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astroknight Destination Dirtpipe 2 3.5 starsDestination Dirtpipe 2 3.5 starsDestination Dirtpipe 2 3.5 stars
HeyNow Destination Dirtpipe 2 4.5 starsDestination Dirtpipe 2 4.5 starsDestination Dirtpipe 2 4.5 stars
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Destination Dirtpipe 2

Destination Dirtpipe 2

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Destination Dirtpipe 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Destination Dirtpipe 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Destination Dirtpipe 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Destination Dirtpipe 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Destination Dirtpipe 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Destination Dirtpipe 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Destination Dirtpipe 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Destination Dirtpipe 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/28/2007
Welcome fans to another fun William H flick where the focus seems to be on the girls taking some cock up their asses or as affectionately termed here-- The Dirtpipe!! William of course for those who watch his dvds has a catchy tune to get you ready to watch these hotties take hard dicks in their butts and we have some pretty girls here to watch led by Kinzie Kenner, Sasha Knox, and Lucy Lee who I've not seen as much off in the past year or so. This is the black haired Lucy who hails from Europe. Let's get right to it I say.

Claudia Adams:

Ok we have a nice imposing house to greet us in the first scene and William soon finds the lovely Claudia walking up the winding stairs at the front of the house. She pauses to look out over the vast front lawn and this gives us a shot looking up her skirt as William is a perve! She heads inside where we get some pastry involvement as Claudia presents a sweet piece of cake to her man. I believe it's strawberry shortcake! As you might guess the frosting and fruit gets used to coat a breast and we get some kissing. I already like seeing boobs being sucked on, you add in some sweet frosting and I could be sucking boobs for hours. Claudia then helps release her mans cock and as you might guess some frosting is put around the cock shaft/ head with Claudia then cleaning that up! She also licks up some frosting off his belly while giving some decent eye contact. Well they really get into the cake shortly making quite a mess of it so how to clean up you wonder, well it involves Claudia and a pool. A great shot then follows with her swimming up to the edge where the cock is strategically placed at perfect face level and you get some really good knob polishing by Miss Adams. Our man then gets into laying some serious pipe to our girl with reverse anal being a big highlight and we finally get to the pop which is rained down on her face. A good start.

Kinzie Kenner:

Up next we have the covergirl and she just oozes sin from all the right places starting with her pretty face moving down to those nice boobs and don't even get me started on that perfect ass of hers which I could lick and lick and lick for hours! Mark Ashley is the lucky mutha who gets to party with Kinzie and we have some scintillating breast licking by both of them to start the scene and we have the strawberry shortcake already in use too from the get go. Mark gets those titties covered in frosting and he lustfully licks those nipples clean before moving down to sample Kinzie's pussy. Hey it's already a sweet pussy to eat, now it's really a sweet pussy!! Another thing I love about Kinzie is her skin color a lovely shade of dark brown and the energy too is good flowing from her and Mark's a great guy to partner her with as we see here. The cake is then placed on her belly and he does some cake fucking pushing his dick through the center of the cake and the mess is soon set aside so Kinzie can concentrate on sucking that covered cock which she does with gusto. The pure delight with which she polishes the knob here just sets the tone for the rest of the scene to work well. Her belly is a mess of strawberry, frosting but it works as Mark starts laying pipe in mish but we quickly get to cowgirl and wow do those ass cheeks do some serious bouncing as Mark is pounding hard. There's a nice insertion shot then for the anal start in doggie and I liked how you saw just a side of her tits as Mark begins his anal assault. Kinzie is a bit more cleaned off when they return to mish this time in anal and there's a little dirty talk too from my fellow Arizonan. Reverse anal was good as you see those tits doing their thing and we end with Mark giving Kinzie a good load to taste with some good cleanup too from Kinzie. Another solid anal scene from a performer who has consistently over the last year or so delivered top sex scenes.

Lucy Lee:

Here we have a girl I've not seen as much of over the past year or so like I mentioned and that's a shame as she really does a good job in her scenes. William finds her in a see thru green outfit with just a bit of glitter adorning parts of it. Lucy is good about pulling the top up and showing off her modest tits while giving us a pleasant smile and just look at those eyes as they draw you in. The ass shot we then get was perfect as those cheeks just jump out at you with the sexy curves. Lucy does a nice job caressing over her ass and we continue with the nice eye contact during the tease. The outfit is nicely discarded by Lucy who then spies her man sitting not far away enjoying her striptease. For fans of bush you see a neatly trimmed patch just above her pussy. We have another cake in the scene and watch as Lucy squats down ass first in it and this draws her man like a bee to honey and he gets a quick taste of her ass before Lucy is set for a little cock sucking. Good strong blowjob from Miss Lee with a little frosting help to aid her dick devourment. You also see during the blowjob Lucy diddling her pussy to ready it for action and we're soon at it with a semi standing doggie with the frosting still coating her ass in parts. YOu also see a good reverse before it's anal in spoon and doggie yielding the load with Lucy jerking it out onto her tongue and I loved how she looked directly as she did it. I missed Lucy and this was a good reminder of how much fun she is to watch.


