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Deep In Cream 2

Deep In Cream 2

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Cream Pies , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Deep In Cream 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Deep In Cream 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Deep In Cream 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Deep In Cream 2 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Deep In Cream 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Deep In Cream 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Deep In Cream 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deep In Cream 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  4/5/2004

Reviewed By:

Coyote22 DVSX'S Deep in Cream 2


I have been impressed by other “cream” type films so I hope DVSX can keep up with my standards. This title features an all “hot” cast including Venus, who I have come to really enjoy. I am not familiar with most of the other cast members, however they are hot! From the back of the cover it looks like there are going to be some 2 on 1’s and a few DP’s, so unzip your pants and get ready for DVSX’s Deep in Cream 2!


Like every DVSX title I have seen, the video is great. I couldn’t see any artifacts or picture distortions. There was a bit of grain present; however it was very light and barely noticeable. The audio was typical stereo sound and was decent as compared with DVSX’s other releases.


Anal, PTOGM, ATM, DP, 2 on 1 (b/b/g, g/g/b), Oral


Solo Scenes, Photo Gallery, Hot Shots (7:11), Behind the Scenes (10:13), Trailers (Sweet & Easy, Sakura Tales 3, Truly Nice Ass 4)

I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rate descending upon that. I like: anal, atm’s, atm’s, atogm, ptogm, rimming (f/f,m/f), spitting, kissing, choking, gapes, titty fucking, low amount of toy usage, dp’s, girl on girl, eye contact, ass worship, female ejaculation, 2 on 1 (f/f/g), and intensity. What I don’t like: excessive toy use, strap-ons, dap’s, feet worship, rough bondage, orgies, more than 3 guys per 1 girl, excessive slapping, golden showers, and anything that causes pain. Of course that is just the broad stroke of things, and I adjust accordingly.


(Sabrina Black, ? Guy, ? Guy)

Who’s She:

Sabrina is a dark haired, curvy babe with nice round natural tits. She is wearing a little spring dress with a blue thong.


Sabrina starts by doing a little strip scene, then we see her on a bed wearing only her blue thong. Two guys come over to her and start to work over her body. One guy starts to lick her pussy while she sucks on the other guy’s cock. Some close ups of her getting her pussy licked and her sucking cock are mixed in with wide shots. The oral between the three doesn’t last long before she gets her pussy fucked. On her back, Sabrina is taking a cock in the pussy and in the mouth. Sabrina really sucks this guy’s cock; licking, sucking, and swirling her tongue all around it! Sabrina is now getting her pussy fucked Cowgirl and sucking cock. Sabrina’s round butt cheeks really shake while the guy’s cock pounds her pussy! There are a few close ups of her ass while her cheeks get spread exposing her sweet little asshole (which hopefully gets stretched by cock). She switches to Reverse Cowgirl, still getting her pussy fucked and sucking on the other guy’s cock. She gets lifted by her ass cheeks a bit then she gets pulled up and down by her hips. Her pussy gets stuffed a bit before we get to some anal. There’s a close up of a cock inserting her asshole, then the camera switches to a wide shot. Sabrina is on her side sucking on a cock and the other cock is fucking her ass. The guy pulls his cock out of her ass to put a little bit more saliva in her ass with his finger before he slides it back in (nice close up of this). She continues to suck and jack off one guy’s cock while taking the other up her beautiful ass like it’s nothing. Sabrina gets on top for some RC anal while sucking cock. She gets her ass fucked a bit while she spit lubes the other guy’s cock getting it primed for her pussy. After getting it wet enough, the guy sticks his hard cock in her pussy. She is now getting fucked in both of her holes! We get a close up of her holes getting fucked a bit before she rolls over to get her pussy fucked (cowgirl) and to suck some more cock. There are some nice close ups of her freshly stretched asshole, and bouncing ass cheeks before she gets DP’d again. Removing his cock from her ass, he brings it over to her mouth to get sucked! As she is sucking her ass juices from his cock she gets her pussy pounded. Damn she has some nice ass cheeks; they really shake when getting pounded! The guy removes his cock from her pussy to put it in her ass for some stuffing. This single dick fucking doesn’t last long before we come to some more double penetration! Her ass and pussy take both cocks with ease as if they were meant for cock! Sabrina soon gets on her back to get her pussy fucked. The guy cums outside of her pussy and shoves his cock in and out of her pussy making sure to jam that cum back in. She sucks the other guy’s cock till he cums.


I liked this scene overall, however I did have a few gripes. I feel there should have been more time devoted to oral. I would have really liked to see her ass get rimmed and fingered especially with that nice plump ass. I did like the constant position changes as well as the close-ups of the action. Sabrina is really hot, and she really showed her “ass-sets”!


(Delilah Stone, 1 Dude)

Who’s She:

Delilah is a tall blonde with perky small breasts and nice legs. I have not seen her before (that I know of) and am looking forward to seeing her perform.


