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Saki Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) 3 starsDinner Party, The (Ultimate) 3 starsDinner Party, The (Ultimate) 3 stars
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Dinner Party, The (Ultimate)

Dinner Party, The (Ultimate)

Studio: Ultimate
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Dinner Party, The (Ultimate):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Dinner Party, The (Ultimate) A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/16/2003

Running Time: 90 min.

Production Date: October, 1994

Director: Cameron Grant

Cast: Celeste, Kaylan Nicole, Crystal Gold (listed as Catalina here), Debi Diamond, Jenna Jameson (who’s still listed as Daisy here), Asia Carrera, Juli Ashton, Misty Rain, Diva, Yvonne, Jewel Night, Kylie Ireland, Tammy Parks, Norma Jeane, Vanessa Chase, Randy West, Marc “Dick O Death” Wallice, Steve Drake, Nick East, Sean Michaels, Frank Towers, Gerry Pike, Vince Voyeur, and Mark Davis

Initial Expectations: I’ve heard great things about this feature and lousy things about this DVD. I’m both excited and scared to see it.

Initial Reaction: Although the technical aspects suck, the movie is extremely hot!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes artistic and varied sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants decently done technical aspects

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is extremely muddy. There isn’t a lot of dialogue, but much of the dialogue was very hard for me to understand. The video also lacks incredibly. The Dinner Party was shot on film, but it looks beyond grainy here. It also looks muddy. It’s well lit with few shadows, but just looks like it wasn’t given the treatment it deserves.

Music: The music is very sexy, which is par for the course with Cameron Grant. It’s often the only audio or drowns out the audio from the stars almost completely. This gives the scenes a very sexy but soft feeling that sometimes helps the scenes and sometimes hurts them.

Disc Problems / Complaints: There’s no time stamp for the feature, which always ticks me off. I won’t complain about it much here because first, this was one of Adam & Eve’s first DVDs, if not their very first. They have included quite a few chapter stops throughout the movie, which seems to make up for it in my mind when they were dealing with new technology.

Menus: The menus are more than a little plain, but if I recall correctly, this was also the very first DVD Adam & Eve ever released. The main menu is bland and unanimated while the chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a still of each scene.

The Feature: The Dinner Party works on a very simple premise. Steve Drake is the head of a house where elaborate dinner parties are held. Rather than discussing things like politics or who’d win a stock car race between Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Jose Feleciano, they share their sexual fantasies. Sometimes the fantasies involve themselves, and sometimes they involve others. In each case, the person gives a short lead-in before things switch over to the fantasy.

Cowboys Marc “Dick O Death” Wallice and Nick East ride up to fulfill Kaylan Nicole’s fantasy in the first scene. Kaylan squats on Nick’s face and then fucks him while sucking off Marc. The guys trade places, and finally hose her chest and stomach down with spunk.

This scene did next to nothing for me. It’s extremely quick and didn’t have much heat. As short as it is, however, it does feel like a complete scene rather than just feeling like a tease. The ending is easily one of the best parts in the scene, simple because Kaylan looks so cock hungry as she works Nick up to his pop.

Randy West tells about his fantasy next, which leads to Juli Ashton and Tammy Parks teaming up in the kitchen. They start out making something, but the food gets another sweet tooth going. They play a little with the food a little before Tammy pours milk across the front of Juli’s dress. Tammy stays in control, making Juli bend over and rubbing what looks like cookie dough across her ass, spanking her, fingering her ass, and rubbing her funbags into Juli’s ass. The milk comes out again, as Tammy pours it over Juli’s ass while playing with her pussy. They move up onto the counter, so they can play with each other’s pussy, and pour a little more goodies on themselves before finishing with a little kissing.

This is a very hot scene with great chemistry! There’s a lot of fun here and it’s obvious that the girls are having a great time. Everything about this scene shows why this film has been held in such high regard and why so many people follow Cameron Grant’s films.

