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Deviant Housewives

Deviant Housewives

Studio: Metro
Category:  Couples
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Pagoda's ratings for Deviant Housewives:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Deviant Housewives overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Deviant Housewives Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Deviant Housewives Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Deviant Housewives Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Deviant Housewives Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Deviant Housewives DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deviant Housewives A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Pagoda  on  5/2/2008
* Initial Expectations: This title was one of a dozen screeners I had back-logged for reviewing. This was last on my list, because between the time I ordered it and the time I received it, I had cooled to the idea of watching it. I'm interested to see two performers in particular; Liza Harper and Mark Davis. Other than that, I'm not too keen to watch this. I even attempted to outsource this title to two of my co-workers, both of whom declined. The cover leaves much to be desired, at least from a female perspective.

* Monica Mayhem and Van Damage. The set-up: Monica is the former wife of a musician, which explains her tattoos and edgier style. After her divorce, she's sunning herself by her pool all made-up, false eyelashes and all. One can only surmise that she pulled out all the stops for the pool man, Van Damage. There's no other explanation for relaxing at home with that much make-up on. While the chemistry in this scene was one sided, I did come away with a new appreciation for Van Damage. Monica is a bit workman-like in her performance, but Van is clearly enjoying himself. You can tell because the camera is pulled back far enough, even during the blowjob, to see his reaction. For this reason, I think this scene might appeal to female viewers. Also, his cock is a manageable size. It's not the biggest I've seen in porn, but it's probably the hardest. He also keeps himself in very nice shape, which more than makes up for whatever I find disconcerting about his haircut.

* Liza Harper and Lee Stone. The set-up: Liza is a nurse married to an old doctor who makes no time for her. In fact, he makes more time with other nurses than he does with his wife. So, she finds comfort in the arms of an intern, Lee Stone. While I find it laughable that the hulking, grunting Lee Stone has just completed medical school, seeing Liza Harper in seductive mode more than makes up for it. There's something about her I find incredibly sexy. She's slight of build, she sports a bit of natural blond bush, and she's understated all the way around. But damn, I could watch her fuck all day, even if it's with Lee Stone. Again we have wide camera angles so we can see all the action, not just the genitals. Their chemistry is pretty good, so although they don't burn up the screen, they're enjoyable to watch. And check this out: they're actually on a bed! Don't see beds too often in porn anymore.

* Kelly Erikson with Harley Rain and Alex Sanders. The set-up: Our narrator is the former wife of a real estate mogul who still sells real estate herself. With couples who are game, she'll celebrate escrow with a 3-way! Wow, my agent never offered that. Kelly is a platinum blond with visible tan lines and augmented boobs. A cartoon version of her would look line Gina Lynn. I've never seen Harley Rain before, but in the BTS she says she's been in the business 12 years. She's got long black hair, vivid blue eyes, and a huge mouth, which she puts to excellent use on her "husband." I haven't seen Alex Sanders in a long time. He's finally cut that mop. His curly hair now falls to his collar, and he looks much better this way. This is a well-executed G/B/G 3-way. I don't see many of those lately. There's good chemistry all around, and Alex pays generous attention to both girls. The only drawback is Harley's awful shoes, which I found distracting. Other than that, this is one of the best 3-ways I've seen in ages.

* Cherokee and Mark Davis. The set-up: Cherokee has dumped her husband, and his best friend, Mark Davis has come over to plead his buddy's case. Now I remember why I got this movie. Mark Davis. I'm a big fan of his BDSM work, even having been treated to a little demonstration of it in person. This is one handsome man, with mesmerizing eyes. What he does with his body, his hands and his voice more than makes up for his age and fitness. Cherokee is a brunette with a tiny, girly voice. She's gorgeous, and she's obviously into Mark. Right off the bat I'm distracted by this pink jade atrocity on the coffee table. It's hideous. Luckily it's not in the shot too often. A tame version of Mark Davis's dominance is on display here. He restrains her with his hands, and makes sure she looks at him at all times. A lot of women have never seen sex like this, and I think they'd like it. Cherokee's a little quacky during the blowjob, but I think it's because she's not used to being forced to deep-throat. Davis is ultra-sensitive here, close to losing his load most of the time. I'm really pleased with this scene. The chemistry is burning hot. Cherokee is a maniac. She's choking and slapping Mark, working his cock like a demon. He's hanging on for dear life. I'm impressed.

* Kelly Erikson and Tallon. The set-up: Kelly has a romantic fling with her estranged husband. Personally, if Talon were my husband, I'd cheat on him too. There's something about this guy I find unwatchable, but for the sake of readers, I'm giving him a chance to redeem himself. Well, not this time. This is the only scene in which the characters supposedly have an established emotional relationship, and it's the only scene devoid of heat. While all the scenes contained massive amounts of kissing and general making-out, this had none of that. Not that I need lovey-dovey romance to enjoy porn, but I at least require that the talent acknowledge they're in the same room together.


Jade Marcella asked all the girls the following questions: 1) Favorite men and women to work with, 2) favorite sexual position, 3) number of years in the business, and 4) whether they prefer to spit or swallow. What I found striking was that each girl was a veteran performer, ranging from 4 to 12 years in the porn industry. That's pretty impressive. The camera work on the BTS is very shaky, and Jade is audibly chewing gum. But she gets to feel each girl's boobs, so she's obviously got a great gig. And I must admit, hearing the standard interview questions asked in a woman's voice makes them sound refreshing, rather than creepy.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The sex was all vaginal, and all the pop-shots were external. There were no extreme circus acts or anything that might put people off. I'd recommend this title to couples or to women who are new to watching porn. Although I would recommend renting over buying it, I'm certain it wouldn't put newbies off on porn altogether. A lot of couples fare is so staged, so bland, that new viewers give up on porn completely, never giving it a second chance. I think this one would encourage women to consider adding porn to their regular sex lives.

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