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Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Deviance:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Deviance overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Deviance Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Deviance Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Deviance Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Deviance Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Deviance DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deviance A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/18/2009
Welcome fans to the second release from SkinworXXX and this is their first big release as the first one was more solo teases with one big g/g scene at the end. Well this one is wall to wall gonzo with a glossy finish, lifted that from the front copy so we'll see if we can be nasty but also look super good doing it! Fine cast too with Eva leading the way with Teagan, Kagney Lin Karter, Alexis Texas, Shawna Lenee, Lexi Belle and Sunny Leone filling out the cast. No need to waste time, Eva is up first and we don't want to keep the EvaLution waiting!!

Eva Angelina:

So we open in some kind of industrial place, lots of pipes and it's dirty then we pan over to Eva, hello sexy! Nice red mesh lingerie and she's got on the trademark Eva glasses we've seen her in many times before. The picture here was crystal clear, I mean it was good so that's a plus. Eva begins working those sexy eyes on us and it won't take much for us to fall under her spell. The continued boob shots, the caressing, the eye looks and then going ground level all served to build momentum. Lifting up her top so we can fully see her tits was great, those puppies were made for sucking and I hope someone is doing that real soon. Eva works down to her pussy too, we need the coochie in play too and we get Eva working in a toy also to really get that pussy ready for action. Solid closeups here too and the clear pic was super good in showing off the naughty bits Eva's toying with. One thing we didn't have during the music playing early on was Eva talking, well the music stops allowing Eva's dirty talking to take over and I'd say she does a fairly good job of working us up-- but all those fine shots early on did that for me, now I need a dick for Miss Angelina. Enter Mr. Marcus and we have just that as Eva arches up to engulf his cock while continuing the pussy fingering. Some very good vag fucking here, reverse and cowgirl led the way with P2M from Eva. Going outside the room in the middle of all those industrial pipes and tubes we get some anal, Marcus nailing her in a standing doggie ass fuck. It's back to the couch then for a ride in reverse anal, super good open shot here of that cock fully in her ass, titties bouncing and finally a pretty good facial pop with cleanup from Eva to close it out. Well that was solid opener to say the least.

Kagney Lin Karter:

We're taken next to a darkened room, still with the grungy look working. Kagney's sitting there and you have enough light on her so we get a good shot of what she's wearing and again the picture is real good and clear. Kagney is blindfolded and has a toy already in hand as we see her sitting there sucking on it then moving it down to enter her pussy, gotta get the cookie wet. Kagney's color scheme is all red too from her outfit to those boots, nicely the tops already opening so her boobs are falling out. Good energy here too as Miss Karter's thrusting the toy in and out at a brisk pace. Nice rotation shot then to ground level looking up at that pussy which is filled. So after a vigorous self pleasure session we see the lights fade and when we come back Kagney's in brightly lit part of a hallway and James Deen is there kissing all over from face to tits. James has a good time here from those tits to moving down to bury his face in Kagney's pussy-- she was moaning bigtime here as James munched on her cookie. Good turn around then so her ass faces out to James but his face does the same thing, diving back in tasting that ass too, love watching a girls ass be licked, preferrably by another girl but James does a great job here. Kagney then gets to work on her cock sucking skillz and judging from what I see here she is already a top notch oralist so enjoying this should prove easy for harder edged bj fans. Sexwise the reverse topped it for me, there was a good standing doggie fuck too, the camera getting so close I thought Kagney might fog it up she was breathing so hard. Good open doggie then leads to a pretty strong facial/ open mouth pop with cleanup from Kagney. I think she's just coming into her own and 2010 could be a very big year for Kagney Lin Karter.

Lexi Belle & Eva Anglina:

Up next is a young lady that is sure to get many a cock rock hard. Lexi has that teen thing working, the innocent face with a great lust for cock or pussy-- such a combination is welcomed in porno land and Lexi's been one of the best now for at a year it seems. We open here with a pretty shot of her face, clear picture still and I loved the little bit of wind blowing through her hair and she has an almost wistful look on her face as she is looking off into the distance-- maybe seeking out her next cock! Lexi then turns those doe eyes on us and hello you're toast! Pink color for her attire was a good choice and we pan out for a broader view on Miss Belle who offers up a quick peek at her modest tits and then lets them stay out longer as the hands start caressing over her boobies. The tits come all the way out then as we keep on moving, cookie time next and we hit the ground level here to watch Lexi diddling her coochie, a few licks of her lips as we see more wind blowing through her hair, ok we need a cock stat! Lying down we get a fantastic open leg shot as Lexi continues to get that pussy wet, then there's a super overhead shot looking down as Lexi's fingers are walking on the wild side-- ok damnit someone dive into that pussy and eat this girl out already. Some toy play too before we pause.

When we come back you see Tommy Gunn is here leaning against a back wall as we move in closer finding Eva and Lexi on a couch and they're getting close shall we say! Eva's lookin great in her black outfit, glasses of course. Lexi gets in a few kisses before Tommy moves over and his cock is out and in Lexi's mouth in short order. We have a bare ass Eva then arching that tush back so Tommy can slide in her pussy, with aid from Lexi who hovers over fingerng that ass. Lexi then moves around frontside giving Eva something to do, namely licking her pussy while Tommy is pounding Eva from behind. Lexi is able to move in for a P2OGM shot at one point before it's her turn for a ride on Tommy's schlong. Good spoon work too on Lexi who is able to lean in for a few licks at Eva's freshly fucked pussy. More good times with Eva riding in reverse, more P2OGM too with Lexi. Moving on Eva gets that dick in her mouth while Lexi's slid under allowing Eva to ride her face. So we get several good shots, both women get their cookies torpedoed by Tommy's cock which ends up sploogin in Lexi's mouth fresh from a pullout in Eva's pussy. The jizz is allowed to dribble back down just over Eva's pussy and Lexi licks it back up but they miss an opportunity for the girls to cum kiss as we get the fade out shot moving to the next scene.

