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Desires Of the Devil

Desires Of the Devil

Studio: ARI
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Desires Of the Devil:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
Desires Of the Devil overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks Desires Of the Devil Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Desires Of the Devil Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Desires Of the Devil Sex rating 1 star
Plot/Acting Desires Of the Devil Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Desires Of the Devil DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Desires Of the Devil A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  5/27/2006
I have to admit to a real weakness. I love old horror and sci-fi films and I love old pre-condom porn. The older and cheesier the better. The horror films donít scare me and the old porn doesnít arouse me, so what is it about them that I love? Perhaps itís their rawness, their naivetť, their very ineptness. So even when I could be (and should be) viewing something more worthwhile I give in to my guilty pleasure and watch something like SONS OF SATAN or DESIRES OF THE DEVIL. I donít see a listing for my recently viewed SONS OF SATAN so Iíll do DESIRES OF THE DEVIL instead.

The film begins with Jim Cassidy waking up to an annoying alarm. Now although this film is a piece of schlock, Jim Cassidy was something else. He was blond and beautiful with a drop-dead gorgeous build. He was an AMG model come to life. An AMG model that sucked and fucked. Indeed the best part of this film is the scene where he poses for a photographer in the standard AMG poses. But Iím getting ahead of myself. After the alarm has gone off, Jim gets up (naked of course) and we admire that incredible body as he strolls about doing early morning things. There is a note on the mirror but I couldnít read it. Whatever it was Jim goes looking for money and ends up smashing a piggy bank to get the change.

We next see him drive up to a deserted beach where he appears to be waiting for someone. (The guy who left the note?) A black voodoo master looking out his window spies this paragon on the beach. Jim writes a note (heís a southpaw) and leaves it under a small stone. Itís found by the voodoo master who proceeds to conjure. He goes thorough some silly ritual like something we might see in an Ed Wood film and then sits naked on the floor. We get a brief glimpse of his cock before he hides it behind a bongo drum. He beats it for nearly the rest of the film. (The drum not his cock.)

Jim is seen going to the movies. (Where did he get this money?) Coming out he is followed by a dweeb who chats him up and invites him home for a drink. Seated on the sofa as the guy fixes the drinks, Jim removes his shoes (he doesnít wear sox). Getting the drink he removes his shirt (he doesnít wear an undershirt). The dweeb sits on the floor before him. Jim stands and removes his trousers (he doesnít wear underwear.) Jim heads for the bedroom and the dweeb struggles out of his clothes in a way that would make Peter Sellers proud. Entering the bedroom, he finds Jim sprawled on the bed. He dives on top of him and is soon sucking on Jimís cock. Jim pretends to fuck him. (We donít see the cock in the hole and this guy is not fuck material anyway and it looks fake to boot.) When they guy has gone in that post-coital snooze, Jim cleans out the guyís wallet and skedaddles.

After making an abortive phone call, he runs into a rather cute young guy and they head off together. This young guy has a nicely haired chest. He sucks Jimís cock and they sixty-nine. Once again we donít see the cock in the hole but maybe they really are fucking as the guy cums while Jim is supposedly nudging the prostate. ITíS THE ONLY CUM SHOT IN THE ENTIRE FILM!!!

Exercising outdoors in the park, Jim now meets the photographer. As they stroll around the beach the strains of Satieís Gymnopedies is heard on the soundtrack. (Could this be love?) They go back to Jimís where the posing session takes place. (Maybe this guy IS Bob Mizer?) Jim falls onto the bed afterward and the photographer falls onto Jim. Again we have Jim sucking dick in a sixty-nine. In a switcheroo, the photographer is gone when Jim wakes up. Heís left Jim money.

As a lonely Jim strolls around the places they walked together, the Satie is heard once again.

A very weird party scene. Itís a mixed crowd of both men and women. There is a guy with no legs and a woman with a pussy (the kind with whiskers and a tail though I assume she has the other kind also). Even weirder is the fact that Jim goes into the bedroom with a woman but when we find him there nude on the bed thereís a guy about to go down on him as another stands at the foot of the bed watching and/or waiting his turn. Who should peep in the door to see all this but the man who apparently left Jim the note and who he has been trying to find. The man registers disgust; Jim registers resignation. I donít see Jimís attraction to this guy. Heís not in the least attractive. Oh, well beauty is only skin deep. (But ugliness is to the bone.)

Again Jim walks along the beach. This time he hears the bongos. Following the sound he enters a house where he finds a note and a bottled drink. He drinks the drink. Wandering into the bathroom he smells some cologne. Stripping off his clothes he gets into the shower. There he is joined by the black voodoo master. After soaping one anotherísí genitals itís off to the bedroom. Jim sucks the big black cock. The end.

I donít think I wasted an hour of my time viewing this as I did enjoy it somewhat in the peculiar fashion I mentioned above. I probably did waste my time reviewing itóunless of course someone finds it amusing. Itís an awful film. I wouldnít be surprised if the director Figg was really Ed Wood. Itís pleasant to watch Jim nude. He was gorgeous. Iíll remember also a piece of graffiti on the wall at the party: ďVirginity causes cancerĒ. These two things made it all worthwhile.

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