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Desires To Live

Desires To Live

Studio: Kinkkrew
Category:  All Girl , Bondage
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Big Raider Fan's ratings for Desires To Live:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Desires To Live overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Desires To Live Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Desires To Live Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Desires To Live Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Desires To Live Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Desires To Live DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Desires To Live A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Big Raider Fan  on  9/23/2012
Desires to Live! is from Kinkkrew, and directed by Mandy Bright. The DVD contains 4 scenes featuring girl on girl bondage. In 3 of the scenes, the girls give a short interview before enjoying some rope fun in different positional ties. None of the scenes contains much in the way of sex, although there’s a bit of dildo play at the end of a few. The dommes her get creative with their tools of torture, and the ladies are all nice to look at, but the real chemistry comes from the last scene with Mandy and Kathia. The feature is shot in HD and presented in widescreen, running close to 2 hours. Extras include trailers, DVD and Website info, and a slide show.

Sex Slave: Lisa Sparkle (with Lilly Love)
Lisa’s a pretty brunette, and she begins her scene roped, standing, with one leg suspended so she’s open to whatever punishment befalls her. Lilly enters in a fairy costume and teases her with her wand before caressing and teasing her body. She bites at Lisa’s neck and teases her feet before bringing out a chip clip and candle. She pinches at her face and drips candle wax on Lisa’s body. Lisa’s next bound somewhat off the floor in a kneeling position, and she sways and twists around before Lilly returns and blindfolds her. She pinches her nose with a clothespin before flogging her and pinching her labia with another clothespin. Lisa gets clothespins on her ears and tongue and then eyebrows, and Lilly fingers her clit. The third binding has Lisa’s wrists tied to her calves, and one calf tied up in the air. Lilly teases her with a large clear dildo and slaps her face before Lisa gets to suck in it. She gets flogged some more before being placed in a kneeling position and getting slapped. At the end, Lilly draws a lipstick heart on her chest and arrows to her hair.

Sex Slave: Essy (with Sabrina Sweet)
Essy’s a dirty blonde, and she begins bound in a standing spread eagle position with Sabrina watching from a corner. Sabrina’s in a naughty schoolgirl outfit, and she makes Essy wait for her punishment. She hits her with the book and pulls Essy’s pigtails before fingering and slapping her clit and thighs. She spanks her before force feeding her pretzels and pinching and slapping Essy’t tits. She uses a barrette on Essy’s skin and feet. Essy’s next bound on her knees and she gets teased and tormented with a triangle and protractor. She’s made to nuzzle Sabrina’s cunt, and then has candle wax poured all over her. She’s spit on and slapped before being hit with a ruler. She’s bound a third time standing, with one leg suspended in the air while Sabrina flogs her, and then her clit gets teased with a large dildo. At the end, she’s covered with glitter and sucks on the dildo before Sabrina fucks her with it. Essy takes over and fucks her pussy before Sabrina regains control and vigorously fucks Essy’s pussy and mouth with it. She gets her face dunked in water and her throat flogged before the scene ends.

Sex Slave: Elfie Nils (with Lilly Love)
Elfie is a cute blonde/redhead (she rather looks like an elf), and she starts out suspended from the ceiling in a sideways position. Lilly joins her, dressed in an apron and boots, and she pulls on her hair before slapping her a bit and spinning her around. Elfie gets paddled with a wooden spoon and teased with a knife, with Lilly giving her neck a few bites as well. Lilly uses a spiked wheel up and down Elfie’s body before striking her with what looks like a comb and an egg whisker. Elfie is next bound on the ground, with her thighs tied to her ankles and her wrists to her thighs. Lilly kneads and pinches her legs before having Elfie lick her boots. She gets spanked with the spoon again before her tongue gets pinched with a mini tong. Her nipples and clit get the pinch treatment as well, before Lilly brings out a bigger pair to tease and torment Elfie with. Next on her knees, Elfie is teased and tormented before she’s released, and she sucks on a dildo while Lilly runs the wheel around her nipples. Elfie fingers her self while she fucks her mouth, and makes herself come.

Sex Slave: Kathia Nobili (with Mandy Bright)
Last up is Kathia, a pretty brunette who doesn’t get an interview. She begins bound outdoors suspended in the air. Mandy watches her look around, and then comes over to spin her around before kissing her and having Kathia suck the spikes on her collar. Mandy puts 4 clothespins on her tongue and flicks at them. Kathia drools as Mandy cliothespins her nipples and spits in her mouth before adding a clothespin to Kathia’s nose. She flogs her before slapping and squeezing Kathia’s thighs and ass, and then she removes the clothespins from her tongue and places them on Kathia’s ears and nipples. Kathia gets her face slapped before the scene cuts, and now Kathia’s bound in a similar position, but with one foot on the ground and her neck roped to a tire. She’s gagged with a large gag that has two tubes running out of it. One allows Mandy to blow smoke into Kathia’s mouth, and the other lets her pump up the gag inside her mouth. She torments her with the cigarette smoke before fingering and slapping her pussy. A cut to the next tie, with Katya being forcefed an enormous black inflatable dildo while she’s tied open spread eagle. A cut to Kathia unbound and siting on the tire, and she licks Mandy’s boots before fucking her own mouth with a dildo. This scene is by far the hottest on the disc, and it’s apparent that Mandy and Kathia have a relationship, as the look in Kathia’s eyes is something to behold.

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