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Die Spermakonigin

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Die Spermakonigin

Studio: GGG
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Die Spermakonigin:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Die Spermakonigin overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Die Spermakonigin Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Die Spermakonigin Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Die Spermakonigin Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Die Spermakonigin Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Die Spermakonigin DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Die Spermakonigin A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  7/23/2003
Die Spermakönigin A Review by FacIan

Die Spermakönigin
Translation: The Queen of Sperm
Studio: GGG
Price: €27.5
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; Facial; Cream pie;
: Attached girl; Milk/yoghurt

Initial expectation
Cute girl on the cover: worth a try!

General comment
Interesting new style in this GGG, including spicy anal action. Worth a look but the main girl doesn't like cum. A serious handicap in a GGG, don't you think so?

Caution! As usual, I will describe every cumshot. That means that if you want to keep any surprise you might want to skip the details and only read the global conclusion and the conclusion about each scene. It's up to you pal!

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of the film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture is very good.
  • Sound Dubbed in German.
  • Menu: Play movie, Direct access to Cumshots. No bonus or trailer.
  • Chapters for each scene inside the movie + logical changes inside a chapter.


  • Time: 93' 41''
  • Scenes: 5
  • Girls: 2
  • Cum shots: 24 with 70% Good and Winners
    • Winner: 7 (=29%)
    • Good: 10
    • Forget: 7
  • Female orgasm: 0
  • GJ: 4


Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.
  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • Glue = Glue is a shortcut for a load which is white, thick and sticky. These are my favourites as you have something to see on the film.
  • Strong = A strong shot is the opposite of the usual "sperm is slowly getting out that cock to fall miserably down like if we had a look at an old leaking tap". I consider a strong shot as a better one!
  • Weak = opposite to strong. Doesn't mean that the volume is low or that it's watery. Just that it falls out from the cock instead of being thrown out strongly.
  • Jet or Wave = Well, you should know what I mean. A normal cum shot comes in few "jets".
  • Decorator or Decoration: A Decorator is a guy that doesn't target the mouth of the girl but instead targets her face. That leads to a Decoration made by a Decorator
  • RH = Reverse Head = The head of the girl is for instance out of the bed and usually the guy cum on her face but as she has her chin up and forehead down the gravity makes the cum dripping along her face toward the eyes instead of the chin.


  • Cover Blonde: this blonde is attractive and she owns a pair of tits that boobs lover will definitely want to see. Otherwise she is having a slim and tall body. She is not disappointing from what we see on the cover!
  • A brunette: Cute for what we can see.
  • The not-so-wild bunch


Scene1: This is the first GGG I see starting with a voice on the background. This is supposed to be the blonde of the cover speaking. What does she say? Cannot tell you! I actually do not care as I think it is silly. The voice is dubbing the real girl when the actress is obviously saying nothing. Let me turn the sound off! Mr. Thompson, you've got good ideas recently. I am sorry to tell you that this one is not good at all. You're just wasting your money!
So, this blonde is attractive and she owns a pair of tits that boobs lover will definitely want to see. Otherwise she is having a slim and tall body. She is not disappointing from what we see on the cover! If her tits are fake, then it is a real good work. I hate that we cannot trust anyone about that these days!...
Once with a cock in her mouth she is quite convincing. I also like her red nails on the cock.
Timer: 10'
[...] The 2 guys in charge are removing her panties (a black transparent body). Once naked, they have access to her pussy and a third guy can taste it while she is still standing up.
There is something new in this film: the guys are not wearing masks to hide their faces. Is it still a GGG? Dubbed sound and no more anonymous males!...
Anyway, she can now sit on a cock in RCG on a chair; a standard for GGG. There is some new camera work in doggy as we get close-ups on her red nails, her tits, etc. A try to make it more erotic I suppose.
With such tits, one have to try some tit-fucking. Well done, she is using her mouth as a spicy complement. This tit-fucking is lasting a while and is well captured. In a GGG, I would even like to see it going to completion. Unfortunately, it will not be the case! Unfortunate, I tell you!
Timer 22' 17''
[...] Standing doggy with plenty of in/out. Did I mention that her pussy is hairy? It is under control, no problem, but it is surprising for a GGG.
It is now time for the cumshots session! She is lying on her back on a bed, mouth open.
CS#1: Slow motion for this watering can-like shot. Drops of cum a bit everywhere. What is reaching her face and mouth is making her the effect of being reached by toxic waste. Too bad! No need at all to have a slow motion if it is to watch that! F
CS#2: Slow motion again. This time, the first wave is landing right onto her eye making a thick line from eyelid to cheek through nose. Then the other ones are reaching the tip of her tongue. By the way, I have to say that her tongue is extremely active and agile, like looking for sperm out of her mouth. She is not reluctant to give a post-cum head. Close-up and slow motion on her sticky face. It is much better. Winner
CS#3: Slow motion for this sticky but weak delivery painting her cheek and chin. The guy is correcting the result by pushing the sperm toward her mouth with his cock. G
CS#4: Decent load on the tip of her tongue, filling her mouth. Her lips are almost white of cum.G
Timer 32' 55
[...] A girl coming from nowhere is arriving and spitting a mouthful of milk/yoghurt into the blonde's mouth! Sorry but this is another bad idea for this film. It looks disgusting and it is killing the whole heat! What's wrong with you Mr. Thompson? Somebody new behind the camera?
Rate: 2.5 out of 5. Nothing really convincing in this scene. It could be worse but this is not an excuse!
Timer: 28' 43''  Scene#1 Summary: 2.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
1 2 1 4 0 Average

