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Dippin' Chocolate 4

Dippin' Chocolate 4

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Interracial
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Dippin' Chocolate 4:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Dippin' Chocolate 4 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Dippin' Chocolate 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Dippin' Chocolate 4 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Dippin' Chocolate 4 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dippin' Chocolate 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dippin' Chocolate 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dippin' Chocolate 4 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  5/20/2006
Prologue NS/DS has moved their ethnic lines to a new label, Veangance. Dippin' Chocolate is one that brings the "other interracial" to our screens, and so far, has been pretty good. This edition has the adorable Kapri Styles; Alayah Sashu, who has an unreal lower shelf; the sumptuous Candace Von; pretty Roxy Reynolds; the incomparable Marie Luv. It all sounds good to me. They even kept the male cast down to just two guys that seem to have a special affinity for chocolate, Mark Ashley and Mr. Pete. It would be hard to mess this one up.
Alayah Saschu's amazing ass fills the screen. Mr. Pete is stalking her as she writhes against a column. He closes in on her and gets a handful of that action. Then a face full of that bayou bung. Panties get peeled away. Halter top dangles from Alayah's neck and Pete sinks to his balls in her pussy, doggystyle. A few dips and he has to sit down. Alayah crawls to him and sucks some cock, putting on a show with her ass shaking as she bobs. The hard dick gets mounted in CG. The camera is pegged to those glutes as they flap during her ride. Pete gives Alayah a g-spot thrill, then deep mish scissor. If she raised her ass any higher for him it would be piledriver. Side entry, legs closed. Pete licks her hot fuckhole like a horny dog. Back to side entry, almost doggy. Pete picks up the pace and does some spanking. Alayah looks like she has an explosion brewing. Cut to RC, Alayah riding it hard and deep, then grinding her pussy on him. They trade the driving back and forth, the pleasure very visible for Alayah. She spins on his cock for CG. I can't believe how amazing her ass looks when she rides. Pete is speaking in tongues. He picks her up and gives Alayah a cock ride. Cut to a doggy penetration. Pete goes up and over, pounding those cushions. He turns for a scissor and goes deep into Alayah's being, elicitin a "motherfucker" from her. She wants a visit to her womb as she asks Pete to dig in deeper. He's pounding her prone and turns Alayah around to pop a facial on her.
I can't over emphasize what an extraordinary butt Alayah possesses. High and round, it truly sticks out like a shelf, and does its own dance of lust when she's riding dick. The rest of her is pretty hot, too, in an unconventional way. Small tits and features that evoke the racial stew of her Louisiana origins. Pete fucks the shit out of her and Alayah takes him as deep as he can go. Lovely.
Roxy Reynolds is posing by bright window light. First she regales us with her ass, then seated with a hand firmly in her panties. Her tits peeking out for a lick while Roxy stands and masturbates with panties around her hips. Mark Ashley walks up to her naked and fully engorged. Roxy gets to her knees and scarfs the big dick. She tries to make it nasty but has some trouble generating a good spit. Mark relieves her of her top and Roxy's sporting some nice tan lines. Not what I would have expected as she's not that light. Before she knows it, there's a hungry mouth and a hooked nose filling her gash. Then a hard, fat cock in mish. After some deep stroking, Mark checks her juice level with his tongue, and fingers her for more lube. Cut to Roxy in doggy and Mark running his dick in her crack before planting himself in her pussy. Up and over has Roxy squealing, then he pounds her prone. Roxy calls him "Daddy". Cut to CG with Mark doing the fucking from underneath. When Roxy takes over, her fine ass goes on display with her slower, more sensual strokes. Mark doesn't let that go on too long before picking up the pace again. Back and forth they go, Roxy doing the same spin as Alayah to turn it to RC. She gives it a nice ride and there's a cut to side saddle. Roxy works it deep and rubs that ass all over Mark. Cut to spoon. Her pussy mound is glistening and Roxy throws some ass at Mark again. He's ready, and pops on her tongue and chin. PCH as Roxy cleans out the life giving hose.
Another great ass and a woman who likes to throw it around when she fucks. Nothing nasty here, or spectacular. Just a good old fashioned sport fuck.
Wearing the same teal outfit that graces the boxcover, Marie Luv gives us a tour of heaven. Or at least her slice of it. She plays in her plump juice box and Mr. Pete comes sniffing around. These two are no strangers to each other, and I'd say they're quite fond of one another. Pete tongues her holes and proffers affectionate kisses on Marie's ass. Spanking of her firm globes and softer cunt lips. Marie gets on her knees to suck cock, lovingly wrapping her lips on the shaft as she casually takes it deep into her throat. She slurps on it and takes full length pumps that bring her tears. Pete is ecstatic. Marie bares her chest so the stringers and slop have something to decorate. She's pretty much fucking her own face with Pete's dick and he plays a cat and mouse game with her. He gets a taste of her cock breath with a kiss and sucks on her saliva covered tit. Pete fingers Marie, then fucks her in mish. He tries to make her squirt with more g-spot fingering and Marie's box looks extra creamy. He does another dick dive and Marie's inner lips are gripping at him. Pete pounds her in side entry mish and Marie's calling out his name. They go to doggy, up and over. Balls deep with a little extra. Pete twists Marie into a piledriver and swings his hips into her, trying to nestle his nuts into Marie's pussy clef. Sweet show of affection as they hold hands briefly. They morph into spoon. Marie gets her spots hit and it energizes her. She jumps on the cock in CG, giving Pete a wild ride. They do some flying, Pete holding Marie by her feet while she shimmies the pole. Back to CG, Marie doing a very athletic and horny squat fuck. Cut to Pete giving Marie a meager pop in her mouth, making me think he might have lost some along the way. Disappointing but understandable.
I'm a little surprised there was no anal here, but these two have definitely established a chemistry with each other that precludes any specific act. Marie's oral was incredible and got them off and running. The fucking was energetic and sometimes loving. A fine scene.
Candace Von, clad in pink bra and panties, is admiring and fondling herself in a full length mirror. Her big, full, natural tits out of their casing. Candace takes a lick. Mark Ashley joins to share the delight. He nurses on them for a bit, then turns Candace for some ass worship. This is one of the finest bodies in porn and Mark is all over it. He lays her back on a bed and spreads Candace for pussy eating, then a mish penetration that has her tits rocking. Doggy with the now naked ebony goddess. Starting slow with some sensual fucking back, Mark picks up some steam, then goes up and over. P2M, Candace taking deep dives in her cock worship and making it nasty with lots of spit. She mounts the big cock in CG, her big tits raking Mark's chest as he rocks her. Candace asks for a finger in her ass and gets brought off by the dual penetration. Cut to RC with Candace swirling her hips and grinding, Mark tweaking her tits. A roll into spoon, then a titty fuck by invitation. Candace has some spit for lube. Mark goes back to the pussy for mish, then shoots hot cum all over her gorgeous tits. Candace squeezes out every last drop.
Eye candy factor is very high here, and the intensity grew with the scene. Candace showed a touch of freak with the anal fingering and one can hope for bigger and better things. She also understands the power of her breasts.
Kapri Styles is one of the cutest new girls in porn. She has virtully no chest, but an ass that could make a grown man cry. Her firm cheeks are emblazoned with an Oriental character on each, like bullseyes. Line 'em up and stick your dick in the middle. Mr. Pete gets to defile this babe and he sticks his tongue between the sights. He checks the butt for rebound and runs his cock through the crack before spearing her cunt. Up and over, then a roll into spoon. Balls deep with Pete spreading Kapri as open as he can get her. Her sweet little titties peek out of Kapri's pink tank top, nipples resembling hard pebbles. Some cock sucking with Kapri getting her top removed. Cut to a now naked mocha honey, legs folded up on her chest, getting deep dicked in mish. Side entry with Pete scissoring Kapri. She mounts him in CG and those glutes are mesmerizing. Kapri rocks and grinds, then gets pounded to orgasm. Cut to RC. Pete traps her in a full nelson and stirs up that hot pussy, then picks her up and continues fucking like that in mid-air. Standing doggy, leg raised like a ballerina. Face down, ass up, as Pete starts to steam to a finish. Kapri tells him to put it in her face as she can feel his clock winding down. Pete's first volley goes right into Kapri's eye, making her laugh about his poor aim. She wanted it in her mouth.
Kapri takes everything Pete has to give with no problem. She's lithe and flexible, with a seemingly limitless capacity for cock. I'd like to see her get really stretched out by some monster dick.

