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Dirty Little Sins

Dirty Little Sins

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Dirty Little Sins:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Dirty Little Sins overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Dirty Little Sins Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Dirty Little Sins Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Dirty Little Sins Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Dirty Little Sins Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Dirty Little Sins DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dirty Little Sins A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  7/17/2005
Gore Vidal once expressed the notion that if someone were to deliberately sit down in a conscious attempt to devise a religion that would enslave the mind and negate all life, he couldn’t do much better than Judeo-Christianity. Of course any religion demands absolute belief in the absolutely unbelievable, demanding that we stifle reason and murder the mind. Yet, it is not the evil of religion per se that DIRTY LITTLE SINS deals with, but the evil men who use that religion in a hypocritical manner. It is a timely topic with our present administration using right-wing religious groups to further a repressive and tyrannical agenda that erodes our liberties and the fundamental principles on which this country was based.

Freud said that religion attacked sexual activity because religion was a perversion of sexuality. That is certainly the case here as illustrated in the opening prologue where we pan from a bible to a cross on the wall stating “you are forgiven” to young Brad Benton on his bed gazing at pictures of naked men and masturbating. Once Brad—like Onan—has spilled his seed, he is immediately filled with guilt. “I’m sorry!” he wails to his unseen god; and, snatching the cross from the wall, kneels by the bed and prays he will have the strength to “sin” no more. Brad was a superb choice for the role of the brainwashed Jonah. He is a superb actor as witnessed by his awards for acting in previous films. He is also one of the best of the young sexual performers that grace our films and our fantasies. He is not one of the “pretty” boys, but he has a charisma that makes him extremely desirable. It only adds to his attraction that he is an adept and versatile sexual performer as well. There are many porn stars that we fantasize as one-night stands. Brad is a boyfriend fantasy.

Jonah has been sent by his senator father to a religious school: Wormwood University. (Wormwood was the ingredient in absinthe that rotted the mind and made absinthe drinkers crazy.) The dean of this institution of mind-rot is Dean Levitt (Dillon Press) who long ago had attended the school with Jonah’s father. (We learn in the director’s commentary that the name derives from Leviticus that book of the bible that condemns homosexuality as well as condemning people to death who wear different kinds of cloth, work on the Sabbath, plant two different crops side by side, and a plethora of other injunctions that are ignored as stupid while the injunction against homosexuality is still held. Leviticus also condones selling your daughters into slavery, but I don’t see many following that advice either.) The dean, terrifying in Dillon Press’ flawless performance, gives a mind-numbing religious spiel and then tells Jonah he must examine his suitcase. Jonah is hoping a big fish will come along and swallow him up rather than have the dean discover his jack-off material. There is a moment of panic when the dean discovers a no-no—a bar of chocolate. Sweets, the dean tells him leads to alcohol and sex. Fortunately for Jonah a phone call interrupts the dean enabling Jonah to grab the magazine from the suitcase and hide it under his sweater.

When the dean takes Jonah to his dorm room they find his roommate Jason Cox lounging on the bed listening to a portable CD player. Dean Levitt suggests that Jonah take a walk around campus while he chastises the indolent Jason. So, snatching his video camera, Brad goes. It is not the “Jason” the dean wants to deal with but the “Cox”. Pouring a glass of water onto the floor, he says they will send for the janitor.

The first thing Jonah does is throw away the magazine, which he covers with his sweater. Returning to the room after a suitable time he opens the door and is transfixed by what he sees. The dean is sucking not only the cock of Cox, but that of the hunky janitor (Nick Capra) as well. Jonah is not so taken-aback that he doesn’t film the action. Chet White who plays Jason Cox is a fine discovery. Jett Blakk seems to have luck in his finds. (Jason Ridge is the perfect example.) Nick Capra is a sexy and attractive performer who has grown considerably under Blakk’s direction. (His performance in FRENCH KISS is a must-see.) I felt the dean’s sucking cock went on too long with too little variety, but things heated up when Chet and Nick went into a nice 69. I wanted this to go on longer, but soon Nick was fucking Dillon whose other end was filled with Chet’s cock. When Nick has finished, Dillon sits down on Chet’s rampant rod. (Jonah is getting it all on film.) After everyone has cum, the dean has a paroxysm of guilt and flagellates himself with his belt as the janitor and Jason look on in terror. This also scares Jonah who hightails it down the hall.

On the street Jonah is approached by the hustler Currie. (Jacob Slader in a outstanding performance. Although everyone here gives an excellent performance, it Jacob who carries away the laurels in what is perhaps the best acting job I have seen in any porn film!) Currie can’t get the uptight Jonah to buy his services, but he talks him into buying him breakfast. Jonah needs a friend and Currie recognizes him as a lost lamb. So begins their unlikely friendship. Jonah gets an inside view of the hustler’s life when Currie picks up a john. The john is played by none other than Jason Ridge. Jason has cut his hair very short and has bulked up a bit since he was last in a Red Devil film. He looks good and he has a very assured presence on camera. A real pro. They go into an alley for their sex. Street sounds add to believability of the location. Jonah tags along and watches.

