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Devils In Disguise

Devils In Disguise

Studio: Blue Coyote
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Dogzcatcher's ratings for Devils In Disguise:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Devils In Disguise overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Devils In Disguise Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Devils In Disguise Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Devils In Disguise Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Devils In Disguise Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Devils In Disguise DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Devils In Disguise A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Dogzcatcher  on  1/24/2012
Devil in disguise #1
Director/Producer: Roy Alexandre
Distributor: Blue Coyote Pictures
Length: 120 minutes
Extras include:
Photo gallery
Scene selection
Two website addresses
Trailers for ten titles (Note: The trailers run one after the other and last 20 minutes!)

I purchased this title from because I like Christina Jolie. Her natural breasts look really good to me when they bounce or jiggle. In my humble opinion, her face is very pretty too.

Scene one

Christine Jolie enters a gym, sits down on a weight machine and begins to work out. She is wearing a white-colored t-shirt, no bra and white-colored shorts. She gains the attention of Kevin Long and Denis Marti. They watch her as she works out. She works up a sweat. She reaches into her t-shirt to rub her sweat around her breasts and nipples. Kevin comes over to her, with a towel to dry her chest off. She smiles while he wipes her chest. She reaches over and rubs her hand on Kevin's crotch. Kevin gently pulls her breasts out of her t-shirt and sucks on her nipples. She pulls his shorts down and takes him in her mouth. Scene cuts to Denis, standing off to the side, jacking off. Oh joy..just what I want to see..some guy standing in the corner playing with himself. My wife liked it though. Denis comes over and she takes his cock in her mouth. Kevin kneels in front of her, pulls her shorts to the side and services her blossom. While Denis is enjoying Christina's mouth on him, he fondles her breast. Kevin pulls her shorts off and bends her over for some standing doggie. She continues to nurse Denis's erection. The scene cuts and she is in a reverse cowgirl position, sitting on Denis, while he sits on a bench. Kevin sucks her nipple. The scene cuts and Kevin is slowly fucking her. She is on her back while he holds her left leg on his shoulder. He squeezes her breast. The scene cuts to Christina in a standing doggie with Denis. Nice camera view here from below the both of them. Her nice tits are swaying back and forth. The scene cuts with Christina and Kevin in a missionary position. Denis is standing next to her, stroking himself until he shoots a small load on her breasts. Kevin pulls out of her and emits a nice load, reaching her breasts. She cleans up Denis with her mouth as he rubs her breast. Kevin rubs his cock on her pubes.

Scene two

The scene opens with a nice wintertime scene...trees and snow covered ground. Christine enters from the right, totally nude, except for a pair of snowboard boots. Not a cloud in the sky. She has got to be one hardy Czech, to handle the cold. She gets on a snowboard and glides around in the snow. Laughing, she starts jumping up an down. Yep, tits flying everywhere! She takes her snowboard off and carries it over to Sandra De Marco and a guy. Christina puts on an insulated coat. Sandra lifts her sweater to reveal her breasts. Sandra and Christina suck on each other's rock-hard nipples. That's one nice thing about bare breasts outside in the cold..perky nipples! Sandra rubs Christina's coochie. Sandra opens her pants. Christina reaches down into Sandra's pants for a grope. Sandra takes her pants off. This brings our unknown guy over. This three-way begins with them rubbing each other. He sucks on Sandra's nipple. Christina reaches into his pants and pulls his cock out into the cold air. He takes his coat off and suddenly all three are nude, except for Sandra's thong. Christina takes him in her mouth while she is on her knees. It looks like they have some coats on top of the snow-covered ground. Sandra is standng behind him, as he gets serviced by Christina on her knees. He reaches around to fondle Sandra's butt. Sandra takes Christina's place with a b.j. for the unknown guy. He rubs Christina's pussy and sucks her nipple. Sandra puts on a pink-colored vest. He pounds her from behind with a standing doggie. He pulls out for a brief knob buffing by Christina. The scene cuts to Christina in a reverse cowgirl position. Sandra is standing next to them rubbing her hands all over Christina. He pulls out for a brief b.j. from Sandra, then puts it back inside Christina. The scene cuts to Christina on her back. The snow is covered with coats, except her left arm and the back of her head is touching the snow. Brrrr! He is slowly fucking her in the missionary position. The scene cuts to Christina in the cowgirl position. Sandra is rubbing Christina's butt. He pulls out, Sandra strokes him to a nice load all over Christina's butt and into the mouth of Sandra. Sandra plays around with the cum by moving it around, with her tongue, on Christina's bottom. The scene ends with Sandra taking one last suck on his limp noodle.

Sandra De Marco

Scene three
Christina and four other women are in a room, working out together. They are stepping up and down on platforms, placed in front of each of them. They take off their tops. None were wearing bras, except for one. Nice bouncy breasts, as they step up and down! They take a rest break. One leaves the room. Christina playfully tries to remove the bra from the one who wasn't topless. All three join in the fun, wrestling her to a padded mat. I like this part of the scene. It reminded me of a scene, in a title I rented, where Dana DeArmond was on a baseball team with Jada Fire and some other ladies. They looked like they had a great time together, laughing and making themselves squirt everywhere. Christina and the other three are laughing and playfully spanking each other's bare bottoms. The scene cuts to a three-way between Christina, Kristi Love and a blonde lady. Kristi is on her hands and knees. The blonde is under her, licking Kristi's pussy. Christina is kneeing along side, holding a small dildo. She presses the dildo into Kristi's pussy, while rubbing Kristi's butt. Kristi rubs the blonde's pussy, spreads her labia and does a half-hearted lick. The scene cuts. Kristi has left the room. The blonde is on her back. Christina is sucking hard on the blonde's right breast while working a small dildo into the blonde's pussy. The blonde exhibits an orgasm. The scene cuts. The blonde is on her hands and knees. Christina is inserting a small, clear dildo into the blonde's asshole. The blonde wiggles her fingers around on her own clit.

