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astroknight Dirty Little Devils 2 2 starsDirty Little Devils 2 2 starsDirty Little Devils 2 2 stars
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Dirty Little Devils 2

Dirty Little Devils 2

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex , Anal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Dirty Little Devils 2:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Dirty Little Devils 2 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Dirty Little Devils 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Dirty Little Devils 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Dirty Little Devils 2 Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Dirty Little Devils 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dirty Little Devils 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dirty Little Devils 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  3/3/2005
Prologue It's been a long time since I watched anything from Luc Wylder. Probabley going back to one of his first creampie videos with SO Alexandra Silk. He seems to have cut himself a nice little niche in the porn world and this title contains some seriously hot women. Let's see how he handles them.
Wearing horns and a fishnet body stocking and standing in front of a blazing fire, Emily DaVinci explains why she's a dirty little devil. Tony Sexton is sitting on a couch looking bored as Emily descends some stairs and presents herself to him. She kneels in front of him and pulls down his pants, freeing Mr. Happy. Emily sucks him hard, easily deep throating his member. There are already a lot of shots obscured and angled for non-graphic content. This does not make picman a happy camper. Tony returns the favor and munches Emily's sweet little morsel. Her squirming and squealing don't ring very true here. Tony comes up and plants his magically condom clad cock in Emily in mish. He picks her up for a dick dance. Back to mish on the floor. Cut to an RC insertion. After a decent ride they move to anal spoon on the floor. She doesn't seem to be enjoying it much, but it's hard to say for sure because the whole performance has a counterfeit feel to it. Tony pulls out and we get that 70's face reaction shot before the camera shows him streaming his jizz on Emily's body. A very poor start to this video.
Lucy Lee is in front of the same blaze as Emily and it's so evident that she was photographed in front of a green screen it's ridiculous. She does look smoking hot, though, and offers more evidence as to why she didn't need to enhance her breasts. Anyway, she's a dirty little devil and tells us why. Lucy's spread out on a couch and diddling herself. She gets good and worked up as Mark Ashley watches from the patio door. When she's worked up into a lather and Mark can't take anymore, he settles between her thighs and eats at the "Y". Lucy likes that even better than her fingers. Mark finger pops her, searching for the g-spot and apparently finding it. Lucy's getting frantic and squirming. He digs his tongue into her ass until Lucy feels the need to reciprocate. She fishes out his cock, which is already rock hard, and deep throats him, holding it at the pubes for a very long time. Mark face fucks her and Lucy is very good at all this. Cut to doggy, bareback. There's a fairly even mix of softcore and penetration shots here. Cut to a mish penetration shot with Lucy's legs high on Mark's shoulders. After getting her pussy railed, Lucy asks for an ass fucking. She presents her butt in doggy and Mark's cock parts her sphincter with no problem. Lucy begs him to ream her ass and Mark produces a nice gape. He does multiple insertions and gapes. He pulls out of her bung and cums a ton all over her hot ass. Things really picked up in this scene.
Gia Jordan gets her fiery introduction telling us she's got a body built for sin. Amen! Gia's scene begins in a dining room, where she gets frisky with herself. Anthony Hardwood materializes in front of her and Gia tells him she aims to please. She crawls over to him, ass sticking high in the air, and prostrates herself in front of him. He pulls her to his still clothed crotch and Gia works to release his manhood. It takes a little while as they go through some D/s posturing, but Gia gets her prize and knows what to do with it. Nice no hands head bobbing and deep throat held for long periods. Her incredible tongue gets to do some ball washing while she's down there, too. Anthony sits her back and laps at Gia's labes. Her legs are shaking and the headlights are on. Gia turns and presents her rear. Anthony buries his condom clad cock in her pussy. She begs to be fucked harder but his pace never changes. Gia climbs on the cock in RC, taking it as deep as it'll go and grinding on it. They take the action to the floor and resume in RCA. Gia begs for Anthony's cum and offers to take it anywhere. He opts for her chest and sprays her. This scene could have been so much better if the intent had been more hardcore.