Jason doesn’t gasp when Jacob’s cock makes its appearance. (I would have. But I suppose that after blowing Chad Hunt in the extra scene of THE BEST OF JASON RIDGE, Jason now takes any cock in stride.) Jason deep-throats the turgid organ, now and then casting an eye to Jonah as though seeking approval. When Jason reaches back to fondle Jacob’s ass, he is quickly rebuffed. “My ass is off-limits,” Jacob asserts. (We learn why later.) Jason’s ass is not off-limits and it is soon filled with Jacob’s thick dick. What once notices most off all about Jacob (not counting the big dick) is the abundance of tattoos on his chest, arms, and back. (We are given a tour of them in the extras section,) I am also intrigued by his nipples that stand out from his chest like pencil erasers. Were they that way naturally or were they coaxed forth? Jacob gives Jason a pile-driving fuck that the latter seems to enjoy immensely. Jacob finally pulls out to cum on Jason’s back. Jason deposits a huge load onto the alley floor.

Jonah can’t understand how Currie can have sex with strangers. For him it would be need to be an act of love. Sometime later Currie will explain himself to Jonah with the story of his seduction when he was 16 by the family’s minister. The minister blew him regularly for months, but on the last day raped him. This wolf in sheep's clothing then offered him money to remain silent. To protect himself, the minister called Currie’s father telling him his son was a fag. Driven from home, Currie was forced to make his living on the streets. Jonah gives Currie the cross from around his neck to protect him. He also gives him the incriminating film from the camera. (Why he does this, I don’t know, but it’s necessary for the plot.)

Meanwhile Dean Levitt is desperately trying to find his lost sheep. He approaches Currie who denies having seen the lad. However, the dean captures Jonah in front of a pawnshop where Jonah is going to pawn his camera. Currie sees this and enlists the aid of two friends played by Andrew Addams and Troy Punk.

I’m not going on with the plot and further spoil the story for you. You’ll just have to buy or rent the film. I will tell you that there is unfortunately no sex scene with Andrew Addams, but there’s a scorching sex scene in a bathroom stall between the marvelously hirsute Troy Punk and Ty Hardman. It’s a scene remarkable for Troy’s’ agility and athletic prowess as he uses the walls of the stall the way someone might use a set of monkey bars. (You’ve got to see it.)

And—of course—there is the ultimate love scene between Jonah and Currie. It’s hot, tender, and well worth waiting for. I sorely missed the sight of Jonah deciding to suck cock for the first time. It could have been a truly exceptional moment and Brad could certainly have pulled it off. (The acting that is, not Jacob’s cock.) We do however get to see his “virginal deflowering”. (I’m afraid I lost it here and had to stop and clean up.) Then—as we know—Jacob’s ass had been off-limits since his rape by the local minister, but now he offers it to Jonah. The offer is not refused.

This is probably the most offbeat love story since that of Joe Buck and Ratso Rizzo in MIDNIGHT COWBOY. But it works. There is a moment where Currie prays to the sky-god that I found uncomfortable. I mean I think ‘Gay-Christian’ is as amusing an oxymoron as ‘military intelligence’, but we live in a superstitious and illogical world. So, it’s believable. Like all of the other films from Red Devil it is a movie with hardcore sex, not a fuck video. Indeed the strong story, the exceptional performances, the brilliant videography, Jake Render’s evocative and romantic score, and assured direction make this one that could—without the explicit sex—stand as a ‘legit’ film. True, there are gaffes. Jonah’s camera seems to change—now you see it, now you don’t. (It magically appears when needed.) Brad is wearing white socks when he masturbates but not when he cums. (I hate white socks! Especially since Brad has such sexy feet. Okay, I have a foot fetish! ) But these are minor quibbles.

The extras are super—
A Road Map to Jacob Slader’s Tattoos (most are inspired by Lord of the Rings—the books; not the movies)
A Solo by Nick Capra – a stud who’s a pleasure to watch either alone or with others.
The Script.
A Hardcore Photo Gallery.
Trailers for other Red Devil ‘movies’.
A Director's Commentary with Jett Blakk, Brad, and Jacob. Their talk starts with the film and occasionally returns to it, but their conversation ranges far and wide (often very funny and always interesting). Check it out!

A superior film all around, DIRTY LITTLE SINS is an admirable addition to the fine films we have come to expect from this company. Even expecting much, I was still impressed. You will be too. And if it doesn’t win the acting honors in the next awards show it’ll be not just an illogical world, but an unjust one as well.

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