Scene four

Christina is a waitress in a restaurant. She greets a male customer and hands him a menu. He orders his food and a beer. She delivers his beer and he reaches over to lift her skirt. She reports him to her lady bartender. The bartender just laughs. Christina delivers the meal to the customer. He grabs at her breast, pulling her blouse open. Christina reports him to the lady bartender again. This time the two of them plot revenge against the rude customer. Christina delivers a cream pie to the customer. Instead of placing the pie on the table, she pushes the pie into his crotch. Both Christina and the bartender grab the customer, pull his pants and boxers off and run off, with his clothes, to a side room, laughing. A woman enters the restaurant and sits down across the customer with no pants. He acts very embar-assed. She gets up and leaves. Christina and the bartender return. The bartender helps the customer remove his coat, then his tie, then his shirt. He's nude, sitting at his table. He turns around, opens the blouse of the bartender and sucks on her nipple. Christina enters the room, knees down by his chair and takes his cock into her mouth. Tell me how does a pretty waitress go from getting groped by a rude customer to sucking his dick? He sucks the bartender's breasts and fingers her pussy. Christina gets up off her knees and clears the table. The bartender takes the rude customer's cock in her mouth. Christina returns to give a b.j. to the customer. The guy licks and fingers the bartender from behind. He pulls his fingers out for Christina to lick his juicy fingers. The scene cuts to the bartender in the cowgirl postion on the customer. Christina rubs both of them. He pulls out for a moment for Christina to suck him. He fingers Christina from behind. She fondles her right breast. The scene cuts to Christina in the reverse cowgirl position. She's wearing nothing but a sexy pair of black-colored nylons. The bartender rubs both of them and herself. The bartender takes him in her mouth. He rubs her pussy. The scene cuts to the bartender in the reverse cowgirl position. He pulls out to let Christina suck his cock. They repeat this several times. Christina leans over and licks the bartender's pussy. Nice. The scene cuts to Christina and the customer in the spoon position on the table. Christina rubs her clit. The bartender rubs Christina's clit. The bartender licks Christina's pussy while the customer is pounding her. Nice view here. The bartender climbs on top of Christina. The customer fingers the bartender's pussy, while he fucks Christina. With both pretty pussies so close to each other, the customer switch hits between the two, five times. He shoots a big load in the bartender's mouth. She cleans him up with her mouth. Both ladies kiss.

Scene five is my favorite. George Uhl hires Christina and Alexis May to clean his bathroom. He provides instructions before leaving. They begin, by removing their shoes and sox. Christina cleans the shower, while Alexis mops the floor. Christina turns on the flexible shower nozzle and playfully sprays Alexis with water. I enjoy watching these two have a water fight, laughing and getting each other soaked to the skin. It's the best part of the title, IMO. Once soaked, they decide to strip. First the blouses, then the bras, then the skirts, then the panties come off. Watching Christina look off-camera to the director, asking with her eyes, whether it's okay to take her top off, is hilarious! I could watch her take her top off, exposing her breasts, many times and not grow weary of it. In most of her scenes, Christina's breasts fall from her chest in a natural manner. In this scene, it's like her breasts defy gravity. Maybe it's due to the cold water. Alexis has a nice rack too. Both look good nude. They suds up with soap, rubbing themselves. They rince off, using the flexible shower nozzle. They get dressed just in time for George to return. He's angry with them about the mess from the water fight. He tells them, "get out"!. The ladies have other plans. They grab George, sit him down on the edge of the tub, and take his shirt off. Alexis unbuttons George's pants. George leans back, lifts Christina's blouse and sucks on her breasts. I wonder if Christina and George are together as a real-life couple anymore. He does appear to make her very wet in this scene. Alexis leans over and takes George in her mouth. Alexis has a nice b.j. technique..nice and slow. Both Alexis and Christina take turns sucking George's cock. Alexis takes her top off. George's pants come off. Both women suck his dick. While it's Alexis's turn to suck, Christina and George kiss. George sucks Christina's breasts. George bends Christina over to fuck her doggie style. Nice view here. Big tits swinging free, swaying back and forth. Alexis licks Christina's breast. Christina fingers Alexis. The scene cuts to Christina in the reverse cowgirl position. Alexis helps out, by rubbing Christina's clit. Alexs sucks Christina's nipple. Alexis cimbs up, to where George is sitting, on the edge of the tub, with Christina happily wiggling around on his lap. Alexis pushes her ass into his face. Alexis stands next to him and jills herself, inches from his face. The scene cuts to George and Christina fucking doggie style. He pulls out. Alexis strokes him, then sucks him. Christina's pussy is dripping wet. George puts his cock back inside Christina. A few pumps and he pulls out again, into the waiting mouth of Alexis. The scene cuts to George slowly entering Alexis in the missionary position. Christina is kneeling alongside Alexis, sucking on Alexis's breast. George pulls out and shoots a huge load on Alexis's belly and Christina's face. Christina cleans him up with her mouth. Christina rubs Alexis's pussy.

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