lol. Ginger might look a little different than from her prime but I still think she's got a beautiful face and a great smile too. But first she reads the riot act to her son,lol, and he's soon out of the picture leaving only James and Ginger! So he's slowly waking up and it takes Ginger's lips wrapped around his cock to fully get him awake! Ginger is like we can't do this in my son's room so it's off to her room . Watching her suck cock you can't help but think to yourself, fuckin A this is Ginger Lynn sucking me off!! James then lays pipe in a few positions before easing it into Ginger's ass in mish. You also see anal in reverse, a side saddle ass fuck, doggie and finally pop to her open mouth-- again your popping into Ginger Lynn's mouth you lucky mutherfucker!! Strong cleanup too from this lady, wrapping up a solid title.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans a strong first outting from Chris Streams led by Francesca, Kayla, the step sisters and of course Rayveness and the awesome Ginger Lynn!! The extras include a cast list, photo gallery and a lengthy bts which runs nearly an hour so be sure and check that out. Well worth a purchase for fans of older women and it was great to see Ginger Lynn fucking again, perhaps we might see a few more scenes, also Francesca with Mark was great and Rayveness wanting to get her freak on watching her own website and Everhard as the nerd repairman was funny. An easy purchase recommendation.

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