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Deep In Cream 7

Deep In Cream 7

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Cream Pies , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Deep In Cream 7:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Deep In Cream 7 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Deep In Cream 7 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Deep In Cream 7 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Deep In Cream 7 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Deep In Cream 7 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Deep In Cream 7 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deep In Cream 7 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/5/2005
Here we have the latest in Alex Ladd's creampie series for DVSX. I am not the biggest creampie fan in the world but I am a big DVSX fan so I go into this looking for lots of good cock sucking, some hot sex, and most of all I know it's going to look good. The finish for the scene I can live with if those other areas are taken care of, so let's see how good a job Alex did as I see some real pretty girls in this cast.


Ok we start off with a very cool looking effect for the opening tease. It's like you are looking through one of those old fashioned picture taking devices you might see in the mall where everyone dresses up in old western clothing or some other kind of special costume. Well here it's that same type of vibe I'm seeing but the picture is very good and we watch Harmony have some fun licking at her breast, then the picture turns almost all white with her body highlighted in the white, then it goes back to the original shot we began with. Man this woman has some nice tits and a pretty good ass too when she turns around. I think this tease opening will be in every scene so that is something different and a good innovation for the tease segment. Well we finally get to regular color and Harmony maintains the good breast play along with some exploratory fingering to her pussy. I really enjoy how "vivid" the color is, DVSX flicks always impress me with their look and this one is no exception. Marcos then joins in and he goes right for Harmony's tasty pussy and I thought this was some good looking oral done on Harmony and she seems to have liked his efforts. Moving on you get a fabulous shot up close as Harmony begins sucking his cock and there is just something about a girl who can really suck a cock and Harmony gives this dick some outstanding attention, the slow licking always gets me. As for the sex that was handled nicely showing her body off well. Doggie had some nice views and the spoon really showed her tits moving about. Man this girl keeps looking hot when they move to missionary her breasts were just flawless in their rotation and Marcos gets a handful of ass when she rides his cock in cowgirl. It is while riding him in cowgirl that Marcos pops and Harmony gets off letting some jizz seep out, nothing to messy which I like.

Destiny Deville:

We start this second scene with the same photographic effect the first one did so yes this is a pattern and I think one which many will like, hey it's something different at the least. Destiny does a nice job rubbing her hands over her body and she nicely gets rid of the skirt she started with, and like the scene before we get a second effect which is hard to explain for me but it looked cool,lol. Destiny also has a nice set of tits which we see revealed. The shot then goes to the regular picture and Destiny has a seat on a couch where she starts pleasuring her pussy as well as caressing her tits. The bra is removed once more letting her modest boobs free and she removes her panties also letting us get a great shot of her fingers dipping into her lovebox. Nick then moves in hovering over Destiny and the two share a passionate kiss, then he works his way down her body kissing her tits and Nick is the second guy in a row who eats the girl out first so good going. Destiny has some good moans as Nick really hits the spot with his tongue. Miss Deville is so turned on she gladly engulfs Nick's prick and with quick bobs she goes up and down pausing to take his shaft in as deep as she can. As for sex you begin with a slow mish and Nick really rams in there building up the pace as he goes along. The underneath doggie footage was good as her pussy perfectly hugs his cock and she even works in some dirty talk. Another position I missed in the first scene appears here and that is reverse cowgirl and Destiny's tits were really hopping here and she does some P2M which gets some great affirmation from Nick. Hopping back on in RC she rides until his pops and as she climbs off the jizz is still on the shaft and she gets down for some cleanup.

Lyla Lei:

As the third scene opens I see the expected tease opening which has begun the other scenes and Lyla is looking as cute as ever as her body moves about on screen. Her tease isn't as long, though, and we move to her on the couch with her hands in both places we like to see hands at, namely her tits and between her thighs. Ok Alex really has the men in tow as Sergio is our third man to start the sex eating out his costar and the views for this oral are spot on. I liked how Alex worked in some shots of Lyla's face experiencing the pleasure of the oral sex and unlike watching a guy when a girl is going down on him, I do like seeing what the girl is feeling! I think Lyla was feeling pretty good as evidenced by her solid dick sucking, again the slow licking really hightens the appeal for me but Lyla also works in some gagging for those that like their oral a little harder. Sexwise the lead with cowgirl and this proved to be a bouncy position for Lyla's petite body and some close shots of her ass drive this appeal home bigtime. Sergio then lays her down on the couch for some deep pounding in mish and this leads to another good looking reverse cowgirl with Lyla propping her feet on Sergio's thighs, I like it when a girl does this. They move next to doggie and it's here that Sergio deposits his load and he pulls out neatly letting the jizz spill out behind him. Lyla also pushes some out but again not to messy which I appreciate.

