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mr october DirRty 2 5 starsDirRty 2 5 starsDirRty 2 5 stars
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DirRty 2

DirRty 2

Studio: Metro
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Zoid's ratings for DirRty 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
DirRty 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks DirRty 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks DirRty 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex DirRty 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting DirRty 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras DirRty 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality DirRty 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Zoid  on  10/10/2004
Bridgette Kerkove get her hands DiRty for the second time. Normally, I wouldn't be reviewing a title such as this because quite honestly, this type of all-anal pounding is not really my thing, though I do enjoy it occasion. Main reason is that I'm on a mission to "get acquainted" with various directors and various styles of porn, so I was curious what dear Bridgette had cooked up. I didn't see the first Dirrty, so I really had no clue what it's going to be about, other than it would contain anal sex because Kerkoves and anal are synonymous, and "dirrty" implied ... well, dirty anal sex or something, I don't know. Hehe! Let's find out.


Runtime: 2 hrs.
Region: all
Audio/Video: Aspect ratio (4:3). Video quality is good.
Menu: Stylish, simple. Main menu is animated.


Jayna Oso, Ben English

Jayna is looking very sexy here. She's wearing black leather thong, matching black shoes and a "symbolic" bra (the one that exposes nipples). During the short intro she's posing and dancing near the pool. Moving on inside, and Jayna is approached by Ben English and the fun starts. Good ol' Ben starts to talk dirty and act tough. He pinches Jayna's nipples and spits in her mouth. She pulls out his cock and sucks on it for a brief moment before laying on her stomach and holding her heels. Some mouth fucking, deepthroating, gagging and spitting. Jayna is then requested to stand up, bend over and finger fuck her ass, which she does. Ben goes for her ass (in this standing doggie) but the scene quickly cuts to them lying on the couch in the spooning position and Jayna is given serious ass pounding. They also fuck in doggie style, reverse cowgirl and piledriver/reverse piledriver positions. There are also several, brief A2M blowjobs in between. Eventually, Ben shoots his load on Jayna's tongue and partially in her mouth. She swallows.

This is a hot, nasty scene. Ms. Oso a hottie. Interesting to know that on several occasions when Ben pulled out his dick, some liquid leaked out of Jayna's ass as well. It wasn't "dirty" (if you know what I mean *ahem*), so I guess it was either lube or more likely water. Probably the result of Skeeter's diRrty trick to inject women's asses with water prior to anal. There was also something funny about this scene; well, to me anyways. English is not my native language and I don't know why, but the word "arse" always cracks me up, and Ben says it a lot. At some point Jayna was like, "Fuck my ass!!! Fuck my ass!!!", and Ben replied, "That's right. Fuck you in the ARSE!" Bloody hilarious.
Themes: anal, deepthroating/gagging, spit (in the mouth, on the cock, in the asshole), A2M, gaping, cum swallow

Ashley Blue, Trent Tesoro

Ashley is wearing black pvc corset, matching shorts, shoes and a cap. In other words, your typical SM mistress outfit. The only thing that's missing is a whip. After short intro sequence which, by the way, included some (fake) smoking, she's greeted by Trent Tesoro. He performs mouth examination by shoving his fingers down Ashley's throat which is later followed by a deepthroat BJ. As in previous scene, Ashley lays on her tummy, grabs her heels, and gets seriously throat fucked with a generous amount of saliva being generated. They fuck in RC, doggie, spoon and a blend between mish and piledriver. No vaginal sex here, but as can be expected, there are A2M sucking breaks during the anal. Cum is accurately deposited on Ashley asshole. Afterwards, Trent dips his cock in it and carries few drops to her mouth.

I must say that I am not a big fan of Ashley Blue. She is not my type and I was disappointed by her performances in some other titles; but being objective, I must say that she isn't that bad here, although I'm inclined to picture her in a dominant position rather than as a submissive slut, her role in this movie. The scene, in my opinion, isn't particularly nasty aside from oral stuff. The anal action is only intense at some points. An okay scene, I guess.
Themes: anal, deepthroating/gagging/spit, A2M, gapes

Maggie Star, Alex Sanders, Dick Nasty

Ah-ha, so the couch is now moved outside, to the pool. Good! Maggie is a leggy chick with a small but a tight and curvy butt. She is dressed similarly to the previous girls, only this time a collar and leash are added to the outfit. She shakes her ass for us and smokes a cigarette before things start to get serious, and I might add that things do get serious pretty quickly. Nasty gets his dick sucked while Sanders goes directly for her ass in standing doggie. Again, we get to see what I think is some key position in this feature when a girl is lying flat on her belly and is holding her heels; this time, however, she's being fucked in the ass from behind. Maggie then proceeds to ride Nasty (RAC and AC). Few moments later, he switches to her pussy, so Sanders can penetrate the ass. After some time they change places: Sanders goes down with Maggie lying on him, and Nasty fucks her pussy in mish. After that, both dudes have a go at her ass, one a time. Nasty in spooning and Sanders in piledriver/mish combos. Some nice gapes here. Finally, Sanders unloads inside Maggie's gaping asshole, and Dick shoots mediocre load in her mouth; she swallows it.