Melanie X is next and she looks like a mess. There are rhinestones all over her face and just a general skanky look to her. If she's in the bar at closing time, it's a sure thing she'll go home with you. Melanie gets to perform in a bedroom and Brett Rockman along with Mario Rossi enter the room from two doors adjacent to the bed. Very cute. They're also both wearing red shirts to match Melanie's gloves. They all do some fondling and then Melanie fishes out the cocks to suck on. She's pretty good at it, almost deep throating Brett. No small feat. Brett throws her on the bed and licks her pussy as Mario goes up top. After some tit licking and kissing, he presents his cock to her mouth again. Brett sinks his curved cock into Melanie's pussy bareback. She mounts a condom clad Mario in RC. Brett gets his balls licked while Mario's digging her out. Brett gets another shot at her pussy in CG. Mario sticks his saran wrapped dick in her ass for a DP. Melanie apparently cums and the guys are right behind her. She drops to the floor and they both dump their loads onto her chest simultaneously.
Michelle Lay is a dirty little devil because she likes getting fucked up the ass and taking internal cumshots. Good girl. Tyler Woods gets to play in Michelle's garden and he accosts her at the top of some stairs, licking her ass and legs, eating some pussy. He actually spreads her pussy lips to get in there, so props to Tyler. You don't see that too often in porn. They kiss and Michelle moves her head down to ground zero and takes him into her mouth. She quickly works him hard and Tyler puts it to use right away in a standing mish. Cut to RC where Michelle gives him a nice ride. He start to probe her ass with his fingers. Michelle spins on his cock for CG. Cut to a doggy anal insertion. They go at it for a decent while and Tyler pulls out to cum on Michelle's left tit. From her intro, I was fully expecting a creampie here. Fooled me.
Ashley Long is a dirty little devil. Yes she is. And a foul mouthed one at that. Hopefully, all the things that make up Ashley will be put to use here. She gets to tease us with some autoeroticism in a bedroom. Dale Dabone is standing on the balcony watching her. He's half undressed and tenting his pants as he approaches her. Ashley goes right for his turgid member. They end up in a 69 and Dale spreads her pussy nicely. Ashley mounts Dale in CG. He's wearing protection. Ashley's lean body just looks amazing. She bounces and grinds, and if I'm reading her face correctly, she cums. They switch to a position that falls between mish and spoon. Ashley strums her clit. Cut to a mish anal insertion shot. Dale digs out her ass, making the lube froth. Dale pulls out and cums all over Ashley's abs. A very disappointing end to an equally disappointing video.
The bonus scene comes from 2 Of A Kind and features Jezebelle Bond with Damien Childs. It starts with Damien homing in on Jezebelle's delectable tits. He fingers and eats her pussy for a good, long and satisfying time. Jezebelle does some cock gobbling using a little too much hand and not enough throat. Damien enters her in doggy, and amazingly, isn't totally hard. A few strokes in and he's good to go. They hold that position for a good long while and then switch to mish. Jez has him pound her and then he pulls out and cums on her pretty face.
Epilogue You can serve only one master, and in porn, either you're going to make porn or a cable series. Wall to wall, sportfucking and gonzo don't really lend themselves to a softcore approach. They need the graphic imagery because there's no plot to fall back on to hold the viewer's interest. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe businessmen all over the world are ordering this up on their hotel TV's and see it as jaw droppingly, hardcore smut. The schizophrenia in this video came to a head in Melanie X's scene where one male has a condom and the other doesn't. How does that come about? There was a top notch cast here. The video was actually shot pretty well. all things considered, and this was a total waste of time. I'm going to be very leery about what production companies I watch in the future and try to patronize the ones who compromise the least in their balance between vision and finance.
The Disk Trailers, a photo gallery, BTS (which I think I liked better than the feature) and the bonus scene. Good value.
Recommendation I can't recommend this title for anyone. It's not soft enough for couples or hard enough for raincoaters.

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