Bonus Scene From I Can't Believe I Took The Whole Thing 3

A hot looking, short haired redhead gets her mouth filled with Shane Diesel's fat cock. She works it with two hands, lovingly building up the hardness. Bent over a couch, Red is entered in doggy. It isn't easy and she's in that place between pain and pleasure. Shane stuffs it in deep, moving vital organs around and making her tell him she wants it. He hits her spot, making Red moan and whimper. Up and over, her genitals drenched with cum and lube. They roll into spoon, the stroking varying from slow to fast. Cut to RC, Red's little pussy being stretched and filled. Very hot when she finally takes over the driving, but a bad move to change the camera position from front to backside. P2M, then CG. Red's taking a full length stuffing by now, and Shane does an abs workout from underneath. Quick cut to a cumshot on her closed mouth. PCH to end the scene.
After investigating this original title, I think Red is Anna Pierson.
Epilogue Another strong edition of Dippin' Chocolate. No anal but plenty of ass. All of these women rode dick splendidly and popped those butts magnificently. There was a lot of mutually rewarding sport fucking and all the girls were comfortable with very deep dicking. Nobody goes off half cocked. The Marie Luv/Mr. Pete scene had a little something extra going for it. They have a collective history and it shows, making this one scene a cut above the others. The video is well shot and the performers are presented at their best. Kapri Styles has made my list of women I've just got to see more of. Alayah Saschu and Candace Von were already there.
The Disk I had a great deal of trouble getting the first scene to play. It crashed my PC and just wouldn't go on my Mac. It played on a set top player with a few hiccups during the tease. I don't know if it's only my copy or if this is a problem run. Also, this is another collaborative effort directorial-wise. Four scenes are letter boxed, and one, Candace Von's, is full screen.
The bonus scene, BTS, photo gallery and trailers. Pick Your Pleasure breaks the scenes down by acts. The BTS is interviews with Candace, Marie and Roxy. Marie had me rolling with her views on life, sex and her experiences in the industry. The other two girls were pissers also.
Recommendation Well worth a rental, and it would be a prudent first step considering my technical difficulties.

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