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astroknight Diary of Love 4.5 starsDiary of Love 4.5 starsDiary of Love 4.5 stars
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Diary of Love
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Diary of Love

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Diary of Love:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Diary of Love overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Diary of Love Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Diary of Love Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Diary of Love Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Diary of Love Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Diary of Love DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Diary of Love A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/3/2012
Welcome fans to a movie release from Smash Pictures under the very capable direction of Jim Powers. The subject of this picture is The Notebook which I gather a few of you out there in pornoland are familiar with. Myself, I had not seen the movie until just before starting this review. Striving to be thorough when covering such a piece of material is a goal I try to achieve every time and in concert with that the folks at Smash and the whole cast and crew strove for a goal in making theirs a faithful adaptation of the project and in that respect they were highly successful I think. I watched the two movies in reverse order with the XXX version first so watching the original version I kept seeing every little detail matched and then some in the XXX version. Small things like the two of them walking along and she dips the ice cream cone to his face. Things like that kept showing up every few seconds so if you loved the Notebook and wanted to add some sex to the mix this is well worth the two hours you'll invest to watch it. The main participants in this show were Presley Hart and Richie Calhoun who you might remember from the Smash version of American Werewolf in London which came out not to long ago. I had not watched Presley Hart work before this but was instantly taken with her and would certainly watch her in other feature material and some harder stuff too if she chooses to do that. Also in the cast you have Lily Labeau, Kimberly Kane and Lia Lor. Kimberly has the role of the woman Ryan Gosling sleeps with a little past the half way mark in the Hollywood version. Lia was a nice addition to the project making this a 2 on 1 scene. All told you get four full sex scenes in this movie plus if you've seen the original show you know the Rachel and Ryan had a false start to their first lovemaking session and that is indeed worked into this version. As I mentioned you get so many nods to the original source material, it was impressive the care taken.

There is one change made to this adaptation and it is having Presley being the one to read the story of the young lovers as opposed to the Hollywood take which had James Garner doing this to Gena Rowlands. It shouldn't in any way detract from your enjoyment of this project, at least it doesn't for me as Presley is very attractive to watch on screen. This XXX show unfolds pretty much as the other show did with the story beginning at a fair and you have Richie spotting Presley and it is pretty much love at first site for him. There is the fair scene where he dangles by one arm until Miss Hart agrees to go out with him. The story keeps rolling along as the two fall head over heels in love and the scenes move on including Richie catching up with Presley the next day and bugging her about the date she agreed to. The two performers here have a nice connection working and it only gets better as the movie progresses with some good musical help too. The first sex scene soon comes after Presley and Richie take off for a nature walk leaving Lily and Richie's friend behind- this is the character you see in the Hollywood version and he is played by Logan Pierce. The sex here was filmed outdoors and with some sunlight in the shot but the full sounds of birds chirping along with Lily's smoking hot bod made for a good first scene with some fantastic head from Lily who does is nice and easy as opposed to trying to skull fuck her throat. Liked it too that Logan goes behind to lick her pussy/ ass a little before laying pipe. Both reverse and cowgirl looked real good and it was in the ride for reverse he pulls out and pops on her full bush.

Presley also provides some great voice overs as the show rolls along giving us story details. I should also point out they set this in the early 2000's as opposed to the 1940's. As the story moves on you have the scene where Richie takes Presley to the house he wants to fix up and he spells out the changes he wants to do and of course Presley pipes in with her two cents and Richie agrees to make the house just like she wishes. The two then start to make love and just like the movie version Presley keeps interrupting asking Richie questions until finally his friend Logan comes rushing in and the story takes a turbulent turn as we know from the film version. The two lovers end up breaking up and Presley moves on with her life as does Richie who ends up going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan with his friend Logan who gets killed. Nikki Charm also appears in this project in the Joan Allen role and we lose the father from the story but he wasn't real essential anyway. Nikki plays the part of the rch bitch mother/ wife very well helping to spur the break up which leads to Richie going off. The plot then brings in Johnny Castle in the James Marsden role and he shows Presley an apartment which she agrees to move in and the two connect and quickly it turns serious leading to a proposal and acceptance.

But I'm jumping ahead a bit, lol. Presley and Johnny do have one passionate scene with Presley now a fully grown woman. Johnny is good with oral on Miss Hart and there's a fine open shot for this. Presley then gets her chance and delivers one passionate blow job with the camera moving in nice and close. Makes sense for a couples movie to show the bj action in such a fashion but you have to hope the performers can pull it off and Presley does. Solid fucking too ending with a pop just above her shaven pussy. The story then returns to Richie who has returned from Afghanistan and he receives a nice insurance payoff from his father passing away and he does indeed buy the house he showed Presley and fixes it up until it's finished. The picture is then taken and put in the paper just like the Hollywood movie does and just like in that version Presley sees this and feints. Another great nod to the original source material comes when Presley does the bathtub shot while wearing her wedding veil. As Presley got a full sex scene so does Richie who is paired up with Kimberly who gets the role of the Hollywood girl who sleeps with Ryan and we add Lia Lor in for good measure making this a 2 on 1. The girls play nicely together and show Richie's cock a very good time both in their mouths and in their pussies. You had some incredible oral in this where one of the girls would sit on the others face or Richie's- love this shot. The girls jointly jerk the load out onto his belly and lick around the head for some clean up. The story then centers back on Kimberly and Richie losing Lia and they resolve the situation slightly differently than in the original version but it worked.

As the story begins to wind down we have Presley seeing the newspaper picture and deciding to make the journey out to see if he was ok. She realizes this might have been a mistake and tries to leave but he car fails her prompting her to stay when Richie asks if she wants to come inside. The two catch up with Presley telling him about her fiance but this doesn't stop the two from falling in love all over again. They do the boat ride and the weather then changes as they head in. Presley then confronts Richie about not writing her all those years ago. She waited for 7 years and then Richie tells her that he did indeed write her, 365 letters, one each day. The emotions were high and as the rain drops fall on them they embrace in a big passionate kiss and fall into the house losing clothes as they move. No stopping them this time and they make love in the bedroom with some nice pussy licking, cock riding and Presley does more fine head here too. I was hoping for a facial but the pop here is still good flying up her belly. Time to resolve the story which involves Presley going to see her fiance who had come into town. Nikki Charm also comes back into the story telling Presley a few things including giving her the letters which Richie had written. If you've seen the movie you know how it ends with Presley showing back up at the dream house and making one last leap into her lovers arms as the music reaches a crescendo as they hug and kiss. Back to the hospital room where Richie had been laying in a coma throughout the movie. He finally wakes and remembers!!! Ahhh happy endings!

This was a strong feature based on a loved movie and after seeing it I can see why people are so passionate about it. This story here brings all the essential elements from that production and does indeed present them faithfully with some XXX twists to enhance the porn viewing experience. It was a strong story with some solid acting from the main leads. The four sex scenes were also good with Presley really impressing me for my first time seeing her. Lily is always welcome on my tv screen as is Kimberly Kane. I haven't seen as much with Lia Lor yet but she is very hot here in the 2 on 1 with Kimberly. The extras here were pretty good with a fantastic 38 minute BTS segment which includes some hot pussy fingering by the girls so don't miss that. If you loved the Notebook and want to add in some sex this is easily worth the time you'll invest to watch, very impressive all around.

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