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Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA)

Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA)

Studio: VCA
Category:  Compilation
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astroknight's ratings for Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deep Inside Sindee Coxx (VCA) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/9/2002

Running Time: 115 min.

Running Time: 115 min.

Production Date: 07 / 1996

Director: Veronica Hart

Cast: Sindee Coxx, Crystal Breeze, Emily Hill, Felecia, Jill Kelly, Julie Rage, Kylie Ireland, Kirsty Waay, Madelyn Knight, Missy, Melissa Money, Misty Rain, Paisley Hunter, Sid Deuce, Sydney St. James, Tiffany Mynx, Valeria, Jonathan Morgan, Mark Davis, Michael J. Cox, and T. T. Boy

Initial Expectations: What Iíve seen of VCAís Deep Inside series has been really impressive. Iím looking forward to this one!

Initial Reaction: Itís another very good addition to the Deep Inside lines.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Sindee Coxx

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnít like Sindee Coxx

Audio /Video Quality: As a rule, you donít expect compilations to have consistent technical aspects. Thankfully, VCA pays enough attention to the technical aspects that their compilations are fairly consistent. The audio is normally clear and well balanced, with no signs of dubbing. The video has some slight grain, which is to be expected with a feature thatís over five years old, but looks great when one considers the age of the feature and the scenes it contains. Thereís only a few shadows, and very few of those interfere with the picture. Thereís a couple off-color lines near the edge of the screen, but even those are minor enough that you barely notice them.

Music: As usual with most compilations, the style and balance of the music isnít consistent throughout the feature. The style is pretty consistent with your typical porn music, but the balance varies from being way too loud to being nicely balanced.

Menus: The menus are pretty simple. The main menu has a clip from one of the scenes and VCAís standard format. The chapter menu is nicely done and lists each scene by the name of the feature it comes from and one of Sindeeís partners in each scene.

The Feature: VCAís Deep Inside series gives the typical compilation feature a new twist by focusing the compilation on one specific star, in this case, Sindee Coxx. As Sindee is interviewed, scenes are brought in to illustrate some of what sheís talking about. You never hear the questions, but Sindee always brings things forward with a informative and bubbly attitude that never makes you feel lost or left out of something.

Sindee starts things off with Tiffany Mynx in a scene from Dirty Work. Tiffany is selling sex toys door to door, and things Sindee would be interesting in plenty of what she has to offer. Sindeeís curious about Tiffanyís anal toy, and reluctantly agrees to give it a try when Tiffany tells her sheíll be gentle. Tiffany quickly dives into Sindeeís muff with her tongue and fingers, starting slowly and then picking up speed, before having Sindee roll over so she can give her ass a good tongue fucking. Finally, Tiffany breaks out her buttplug, which she probes Sindee with while licking her pussy. Of course, thereís no such thing as a free ride, so Sindee licks Tiffanyís pussy in return. Itís a hot scene, but I do have to admit that I was a little disappointed that Sindee didnít give as she got. Itís still a hot scene with very good chemistry and nice energy.

Next up, Sindee hooks up with Michael J. Cox in a scene from Adam & Eveís House Party 2. For those of you wondering, just because this scene features Cox taking on Coxx, that doesnít make this a gay scene. Eric Price opens a bathroom door to find Sindee Coxx naked and demanding somebody to fuck her. Eric leaves Michael to satisfy her, who eagerly walks in. She undresses him and moves him partially onto the sink so she can suck his cock. They move to the shower where Michael lathers Sindee up and then drops down to lick her pussy. He also works on her pussy with a shower attachment thatís kind of like a squirting dildo. Iíll leave it up to your imagination what itís probably really used for, but it makes for a nice addition to this scene. They get back out of the shower and head back to the sink where Michael fucks Sindee both from behind and in a standing missionary. Michael finishes himself off blowing his baby batter onto Sindeeís stomach before licking it up, which was something I didnít really need to see. Itís a pretty hot scene that works great despite the spacial limitations of the bathroom. This doesnít seem like it would be an easy scene to film and capture things right, but itís done pretty well here. That doesnít mean there arenít a lot of closeups or obstructed shots, there are, but there are quite a few well done shots also. Itís also helped out by some great chemistry between Sindee and Michael.

Sindee hooks up with Felecia and Misty Rain in a scene from Wide Open Spaces for the third scene. Sindee and Felecia head off to the bathroom so they can get a little more physical with each other than they could in the bar. They start out with some light kissing and caressing before theyíre interrupted by Misty Rain, who walks in as Sindee is eating out Felecia. They encourage Misty to join them, with Sindee taking the low road and eating her pussy while Felecia takes the high road and attacks Mistyís pierced nipples. Felecia soon goes down under to devour Mistyís ass and work it over with a vibe. Itís a great scene with excellent energy and chemistry, but Sindee gets a little lost in it.