Crystal Gold’s fantasy is next, where she takes on Vince Voyeur in a four post bed. Crystal starts out caressing herself as she rolls around in tasteful and simple white lingerie before Vince, who’s long flowing hair and loose white cotton clothes make me wonder if he was trying to imitate Fabio if he was a pirate, joins her. They kiss passionately and work their way across each other’s body before Crystal climbs up to ride Vince reverse cowgirl style. They get a little missionary work in as well before Vince decorates Crystal’s face with his dick droppings.

This is a pretty hot scene! Crystal looks amazing here and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Vince look as good as he does here. The scene is very soft and romantic, and although the music is the only audio, it seems to have quite a bit of passion in it. I’m sure this scene will be a bit too soft for many people, but I really enjoyed it.

Mark Davis’ fantasy is next, which places him with Yvonne and Kylie Ireland. Mark starts out in a shower before he’s joined by Yvonne. They explore each other a little before Yvonne drops down to suck Mark’s manhood, at which point they’re joined by Kylie. After a little kissing Kylie helps Yvonne as well as eating Mark from behind. He gives Kylie the first fuck, picking her up to nail her in mid-air, before giving it to Yvonne from behind. Finally, the girls share a nice facial.

This is an okay scene. Once it gets to the fucking it’s pretty hot, but before that point the water effects hide so much that it seemed like a extreme tease. I don’t mind teases, but this one just seemed to go on way too long and showed way too little. It wasn’t until the fucking started that you could really recognize either of the ladies, and after that the camera moved around so much that you couldn’t see everybody’s reactions along with what they were doing at once. It’s very artistic, and sadly that held back a lot of the scene for me.

Celeste’s fantasy is next, where she takes on Misty Rain and Debi Diamond in a fetish-styled doctor’s office. Nurse Misty escorts Debi, who looks like she was the widow in a funeral, back to an examination table and has her put her feet up in the stirrups for Dr. Celeste. The so bad she’s good Celeste sees what a bad girl Debi’s been right away after pulling her down on the table and gives her a large dildo that she pulls from one of the nearby cabinets. Celeste and Misty continue to work on Debi, and even use Celeste’s pearl necklace as anal beads for Debi. Celeste gets her turn next, letting Misty and Debi oil her up and work on her with dildos and their fingers. She shares a double dildo with Misty before the girls grind against each other and finish things up with a kiss.

This is an amazing scene and easily my favorite Cameron Grant scene that I’ve watched so far. There’s great energy and enjoyment throughout this scene, as well as plenty of kinkiness. There’s nothing overly nasty about the scene physically, but it has such as nasty feel to it that this is one of those scenes I can never get tired of and look forward to every time I see it in a compilation.

Country girl Vanessa Chase shares a fire with Steve Drake as he shares his campfire fantasy in the next scene. She gives him a little show of what he has in store by bending over with very ripped jeans on. Steve doesn’t seem to appreciate the tease and rips them open before helping her out of her clothes. He runs his hands all over her body before she starts to undress him and tames his spitting snake with her oral charms. Next they try to train it for a little mining work by sending it into two different deep dark holes to do a little work in several different positions. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to take since Steve’s snake throws up all over Vanessa’s asshole, perhaps due to the great heat that was occurring between them.

This is hot scene, which is nothing new with Vanessa! She and Steve work each other over extremely well throughout the scene, and keep the pace moving while also letting things build very well. Vanessa takes the anal like a champ, and does so to the point that I’m surprised I don’t hear her name mentioned more even today. This scene is just another reason that shows so well just how well Cameron Grant put this feature together.

Jenna Jameson and Diva take on Frank Towers in the next scene. The girls, both of whom are wearing fetishwear, bring Frank down in front of an open furnace where Diva spanks him and Jenna uses him as a horse. Frank also gets his wedding tackle wrapped up with a string and his back flogged before the girls give him any oral pleasure. The focus quickly shifts to Jenna, who in the middle gets plenty of attention for her pussy from Diva’s tongue and Frank’s cock, which the girls finally stroke to a disappointing dribbly pop.

