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Dippin' Chocolate 3

Dippin' Chocolate 3

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Black , Interracial , Straight
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Dippin' Chocolate 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Dippin' Chocolate 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Dippin' Chocolate 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Dippin' Chocolate 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dippin' Chocolate 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dippin' Chocolate 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Dippin' Chocolate 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dippin' Chocolate 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  11/21/2005
Prologue One of the best trends in porn today has been the inclusion of more black female performers into general release as well as niche products. This video fills the niche market for bf/wm action, New Sensations style. They tend to have good looking video and slightly shorter scenes. A lot of their series are being shot by multiple directors these days and the visual styles and cameras change from one scene to another. It's ok as long as it's good. Most important is the ladies. Pink is on the boxcover and she's getting a good buzz in the industry. Certainly her participation in Mike John's Semen Sippers 4 opened some eyes. Jada Fire, Hypnotiq and Lori Alexia are in the cast and I have the hots for all of them. I don't know Ms. Ashley, but I reckon that'll change within the next couple of hours. Somehow they shoehorned in Jasmine Byrne. Is this girl popular or what? No complaints from me, but she's light coffee, not chocolate. They've even assembled a cast of males who are known for having dark desires. I think this may turn out well.
The video starts with Ms. Ashley working her body by a window. The only flaw on this beauty's body is a couple of scars on her abdomen and upper left arm that look like knife wounds. She's hot, though, and Mr. Pete is in the background looking extra horny today. He comes up on her and sucks some tit. They make out and he pets the kitty. Some light spanking and serious ass worship. Ashley loves that tongue up her ass. Pete fucks her in standing doggy without even pulling his pants down. Ashley likes the cock and proffers ownership of her pussy on Pete. P2M with some deep draws and hot licks. Ashley knows how to make love to a dick. Pete returns the favor as he chows down on her hot pussy. He adds some hard fingering and she's ready for a hard fuck. Pete pounds Ashley in mish, slapping her thighs and getting a good reception for it. More hard fingering and P2M. CG gives us a first look at Ashley's ass and it's a fine one. There's some fingering of her backdoor and P2M that evolves into a 69. Cut to a pounding in RC shot from the floor. Spoon is next and gives us another nice view of Ashley's body. She has some love handles but they look really good. Cut to an up and over mish with deep penetration as Pete nails her into the couch. He tries to finger an orgasm again, then does her doggystyle. Ashley seems to have a couple of orgasms as Pete keeps changing the angles. He positions her on her knees to receive the splooge. Open mouth facial that leaves Ms. Ashley even prettier than before. PCH to the fade.
Not surprisingly, no anal. There's a lot of nice energy and definite chemistry between the two. A very good way to start things off.
Mr. Pete is back and he has Jada Fire and Jasmine Byrne on his lap. I don't even have to say what a lucky bastard he is. He says it for me. These women generate pure heat and there's kissing all around. Jada goes down on Pete, then holds it for Jasmine to suck. Pete finds Jasmine's asshole and fingers the lovely rosebud. Some gagging and glugging by the hot tamale and Jada gets back on the stick while her friend gets her phat pussy eaten. Pete looks like someone stuck a steel rod in his trouser snake and calls on the girls to converge on some cock. He picks Jasmine up for some aerial debauchery as Jada tries to stick her head in the union. Jada actually starts to get herself off, and when things get a little loud, Pete drops Jasmine and has Jada climb on the cock in RC. Jasmine lends a hand as Jada throws down on the dick. Jasmine licks his balls while Jada rocks the cock. P2OGM and Jada grabs Jasmine for some lez smooching. Jasmine does some humping on Jada which doesn't make for a great penetration shot but is hot as hell. She sucks the cock and eats some pussy, then sneaks Pete's dick into Jada's ass. Jasmine mounts Jada's face, then goes back to sucking anything she can get her tongue on. A2OGM, then a cut to the girls stacked in a back to back piledriver. Pete goes from Jasmine's pussy to Jada's ass. Reverse piledriver in Jada's pussy, then ass. He slides into Jasmine's pussy and she asks to be choked. Cut to spoon with Jasmine, Jada doing some ball lapping and fingering her friend's clit. Pete has them get into a 69, then buggers top girl Jada. He's living one of my top fantasies now. That's as much as Pete, or any man, can take, and he has the girls face to face for a ball blast that they share. The girls make out to the fade with some knowing glances at the camera.
