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Desert Train

Desert Train

Studio: Titan Media
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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Feels So Right's ratings for Desert Train:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Desert Train overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Desert Train Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Desert Train Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Desert Train Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Desert Train Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Desert Train DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Desert Train A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Feels So Right  on  6/14/2001
I've been very hesitant to overpraise anything I watch. For those of you who have read my other reviews, you know I can be extremely harsh. But I think it's important to ask myself, "Is this the best it can get?" Well, I asked that while watching this, and I have to honestly say, if it's not, this is pretty close.

Features: This disc is pretty light on features, but the ones that are here are very well done. There are a generous 14 chapter stops, and the slide show has great photography. By far, the best feature, though, are the production notes. We get to read what is essentially a "virtual notebook" of the six day shoot. Though it's never mentioned who wrote it, I'm presuming it's co- director Robert Kirsch (Bruce Cam is the other one). There are photos to accompany the text, many of which are not in the slide show, and the writing here is pretty good. There are some very funny anecdotes about the difficulties of shooting without intrusions, some shocked train engineers, and trying to avoid prosecution. I wish more discs had this feature, as it's pretty interesting. The only thing that holds down this score is the fact that there aren't any interviews or behind-the-scenes footage included. The music in this release is very good for an adult feature. It's never obtrusive, and for once, it doesn't sound like someone just hit the "Samba" button on the Casio. The audio sounds like it's live, for the most part. The video presentation is quite good as well. Colors do appear oversaturated at times, and there are minor issues, but they don't detract from the overall product. The only scene that doesn't look great is one that is shown in black and white. While this image would look fine in color, the warmth it loses by going black and white reveals a pretty soft image. The sharpness needed to pull off black and white just isn't here. Any shortcomings are overshadowed by superior editing and stunningly beautiful photography of the surroundings. A quality job by Titan.

The stars: Xavier DePaula, Jackson Phillips, Adriano Marquez, Marcello Reeves, Michel D'Amours, Rich Ryan, Brian Hanson, Eduardo.

The feature: The n/a rating in the plot/acting section is mostly due to the fact that there's not really any story here. Dialogue is minimal, focusing mostly on dirty talk, and for the most part, we just see really hot drifters meeting up with other really hot guys in the desert to have sex (I lived in Arizona for three years and that never once happened to me!). In this case, though, the sex definitely outweighs any shortcomings in the story department.

Scene One: Xavier is trying to hitch a ride in the desert. A truck slows down, but doesn't stop for him. Further up the road, the truck has a breakdown and Jackson is throwing a fit. Xavier walks up, and the next thing you know, he's being bent over the front tire of the truck. Jackson is pretty rough, pulling hair, kissing very brutally, and pounding into Xavier like a man possessed. It's actually pretty hot. Jackson tops Xavier and eventually creams on him, but Xavier isn't so lucky. Jackson decides to hit the road and Xavier barely has time to pull up his jeans, grab his stuff and join him. Later on, while parked near some railroad tracks with a passing train, Jackson is a bit gentler with Xavier and gives him a nice combination hand/blowjob. Xavier gets his rocks off and gets dropped off a truck stop.

Scene Two: We catch up with Xavier the next day. He's taking a nude stroll along the tracks as a train rumbles by. He returns to his campsite, pees (on camera), and pleasures himself. He rolls over and humps the sand beneath him a bit, eventually doling out a few nice puddles of cum.

Scene Three: Adriano is now wandering through the desert and comes upon some rock formations. He climbs them and crosses the path of Marcello, who follows Adriano. They begin kissing and Adriano removes Marcello's shorts and licks his cock a bit. He wanders to a nearby stream, strips and splashes around a bit in the water. I should mention here that Adriano seems to have major boner issues (I'm sure the water is cold) throughout this scene and his cock is not seen all that much, except when Marcello blows him. He is the bottom in the fuck scenes and does not cum either time they fuck, and we briefly see he is totally limp when he's gettin fucked. It's too bad, because like everyone else here, he's a hot guy. Marcello comes during their second encounter, concluding the scene.

Scene Four: Rich wanders among the rocks, and the image goes from color to black and white. He comes upon Michel sunning himself on a rock. They immediately begin making out and stripping. After giving a tongue bath to Rich's member, Michel goes legs up for a very thorough rim session. Rich moves up to ride Michel's face and Michel comes while doing this. Rich then pees in the river (what is it with this company and the peeing?), and they dress and move to a waterfall, where Rich rides Michel for all of about 12 seconds before squirting a messy load on Michel's chest. They roll over and Michel fucks Rich some more until both manage to come once again on Rich's chest. The color returns and we enter the last scene.

Scene Five: Brian meets up with Eduardo who, you guessed it, pees in a shady grove of palm trees. He walks up to Brian and takes a drink from his water bottle. He takes another and kisses Brian and the water dribbles out of their mouths. Kinda nasty, but hey, whatever. They do this a bit more, and Brian goes down on Eduardo who lies on a fallen palm. Brian lies on the palm while Eduardo slathers his chest, and then is picked up and carried over to a clearing for a rimjob. Back at the palm, he returns the favor before bending over for his new best friend. They fuck for a bit, and Brian rides Eduardo like a a carousel pony. Eduardo comes, and goes, leaving Brian to finish himself off solo in a pile of dead palm fronds.

There's a lot to be said for a feature that contains a good deal of hot guys, hot sex AND high production values. I'd heard good things about this feature and am happy to say, "believe the hype." This is one train you shouldn't miss.

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