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Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures)

Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures)

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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-lunacy-'s ratings for Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dirty Girlz (Platinum X Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by -lunacy-  on  8/17/2003

Jewel De'Nyle's
Dirty Girlz

Platinum X


Jewel De'Nyle
Ramona Luv
Red Heaven
Ashley Moore
Mary Carey
Lucy Luv

Ass to Mouth
All Girls
Light Domination/



 The Basics

-Jewel De'Nyle's Dirty Girlz
-Platinum X Pictures
-Genre: Lesbian (for men)
-Overall Value: $17

The Run Down

This is an all girl show where everyone get' down and dirty. There's a little teasing and posing to start the scenes followed by lot's of toys and anal play with things getting a little rough in places, with spitting, gagging and the like.
3 of the scenes are one and there is one 3some with Jewel. Jewel herself is in 2 of the 5 scenes.



  • Play Movie-
    Runtime 1 Hour 52 Minutes
  • Scene Selection-
    5 action captures by scene
  • Special Features-
    Behind the Scenes
    Jewel chatting with the girls. “I’m selling these panties on my website.” (what a subtle plug). We follow Loni to bathroom where she shares the Imodium(anti-diapheria medicine) secret to not shitting when you do anal. Girls signing consent forms. Cameraman bitching that an agent has sent a girl to the shoot without a test (STD’s). Set up for G/G/G montage and mid-scene direction for the girls and the camera people-so clinical, “ready set, moan!”,Ass prepping for anal play, complete with a pause in the action so Ashley  can clean the blood from her ass, “This has been happening a lot…” then when she sticks her ass in the air she can’t stop farting and her partner is scared to put anything more in her ass.  Brandy confesses in the make-up chair she really doesn’t like girls “but you know…” and we find out later that she is only doing G/G in her career. Hey, Mary Carey sighting…she’s on the ballot for Governor of CA and damn does she sound dumb. 32 Minutes
    Photo Shoot-
    5 selections, Jewel, Kalani & Loni, Red Heaven & Lucy Lee, Ashley More, Ramona Luv, Mary Carey & Brandy. Each girl takes about 3 minutes and we get the behind the scenes view of shooting the stills.
    Photo Gallery-
    25 shots of the girls, manual navigation or slideshow

Mary Carey & Brandy 

Brandy in blue fishnet and Mary in green, fondle themselves and show the camera what they’ve got for almost 5 minutes before finding their way to the couch for some breast admiration and caressing. Brandy slips her panties off so Mary lick her pussy for her, finger fuck her and bring her friend the pink jelly dildo in to play. Mary slides out the pink dildo and trades it for a long purple double-sided one instead so she can share the fun. Mary begs Brandy to lick her pussy for her and licks her own nipples. Brandy decides to really get Mary off and slides a long ribbed dildo in her pussy as she rubs and licks at her clit. Mary pulls out the dildo saying she’s gonna cum all over it but first she wants to titty fuck it just for Brandy. The girls bring back out the double ended dildo and “have orgasms” on it as they rub their clits. The girls kiss, and then lick their juices off the dildo.

*I should have known better than to watch the behind the scenes first. Knowing Brandy’s not really into girls really puts a damper on the scene for me, which is too bad because she’s soooo hot.

Heat 3
Mary 3 (bubble boobs)
Brandy 4 1/2 (absolutely gorgeous) 

Jewel De’Nyle & Loni  

Jewel is sporting a strap on and is sucking and slapping Loni’s boobies. Jewel spits in Loni’s mouth before slapping her face and forcing her to tell the camera she’s a dirty slut and a bitch. Loni sucks on Jewel’s portable cock as Jewel shoves it down her throat then takes a slippery pussy licking from Loni. Loni brings Jewel to orgasm with a hot pink dildo then slides her panties off, lubes up Jewels strap on and sits on it Reverse Cowgirl. Jewel has her suck the cum juices off the cock, then spanks her ass with a paddle before diving in to lick her ass. Jewel shoves a huge monster butt plug in Loni’s ass then switches to another and throws in a couple more spankings. Jewel gags Loni on the butt plug, shoving it right down her throat when she doesn’t spit on it enough. Jewel breaks out yet another dildo for Loni to suck off then shoves it in her pussy for a double penetration. Jewel does ass and pussy to mouth with both toys then shares with Loni.  Loni bends over the chair and Jewel slides her cock in her ass while pulling her hair, smacking her face and making her recite, “I’m a dirty girl, I’m a whore.” Loni sits on Jewel’s dick Reverse Cowgirl then takes ass to mouth as Jewel shoves her mouth down on it and makes her gag. Loni laps at Jewels ass, takes more spit in her mouth and climbs on the strap on for Cowgirl Anal. Loni takes more ass to mouth, and another DP before the girls make-out and wave goodbye. 

