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Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler)

Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Desperate House Whores 3 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  6/12/2006




Kept deep in the shadows of the lost fervor, tortured by the daily misery of the city, wondered in the wilderness of apathy, the untamed soul of the chosen one finally managed to survive. Behold, he rises gloriously from the ashes and comes forth to master the fires of carnal mayhem. People of the ADT community “Reversible” is back. He is once more ready to reverse the odds, he is once more ready to fight for … porn. Entrust him, Embrace him and f.. him. I meant follow him to his journey, to the incredible adventure pursuing the source of delight and visual satisfaction.

Long live the King! Hurray! Hurray!

Gee, I am really impressed about the sense of modesty that I have.

Reverse the scenes and play them again… enjoy every single pleasureful second!


Distribute Company: Hustler

Director: Mark Kismet

Genre: Gonzo

Performers in the order that they appear (f/m): Rachel Luv, Bailey, Envy, Mya, Camilla, Evan Stone, Jerry, Scott Styles, Talon, James Deen, Sascha.


Reading this movie’s label can’t help thinking of the popular television series which have conquered the world’s attention. Its grace reached Greece too, where it is being broadcasted by two channels. There are many adult films with similar title. The concept is familiar. Neglected wives who finally get the attention they crave. Of course, they don’t show what happens after their cheating adventures…



A pretty slim chestnut hair girl walks down a road over a sunny Californian hill. She is Rachel Luv. “We a’ from Hustla’! Honestly we a’!” A tall middle age Englishman with a mustache and a small belly around his waist runs shouting towards her. A couple other guys follow him closely. One of them holds a microphone and the other a video camera. They are a mobile broadcast crew. They are from Hustler network. “We ‘ve come to rescue you. In fact, you ‘ve won.”, the English man says. “Wow” Rachel responds with a controllable dose of comical exaggeration… A little bit later, Rachel is sitting in a chair and in fast-move footage we watch her receiving a proper beauty care by the make up artist. During her facial “transformation” Rachel narrates us her story. She is complaining about her husband who doesn’t fuck her. (She is not the only one). She wants to get pounded well by a big hard cock.

Cut. Mark leads her to a house where the notorious long hair porn stud Evan Stone awaits completely naked. Rachel on her behalf she is not totally nude. She is wearing a red colored lingerie set. Evan approaches her and starts practicing his loving skills. He gives her erotic kisses and gropes her small but natural breasts. He takes out her bra and continues kissing her neck and exploring every sexy curve she possesses. She massages her pussy outside her thong while she is stroking his cock which is extended underneath her groin. After only a few seconds in the scene everybody can realize that Evan is the right man for the job. He shows her that he desires her and she definitely appreciates his loving attention. Women love to be the center of attention. At least most of them.

He lies upside down on the couch and she positions herself face up just above him offering him her tasteful muffin. He accepts her offer willingly and starts licking her delectable cherry while pinching her nipples. There is a wonderful picture as she leans back. She loves it. She turns over and they perform the infamous 69 pose as she starts sucking his long meaty stick like a lemon Popsicle. Cut. Close insertion shot in missionary pose. Evan shows his multitasking capabilities as he licks her clit and finger fucks her at the same time. No need to tell you the girl is in heaven. Lots of tender kisses. They continue again in the same position and Mark captures the event finely. He turns her around and slams her slit in doggy. Oh the acrobatics started soon. As he is shagging her box in doggy his leg is lifted, extended and led plain upon her back.

That little spot in the middle of her bottom valley looks alluring and Evan can resist and inserts a finger inside. Yeap, his bigger finger follows soon after, initiating the anal activities in doggy fashion. The anal penetration is deep and his shaft reaches her rectum’s end. He pulls her leg up and the anal reaming goes on in sideways. He sodomizes her in the very popular pile driver manner as she positions herself upside down. They commit a rather uncommon anal position, something between reverse cowgirl and side saddle. The shot is very exciting as her left leg runs his well built chest. Very stimulating full body capture as his long prick slides in smoothly all the way in. Mark uses many angles to cover the action. Finally Evan unloads in her oral cavity. Rachel has very beautiful green eyes.


A beautiful bustiful blonde is sunbathing naked on a deck chair outside, near a swimming pool. Our graphical Englishman approaches her. “’a you Bailey? We pick up yo’ letta’ and …” Bailey is surprised and tries to cover her nudity with a towel. Things progress quickly and after a few seconds we see Bailey patiently accepting the cares of the hair and make up stylist. She too complains about her husband who neglects her. She doesn’t stay on that though and goes further calling her dearest mate a gay. After the make up treats Mark escorts his new starlet outside. Our juicy blonde appears in a pink bikini. Jerry welcomes them warmly, especially Bailey.