Scene2: New stuff! A cute chestnut hair is attached with chains from wrist and even with a collar. What is that going to be?
We still have this stupid voice on the background. Never mind!
During the pussy licking session letting us discover a fully yesterday shaved shell, we have the surprise to see a finger in the ass of this cute girl. What? Are we going anal? I think so considering the way the camera insists on this finger taking her tight hole. The camera angle is surprising but quite hot, letting us see every detail of her pussy at the same time. Very close close-up!
So, the guy is now taking her pussy in standing doggy (I remind you that she is attached). We haven't seen her face well so far but when we do, we discover a regular round face. She is looking good.
Timer: 41'
CS#1: GJ! The guy is simply getting out of her pussy and cums onto it. He then goes back into her making a mess with the cum. The delivery is not that heavy but the result is very well captured! G
[..] A guy is coming trying to take her ass directly. He is too soft and cannot manage to make his way. Another one is replacing him with a better tool and is filling her backdoor.
CS#2: GJ! Same idea is #1: after a few moves, he is unloading onto her asshole before going back and fucking her again for a while. G
CS#3: GJ! In her ass again but this time the delivery is made inside her ass. This is obviously an anal cream pie. She is then pushing the cum out making bubbles. I am not sure that only cum went out of this ass!... :-( G
CS#4: A big tool is working in her ass again. The most surprising is the way the camera is capturing the action. You almost feel it! Also someone is coming from the other side and is spreading her tight pussy making a shiny pink spot in the middle of the screen. He is also cumming onto her ass before going back. This is a mess. G
  A guy is taking her ass again but doesn't shoot anything.
CS#5: GJ! This one is rather going into her pussy. Fair enough! Same as #1. G
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. This scene is a big surprise! First of all it contains anal sex which is more than rare in a GGG. Number 2 it is very well captured and they manage to create a pretty nasty atmosphere. It is not in the speed of the fuck or the size of the cock but in the angle of the camera and the nearly cream pie deliveries. It is nasty and surprising. My main concern is about the quality of the cumshots. All were weak and mainly poor volume. Next time, let's hope for real GGG like cumshots. Where is the wild bunch?
Duration: 13' 48''  Scene#2 Summary: 4.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy/asshole Girls' behaviour
0 5 0 0 5 Good

Scene3: The main blonde is now wearing a very orange dress in shiny material. The camera is insisting a lot on her very big tits. She is giving HJs before riding a cock in squatting CG on a chair. I still like the camera work which is in the spirit of a GGG but with a new touch. Good!
This girl is having nice legs and the contrast between her body and the size of her tits is really surprising. It highlights her tits even more. I cannot say if they are real or not but at least if they are not it is well done.
Doggy and RCG are following. She looks more inspired than previously.
The girl from scene #2 is now joining the couple. She is licking the blonde's tits and pussy. It is too much for the camera and there is a lack of enthusiasm here. Still, the camera work is good with hot takes like girl#2's legs in black stockings. The girl girl action is less convincing than the one we had in Die Sperma Belohnung with Kathy. The camera work is better but the heat lower. And the fake moaning by the background voice doesn't help!!!! So, it definitely makes this girl/girl scene too long!
Rate: 2 out of 5. Bored! These girls are bored and so are we!
Duration: 9' 35''  Scene#3 Summary: 2
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
0 0 0 0 0 Boring