While it's a surprise that Jasmine didn't give up the booty, she was a supreme helper and raised the heat on this scene to the max. Jada seemed more energized than usual and nobody was left out of anything throughout.
Pint sized Lori Alexia, wearing a teal unitard, is admiring and playing with herself in a full length mirror. Just her looks alone are getting me crazy. This girl is a tight bodied goddess. She gets to play with two very large hardons as Mark Ashley and Marco Duato ply her flesh. A tandem bj leaves these guys rock hard and Lori wants to fuck. Mark eats some ass from behind as he prepares to put the wood on this beauty. Somehow Marco gets first pussy as they put Lori on the rotisserie. She laughs when Marco needs a pullout to compose himself. Her drool envelopes Mark's cock. He likes it nasty and Lori responds in kind. Cut to CG with Ashley. Her pussy is creaming and she can't do anything with Marco's cock while rocking and swirling on Mark. They may be getting paid for this but this shit is turning real. Lori's driving things with some hot talk and driving the guys crazy. Cut to Marco lickin' it before stickin' it in mish. Ashley replaces him and sings the praises of her dripping wet cunt. He uses his magic fingers to finish off an orgasm and gets back to feeding her pussy some cock while Marco shoves his in Lori's mouth. RC on the Spaniard and he's still having problems with her tight twat, so Lori makes it even worse by grinding on him. She does an ice cream cone impression on Mark's dick and a cut to the rotisserie position again. Mark digs out her pussy and Lori responds by backing that ass up that should have caused some spillage. After a little more banging Mark needs a pullout of his own. Lori gets a nice laugh out of that. Cut to Lori double fisting their cocks as they cum on her chin and torso. She sucks what she can out of the spent guns to end the scene.
Lori was smokin'. A beautiful woman who enjoys fucking and making guys crazy with her body.
The eye candy factor stays high with Pink. She's pretty, and thick, with lovely skin. The olive drab two piece she's wearing on the cover disappears pretty fast. She squats and fingers herself, then finds herself in the clutches of Mark Davis. There is a slight facial resemblence to Kitten, so Mark must feel right at home with Pink pulling on his pud. He fingers her hot slot and feeds the taste to the turned on cutie. Pink squats and engulfs his manhood, giving Mark some nice looks to keep it personal. When he's laying back on the couch and Pink's bent at the waist, she manages a couple of deep excursions to the short hairs. Before some muff diving, Mark eats some toe. Clit tonguing has Pink moaning and squirming. Pussy fingering gets her off. A ripe and ready Pink gets hammered in mish. P2M, and a cut to doggy anal. Mark works it slow as Pink has some trouble accommodating his size. She's game, and even affectionate, but there's not much slide at first. A2M and cut to a CG anal insertion. Pink does the driving and gets some nice short strokes going. RCA is more of the same. Another A2M, then a mish anal that has her ass opened good. That's all for Mark as Pink scrambles to her knees to take his offering on her tongue, then play with the spent cock.
One to grow on for Pink. She managed the anal after awhile but it brought the heat down watching her struggle at first.
The final scene unfolds on Hypnotiq's lovely derriere. The camera travels up a sumptuous body adorned in lime green. Hypnotiq pulls out her impressive mammaries to play with for us. Marco gets another shot at a chocolate treat here and starts off with some kissing and manhandling of the lovely assets. He sucks her tits, the tootsie roll tips standing proud. Every inch of her body needs touching, then Hypnotiq adjourns to a blue couch and has Marco's manhood in her face. Hypnotiq works the stick mostly shallow, but has a sense of adventure and tries to impale her throat a couple of times. Marco pulls her panties down and bends Hypnotiq over for some worship before going straight to the "A" in doggy. She gets into it right away and implores Marco not to stop as he fights to find a comfortable position. Up and over seems to do it for both of them and a reach around has Hypnotiq moaning. After a generous reaming, A2M. RCA follows with a resounding flesh slapping, hard ride. Her tits are swirling lewdly and her hips are grinding on the cock. Hypnotiq cums from the anal invasion and declares that it felt good. She keeps bouncing, swirling and grinding, then tastes the ass off of Marco's cock. CG anal gives us a view of another amazing ass filled with cock. The way this girl buries the bone back there you'd have a hard time convincing me she doesn't like it. She just continues to work it in and around her inner sanctum for one of the best anal rides I've seen in awhile. They move to anal spoon and Hypnotiq's asking for it deep. Cut from the spearing of her chocolate starfish to Hypnotiq on the floor, mouth open, taking all of Marco's load down her gullet.
Normally I feel that ass should be earned but Hypnotiq wouldn't be denied. That's where she wanted it. Hot scene to end the video.