Denice K:

By now the opening tease should be familiar on this dvd so watching it one more time is cool and it begins here with a slow pan up her legs and she turns around showing off her ass and moving up we see her untie her top which has a long string by the looks of it. You can see she has some nice tits, I mean this are perfect for her body size and Denice has a great smile too. When the shot turns to regular color we see Denice sit on a couch and she begins some good breast caressing and there is a playful lick at one of her thumbs as she again unties her top but this time her tits are in full bloom with no photographic boundaries between us and they are really nice boobs. We then see Cheyne lean down for a kiss and some breast sampling soon follows. Cheyne also keeps up the trend of the guy giving oral first and he really gets his tongue in there working it fast and furious as well as going nice and slow and I thik both approaches were greatly appreciated by Miss K. Her appreciation pours itself out in her blowjob which begins with a super close up of his cock deep in her mouth and Denice does a fine job working her tongue all around Cheyne's cock. Denice also gives perhaps the best eye contact so far during her blowjob and those eyes were very expressive when they were looking up to Mr. Collins. As for sex you see this hottie nailed in mish, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggie. The end comes in doggie and you see some cum trickle out but not a lot but Cheyne is able to work out a bit more jizz which he shoots to her ass cheeks.

Austin Kinkaid:

We start this scene with another good shot going up the girls legs and we see Austin is wearing a satin robe by the looks of it along with some lingerie and some thigh high stockings. The robe is peeled off revealing some ample boobs and a good looking ass. This cool second effect with the pink/ white highlighting of the girl really looks good along with the opening shots but I always like it when the regular color comes in. As this scene gets to that point we see Austin on a bed wearing the robe again, it's black along with her hair and she has kept the bra off so when the robe falls open we see her fine set of ta ta's. Her bottoms are also no where to be seen so when the robe comes off only the stockings and heels remain. Van Damage then lowers himself down for a kiss and then it's quick journey to Austin's pussy and some good tongue work is done by Van. We are then treated to another hot looking bj, there is just something about a bj when it's done right and Alex does a solid job filming it and Austin does her thing as well so it all works. As for sex you see Miss Kinkaid nailed in mish with P2M, doggie, spoonm and she really excels looks wise in reverse cowgirl. After several good titty bounces we know Van has left his load and Austin actually has to reach in to get a taste as not much cum spills out but she jerks the last bit out as she does some cleanup with her eyes staring out at us.

Kelly Kline:

Our last scene begins as all the others have before it with some solid tease by Kelly as she lets her hands to the walking and I think they like what they are feeling! The shot then chages to color and Kelly has on a similar looking robe as Austin just had on. However, she has kept on her lingerie so we get to watch her strip again, that's cool. Kelly first lets her hands glide over her body some more and we watch her take off her heels, thanks and then the shot lets Richard in as he goes deep inside her pussy. So it's 6 for 6 in the guy going down first on the girl. Kelly then gets her turn and with her tits dangling nicely she works his cock in and out with some aggressiveness. We also see our first 69 when she moves her pussy over Richard's face. As for sex you see reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, back to RC briefly, then it's on to mish with some P2M, then it's a good looking doggie which leads to him popping and some jizz seeps out to her hand and she does get a taste of pussy/ jizz!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was not the messiest creampie dvd so fans looking for real messy pussies need to look elsewhere but I was really pleased with that development. The scenes all worked on some level especially Harmony's, Destiny's, Denice's, and Austin's. I could watch any of these girls again with Lyla and Kelly also doing some great work so another triumph for Alex and the fine crew at DVSX. As for extras this one offers some solo scenes where the girl displays herself some more for your jerking pleasure, also there is a photo gallery and the pops are repeated. There is also behind the scenes so be sure and check that out as well. Again for fans of not so messy creampies this one is a fine addition to your collection and while I am still not a fan of the creampie I sure enjoyed the ride in each scene up to that point.

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