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Die Sperma Belohnung

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Die Sperma Belohnung

Studio: GGG
Category:  Cumshots , Foreign
Directed by:

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Die Sperma Belohnung:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Die Sperma Belohnung overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Die Sperma Belohnung Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Die Sperma Belohnung Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Die Sperma Belohnung Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Die Sperma Belohnung Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Die Sperma Belohnung DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Die Sperma Belohnung A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  6/2/2003
Die Sperma Belohnung A Review by FacIan

Die Sperma Belohnung
Translation: The Sperm reward
Studio: GGG
Price: €27.5
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Facial; Cum covered face; Cum swallowing
: Stockings; Suspenders;

Initial expectation
Eventually a GGG with Kathy as a main character. I could not miss that!!!

General comment
Kathy is a very positive, and therefore attractive girl. Every time I have seen her in a film she was improving the scene. This is why I had to check this film!
I am not disappointed at all! She is as cute as she can be nasty; Maybe too nasty for me at some point considering what she is doing with cum, but many of you will love it!

Caution! As usual, I will describe every cum shot. That means that if you want to keep any surprise you might want to skip the details and only read the global conclusion and the conclusion about each scene. It's up to you pal!

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of the film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture is very good.
  • Sound is direct and in German.
  • Menu: Play movie, Interview and Cumshots. There is a Bonus access which is nothing else that the trailers. Call them as you want, I do not consider that as a bonus!
  • Chapters for each scene inside the movie + logical changes inside a chapter.


  • Time: 84' 16''
  • Scenes: 4
  • Girls: 2
  • Cum shots: 26 with 88% Good and Winners
    • Winner: 13 (=50%)
    • Good: 10
    • Forget: 3
  • Female orgasm: Maybe


Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.
  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • Glue = Glue is a shortcut for a load which is white, thick and sticky. These are my favourites as you have something to see on the film.
  • Strong = A strong shot is the opposite of the usual "sperm is slowly getting out that cock to fall miserably down like if we had a look at an old leaking tap". I consider a strong shot as a better one!
  • Weak = opposite to strong. Doesn't mean that the volume is low or that it's watery. Just that it falls out from the cock instead of being thrown out strongly.
  • Jet or Wave = Well, you should know what I mean. A normal cum shot comes in few "jets".
  • Decorator or Decoration: A Decorator is a guy that doesn't target the mouth of the girl but instead targets her face. That leads to a Decoration made by a Decorator
  • RH = Reverse Head = The head of the girl is for instance out of the bed and usually the guy cum on her face but as she has her chin up and forehead down the gravity makes the cum dripping along her face toward the eyes instead of the chin.


  • Kathy: a lovely blonde with a great smile, warm grey eyes and a very attractive body. She is the owner of one of the nicest butt I've seen so far.
  • Manu: a very cute brunette with attractive smile and multiple piercings.
  • The wild bunch