Bonus Scene from Biggz and the Beauties Vol. 9

Mr. Biggz has the stunning Lucy Thai working his cock into her throat. He's choking the base trying to make it look hard. Answer me this: Was Biggz gay for pay or str8 for pay? Times like this it's hard to determine. Lucy Thai would make a dead man hard. She makes it nasty with lots of slobber and Biggz says he likes it that way but still no starch in his joint. Lucy strips and there's a cut to semi-hard Biggz poking the back of her throat with his long shlong. He takes a lick of pussy and buries the now workable monster in mish. Houston we have ignition. Lucy squirms around on his cock and shows him her ass in a sideways turn. He takes advantage with a few spanks. Back in mish, he nails her to the couch with some deep stroking. He decides to back off and eat out her sweet pussy, then a cut to doggy. He pulls her up for standing doggy and raises her leg so we can see one of the great bodies being probed by an alien life form. Back to mish, Lucy is spread eagle and coating Biggz' cock. He's sliding in deep enough to make me wonder if she even has a cervix. He's having control problems and the pace has died. Lucy asks if he wants to cum all over her pretty face. Slow pullout and Biggz is oozing his seed out over her mouth, chin and chest. PCH to end the scene.
It's rare for Biggz not to disappoint me. He's too cool for the room and remains uninvolved with Lucy for the entire scene. Being big isn't enough to make this more than a very average scene.
Epilogue I'm not sure I understand why NS/DS is making so many of their videos collaborative efforts, but it worked here. The visual styles were interesting, although it would have been better if they were all using the same format. The way it's presented makes it look like a compilation instead of a coherent piece. The women kicked ass. They were beautiful and committed. The fucking was spirited, even in Pink's difficult anal scene. I was impressed by Ms. Ashley. She certainly made me want to see more of her as her career unfolds. Jada and Jasmine kicked ass and lent credibility to Mr. Pete's declaration about being a lucky bastard. Lori Alexia has something that just turns me into a blubbering fool and she seemed to have the same effect on Marco. Pink is beautiful and is getting a lot of justified work these days. This was probably shot early in her fledgling career. Hypnotiq hasn't gotten as much love and respect as I think she deserves, but if she keeps putting in scenes like this, that should change. The strange thing about watching her is that her face is so passive while her body's working overtime. And that's some ripe body, too. A good video and a series to keep an eye on.
The Disk The bonus scene, photo gallery, trailers, Pick Your Pleasure (breaking the video down by sex act), and a BTS that consists of interviews with Hypnotiq, Lori Alexia and Ms. Ashley where they all confirm the notion that they love to fuck.
Recommendation Anybody interested in the genre will find a lot to like about this video. It's worth at least a rental.

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