Sindee hooks up with Emily Hill, Jill Kelly, Kylie Ireland, Missy, Paisley Hunter, Sydney St. James, and T. T. Boy in a scene from Car Wash Angels next. T. T. makes his rounds, fucking Sindee and the other girls, while the other girls watch and play with themselves and each other. T. T. manages one pop with Sindee and another later on Jill Kellyís stomach. Itís a pretty typical Jim Holliday orgy scene, but does lack a bit due to the speed T. T. moves around. T. T. makes the rounds nicely, but you canít always tell which girl heís fucking.

Things return to Dirty Work with Tiffany Mynx giving Sindee, Kirsty Waay, Madelyn Knight, Melissa Monet, and Valeria a masturbation lesson. Tiffany instructs them to remove everything below their waists, shows them where their clit is, and then tells them to start masturbating. As the girls rub their nub, Tiffany walks around and gives them pointers. Soon after the shirts come off also, and eyes wander. Nobody ever touches anybody else, which nicely sets this scene apart from almost any other scene with this many girls in it. Itís a hot scene and should really entertain anybody who likes to watch girls diddle themselves.

Next up, Sindee Coxx teams up with Misty Rain in another scene from Adam & Eveís House Party 2, as they entertain Eric Price and the rest of his bachelor party. Sindee starts things off working Misty over before climbing on top for some sixty nine action as the guys tell them what to do. Sindee breaks out a strap-on to work Misty over with, after she sucks it a little, and fucks her doggie style. Misty gets a little tail herself, courtesy of her horsey buttplug before Sindee fucks her a little more missionary style to give Misty a technical DP. They finally wrap things up with a little kissing, which feels natural. Itís a great scene thatís a lot of fun. Sindee and Misty work great off each other, and the guys egging them on only makes it better.

Sindee teams up with Crystal Breeze, Sid Deuce, and Sydnee St. James in the back of a pickup as things return to Car Wash Angels. Sindee starts out with Sydnee while Crystal and Sid work each other over. Sindee and Sydnee keep things fairly soft and simple, while Sid quickly whips out a strap-on to fuck Crystal over with. Sydnee and Sid change places, and surprisingly the strap-on disappears and Sydnee starts fucking Crystal with a new dildo while Sidís strap-on disappears. Itís an okay scene that suffers due to the camera angles. Due to the entire scene taking place in the back of a pick-up, things are limited, and it comes across feeling that way through the entire scene.

Sindee Coxx takes on Felecia while Julie Rage takes on Michael J. Cox in a scene from Adam & Eveís House Party 1. At the time, Sindee wasnít doing guys, so thereís not any major swapping back and forth between the couples. That isnít to say there isnít any interaction between them. After things get going good and Julie gets Michael all warmed up, Sindee does go for a ride on Michaelís face while Julie rides him. Sindee and Felecia also team up to help Michael work on Julie. Sindee even licks Feleciaís twat as she rides Michaelís face again while he fucks Julie, before Julie finally takes a facial from Michael. Itís a hot scene with great chemistry. Sindee really makes the scene work by nicely working herself between Michael and Felecia without ever taking cock. It adds a nice bit of tension throughout the scene, and makes this one of the best in the entire compilation.

Finally, Sindee Coxx has her Spanish Inquisition fantasy (complete with costumes) fulfilled with Mark Davis and Jonathan Morgan. Sindee works her way back and forth sucking both cocks before Mark drops down to tongue her twat. She goes back to sucking Mark while Jonathan bones her from behind. Mark gets his turn to fuck Sindee as well, while Sindee continues to suck away on Jonathanís meat-sicle before they team up to give her a facial. Itís a great idea for a scene, but sadly the execution didnít work well for me. It starts with a nice bit of humor and acting, but each position feels like it goes on forever. Itís a twenty minute or so scene that feels like it should have only been ten.

Deep Inside Sindee Coxx is a great feature for anybody who ever enjoyed one of Sindeeís scenes. The interview segments give you a nice taste of Sindee as a person, while the sex scenes give you a nice taste of Sindee as a performer. She comes off as very friendly throughout the entire feature, as well as a talented performer who doesnít keep herself in one area too much. Deep Inside Sindee Coxx shows that compilations donít have to be bad things.

Extras: A short bio is included for Sindee including a few photos, a list of some of her VCA credits, and a link to one of her scenes. The photo gallery lasts about two and a half minutes with about seven seconds per decent looking full screen photo. Trailers are included for Eye Candy Refocused, White Lightning, and Booby Trap. Thereís also internet and contact information.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, rimming (female > female), toys, anal, group, spanking, masturbation, and DP (technical)

Raincoat Factor: High

Overall: Currently, most of VCAís Deep Inside series can be found online for between $13 and $25 with most stores offering them for around $20. If youíre a fan of Sindee Coxx, the low end is going to be a steal. Almost all of the scenes are very good, and the interview works as a nice framework. The transfer is very nicely done, especially considering the age of the feature, but the extras are pretty average.

Note to VCA: Youíre doing a great job with this line! It would be really nice to see a few more new entries to it with some of the stars who are currently in a lot of your movies (and not just your contract stars). Iíd love to see something like this for Wendy Diving and Dru Berrymore!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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