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Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet

Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet

Studio: Odyssey
Category:  Cumshots , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Draken's ratings for Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Different Strokes 4: Return To Drool Job Planet A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Draken  on  4/13/2002
Different Strokes 4 - Return to Drool Job Planet
Studio: Odyssey Group Video
Date of Production: 02-2000
Starring: Mova, Mia Domore, Zarina, Monique, Bobbi Bliss, Obsession, Jade Carlin, Elizabeth Starr, Sirena, Kayla and Lena Ramon

Before Viewing Expectations:
The cover art shows many thumbnails of facials and blow jobs giving one a good indication of the action which awaits the viewers. This movie features 11 women and according to the writeup on the back, they "can't control their spit and saliva" so this should be a wet, action filled movie.

The Action:
The first scene is called Drool Dreams. It opens with two women sitting around in lingerie eating fruit. One tells the other about a dream she had the night before. It involved four women who were sucking a cock. We fade out into a dream sequence where we get to see the action. A guy is laying on the floor, covered in cloth so all we see of him is his dick poking up. The four women are around him taking turns licking and sucking. At times, all four have their tounges on him at the same time. There are some impressive deep throats, as well as a lot of saliva. His rod is slicked up in no time. There seems to be another take around this point as the rod is suddenly dry. A bit more action on this guy, then we cut to another part of the dream. In this part, a guy is standing wearing only boxers. The women relieve him of his boxers and start chowing down. There is so much saliva flowing it is dripping off his cock and onto the breasts of the women. The camera doesn't venture above this guy's neck, staying focused on the women and the object of thier desire. The money shot here is easy to miss as it is in one of the girls mouth as she's sucking him. Another girl catches the saliva and cum on a plate. Once a fair amount has been collected, one of the women drinks it. I personally could have done without this part, but to each their own. Another guy shows up, perhaps the first guy, who gets blown for a few moments before cumming manually on one of the girls. The next dream features one girl and one guy, and some talented deep throating. This is followed by some face fucking, enough to make her mascara run and a manually induced facial. The third dream starts with a guy sitting in a broken lawn chair, two women blowing him and a thrid under the chair licking his ass. They switch around, he's licking a girls ass who is in the chair, and two are still blowing him. The women then line up on the couch and finger themselves as the guy eats them in turn then ass licks them also in turn. There is a bit of vaginal action before we see one girls first anal on film. This is followed by a four way suckathon. The guy cums manually on one girls face and in her mouth. Some of the girls swap spit and semen then a second guys shows up and cums manually on one girls face.

The next scene is called Tools and Drool. Two women are getting to know each other on a bed. There's a lot of saliva on each tits in no time at all. A guy appears behind them and they take turns servicing him. There's some deep throat action going on when a second guy shows up. They pair off into couples for a while, followed by one of the girls taking on both dicks in turn. They pair off again and head towards the money shots. One comes maually in her mouth, the other is sucked to orgasm.

Faithful Jade is the name of the next scene. We see Jade on the phone with her boyfriend saying she's faithful to him and would never cheat on him, all the while a guy is sucking on her nipples. The guy takes the phone and hangs it up while she inhales his cock. She seems to be distracted, as she's watching something off camera, not sure what. She also lacks the energy of the girls from the previous scenes. In an odd twist, suddenly she's brushing her teeth, letting the toothpaste foam dribble from her mouth onto her tits. She then turns the brush (an electric type toothbrush) on her nipples. She starts blowing him again and he cums manually on her face. She seems quite uncomfortable having his cum all over her face.

Starr Slime is the next scene and my god is this a trashy looking woman. She looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet. Way too much makeup on, and her tits are horrendous! She was certainly a turn-off for me, its no wonder why she isn't in any of the photos on the DVD case. She blows the cameraman, which gives us a first person perspective. He licks her pussy while she does a lot of dirty taking, some of it towards the audience. A bit of face fucking is followed by some tit fucking and finished off with a manual money shot into her mouth.

Next up is the Drooling Divas scene. Two women are sucking a black dildo attached to a plastic plate. They suck, drool and spit all over the thing until the plate is full of saliva. Thankfully, no, they didn't drink it. When the plate filled up, the women lined up on a bed and a guy went down on each in turn. They then take turns going down on the cameraman, for some more first person perspective shots. After a bit of face fucking, he cums manually on both faces as they are kissing each other.

Last up is the very short scene called Double Droolers. Two women are sucking a double ended dildo. One girl stops and lays below the other so she can catch the spit the other girl is dribbling off of the dildo. A guy enters the scene and goes down on one woman while the other goes down on him. He cums manually on both of their faces.

Audio, Video and Extras:
Only a few minor nits about the audio. In the background we can hear some talking and also some beeping from the still photo camera. Otherwise, the audio is good and at a decent level. All of the sucks and slurps are crisp and easy to hear. There are a few nits about the video as well. At times, one can see the flash of the still photo camera. There is one spot on where some artifacts are visable, and when I replayed that scene, it was repeatable. Lastly, one or two of the scenes wasn't as sharp as the rest, the video looked a bit muted and at times bright lights were refracting off the camera lens.

This DVD is pretty light on the features. There is the pretty much standard photo gallery and cast bios. Three previews of other films round out the list of extras.

This movie is all about the blow job. Very little else in included. It makes for a nice change of pace from the typical porno. And the camera stays focused on the action, rather then the faces made by the guys on the receiving end. All in all a good movie with a pretty high level of sexual energy that should please most viewers except those with an aversion to large quantities of saliva.

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