Scene4: No sex action for this scene. We jump directly to the blonde, eyes closed on her back, waiting for a money shot.
CS#1: Very sticky shot right into her mouth. She doesn't appreciate and spits the cum now dripping along her chin. Junior Winner
CS#2: Same kind of glue shot into her mouth and onto her upper lip. She still doesn't like it. The camera angle is so-so. G
CS#3: Nice delivery making white line on her tongue and chin which is now full of sticky cum. She is getting a line of sperm on her nose as well. Shall I mention that she doesn't like it? A technical Winner but her behaviour is killing the heat.
CS#4: All these guys are delivering glue or what? This one is painting her face again with sticky cum. The camera is late! Her face is really messy! G
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. Cumshots quality: 5. Girl's behaviour: 1. A 3.5 is well paid!
Duration: 2' 34''  Scene#1 Summary: 3.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
2 2 0 4 0 Terrible


Our cover girl is in the middle of a bunch of about 12 guys. After a boring BJ session reminding me Red Light District's Gang Bang 1, she is then wearing a blinder, lying on her back. Is this the answer to her reluctant behaviour under the rain? It might be! We will see! But first of all she is getting fucked in mish still wearing the blinder. Enough!
When the boring game is over, we are arriving to the final scene. She is keeping her blinder for the money shots. Will this be any good? Let's see!

CS#1: 6 strong jets across her face but very few is reaching her. She is spitting but doesn't pull terrible faces. F
CS#2: Exactly the same but from the other side! F
CS#3: A squirrel in action! F
CS#4: Honest sticky load onto/into her mouth. At last some result! G
CS#5: Same from the other side. Not really a winner in itself but the result combined with the previous one is definitely a Winner. Her mouth is fully covered with glue-like cum.
[...] Hell! The other one is coming with her bloody yoghurt! Whoever got this idea should be fired straight away!!
CS#6: Nice shot carefully targeted into her mouth and as carefully immediately spitted by the above mouth! F
CS#7: The cameraman was thinking about what he'll do when his job is over and the delivery man was not inspired. F.
[...] The other girl, the one from scene 2, is back and is licking the cum from the blonde's neck.
CS#8: After a heavy load falling down right into the blonde's open mouth, the brunette is immediately giving a good post-cum head. Junior Winner
CS#9: Wow! She is getting her mouth filled again by this generous donator. Winner
CS#10: Good delivery over blonde's mouth but then she is also getting the still hard cock in her mouth for the post-cum head. The nice thing of this is the brunette licking the cum from the blonde's blown out cheek because of the cock inside her mouth. Do you get the picture? Pretty rare one actually! Interesting combination. Winner
CS#11: Sticky on her mouth but no visible result. F
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. The blinder was obviously helping a lot but the general quality of the scene is not that good anyway. make the brunette the main girl and we should get a much better result!
Timer: 93' 41''  Scene#1 Summary: 3.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
4 1 6 11 0 Not very good

There is obviously a new try in this film for a GGG collection. My feeling is that we have a new team behind the camera. This teams sounds good to me and I'd be interested in seeing the next work they'll make. Also, the anal action in scene 2 was an interesting spice for a GGG. Well captured by the camera, the mix of cream pie and cum on pussy or ass was good but unfortunately a bit weak in cumshot quality. Let's see what they can do from here but it is quite promising.
Saying that, I have to say that I am really disappointed by other points. What the hell is this stupid dubbed sound? It is not even well done! You want to cut the sound? Then replace it by something not disturbing! This one was so bad that I had to turn it almost off. Also, who has suggested the idea of the milk stuff? If you find him or her tell him that next time he should shut up!
Now, what about the girls? The blonde is obviously attractive but in the wrong collection. I make myself clear: I do not blame her for not liking sperm in her mouth. After all, she really doesn't have to. But can you tell me why she is in a GGG? Did someone tell her about the collection? I really feel sorry for her all the way long. They should have chosen the brunette as the main girl of the film. She has never been reluctant at all and everywhere she added some heat.

My global rate for the movie is 3 out of 5. Interesting new style. I think there is a good potential in this film but unfortunately with the wrong model. I have to remind you that the anal action in scene 2 looks like something plenty of anal amateurs would want to see. The main reason to get this film is definitely scene 2.

Have fun!

The screen shots are here.

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