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Desert Fire

Desert Fire

Studio: Studio 2000
Category:  Gay
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dano's ratings for Desert Fire:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Desert Fire overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Desert Fire Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Desert Fire Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Desert Fire Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Desert Fire Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Desert Fire DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Desert Fire A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by dano  on  12/2/2003
First Word: I picked up this video because it has some models whose work I had not seen but wanted to.

Video: Desert Fire
Studio: Studio 2000
Director: John Travis
Date of Production: October 2002

Cast: Trent Atkins, DC Chandler, Sal Correlli, Roland Dane, Cade Devilin, Dick James, Alex Leon, Tino Lopez, Antonio Marquez, Tico Martin, Jim Slade

The Story: Despite this director's reputation for including plots in his videos, there is no story here. The premise is that Professor Roland Dane takes some students on some sort of expedition to a desert camp, which merely serves as the backdrop for the sex scenes.

Scene 1 (Antonio Marquez and Trent Atkins): Trent roams around the camp and finds Antonio bathing in what can be characterized as a large outdoor bathtub or a child's pool. He walks up to Antonio and they kiss as Antonio strips Trent and then lifts him into the pool. Trent sucks Antonio very briefly before Antonio fingers Trent. Antonio penetrates Trent as Trent stands with one foot on the edge of the pool. They then move to a weightbench for a wishbone position (Antonio stands and holds Trent's legs apart by the ankles) before Antonio withdraws to suck Trent's modest erection. Trent then climbs aboard Antonio for some cowboy action and ejaculates after turning around for some reverse cowboy. Antonio finishes by jerking himself off.

Likes/Dislikes: Trent has a small, compact build befitting someone who is a competitive diver (he spent a couple years diving for the Indiana University Swim Team). I don't know why, but he has made an even bigger splash in the porn world (about 30 videos in 2 years). I guess he's popular because of his willingness to bottom for big-dicked models (Joe Landon, Nick Capra, Jeremy Tucker, Anthony Holloway, Brett DiMineo, Jason Sizemore, Ken Ryker, Brad Patton, Aiden Shaw, Adam word!), but I was not impressed with his lackluster performance here. He appeared to be tranquilized! And his half-asleep countenance doesn't help. Antonio Marquez (Juan Jimenez for Kristen Bjorn films) is a handsome Spaniard who, like Trent's many onscreen partners, is amply endowed. I mean, it's like a baseball bat. He's a good performer, and my only complaint with him is he did not utter one sound during the whole encounter.

Scene 2 (Alex Leon and Dick James): Alex and Dick admire the scenery before admiring each other. Dick sucks Alex, who then stands up to do a little face-fucking. Alex rims Dick's hairy butt before fucking him doggy-style standing, wishbone, and then reverse cowboy on a bed (and what a bed is doing outdoors I don't know). Dick ejaculates while riding Alex, and then Alex unleashes his load.

Likes/Dislikes: There's about a 15-year difference in ages here, which might suggest an almost intergenerational combination, but Dick is such a big guy and Alex looks so young for his age (despite the almost bald look) that any implication of a Daddy scene is lost. There's really nothing remarkable about this scene or the performers, either good or bad.

Scene 3 (Cade Devilin, Sal Correlli and Roland Dane): Roland spies on Sal and Cade sucking each other on a hillside, Cade more eagerly and adeptly. Roland asks if he can join, and they head indoors. Roland does Cade doggy style as Cade sucks Sal, then Sal also bends over for Roland. Cade then rides Roland cowboy style, both facing and reverse, before they all toss their loads.

Likes/Dislikes: Roland Dane was a very handsome Hungarian when he did some photoshoots for Body Prod and Mick Hicks (cover model for Torso) a few years ago, and I enjoyed his performances in some of this Falcon videos (he provides some great money shots). But he has been living high off the hog since fact, he's become the hog! Yes, his pecs are huge, but his abs have lost all definition and his face retains so much water that he looks like a chipmunk on steroids. What happened to him! Sal Correlli is an average-looking brunet with a strong New York accent (he's harder to understand than Roland), but Cade Devilin is the star of this scene. Some might be put off by the scar on his face from the surgical repair of his cleft palate, but I think his build (which is very similar to but more muscular than that of fellow faux-blond Trent Atkins) and enthusiasm more than make up for whatever shortcomings anyone might find in his looks.