Scene1: Kathy is, with Maria, one of my favourite GGG girls. Everywhere I have seen her, she was improving the heat in the scene. You can have a look at: Ich brauch Sperma!!! scene 2; Sperma fur mich da? scene 4; Schlucken macht Spaß scene 2 and Blond und Vollgespritzt scene 4.
Kathy is a lovely blonde with a great smile, warm grey eyes and a very attractive body. Have a look at her perfect butt and you wonder why you still did not call GGG to register for participating. Who wouldn't want to hold her bee waist above her perfect rounded butt? Otherwise, you have to know that she has nice but small tits, but I don't mind and it matches well her slim feminine body.
The interview at the beginning of this film is, I think, not showing Kathy under her best angle. Maybe they have used a wide angle for the lens. For portraits, only short telephoto lens will highlight the charm of a cute face. Anyway, I have to admit that I am disappointed. Kathy is still smiling nicely but she used to look better. On the other hand, the presentation is made against a white background and this is making a very good quality picture. As Kathy is wearing sexy lingerie, it is highlighting her great body. She also has a sexy voice and I like listening to her whispering in front of the camera. All in all, it is not a bad session. Maybe her hairdressing is not that great, I don't know...
Timer: 5'
[...] To start the action, Kathy is dealing with Mr. Big Cock. If you remember well, she is a great oral performer and she is keen on deep throats. It is not Mr. Big Tool who will prevent her from taking it deep in her mouth. I like very much her positive behaviour. It is not easy but she is trying her best.
Kathy is wearing black stockings and a set of black underwear. She is looking very good like this. The BJ session is lasting for long and she is taking her time to perform balls sucking and even ass licking. I am not a fan but at least nobody is forcing her to practice that, which is what I mainly hate in this action usually.
Timer 13' 30''
[...] After this long BJ, it is time for some more concrete action. A mish on the table will be a good way to start. Listening to her, I have the feeling that she is somehow enjoying the action, The atmosphere is friendly and hot. Kathy still has a nice body with a lovely bald pussy with nearly no inner lips.
Soon another guy is coming, taking her pussy. This one, unlike Mr. Big Appendix is unable to last for long.
CS#1: Shot on her tummy and pussy. So watery that there is nothing to look at! He is getting back in her warm pussy after completion. F
  Great! One of the things I like the most with Kathy is looking at her riding a cock in squatting CG or RCG. She is very active and she seems to get into the action very well. Also, such a nice butt moving on a cock is obviously a nice spectacle. She is one of the best cock-rider I've seen! By the way, without guarantee, I think she is getting or is close to get an orgasm like this. At least she is looking like she enjoys.
After a short break where she is drinking water, she is taking place, kneeling on the floor with a a black plate to gather the cum.
CS#2: Good start making 2 nice spots of cum on her upper lip. G
CS#3: Very heavy glue load on her upper lip but also a lot in her mouth. Winner
CS#4: Decorator. This one is clearly shooting on her forehead. Messy but a bit watery. G
CS#5: 5 heavy waves of glue into her mouth. She is keeping it in mouth letting us looking at the level of white cum. Winner
CS#6: Another heavy one mostly in her mouth, increasing the level of sperm over there. G
CS#7: Heavy waves of sperm onto her cheek, dripping along and falling onto the plate. Winner
[...] Kathy's technique consists in keeping the cum in mouth without swallowing or spitting. This doesn;t help her to breath and she has to cough a bit.
CS#8: A main wave onto her upper lip. G
CS#9: In the plate. F
[...] Kathy really has a mouth full of cum. I am wondering how she can manage that. Other girls would have swallowed or spitted. But at that point, she has to do something. Because of the bloody plate, she is spitting into it. Nasty!
CS#10: Difficult to make any difference with such a mess! G
[...] Kathy is mixing the cum in her plate and ...swallows it! Amazing! As this is not enough, there is some more and she is gargling with it before swallowing again.
CS#11: A few strong jets hitting her face and her mouth. Winner
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. A great scene with a great girl! Kathy is sexy and watching her is a pleasure. Why not 5? I don't know, there is a little something missing here!
Timer: 28' 43''  Scene#1 Summary: 4
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
4 5 2 10 1 Excellent

Scene2: Kathy is now taking care of another blonde/red hair girl. They both look very sexy with their black nice quality stockings and suspenders. But no doubt: the active one is Kathy again. The other girl is a bit shy and not doing much! They masturbate, 69, etc. Unfortunately, Kathy is not receiving any serious attention. This might be the reason why Kathy is now using a strap dildo to fuck the other girl! It is the first I see in a GGG. Kathy is still looking very sexy and the other girl seem to be responding to that.
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. I cannot say that this scene contains very hot action but I have not been bored at all!
Timer: 36' 15''  Scene#2 Summary: 3.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
0 0 0 0 0 Okay


Kathy is back with a sexy red top, white stockings and above all: her enthusiasm. She is dealing again with the lucky Mr. Big Tool. Long BJ, ass licking and deepthroating. Let's enjoy again a squatting CG ride! Hurray!! She is enjoying as well and this is even better!
In doggy, the guy is playing with her asshole and she seems to enjoy very much again. Any will to go further? Why not?
All in all, this sex session is pretty hot! The atmosphere is slowly getting harder and a bit tough. Kathy is very hot like this.

Timer: 51' 20''
[...] Sitting on the floor against the "bed", Kathy is waiting for the cumshots. She is looking a bit tired.
CS#1: Thick glue but a bit everywhere. Only part of it is reaching her face, making white spots on her mouth. G
CS#2: GJ! After fucking her mouth carefully, he is shooting his white glue in her mouth and over her face. It is sticking on her cheek, corner lips and on her tongue. Winner
CS#3: Another delivery of sticky fat glue, covering the space all around her mouth, with of course, some waves landing in her mouth. Winner
CS#4: Wow! 2 strong jets of glue making 2 white line right in the middle of her face, from forehead to tip of her nose. The perfect complement to the previous shots! Winner
[...] At this point, Kathy's face is full of very sticky cum making her face very hot to look at. I tell you: you want to see that!
CS#5: After a strong jet across her eye, making a slim line of little white drops from hair to side of her nose through eyebrow and eyelid, the rest of the load is delivered in her mouth. Winner
  Kathy is now playing a lot with the cum in her mouth. Then, she is swallowing!
Rate: 5 out of 5. Hot Kathy! After a nice sex session, Kathy is getting a set of very good cumshots. This is a very good scene!
Timer: 54' 01''  Scene#3 Summary: 5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
4 1 0 5 0 Excellent