Jerry wastes no time and attacks his luscious partner. She starts kissing her while his hands are folding her large boobies. He gropes them aggressively trying to fit all of her fleshy balloons in his palms. Bailey is a bit soft in her waist but she surely possesses a very attractive rack. His lips replace his fingers around her soft tits. He kisses her before taking out her thong. Her freshly shaved slit is on display and he proceeds to feel his tenderness with his hands. A brief cunnilingus is committed while she is standing before continuing the muff diving while she lies in the reclining chair. The blonde lady responds delightfully to his oral tricks and he suspends his pleasure attack using his fingers too. Willing to show her own skills she unzips Jerry’s pants and wraps his fat cock with her mouth. Carried away by her intentions Jerry moves on fucking her head.

There you go! Mark sets up a nice extensive titty fucking for all the mammary lovers, including me. Surprisingly, today this action is very rear. Her young box gets invaded in classic missionary and Mark provides us wonderful full body shots. Jerry places his torso besides her in order to give her a little spoon tagging. Of course we can’t go through without a proper reverse cowgirl nailing. A very hot RC takes place and our lovely girl’s big floppy air-bags are swinging with every hit. The picture becomes more exciting as she leans her head back forming an arch with her body. Beauty! She turns around and the poking festivities continue in cowgirl. Bailey rides him like a good Amazon before they change poses to a big booty doggy stabbing. After a thorough drilling Jerry pulls out and pours his semen in her mouth.


Mark and his crew are outside an apartment’s door. The door’s number is 69. What a coincidence! They knock and a very pretty lady with a very sweet smile and a nice bastiful attire opens. It is Envy. A long time has passed since I saw this baby. I am very glad I have the opportunity to enjoy her again. Mark spreads out the familiar motto…“We a’ from Hustla’”. When Envy realize who are they she tells them to be silent, her husband is in the living room. As the make up procedure goes on she tells us her story, with that distinctive East European accent of hers. Her tail is not too far from reality. She says that is a former porn star that has retired five years ago due to her marriage. Everything went ok with her new life except the sex. She admits to us that she was missing the feeling of a big cock in her pussy and another one in her ass at the same time. I believe you have already guessed what we are gonna see.

The make up is over and our horny housewife is ready to rrrrrrumble. Mark escorts her in a room where two lucky guys already await. They are Talon and Scot Lyons. Frankly folks, Envy has managed to maintain a very attractive silhouette that would arise envy to many women at her age. The guys quickly approach her and start petting her luscious body. Talon pulls aside her bra in order to taste her large stimulated nipples. She takes out her bra to give us a full view of her upper body charismas. Each of the guys kisses one side of her neck making her melt of pleasure. Then their attention is focused on her big breasts. They are all completely naked now and Talon lies between her legs to give her a muff dive while she serves Scott’s fat cock with her mouth. A simultaneous finger fuck plus a clit lick deliver delightful moments for our starlet. Double blowjob next, as she kneels between them.

Talon is the first to poke her snatch in the doggy position while she is sucking Scott. Her pussy gets very wet and her internal vaginal fluids cover Talon’s pecker. His dick shines. Mark applies many angles. Scott spoons her. Close shots of his respectable sized pole going balls deep inside her. The anal activities commences when Scott decides to change holes shoving his thick shaft a little lower in her tight anus. Damn… her anal ring is stretched so wide as Scott pounds her rectum in spoon manner. Envy positions her juicy figure upon Scott’s throbbing prick getting her anus impaled in reverse cowgirl fashion. A few seconds later Talon fulfills her lustful wish as he comes forth to complete the promised DP. Mark captures the DP action magnificently. He uses great angles which expose her succulent body assets and the deep double drilling action at the same time. A hot cowgirl DP follows next as the boys stuff both of her soaking wet orifices at once. Guys cum on her face and mouth. Although I would have preferred a few positions more, especially in RC, the scene was quite good. I would very much like to see more of this gorgeous woman in other titles as well.



