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Devil Inside

Devil Inside

Studio: HIS & HIS Gold
Category:  Gay
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wizzerbud's ratings for Devil Inside:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Devil Inside overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Devil Inside Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Devil Inside Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Devil Inside Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Devil Inside Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Devil Inside DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Devil Inside A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  11/6/2006
Larry Flynt Productions has announced that they want to revive the VCA-HIS Video line, and in so doing they want to be a “player/contender” backing it with all their resources. With that in mind, Jim Steel directs their first production since their ten-year hiatus. The video has a story, sort of, but really looks more like a gonzo type movie, as there is no script. It is just meet and jump the bones. That could be one good thing that VCA could bring to the gay video market.

To get things started, the opener has Brad Benton and Antonio Madeira in bed. Brad is restless and gets out of bed. As he exits, we see that Antonio is only pretending to be asleep. The scene changes and Brad is making out like crazy with Jason Crew on a couch in the living room. Brad’s shirt comes off and Jason gives the pudgy pecs a quick once over with his mouth. There must have been an editing error here as Jason’s shirt mysteriously disappears in between the time he mouth leaves Brad’s nipples and makes it down to his stomach. They do more kissing, mutual groping and hot body worship as these two really heat things up. Brad gets Jason’s dick out and starts sucking the big thing. In a second the two are naked. (Who edits this stuff?) Brad hops up on the side of the couch as Jason works his dick with some thorough sucking. They mix it up with back and forth kissing and sucking. These two may not be the hottest looking models in the business, but they are two of the best when it comes to performing. I never thought of Jason as being a great kisser until now. The two offer up plenty of deep throat action throwing in a little of that gargling sound seen in the straight movies. Jason gets on all fours as Brad digs his mouth up in between his cheeks. After a few minutes of this (actually a little too much of this), Jason is on his back as Brad fucks him missionary style. They flip flop and Brad rides Jason reverse cowboy. They have a quick change and Jason is drilling Brad doggy style. Antonio Madeira is seen watching them through the window behind them. Brad shoots as he is being fucked and then Jason shoots a wad across Brad’s ass.

Antonio Madeira, a dark skinned hottie with a jock like body, is showering as the second scene starts. All too often porn is afraid to show us the model with a soft dick but we get it here in the shower. Perhaps lighting or camera work, but nevertheless, the cloudy look makes it difficult to really appreciate the scene. Park Wiley enters the shower and the pair begins kissing. Park is built much like Antonio. Antonio goes down on Park and finally what appears to be a camera out of focus becomes clear as Antonio sucks the hard dick. Whatever effect they were going for in the opener of this scene was lost on me. Neither of these two have flat stomachs so the side camera views was probably not the best idea. More out of focus action along with bad lighting is starting to look like something more fitting of the cutting room floor than the final product. We have background noise that sounds like the crew talking. It is definitely not these two guys. Park spend some time on Antonio’s nipples and thigh fucks him as well as gives him an ass fucking from behind. The voices in the background along with the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE camera work kills the mood created after the first scene. The cum shots are captured from BEHIND a fogged shower door. The scene is an absolute total waste of time and energy.

In the next scene, Antonio and Brad are in various positions in the living room for a few seconds and the scene changes to Mark Slade and Ben Campezzi standing on opposite ends of a dining room table with a blanket thrown over it. (Again, who is editing this stuff?)They are naked and stroking their dicks. Mark’s huge stature becomes more obvious compared to Ben’s muscled physique. Ben climbs up and lays back on the table as Mark sucks his cock. Typical of Mark’s sucking, he takes only the head into his mouth. There is a quick change of the scene and they are off the table. Ben is on his knees sucking a standing Mark. I do not understand their filming from the side for these performers when they have a belly and Mark has plenty of belly. They are back on the table for Mark to fuck Ben missionary style. After some fucking Mark pulls out and they each bust out a load.

For the fourth scene Brad is back and he is standing in a doorway with Jean Val Jean where they begin kissing. Jean is wearing a pair of sunglasses offering that sexy mysterious look. Brad’s shirt is off quickly and the two do some rubbing on each other. Not one to miss out on worshiping a nice chest, Brad pulls up Jean’s shirt and works his bubble pecs and nipples with his mouth. He moves back down to suck Jean’s dick and the action is captured in the reflection of Jean’s sunglasses. The glasses come off as Jean continues to fuck Brad’s mouth. Brad worships every inch of the this stud’s cock and balls with his mouth. They are now on the bed where Jean is laying back naked and Brad is sucking his dick. Brad stops sucking for a bit to do some more worshiping of Jean’s hot body. Brad climbs aboard the hardon and starts slowly riding the dick cowboy style. A minute later Jean is fucking him doggy style. Jean is hot as hell but very quiet, leaving Brad to handle all of the verbal exchange. Brad delivers with a cum load followed by Jean giving it a hands free cumshot.

For the final scene Antonio Madeira meets up with Marcos Pirelli at a backyard pool. A mattress has been thrown down on the concrete for the two as they get started quickly. Marcos pulls Antonio’s dick out to start sucking it. Antonio is pretty aggressive as he fucks Marcos’s mouth. Both are naked as Marcos is on his back with legs in the air as Antonio eats his ass. Antonio moves to being on all fours and after 6 minutes of this, he is back on his back for Antonio to start fucking him. Marcos shoots a load into he face as he is being fucked. Antonio, who has had wood problems throughout this scene, appears to shoot a load, but even after replaying his cumshot three times, I never can see the load come out. Instead we have a sort of distant shot that zooms in after the supposed load with a few drops on his stomach.

Extras for the DVD include a slide show, trailers, website info and a production diary. Jim shares with us a whole lot of stuff that went on behind the scenes. It was great material and something I wished other studios would do. There is also a star index telling us who appeared in each scene, which is really an excellent idea.

Jim told us in the production diary the video was originally supposed to have six scenes, but was cut to five because of budget cuts. Maybe that explains the cast that was not quite an A list. If VCA really wants to be a player, they need to find a skilled camera crew and a skilled film editor. The two scenes with Brad Benton were excellent and worthy of repeat viewings. The jury is still out on the other three. If you are a Brad Benton fan, this is one you would want to buy as he puts on a couple of his best performances here. It’s worth at least a rental for even those that are not a fan of Brad’s.

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