Scene4: Hmmmm. Another nice set of laces and lingerie worn by Kathy and another cute brunette. Pleasure of the eyes!... Thank you very much Mr. Thompson for listening to me/us! Kathy is in black and the brunette is in white.
I think that the second girl is the one we have seen in Schluck und sei still!. She is the one with the piercing in tongue. I think that her name is Manu. By the way, she is having another piercing in pussy as well. The 2 girls are having some fun but Kathy is still leading the action. In the same time, she is getting fucked by a male. The brunette is also soon getting a cock to suck.
Kathy is having a good time, she is great! I cannot stop watching her when she is riding.
Both girls are getting fucked in different position. You don't have time to get bored and it is hot! Sex sessions are rarely hot with GGG. This one is and we can say that it is thanks to Kathy. No doubt on that!
Timer: 69' 32''
[...] Kathy is kneeling, holding a blue bowl for the purpose you can imagine!
CS#1: A first strong jet lost on the floor and 3 other ones in her mouth. Watery delivery. G
CS#2: heavy but so weak that most of it falls down the bowl. F
[...] Kathy is showing what she is holding in her mouth. Too much bubbles and chewing for me! Swallowed by the end!
CS#3: Fat sticky shot reaching her hair, her cheek and eventually her mouth. Winner
CS#4: Good volume but watery, on cheek and in mouth. G
CS#5: Close-up on a leaking tap of cum landing onto the tip of her tongue, making a small lake of cum on it. Winner
[...] Another session of cum playing, bubbles making.
CS#6: A first strong jet is reaching her eyebrow, surprising her. Then, the rest of the shot is carefully delivered onto the tip of her tongue. Winner
[...] Kathy is drinking the content of the bowl but before swallowing we get a long set of close-ups on cum playing and bubbles making. I don't like that at all. You might like it very much, it is a question of taste. Personally, it is a turn off for me!!
CS#7: Killer! This guy is generously giving a high volume of glue, starting with a thick line across her nose, he is then filling her mouth. Winner
[...] And again a series of extreme (I mean it: extreme) close-ups on what she is able to do with sperm with her mouth.
CS#8: Nice shot carefully covering her upper lip. G
CS#9: Wow! She is getting her mouth filled again by this generous donator. Winner
  The brunette has joined Kathy and they are both playing with the sperm.
CS#10: Could have been a real killer but the cum is dripping along his cock. Only part of the shot is saved to reach Kathy's mouth. A shame! G
  Bowl-cum playing session for both girls. Definitely not my cup of tea!!! Hard to not use my remote for FF.
Brunette is now going onto the "bed", she is opening her legs and Kathy is licking her pussy and playing with cum on it.
The scene is ending on both girls having a shower. You can appreciate kathy's perfect butt a last time.
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. I am in big trouble for rating this scene!! In one hand we have a great sex session followed by a set of very good cumshots. On the other hand, the scene is full of "cum circus". I do not like this and it killed the heat a lot for me. I rate it 4.5 but it is clearly a compromise. If you like the cum games, then no hesitation you have to give a 5.
Timer: 84' 16''  Scene#1 Summary: 4.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
5 4 1 10 0 Excellent

I am not disappointed by Kathy at all! This girl is bloody hot, hot, hot! I love her smile, her eyes and her behaviour. If you add that she has a beautiful body with one of the nicest butt you can hope for, she has all you need for pleasing your eyes and fulfilling your fantasies. By the way, she is the best squatting CG and RCG rider I've seen so far! You have to see her moving her ass!! In this film, she is also wearing some nice pieces of lingerie and when there is another girl, this one is attractive as well. It is almost perfect! Unfortunately, I am not a fan of "cum circus". Kathy is obviously an expert in making the cumshots as nasty as possible but I like them more natural.
The lesbian scene is not bad at all but in fact I start to think that Kathy can handle nearly all situation and make it hot! This is her magic!
I have to mention the good quality of the lingerie and clothes used by Kathy in this film. Nice girls deserve to wear nice lingerie. It is the case in this film and this is good news.

My global rate for the movie is 4.5 out of 5. Kathy is fantastic. I take a half point off for the cum-gargling, bowls, plates etc. If you like that, no problem, you can give a 5!

Have fun!

The screen shots are here.

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