Scene 4 (DC Chandler and Tico Martin): DC and Tico share a meal on a picnic table before sharing a kiss. Apparently not yet full, they get into a 69 position where Tico demonstrates amazing deep-throat capabilities with the longest endowment of the video. Tico licks and fingers DC's hairy ass before standing at the end of the table and topping DC. Tico then gets plugged by DC, first in a dog position and then spoon fashion, where, like the bottoms in all the previous scenes, he jerks himself off with his hole occupied. DC then withdraws to ejaculate onto Tico.

Likes/Dislikes: DC is a tall, almost exotic-looking (mixed race? I can't tell) guy with a slight Southern drawl (he's from the Washington DC area--thus the name--and graduated from UVA) who has become one of Studio 2000's featured performers. It's great to see a hung model do more than just top, so I liked his performance, but I like Argentinean Tico Martin even better. Though he looks older than the 25 years the bio gives as his age, he looks very fine with chiseled features (face and torso) and an erection just as impressive as DC's, and his performance gets my vote for best in the video.

Scene 5 (Tino Lopez and Jim Slade): Tino and Jim get comfy on a bed, kissing and licking each other all over. Jim sucks Tino rather enthusiastically before swinging around for some 69 and a little ass play from Tino. Tino is the top, fucking Jim very hard in a doggy-style on the bed, riding high to show the penetration, and then missionary on his knees. After Tino pulls out, Jim jerks off and then Tino ejaculates onto Jim's neck.

Likes/Dislikes: Tino is a good-looking Mexican-American who probably got ribbed a lot growing up because of his big ears. He has a nice smooth, defined physique. Unlike all the other guys who top in this video, he has only an average-sized dick, but he does know how to put it to work as he has great porn-fucking technique. Jim is pretty much an average-looking guy doing exactly what he has done in seemingly countless videos. He really doesn't do much for me, even when paired with a guy in a scene where the chemistry appears really good.

Audio/Visual: As I've found with other DVDs from this studio, the audio and visual quality rank high and the other production aspects (camera angle and framing, shot selection, editing) are outstanding. No complaints here.

DVD Features: As usual, Studio 2000 has included some outtakes and bloopers that are very entertaining. It's hard to understand how the models could flub lines and actions in a video with so little dialogue and plot, but then again even the non-sex scenes must make them nervous. I always enjoy the glimpses into how porn is made, and the scene where the camera pans back from Cade's Devilin face to show he's actually getting fucked by Roland's fingers was pretty funny. The DVD also has previews for two other videos, a photo gallery, and biographical sketches of each performer. I appreciated that each actor's videography also included some of his work for other studios, such as Falcon. There is only one chapter stop per scene, which indicates an area where Studio 2000 lags behind other studios.

Bottom Line: I once read that Studio 2000 has a rule where every scene has to have each guy perform some sucking and that the anal action has to be shown in at least three positions. Certainly that rule was applied here, and I even saw a possible addition to the rule: "the bottom should be erect and ejaculate while getting fucked and the reverse cowboy position is the best way to show this." While this approach may have developed from a "this is what works" or "this is what they want to see" attitude, it also results in lowered expectations ("I know what I'm going to see" as opposed to "I wonder what I might see") that forces the studio to rely on their performers (either by looks or abilities or both) to provide that edge that keeps regular porn-watchers interested in the product. I'm not sure this video succeeds in providing that edge. I liked a couple performers here, but the overall action didn't get me saying, "Wow, this is hot." The technical aspects are great; let's see them used to show some heart-pounding sex (my heart as well as the performers').

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