This next young lady up has only one name but it's a good one. The cake is presented right away with a frosting laden piece of fruit placed in Roses mouth. The red hair then shows why she has that name, oh my she squirts out of her nipple onto a strawberry which I must say is a first for me to see. The mesh is ok but I'll be glad when that's removed though our man does a good job sucking those titties through the material. Roses then gets in the classic position on her knees and with the white frosting around the shaft she engulfs the dick. A good bit of the frosting is placed on his shaft so her mouth gets a nice white ring around it as she bobs up and down. The poor cake is totally ruined as he fucks it to get just a bit more on his cock with Roses quickly cleaning it off. We get more lactating squirts from her nipple and I must say this was a good surprise and she certainly had a good steady stream going there. Finally the mesh is entirely gone and Roses steps it up with the dick sucking and the total nudity really looks much better to me here especially with the all white background. The reverse to start the sex was really good as her modest sized tits get a good bounce going and they move seemlessly to cowgirl anal with the floor shot doing a good job showcasing Roses's ass. The second really good anal shot then comes in doggie as William gets underneath with Rose arching that ass up giving her man a prime target to piston into and we end with Roses on her belly shooting from both barrels as our man shoots a healthy load down upon her face so a mix of breast milk and cum for Roses to taste.

Sasha Knox:

Our final girl is someone who I know a lot of you wish would make a cumback and who knows, this is porn after all. We have another pretty cake presented at scenes outset and our man dips his dick right in there with an anticipatory Sasha looking on and she lustfully devours the frosting coated cock and just look at how messy her mouth gets as she does this, very hot. Sasha was definitely a performer who grew on me as her scenes went along. Here she is in full sexiness mode. The neon pink mesh was good but I'm kinda played out on mesh now. Her eye contact during this bj was terrific and she couldn't have sucked that cock any better if she tried, very nice bj. We get more cake involvement as she coats the balls to give them a better taste, lol. This really messes up her face with the frosting then coating her nose as well as around her mouth. Mark Ashley is a gamer as we've already seen in this dvd so he gets the frosting all over Sasha's pretty chest and does a thorough job cleaning off as much as he can but it's still a big mess as he removes the bottoms to get at Sasha's pussy but then he goes and puts frosting all over her kittie and ass to be licked and licked and licked some more!! He then puts one of those frosting colored roses just at the top of her pussy as he continues to snack on that very sweet cooch. Oh baby he goes right for her ass too sliding easily into her back door as Sasha pets the rose on her pussy top. Good solid strokes by Mark here and he also moves up into her pussy during this mish position. There's some solid doggie fucking too in Sasha's pussy before it is back into her ass with mish again being represented. Sasha gets to clean off that cock a little here and there before Mark shoves her face first into the cake as he resumes pounding her ass doggiestyle. The scene ends with Mark pulling out and popping to her ass as we still see Sasha's face a cake laden mess. But this doesn't stop Sasha from doing some cleanup to wrap up this dvd.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty good anal dvd as they go with the addition of sweet cakes to spice up the scenes. You may or may not think this worked but I thought it was good for the most part, the Sasha face fucking to wrap up that last scene wasn't the way I wanted her scene to end but I enjoyed the boob/ cake combos the best especially in Kinzie's scene where we had some joint nipple licking by her and Mark. It was great to see Lucy again and Roses lactating from her tits was a pleasant surprise too. Now for extras we have some bonus footage, a photo gallery, some BTS and a bonus scene with never before seen content. The girls name is Diana Lion and she's taking on George Uhl. It just wouldn't be right for the scene not to have a cake involved in it so we have one though they don't use it instead going into the living room where Diana attacks his cock. George then gets to eat a little pussy before moving on to the sex with mish, reverse in vag and then anal in spoon with A2M being shot. There's a little pounding in doggie anal before we get the pop to Diana's face. A solid rental for sure if you want to see Kinzie's perfect ass analized, you want one last look at Sasha Knox and you have the addition of some sweet cakes which are utilized in a creative fashion not normally seen save for porn that is!

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