*Loni getting "fishhooked"

Jewel 3
Loni 3 ½
Heat 4 

Lucy Luv & Red Heaven

Lipstick lesbian kissing and they go down on one another before retiring to the couch where Red’s fingers, then mouth find their way to Lucy’s pussy. Red plants her pussy in Lucy’ s face and déjà vu’, the girls play with a double ended dildo which when their done they lick clean. Red slides a red jelly dildo in Lucy’s pussy for her then Lucy does the same for Red with a second dildo and makes Red cum, again the dildo gets licked clean. The girls go to 69 with just fingers and toys and wrap thing up with a rushed “kiss”.

*I did not find Lucy at all attractive and she couldn’t stop glancing up at the camera so I have to wonder why they used her. Red Heaven is looking better in this DVD than I’ve seen her look before but she still needs to gain some weight. 

Heat 3
Red Heaven 3
Lucy 2 1/2

Ashly Moore & Ramona Luv

Ashly’s on top of Ramona in the grass and is kissing the clothes right off of her so she can slip her tongue into her tight little pussy. Ashly spits all over Ramona’s pussy and finger fucks her as Ramona rubs Ashly’s twat with her foot. It’s Ashly’s turn and along with Ramona’s tongue she gets a big dildo shoved all the way in as Ramona chokes her. Ashly treats Ramona to a knobby blue toy then they share a double ended which finds it’s way to just Ashly’s pussy as she stick a black butt plug in her own ass for a DP. Ashly does ass to mouth with her butt plug and gags herself with it deep throat. Ramona starts looking pretty bored so Ashly turns her around so she can shove some beads in her ass (hey I have some of those) and stuff the purple dildo in her pussy. Things get really complex when Ashly shoves a toy up her own pussy as the beads are hanging out of Ramona’s ass and she’s fucking her pussy with the dildo. Ashly takes a dildo up her ass and another in her pussy then Ramona slides the beads into her gaping ass then pulls them out again and again for Ashly to take them ass to mouth.

Heat 3 1/2
Ashly 2 ½
Ramona  3 3/4 

Jewel De’Nyle, Kalani & Nautica

Jewel is licking her way all over Kalani and being a little rough with her as Nautica strokes herself in the background. Jewel and Kalani lick each other’s pusses then go to the couch where Jewel jacks Kalani off with her mouth and fingers. Meanwhile Nautica is pleasing herself with a big black dildo as she watches the girls get busy. Jewel has Kalani lube up a big turquoise dildo so she can shove it in her pussy dog and then have Nautica lick it clean. Jewel takes a big red dildo in her pussy and her mouth as Nautica licks her toes for her. Jewel primes her own ass with her fingers then shoves in the red dildo as Kalani licks her pussy, which makes her cum, hard. Nautica fucks herself into an orgasm and Jewel rubs her own clit as she licks Kalani’s and fucks her ass with a dildo. 

*Lots and lots of pussy and ass to mouth, too much to keep track of.

Heat 3 3/4
Jewel 3
Nautica 3
Kalani 4  (very pretty girl, I even like the small nose stud.)

What I Liked-

-A long look behind the scenes, very entertaining.   

-Thank you for the nice balance of full screen and close up shots.

-Although the lick  was all filmed at one house the scenery was different from scene to scene. Thank you for proving that working within a budget does not have to mean putting out crap.

-Fantastic job on the makeup, hair and lingerie.

What I wasn't thrilled with-

-Menu and intro music, sounds like a garage band.

-I felt like the scenes ran a little long, 20 plus minutes and things start to get a little redundant.

-More chapter stops would have been nice. When you have scenes that long you really need more chapter stops. Having to FF from the beginning of a scene is not great when you like a certain part and want to get there in a hurry.


A pretty good flick if you don’t mind fake lesbianism and dig a little rough, degradation stuff. The scenes are passionate and the girls are nice looking. The A/V is fine and the DVD has a healthy extra’s menu. 3 1/2 of 5 fat, wet dildos.


Have fun, be safe.


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