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Dementia 3

Dementia 3

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Dementia 3:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dementia 3 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dementia 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Dementia 3 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dementia 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Dementia 3 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Dementia 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dementia 3 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/27/2006
Well here is a dvd I'm not to sure what to make of going in having not seen the first two in the Dementia series but with Hillary Scott gracing this title I was curious and adding in Sandra Romain, Rita Faltoyano, Barbara Summer needless to say my curiousity grew immensely. Well seems Hillary is trapped in a loveless marriage and the unhappy couple first head to a business party for hubby where our first scene occurs. You have Alex Sanders who's the boss I guess using an enhaler while before him the lovely Sandra Romain lies all bound and gagged. Well they first show a bit of the party, some harmless dialogue and then it's back to Sandra who is miraculously unbound and some hard fucking ensues with Alex including anal and the sure sign a girl is literally fucking your brains out Alex needs some O2 before finishing the scene!! Well this was a nice appetizer but the main course in this release is watching Hillary's transformation from bored housewife to wanton slut!! It all starts with some sweet nothings being whispered into her ear by Hershel Savage and later on Hillary finds an envelope tucked inside her windshield wiper on her Hummer!! Inside was a vhs-- yes I typed vhs, tape--- come on guys it's the 2000's it should have been a dvd or maybe even an Ipod to be even more current!! Anyway Hillary takes it home and putting it in she finds a man wearing one of those Motley Crue Theater of Pain masks and we have another bound and gagged girl. He too says sweet nothings to Hillary and there is some almost shrieking laughter coming from him but the real appeal to this is Hillary beginning her descent down the sluttonish path by playing some with her tits and then some serious masturbation goes on and folks I was getting incredibly turned on watching Hillary who plays this so well and not even close to over the top. I was real impressed with her here. Well something interrupts her at the front door and she goes to see what is up and upon opening the door finds a piece of paper lying there.

Well it tells her if she's curious to go to a certain place and head to the men's room and Hillary does just that changing into a cute short dress. Upon entering the "gentlemens" room she goes to a stall and shortly thereafter a guy takes a seat in the adjacent stall. Well what do we see but a glory hole and Hillary watches as he takes out his cock and starts jerking his rod. Well this stimulates Hillary as she begins to slowly pleasure her own pussy and you see the straps start to slowly fall down until one breast does come out. I can't really describe the mood or vibe but it was mesmerizing to me. I hadn't seen Hillary turn me on like this before, I was totally immersed in her performance and you see a second cock pop through another glory hole and this time Hillary bends over and begins sucking it and slowly this becomes a blowbang sorta though not one, not two, but eventually 3 glory holes are filled with dicks. You just have to watch Hillary who expertly works these cocks in and out until she takes all 3 pops into her mouth and shortly thereafter innocently leaves like nothing had happened!

Now back to hubby who had wrangled from Kyle Stone who catered the dinner at the initial scene a password to an orgy party where people were wearing masks similar to the one worn by the fella in the tape Hillary had watched. Well he gets in and watches a bit of the orgy going on before we get a scene featuring Rita Faltoyano along with Barbara Summer. The ladies wear masks for the first part and while they looked good hampered the blowjobs the girls were giving so I was happy when they were shed allowing us to see their attractive faces. Well these two are very good together doing anal, A2OGM along with some sexy kissing at one point. The lighting was a bit dark but it fit the mood of the dvd and didn't really distract to much from enjoying the action. The g/g interplay was maintained very well I thought and I'm pretty sure these two are friendly in real life so that very much helped make this scene work even better. To end the scene you have a pop rained down upon the girls faces and they share the cleanup. You then get to see a bit more of the orgy going on in the main room though I couldn't tell if the hubby was still there or not. I appreciated the various looks of the girls, the masks were cool and this was a good down time until the next bit of fucking. The hubby is cold busted for finding out the password as Kyle wasn't supposed to let it out. The "host" then gives hubby some hard times even telling him to strip naked as he was there for a kinky time but a masked girl who had just entered the party offers to take whatever punishment they were going to give him instead to give it to her. We then cut to a shot of Hillary lying in her bed and hubby for some reason then crawls in next to her so not sure what time frame we're looking at here and you see him nod off. Well he must relive what happened as we go back to the young lady who is now nude but with her mask still on and she's surrounded by cocks so wonder if Hubby would have been in her place !! The mask is then lifted up and you see it's Sierra Sinn and she's doing a pretty good job of taking on those schlongs. You soon have her taking a good hard pounding in several positions including doggie, mish, anal then in reverse cowgirl and naturally the guys have to dp her so I'm really wondering what they would have done to hubby now, lol. We close out with some doggie anal and the guys begin unloading their jizz onto Sierra's face.

We then cut to the two waking up in bed and Hillary tells hubby about a dream she had of being at a party, I think Sierra represented Hillary and now that I think back I do think she arrived at the party but when it came time for the fucking the girl was Sierra. Anyway we go to the next day and turns out Alex Sanders was at that party but didn't make his presence known so Alex gives hubby the business about being there. Ok to much plot right!! My copy of the dvd began fucking up here actually the picture froze. I do know Taryn Thomas is in this scene though not sure how brought in though in the menu you can cut to any part of the scene but I am having trouble getting it to load up unfortunately. Well I took the disc out and wiped it off a bit then put it back in and jumped to where Taryn begins her blowjob and she too was wearing one of the masks but it doesn't stay on long. The technical fuck ups in this scene are just killing the heat for me, sorry to Taryn as she's a great performer but I just got a bad copy when it got to this stage of the dvd. Well I'm not going to be able to watch this scene it appears but lookin at the menu you see 3 anal positions and I tried watching the cumshot and it's right from her ass too but the picture froze on me just before he popped, man I was pissed, lol.

We have one more scene to go and I'm wondering if I'll be able to watch it. We cut back to the house where the orgy party happened and the action was still going on and you see Hillary is now among those attending, I could tell because of her tits which I recognized! Hillary is receiving some oral and I think hubby might be there too though with the masks it was hard to tell. I had to skip around a bit to watch this scene too, more technical issues with the picture wanting to freeze, looking on the back of the disc I did see a few scratches and being a brand new dvd I was not happy, think I'll send it back. To bad too as the first few scenes were really good I thought especially the Hillary scene in the men's room, the vibe in that scene was just so powerful for some reason to me and I give Hillary all the credit for bringing that response out in me, I love being so turned on by a girl and in that scene Hillary did it for me like she never had before. The last two scenes will just have to be left unwatched unless I get another copy but I can still recommend this one due to those first few scenes. I can't forget the great Sandra Romain who makes any scene worth watching and then you bring in Rita Faltoyano along with Barbara Summer and those two worked really good with one another doing some fine g/g action along with servicing the cock before them. This is a two disc set so popping in the second disc let's see what's on that for your viewing pleasure. The menu you see listed shows some behind the scenes which for this one I'd sure be watching. You also get some interviews and I see every single girl listed so be sure and give a listen especially to Hillary. You can also watch the pops again and there's a photo gallery too and with the costumes/ masks worn in this movie that would be worth a look to I think. Now my overall rating will be a bit lower due to not being able to watch the last two scenes fully so you can add a 1/2 star back if you're copy doesn't mess up like mine did. I would recommend this one to fans of Hillary Scott for sure along with Rita and Barbara fans. The glory hole scene with Hillary is one I won't soon forget, just amazing an amazing porn performance by a rising star.

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