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Dirty Minds (Wicked)

Dirty Minds (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Dirty Minds (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Dirty Minds (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Dirty Minds (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Dirty Minds (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dirty Minds (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dirty Minds (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Dirty Minds (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dirty Minds (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/18/2010
Good morning porn fans. Just watched Kirsten Price the other day in a movie and was taken with her performance and jumped at the chance to check her out in something else. This flick also features fellow Wicked star Stormy Daniel's who's directing as well plus fucking of course. The story seems to be centered with Kirsten who's been dating Eric Masterson's character for awhile. Well he's big into porn and pot plus he is a big fan of threesomes and wanting one with Kirsten. Well we'll see if that happens or if it will just remain a thought in his Dirty Mind!

Kirsten Price & Eric Masterson:

Pretty nice way to open a flick, there's sex right away! Eric is face deep in Kirsten's pussy as the credits are rolling. Good close shots on Kirsten who's a pro and having the legs opened up to camera gives us the viewer a super cool view as the cookie's taken care of. We actually have Eric down there taking care of business for awhile, no quick pussy tickle here, I liked that and I know Kirsten sure did. But we do need to see that cock too and Kirsten's all over it in short order, fully engulfing the rod and using both tongue and hand to keep Eric hard as a rock. Solid sex here ending in mish and Eric blows his load over Kirsten's lovely tits as she's pushing them together.

So we go from that to the boys all lighting up, doobie time! We listen to Eric talking about meeting a new girl and hoping she doesn't have a hairy pussy. Mr. Pete's there too and gives his thoughts about the matter- less pussy eating and let the girl take care of everything-- meaning more blowjob! You also have a non-sex dude there who offers up some thoughts- he'll eat box all day. Rocco Reed's taking a toke also and loves eating ass. So we have four dudes sharing a joint giving thoughts on pussy and blowjobs, lol. Eric then brings up the idea of a menage-- that only happens in porn!! But this doesn't stop Eric from wanting one. Cut then to Kirsten and Zoe in her bedroom and there's been shopping involved, lingerie! The girls talking about Eric and I guess he's doing something right as Kirsten's words are good. Zoe then brings up a situation she was privy too, as the last person in the boutique the night before she was there when two people got it on in the employee lounge- obviously thought they were alone.

Stormy Daniels & Mick Blue:

So Zoe leans into the door to hear what's going on, thankfully we can head inside! Mick's face deep in Stormy's cookie while she's got a firm grip on those amazing boobs. Nice closeups too as Mick's tongue works its magic, warming up the motors and soon it's Stormy's turn and she's all over his dick. Hard shaft, firm grip and Stormy bobbing up and down at a brisk pace. She does some slowing down too as that cock's worked over and I appreciated that too. Sexwise you can't go wrong with reverse and Stormy even grinds some here which rocks. Mick finishes with some seriously good pounding in mish with the result being a tongue pop, cleanup from Stormy as some jizz clings to her chin. Presumably this will be the only time we'll see Stormy, she looked great.

So we head back to Eric and his stoner bud-- he asks if Kirsten's into porn yet as Eric's a big fan but he's not succeeded yet. Eric gives his philosophy on porn, what he likes- more into the fantasy, lighting, that he'll never get to fuck a chick as hot as Sydney Steele-- talk about lookin back in time!! His buddy's more into the normal looking girls-- he mentions Kirsten which brings a quick Hell No from Eric, lol. All this porn talk's got Eric horny so he tells the stoner bud to get lost so he can watch a scene and get ready for Kirsten coming home. We actually don't see the scene but we move on to Kirsten and Eric in bed discussing their day - yeah he's been smoking and yeah she'd been hanging out with Zoe. This of course leads to discussion of the threesome Eric wants! So the talk doesn't go quite as he hoped but she agrees to watch a porno as they fuck- progress perhaps!

Phoenix Marie & Tommy Gunn:

So we move smoothly to these two kissing, Tommy working the top and bottoms off so he can sample the goods, using some fingers too on Phoenix's pussy. She cleans the juices off before moving up to take on Tommy's cock, good side view used here. Not a very long bj though but we do get the fine shot of Phoenix riding dick in cowgirl. This improves when she flips around to reverse and it's in anal too. Nothing lasts for long here as it's quick on to doggie anal ending with an ass pop.