This is a nicely done and artistic scene, but sadly the heat dies at the sad pop. Up until then, this scene smokes! This is one of Jenna’s earliest scenes, and you can see the inklings of a superstar in her even here. She plays very well with both Diva and Frank, and turns this into one heck of a ball draining scene!

Businesswoman Asia Carrera stumbles across grungy construction worker Gerry Pike hosing himself down in another of Randy West’s fantasies. Throwing dry cleaner instructions to the wind she has him hose her white dress suit down, which she rapidly breaks open to allow him easy access to all her naughty parts. He eats her pussy as she stands on a ladder and then lets her come down to suck his cock with her much drooled over oral style. Eventually she turns her backside to him, allowing him to fuck her from behind and then hopping on to ride him reverse cowgirl. Asia ends the scene by taking Gerry’s impressive pop on her pussy and stomach.

This is a very nice and artistic scene. It’s still very early in Asia’s career, which means that you can see Asia pretty much as she originally was rather than after all her enhancements (and I don’t mean that as a jab one way or the other because I’ve always thought Asia was one of the most beautiful stars out there). It’s a hot scene and has nice chemistry and a perfect pace to build up heat in a sensual and artistic manner.

Sean Michaels and Norma Jeane team up for the penultimate scene in a shared fantasy between Kaylan Nicole and Celeste. Sean and Norma are separated by a glass wall, and Norma strips down to tease Sean since she knows he can’t touch her. They lick and rub the glass between them until Sean finally blows his load against the glass leaving Norma to lick at it from the other side.

This is another amazing scene! Yes, it’s a huge tease, but it’s one of the hottest teases I think I’ve seen! Norma has a naughty little glint in her eye at the start that seems to say that she knows just what she’s doing and just what Sean can’t do, and Sean matches it with an amazing look of lust. This is a great scene!

Finally, everybody finishes things off with an orgy. Kaylan Nicole and Crystal Gold start things off with Mark Davis before Steve Drake joins them. Celeste, meanwhile, strips down and goes to work sucking Randy West’s cock. Steve and Kaylan quickly move off by themselves and the three couples work each other through a little oral love and a few positions without ever really interacting with the other couples. Celeste finishes things up taking Randy’s nutty goodness on her amazing chest, Kaylan takes Steve’s spooge on her stomach, and Crystal takes Mark’s man butter on her tits. Finally, kisses flow all around.

This is a great scene to finish things up with! After all the group telling each other sex stories all night it feels natural, and you can see that something’s built up between them. There’s great energy to the scene and everybody looks like they’re having an excellent time! I normally like a little interaction and swapping among the couples in group scenes like this, but the chemistry is so great in each of the couples here that I didn’t really care.

The Dinner Party is an amazing movie! Many people have complained about Cameron Grant being an Andrew Blake copycat, but when he can make movies as well as this I really don’t care! There were a few misfires for me, such as the opening scene with Kaylan Nicole, but there’s also Celeste’s fantasy with Misty Rain and Debi Diamond and the final scene with the group which are absolutely amazing! The Dinner Party does an amazing job of blending artistic vision with sex, and although it backfires a couple times, most of the time the two play off each other to strengthen each other. The Dinner Party is a meal worth savoring!

Extras: There’s a trailer for the movie.

Themes: Straight, group, lesbian, food, toys, fetishwear, interracial, rimming (male > female, female > female and female > male), anal, and masturbation

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

Overall: Currently, most of Adam & Eve’s Cameron Grant DVDs can be found online for between $5 and $22 with several stores offering them for under $10. Although the technical aspects sucks and there aren’t any extras, I can’t help but recommend this one at the very low end. For $5 there’s plenty of hot sex that’s well worth checking out! That said, I wouldn’t spend any more than that because the DVD really is poorly done.

Note to Adam & Eve: This feature deserves a DVD update!!!!

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