The scene starts and we spot a girl outside in the streets spying with binoculars someone or something. That would be Mya, a woman with Eastern Asian characteristics. “We a’ from Hustla’” . Mark scares the hell out of her as he takes her on surprise. You know the rest… Soon we witness Mya sitting on a chair while the make up artist does her job in speed up mode. Mya tells us about her husband who’s cheating on her with his secretary. She wants to give him a lesson that’s why she contacted Mark. Holly Molly! When I initially saw this gal I wouldn’t claim that I got thrilled by her looks. But now, after her beauty conversion I got speechless. This girl has literally been transformed from a regular passing by woman to a drop dead fucking awesome model. Amazing!

Anyway, Mark leads her to a room where porn stud James Deen awaits. James welcomes her pretty partner gladly by embracing her warmly. Very warmly. Soon his hands are all over her body. Gee… I am jealous of him. Mark kisses her passionately before moving his lips lower on her sensitive neck. Her bra goes out and a perfectly shaped set of natural breasts are disclosed. James suckles and gropes her tits. Her panty is off too and that clears the way for a nice pussy eating by James as Mya lying enraptured on the couch. He applies a little finger fucking and her slit responds pulsating. Mya is talkative. There is an obvious chemistry between the performers. Very erotic scene. Mya decides to return the attention and after unbuttoning his pants and freeing his penis out she takes it in her mouth. She salivates his cock properly preparing it for her sexy hole.

That hole is eventually stuffed in a very exciting Reverse cowgirl pose. Very nice! Her pussy is tight and his fat tool extends its walls. They try doggy next and Mark gives us sizzling coverage. Stimulating shots of her pussy getting filled well, while she is holding her ass cheeks apart. James is pistoning her box intensively as he mounts her body. There is a brief missionary shagging before they move on with a fantastic cowgirl. Her gorgeous dark skin figure bounces alluringly on his thick pole while he is licking her nipples. Mya looks so beautiful having her hands on her head and holding her hair up in the air. They settle another missionary. Mark covers the act with lovely distant angles where we can spot Jerry groping her boobies and close images of his rod sliding her box very smoothly. The scene ends with Jerry plastering her cute face. Oh la la I have just became I Mya’s fun.


A woman waits for the train in the train station. She is Camilla, a slim brunette. Mark Kismet approaches her and says… “Yo darlen’ da ya dig fo’ little dippen’”. Nope, I am kidding he didn’t say that. You know what he said. A couple seconds later Camilla narrates us her own story while she gets treated by the beauty stylist in high speed special effects. The beauty stylist looks like a giant fly flying here and there. After her work is done Mark escorts Camilla into a room where Sasha waits.

They hug each other. He caresses her body and kisses her neck. So far I loved the starts in every scene. They are very erotic. Her bra is taken out freeing her natural big-nippled breasts. Sasha sucks them. Her panty is off too, revealing her freshly shaved kitty. Not even a trace of hair in her pubic area. He positions her supinely on the bed and then pours essential oil on her naked body. He spread the oil on her body surface, massaging her at the same time. Sorry folks I made a mistake this is not a bed. It is a table with a mattress on it and many many lighted candles are decorating the place. He proceeds on kissing her while rubbing her slit simultaneously. He dives between her legs and starts stimulating her juicy cherry with his tongue and his fingers. Her pussy gets soaking wet and our sweet girl enjoys it greatly.

They change roles as Sasha is lying on the bed and Camilla moves above him. Her lips explore his well built body giving him little kisses before reaching his genitals. The heat builds up in exponential rate. Her mouth is closed around his shaft offering him a nice blowjob. She climbs up the bed and mounts him, taking his fat pale inside her in a sensual cowgirl pose. Mark manages to gives us fabulous front and back shots of the cock riding action. They shift to doggy where his sized member crams her tight cunt. He fucks her hard like a stallion and she encourages him with her hand. She even lifts her leg up to grant us a better view of the penetrating action. They kiss. One high heel shoe is hanging from her leg while she gets pummeled from behind. A twist angled missionary takes place. Nice video from the camera man. During the missionary poking action Camilla lifts her leg upon her mate’s shoulder. After a vigorous relentless pounding Sasha explodes in Camilla’s mouth.





Well, in general I did enjoy this title. It wasn’t as hard as other flicks of the gonzo line but it had many erotic elements that I adore to watch. Beautiful angles and exciting positions were also committed and presented to us in vivid colors. On the other hand I would have preferred the scenes to be longer in time and a little bit nastier in action. I liked the little plot’s concept but I think it was a bit monotonous. I believe that Mark Kismet has great potential but I will have to check out more samples of his work.