Back to Eric and Kirsten who are sitting in a park and they speculate on cock size as a businessman walks by talking on his cell. Then it's on to a woman walking by and Kirsten thinks she's experiencing two orgasms a day. Eric then wants to know how often Kirsten masturbates and it's pretty much everytime he leaves she thinks about how hard he fucked her and she can't help but touch herself. Another mention of threesome and Kirsten goes ok how about we bring a guy in, lol. Eric correctly points out one hairy man ass is enough,haha!!! So the two are kissing and ending their porn discussion as we head back to Rocco, Mr. Pete and the stoner dude talking about holding girls accountable for their actions-- but who's the judge of this,hehe. Ok so Zoe shows up and seems she's Pete's girl and they try and get cozy but it's hard to do with Rocco and bud there. Zoe needs Pete to come to a party the next night and well he can't be bothered with those people. But she's willing to do anything so he'll go-- anything huh!!

Krissy Lynn & Mr Pete/ Rocco Reed:

So the stoner bud is shooshed out leaving Rocco and Pete alone to have their fun. Krissy's pussy gets some immediate attention and she's shocked about doing this but doesn't stop engulfing Pete's cock as Rocco's eating her out. True to what he said earlier we get Rocco licking her ass some too, very nice as were those huge tits in close view as we head in on the blowjob up top. Krissy gets some work in on Rocco's cock too as we have Mr. Pete sliding behind to nail her doggiestyle. The guys do some back and forth fucking in spoon and there's a good hard ride in reverse captured too before the fellas launch their loads across Krissy's tits.

So later on at the stoner pad Eric's back for a toke and the other boys are there too. Cards, beer, blazing and chick talking what can be better! Pete's still bummed about a stray jizz strand from Rocco that hit him during his threesome, lol. Cut to later on and Kirsten's none to happy he's late coming home and Eric once again brings up a threesome and wrong move dude, Kirsten's pissed and this doesn't end well as Eric leaves taking his porno mixed dvd with him, lol. Eric heads back to the basement and the fellas to drown his sorrows in suds. Pete offers some advice-- taking his time with Zoe and when they did something more adventurous in sex it seemed like her idea but really it was what Pete wanted. Even though Kirsten mentioned the threesome idea first it was probably a test and Eric failed by keep bringing it up. Ok we need more sex!!

Kirsten, Krissy Lynn & Zoe Britton:

We move to the scene which has all three girls in bed and Kirsten lamenting the turn in her relationship with Eric. Kirsten still loves him but she needs to vent some steam off- what better way than a threesome, hehe but not involving a man but three girls!! Kirsten then offers up an idea- watch some porn and see if they can't figure something out. The girls aren't watching the dvd after to long, it did turn them on and talk moves to girl on girl. Zoe had some experience and it was one of the best times she's had so Kirsten's game so she kisses Denice with some tongue! Krissy not far off and soon there's much more kissing with Zoe and Kirsten with Krissy getting some too- her big boobs come out and the ladies pounce on them. Kirsten looks good moving down to sample Zoe's pussy while Krissy gets behind to diddle/ lick on Kirsten's cookie. They do bring in some toys and this takes over for the pussy licking which for me was a minus but for some might enhance the scene a bit more. It doesn't last much longer.

We head back to the porno/ pot pad where the boys are still blazing save for Eric who's not there. Pete leaves to go check on his whereabouts and we head up top to find Eric apologizing to Kirsten with a rose! He's not whacked off since their fight and he's tried to watch porn but it doesn't turn him on anymore-- losing a real love might do that! Eric confesses his love for Kirsten, she's his new vice and he's prepared to get rid of his collection and throws it out onto the table. Kirsten sits back as the porn dvds coat the table and the two have a heart to heart! She knows he's a pervert but Kirsten loves him this way and actually there's a development on the threesome front. Eric was willing to get rid of his porn but Kirsten actually makes his dreams come true as we have Zoe enter and kiss Kirsten. Eric makes a funny gesture and mouths Thank God but alas we don't see this happen, instead it's back downstairs to the basement where the boys are giving kudos to Eric on achieving the threesome, true Player status Rocco says. The fade out soon comes.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was funny to watch, the whole threesome angle and porn talk was cool. The scenes weren't bad either with Kirsten leading the way first with Eric and then in the g/g/g- wish they'd gone no toys and maybe some ass licking but that's just a small idea on my part! Phoenix Marie doing anal was good and Krissy doing the 2 on 1 was definitely hot. Stormy only doing one scene was to bad but it was with Mick Blue so that rocked. There was no BTS for this one but you do get another chance to enjoy Kirsten from a scene with Rocco Reed lifted from The Stranger so enjoy Miss Price one more time. A rental for sure if you're into Kirsten who can deliver dialogue very good and then bring it when it comes time to handle the pipe!

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