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Satchman Deeper 8 3.5 starsDeeper 8 3.5 starsDeeper 8 3.5 stars
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Deeper 8

Deeper 8

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Deeper 8:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Deeper 8 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Deeper 8 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Deeper 8 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Deeper 8 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Deeper 8 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Deeper 8 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deeper 8 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/16/2007
Ok fans time to check out a new one from Celeste and it seems like Hannah Harper's become an 'unofficial' contract girl for Digital having appeared in a few of their titles this year and hey I'm all for that as she's an incredibly beautiful woman and quite easy on the eyes. You add in the sexy body and superb British accent and I'm all primed for as much Hannah Harper as you can give me plus this title's got Naomi-- an older scene I'd assume, Austin Kincaid and the recent CAVR Winner Bobbi Starr so a solid cast of hotties let's see what Celeste comes up with for them as we go Deeper!

Hannah Harper:

We open the title with scene #1 featuring the covergirl and you see her wrists are bound and Scott Nails is lording over her as a sexy Hannah helplessly looks on. The picture has an edgy quality to it which fits the vibe they're giving then it gets more clearer too at times which I like even better. Hannah starts working that honey tongue asking for Scott's cock and hey you don't have to ask him or me twice and it's soon being engulfed by Miss Harper but only after leaving several lipsticks kisses on his shaft. The head style is aggressive without being over the top which for me is sometimes a hard balance for directors to hit but they do a good job of it here mixing in the good head, some gagging as well. Mr. Nails is good doing a little kittie licking and who wouldn't want to stare up at this sexy woman's face as you pleasure her pussy, for me that's what porns all about when it's working on all cylinders. Good solid visuals all around during the sex which follows, doggie and reverse were real strong with cowgirl finishing it off and Scott is on target hitting her outstretched tongue with the cum blast and Hannah is there with the cleanup too.


We start this scene with Mick Blue going Meow so I'm thinking he's on the lookout for some pussy and hey we spot Naomi in the shower as he repeats the meow mantra until it finally comes true with him entering the bathroom where the shower's running over Naomi's pretty body, love a girl in the shower, the water cascading down their bodies, then we get Mick surprising Naomi with the chloroform knocking her out but when she awakes I don't think she minds to much being in a dog collar as the two exchange tongue twirls and the gloved hands seek out first her tits and then down inside her pussy which I'm sure is getting wetter by the second. We begin to work that ass into the equation as she stands up, then she's put into a doggie pose and Mick goes down himself to play a bit more with her tush slipping a few fingers in as Robby's shot is fixated now on her rear end. Naomi is then allowed onto her knees where she works Mick's cock out and delivers a solid knob polishing session. There were a few real good facial closesup too on Naomi in the scene, really showing how attractive/ exotic a face she has and of course when she gets in cowgirl that ass just takes center stage. Mick closes the scene working a furious pop out to Naomi's mouth with some also reaching her face and there's a bit of cleanup too.

Bobbi Starr:

This scene opens with an expectant Bobbi lying casually on the bed where she's joined by Scott Nails, you see that radiate smile I love so much about Bobbi displayed during the initial tease. This is probably the best picture so far of all the scenes and for some reason a black hood is placed over Bobbi's attractive face and what appear to be blinders of some kind then cover the eyes which were already shaded by the hood, she's left with only a hole for her nose so how is she going to suck cock, lol. For the time being Scott contents himself licking at her ass, also using his fingers to pry open that backside/ pussy. You don't get a great view at first but we soon get Bobbi's ass turned so it's open and facing the camera as Scott continues to fingerbang her. A long rubber toy is then brought in and used, this causes a few sexy moans to escape Bobbi's lips but I'm anxious to see her sucking the real deal. Scott eventually replaces the fake schlong with his own hard one and the pace picks up with some strong doggie fucking, leading then to Scott coming around, lifting the hood up blocking her nose but freeing her lips so there is some cock sucking with good upclose shots too. The sex closes strong with both reverse and cowgirl before we get Scott hovering over Bobbi's face jerking his rod until he explodes down into her open mouth, probably the best pop so far with Bobbi doing some cum bubbles as well.

Austin Kincaid:

This scene opens with Marco Banderas on the bed, the picture is back to that raw edgy style from scene one, then he gets up and takes a couple strides revealing Austin sitting inside a little open area where shelves are, wrists appear to be taped together and you get Marco holding what appears to be a paddle of some sort.As appropriate scary but not to scary music plays you also get the same type look on Austin's face, worried but not full blown afraid. The regular picture now back we get Austin stood up and escorted over to the bed where's she is pushed over onto her back. I should mention she's got some sexy red lace lingerie on which Marco kisses around as he hovers over Austin, spending several seconds sniffing her cooch before working back up to those nice juggs attached to Austin's chest. Miss Kincaid is then flipped over so her ass now becomes Marco's target and there is plenty of tush to grab and he adds a few spanks in with hands and the red colored paddle. The bra is then removed letting those melons out and flipped back over Marco dives in to suck on those lovely big round boobs. While still pleasuring her tits Marco slips a few fingers down inside her pussy which I'm sure will see some solid action in short order, sure enough she's flipped back over on her stomach, the panties are pulled down and Marco dives into her pussy from behind. I love seeing girl ass/ pussy licked in several ways with burying your face deep in the ass cheeks way high on the list! Keeping the wrists still tapped together we get Marco slipping his cock in for some sideways action, the tape is finally removed as she gets to jerk him off a bit, then it's time to ride in cowgirl, doggie, and finally my personal fave with Austin , reverse! A bit of knob polishing is finally worked in towards the end which closes with jerking first by Austin then by Marco until he splooges to her mouth, chin and some cleanup after.

Hannah Harper:

We open this final scene with Alec Knight sitting there paddle in hand as Hannah walks by a few times, wrists bound. She's made to assume the doggie position before Alec for a bit of ass spanking and you can see this is turning him on as he's clutching at the buldge in his pants, me I'd just rather see her pretty face and body naked before me don't need this work up but hey it's a cool visual if you're into the whole bound scenario. Hannah looks hot regardless and you get a bit more of her in a doggie pose and the paddle slipped between her cheeks and then used once more to spank her behind. She's got on an easy opening bottom which Alec activates revealing her ass and pussy for more paddle play. Still with the wrists not freed we get Hannah working the cock out and giving Alec some undeserved head, hey if you're keeping your woman bound like this should your cock be pleasured, lol, I know it's role playing so don't yell! There were some great views here as the bound Hannah engulfs the cock, her tits are out too and looking good. The sex features solid shots all around in doggie, cowgirl and reverse leading to the facial which was ok but not great, still Hannah gives her man some cleanup head along with sinful eye contact-- that I really liked to close this out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty good one from Celeste and it helps if you're into the whole bound scenario, dog collars and the like which doesn't appeal as much to me but I appreciated the fact these were some amazingly beautiful girls and I got enough from each scene where I could get to where I needed to go. Hannah Harper is just gorgeous so having her in two scenes was just fine, Bobbi keeps on impressing with her great smile and energy no matter what the scene calls for, Naomi looked fine and that amazing ass is shown off nicely and Austin Kincaid, I love her tits!!Special features for this one include some BTS, the pops are repeated and you get stills and other photos to check out. A good rental for Hannah fans and for fans of some light bondage-- not sure if this even the right word as it's usually the wrists being tapped or bound and not much else though a paddle is used a couple times.

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