This could have been a great scene but there were things that bothered me here. First of all, I liked Maggie. She's cute but also somewhat passive during the whole thing. She barely made a sound. Secondly, this Dick Nasty fella looks damn old. Luckily, you don't get to see his face that often. Finally, what I disliked the most, were the ambient sounds outside like wind whooshing noises, plane flying over. Get a bazooka and shoot down the motherfucker, it could be a terrorist for all you know. What I did like though, was some nice ass stretching which I guess is more important. Again, you could see some mysterious substance leaking out of Maggie's butt which made anal look kind of juicy and, indeed, dirrty; it even attracted flies. Sweet! LOL!
Themes: anal, DP, A2M, A2P (single instance), BJ, gaping, cum swallowing

Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo

As the last time, the setting is outside. Nicole has a red bra and thong on, black boots and black pvc gloves. After a brief intro clip, she lies down on her stomach, grabs her heels and gets mouth fucked by Voodoo. Shortly after that, Voodoo sits down and Nicole bends over before him, and lets him finger her ass. I like the camera angle here where you can see Voodoo burying several fingers deep in her butt. She then sits down on his cock and rides him. They also fuck in spoon., mish, anal cowgirl and piledriver. Unless I am mistaken, there are no regular A2M blowjobs in this scene, except for post-cumshot cock sucking which, technically, is also A2M. By the way, Nicole jerks off Voodoo's cock and he shoots a nice load inside her mouth. She then spits it out on her gloves and licks them.

Although Nicole Sheridan isn't exactly the prototype of my perfect woman, her performance was quite satisfactory. There was this "hungry, nasty bitch" feel to her which I liked. She also appeared to have reached orgasm, which is always nice, but I, of course, have no idea if that was genuine. But...but..this scene did nothing for me at all because I'm getting sick of seeing Nicole and Voodoo together. She seems to do b/g scenes only with him and had done so in like 200 movies already. WTF is with that?
Themes: anal, ass slapping, spitting in the asshole, A2M (marginal), BJ, gaping (nice)

Bridgette Kerkove, Mark Ashley, Chris Mountain

So the anal queen saved herself for last. She is wearing white, furry bra and thong, and white boots. Having showcased herself near the pool, Madame Kerkove teleports inside where she's welcomed by Ashley and Mountain. Both dudes are given a BJ which starts rather gently, but becomes a bit rougher later. Mrs. Kerkove even gets her mouth stuffed with two dicks at the same time. Bridgette lays down to assume at this point already annoying heel-grabbing position, and gets mouth/throat fucked by Mountain. Ashley is occupied with her ass. He does some rimming I think, but it isn't shown. We do see him stick two fingers inside though. A cut to Bridgette sitting down on cock, and another cock going in her pussy. DP fuck goes on for some time and then guys raise Bridgette in the air. Naturally, we get to see some DAP action here as well. Scene ends with (I think) Chris Mountain fucking her in standing doggie with some mixed A2M Bjs. Both guys shoot in Bridgette's mouth and one of them aims so well, that one burst flies straight in her throat, and Bridgette chokes and is forced to spit it out. She does swallow some, although not much.

There is some strange editing in this scene. During DAP, or more precisely when DAP starts, after a few seconds it suddenly ends. Then, after a cut, action resumes again, as if something went wrong during first attempt. Other than that, the scene is pretty good, but not really special in any particular way except of course that Bridgette Kerkove is in it. The guys didn't really manage to push her limits here, in my opinion. What I like most about Bridgette's looks is her hair; she does have gorgeous hair. I also like how she is in control and sort of giving "orders" to the guys in a non-chalant manner. I guess she IS some kind of royalty. Haha!
Themes: anal, DP, DAP, A2M, BJ/deepthroating/gagging, gaping (marginal)

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Final Thoughts

I was surprisingly pleased with this film. Bridgette Kerkove demonstrates that she, too, is quite capable of "understanding" Skeeter does (or so I've been told). Someone who likes to see buttholes getting stretched should appreciate this title. It isn't exactly spectacular, but the action is generally energetic and nasty, albeit not too nasty: not "slap in the face, head in the toilet" kind of stuff which I hate. There is certain amount of eroticism here. Dirty one... that is. The camera work is good, in my opinion. Everything seems to be well lit. There are things that can be improved as well. First of all, the intro sequences and specifically, music. It's not bad or anything, it's just that the girls appear to be dancing during their solo acts, but as the BTS footage shows, they do it in silence and the soundtrack is added later which isn't exactly 100% harmonious. So, they are dancing but not really to the music. Another point of criticism is the lack of vaginal sex (except for DPs). Don't get me wrong though, I realize that this is a movie with focus on anal, but I ain't asking for 10 mins. of pussy fucking in every scene. Just a few pokes here and there would have been nice, especially if it's A2P (swallow some antibiotics first though). The way I see it is that if a woman has two holes between her legs, they should be utilized. Not doing so is just a waste of opportunity. Besides, BTS footage shows Jayna Oso being fucked in the pussy, but I didn't see that in the feature. It's a shame it was cut.

What I liked:
  • Fetish elements
  • Leaking asses. Do it more often!!!
  • Jayna Oso. What a cutie!!!
  • Bridgette! Performing and directing. Cool!
What I didn't like:
  • Laying-on-stomach-and-holding-your-heels stance. Does it really need to be in every single scene?
  • Nicole Sheridan + Voodoo pairing. Not again!!!
  • No vaginal sex in 1on1 scenes (see above).
  • Piledriver position. Nitpicking, but I just loathe it (unless it ends with anal cream pie). More anal cowgirl with FAT cocks, please.


Overall, a well done video. If you like juicy anal drilling and moderately rough, oral sex with some fetish flavor, then you might check this one out.

-Zoid (for questions and comments:

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