Shawna Lenee:

Up next is Shawna and her scene opens with a pan in shot coming from outside into a room where she's standing. Much like Lexi in the scene before the look on Shawna's face has an longing look about it. You see some good cleavage spilling out of her bikini top. Shawna then looks down at us, yeah we're going perv angle here, lol. She slowly starts moving those curves as the shot travels around her, above her, beside her and we've already gone below! Shawna nicely works those tits out and she's giving us a lustful look up at as she does. Nice caressing here, plucking at her nipples which were rock hard. We go back to the perve view as we gaze up at her ass and Shawna milks it too doing the bend over shot bring that ass closer to us. The room is crap but the picture is so good and the visuals with Shawna go a long way to counteracting that, peeling paint is no match for a great pair of tits and a nice juicy ass! Shawna then moves to a lockeroom for more good pussy fingering, we're still in the ground perve mode and she helps us out too lifting one heel onto a sink which really opens up that pussy nice'n'wide. Jerry and Mick Blue then join Shawna in another room and we get right into it with some kissing to her lips and tits by the guys. Shawna's in the middle which leads to a good shot of her working those cocks out and doing the classic kneel down between the guys enveloping their dicks. Some good sex here too as the guys take turn nailing that pussy, cowgirl gave us a fine shot of that ass and Shawna continues the fine oral to the cock that isn't drilling her cookie. After a good solid drilling to that pussy all that's left is for her face to take a couple loads which it does and Shawna's good with the cleanup after, nice job Shawna!

Eva Angelina :

This next scene opens on a pair of legs, it's dank and water's dripping down but the picture is clear showing it! The water we see was actually Eva washing off her pussy so there's a little soap and water mixed in here, dripping down her legs. Eva works that top off freeing those gorgeous tits, the glasses were on too but there was no hiding those sizzling eyes which bore a hole right down to your throbbing cock! Eva works that soap'n'water all over her body from tits to pussy to back around falling down her ass to those thighs. Loved watching Eva grab as much water as she could to splash down her tits/ stomach. Eva even works in a little pussy shaving so bye bye bush. Moving on we get Eva joined by Marco Banderas and Ben English and everyone's got active hands here moving over tits, grabbing at holstered dicks and Eva's right where she should be, in the middle. Dropping down she is right there as the dicks come out and begin thrusting their way into her mouth, Eva is pretty aggressive here as she normally is. Good pounding to that pussy then ensues, Marco has to pull out at one point slapping his dick so he won't cum-- that's a hard working pussy folks! Some fine anal too with Miss Angelina as they work in reverse and doggie before the guys decide to fill both holes with a cowgirl dp. Lots of yelling here as those dicks drill hard'n'fast. We also get a reverse dp too before we end with some strong doggie anal leading to the first load coating that sexy ass. Eva takes the remaining load to her face and it splashes all over here with cleanup too.

Eva & Teagan with Alexis Texas & Sunny Leone:

Well we get one more chance to appreciate the Evalution here with the lovely addition of Miss Teagan Presley, the other half of the SkinworXXX team. Not bad eithe when you can add in Sunny and Alexis too, that's a lot of hot female body to oogle! There is some nice ass showing to open and damn how about it when the asses include Teagan, Alexis and Eva with Sunny's tush not that bad in it's own right. So we get a couple minutes here as the ladies tease us before they leave for another location. As we fade back in the girls are getting cozy, Alexis and Eva making out, a little boobie kissing from Miss Texas while Sunny and Teagan are having their own fun with Miss Leone burying her face in Teagan's ass, just wished the shot had lasted longer. Sunny does some good kissing then to Teagan's boobs and we have both sets of girls right next to one another so the wide shots do good in showing all the action. Teagan then gets her turn at sucking on tits, tasting Sunny's globes. Some pussy eating here too as Alexis gets in some licks on Eva then we move over to Teagan doin a combo finger/ lick on Sunny's coochie. How about Alexis then moving up to smother Eva's face, loved her arching up to lick at that pussy and we get the same shot with Teagan riding over Sunny!! Not big on toy play and this comes to dominate the action for the remaining minutes though you do get a hot shot of Teagan riding in reverse anal on strap on. You get a little side by side doggie action here as Sunny nails Alexis and Eva nails her good friend Teagan. Not a bad way to wrap this one up, I liked the earlier parts of the scene better, face smothering, kissing on tits impress me more than toys-- though these are used well especially the strap ons, Teagan doing some nice anal here.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a strong gonzo title with a nice emphasis on the girls looking good, the picture quality was top notch here so that helped out a lot. Eva Angelina definitely dominates the action appearing in four scenes, doing dp's, anal and taking several facial blasts. Lexi Belle impressed once more as did Shawna Lenee. The finale brings in heavy hitters in Alexis and Sunny along with fellow SkinworXXX girl Teagan for a four way girl party that had good moments of pussy licking early on and then later on those cookies were drilled with toys and some ass play too, hello Teagan's Ass! Well worth a look see for Eva fans as she excels in all four scenes presented here. Extra wise you have about 30 minutes of BTS to check out along with a photo gallery if you so choose, an easy purchase recommendation for the action that's captured here.

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