Check the ADT Forum. They have interesting subjects.



by unknown

After a long night of making love, the young guy rolled over, pulled out a cigarette from his jeans and searched for his lighter.

Unable to find it, he asked the girl if she had one at hand.

"There might be some matches in the top drawer," she replied.

He opened the drawer of the bedside table and found a box of matches sitting neatly on top of a framed picture of another man.

Naturally, the guy began to worry.

"Is this your husband?" he inquired nervously.

"No, silly," she replied, snuggling up to him.

"Your boyfriend then?" he asked.

"No, not at all," she said, nibbling away at his ear.

"Well, who is he then?" demanded the bewildered guy.

Calmly, the girl replied, "That's me before the operation."


by Cursive(ADT member)

And here's one for the tax season...


A gentleman, called to testify before the IRS, asked his accountant on what to wear for the trial. The accountant said, "wear your shabbiest clothing. Let the judge think you’re poor."

The gentleman then asked his lawyer the same question. The lawyer replied, "do not let the court officials intimidate you. Wear your most elegant suit and tie."

Still searching for answers, the gentleman consulted his church priest. The priest answered, "well, let me tell you a story. One night a woman was going to get married and asked her best friend on what to wear for her wedding night. Her best friend suggested to her, 'wear the sexiest lingerie you got...'"

Confused, the man asked, "wait, what does this all have to do with my problem with the IRS?"

The priest responded, "because, no matter what you wear, you are going to get screwed."


by VincentVanGauge
(ADT member)

Victoria is all alone in her bedroom with Peter (never mind the contradiction, after all it's only just nothing but a joke). Peter seems to be a little uncertain what to do, so Victoria smiles at him and begs: "Put a finger into my pussy, pretty please."
Peter does it.
Victoria: "Now put another finger into my pussy, pretty please."
Peter does it.
Victoria: "Now put a third finger into my pussy, pretty please."
Peter does it.
Victoria: "Now put the whole hand into my pussy, pretty please."
Peter does it.
Victoria: "Now put the other hand into my pussy, too, pretty please."
Peter does it.
Victoria: "Now clap your hands inside my pussy, pretty please."
Peter: "I can't."
Victoria: I'm fucking tight, ain't I?"

And what about Peter? He had been locked into a hen house as a child and got severely pecked, that should explain his behaviour. But this doesn't belong to the joke, it's just a little inside information for those who became enamoured with Peter during the course of the joke.



PS1. In the BTS footage we watch Mark Kismet and his crew climbing the hills through bushes and thorns under the hot Californian sun in order to find their way to their rantez vous with Rachel. While Mark was walking down the hill talking to his assistants, he suddenly slips and takes a tumble. Mark is ok but my girlfriend and I burst into laughing. Really folks without any offending mood this guy here could have well been a successful comedian.

PS2. They claim this is the frame we’ve missed. But they didn’t show the real missing one. After many hours wandering in the wilderness…Mark distinguishes a human presence. “Can you please point us the right direction to LA?” “Pardona mi, Gringo dis is Mexico, los angeles far far away”.

PS3. Evan Stone arrives to the villa where the scene will take place and makes a notable entrance as he walks towards the house. Rock music is played in the background and on his way to the room he accepts several equipments which are offered to him by many assistants. They even give him some clothes to wear. He does wear them only for a few seconds before taking them out again. It’s a funny happening, fooling the snotty star’s attitude.

PS4. I thought this title was a couple friendly video so I invited M. my girlfriend to watch it with me. When the video ended M. asked me … “Do you know where I can found this people’s phone?” I gave her an angry look. “ dear… I am talking about the make up artist. She is pretty good. I might need her treats before our wedding!”. “Oh”, I responded laughing…Then after a few minutes she asks me again. “Baby, do you know where I can found this guy’s phone”. I gave her a mean look again. “Oh my dear I am talking about the middle aged Englishman”…. And after a long pause she continued “You know, I might need his friends after our wedding!”

PS5. After taking divorce from his beloved wife when he caught her getting anally drilled by Evan Stone he says… “They said it was a couple friendly film…”

PS6. Taking these girls’ stories as samples we must expect more complains… “My husband neglects me. Except from sexually incapable and queer, my husband is mentally challenged, commits bestiality with pigs, has nasty hemorrhoids and wets his bed in the nights…”



For any comments, questions or a little correspondance between sex addicts send me an e-mail at Yes, I know it should have been soulmessenger but I did it on purpose.


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