Delilah does a brief little strip tease then we see her taking in some sun on a lounge chair. There’s a guy sitting next to her who gets her to take off her top. She gets up off of the chair, and does a little strip tease for the guy then crawls over to the guy. On her knees while on the chair, the guy rubs her pussy a bit, then gets her to turn around so he can work on her behind. He fingers her pussy a bit, spreading her ass cheeks. He fingers it a bit more before she gets up to suck on his cock. She uses her hand to jack him off a bit while giving him a thorough cock sucking. He pushes her head up and down on his cock with his hand a bit, but she soon takes control. A shot from behind of her giving the guy head flashes on the screen but doesn’t last long before she gets on top of him for some pussy RC. He places his hands on her hips so he can pound her body onto his cock! There are some close shots of his cock fucking her pussy as well as some wide shots (where her perky tits bounce). Not long passes before she gets on all fours, points her ass up in the air, and gets her pussy fucked. She moans passionately while he pushes his cock deep inside her wet pink hole. There are a variety of angles and close ups of her getting fucked from behind before they switch positions. Delilah gets on her back on the lounge chair for some missionary pussy fucking. The guy grabs her thighs so he can pound his meat into her then cums inside her pussy. He pulls his cock out and the cum comes running out down to her asshole.


Average scene that wasn’t all that great.


(Rietha, ? Guy, ? Guy)

Who’s She:

I am not familiar with Rietha, though she looks rather kinky. She looks similar to Bella Donna, with smaller breasts. Rietha has short black hair spiked up with gel, and it looks rather good on her making her look very naughty.


Rietha does a little strip scene for a bit before she’s lying on her back on a bed getting worked over by two guys. She starts to suck on one guy’s cock head while using her hand to stroke his shaft; the other guy is licking her pussy. The oral is very brief before she gets her pussy stuffed by some cock. Rietha is on her side with her legs spread taking cock in her pussy from behind, while sucking on the other guy’s cock. She then gets on all fours for some doggie pussy cramming while she sucks on some more cock. Her pussy gets rubbed a bit from the guy getting head while the other guy continues to ram his dick in her hole. She then gets on top of the other guy for some cowgirl pussy fucking. The camera stays fixed on her ass quite bit letting us see her pussy get pounded. She gets on the edge of the bed for some missionary pussy fucking while sucking on the other guy’s cock. The guy slips his cock in and out a few times, and the other guy slaps her tongue with is cock then her tits a few times with her sucking it in between. Rietha begins to take cock up her pussy RC while sucking on more cock, then switching to her side. She really starts to suck and jerk off one guy while the other keeps on stuffing her pink hole. He soon cums on her pussy, and the other guy gives her a sloppy facial.


Pretty weak scene all and all. There wasn’t really anything worth mentioning, other than it was rather mechanical, and without any friskiness. I was hoping much more from this woman.


(Alex, Brett Rockman)

Who’s She:

Alex is a very hot blonde! She has a rather delicious round ass, nice legs, and perfect natural breasts. She’s wearing a leopard print bra and bottoms outside. I have not seen this girl before but she’s definitely someone who hopefully gives a good performance!


Alex does a little strip tease outside slowly slipping her bottoms off. She teases us by bending over exposing that nice round ass. Alex walks over to Brett where she turns her back to him to shake her ass. She slowly pushes down her underwear while bending over in his face. Brett kisses her butt and opens up her cheeks exposing her asshole. She bends over on her knees pointing her ass in Brett’s face while rubbing her pussy. Brett stands up and rubs her twat a bit before she starts to suck his large cock. She strokes his long shaft while she sucks on his head. Brett grabs her head and fucks her mouth! She looks up at him taking his meat in her mouth. Alex licks his balls and up his shaft, then Brett continues to fuck her mouth. He moves his cock down to her supple breasts for some tit fucking before he bends her over to fuck her pussy. We get a nice close-up of him sliding his cock in her pussy. The camera zooms out a bit showing us her round ass and tits bouncing (great angle). Brett grabs her hips and rams his meat in and out of her pussy then lets her suck her pussy juices off of his cock. Brett lays down on a lounge chair and Alex gets on top of him for some Cowgirl pussy fucking. The camera fixates on her ass while he fucks her pussy. Her ass cheeks bounce as he jams his meat into her pink hole while he spreads them flashing us her asshole. Brett then lifts her up to fuck her then fucks her missionary. He sticks his thumb in her mouth for her to suck and squeezes her breasts a bit while he continues to jam his cock into her pussy. Brett pulls his cock out of her pussy for her to suck on. He slaps her tongue a bit with his cock then sticks it back in her pussy. He licks her feet a bit before he lays her on her side for more pussy fucking. He grabs her hips and pounds her pussy while she squeezes her nipples. Brett cums in her pussy and continues to fuck it. Cum runs out of her pussy for a bit before he pulls his cock out. Brett uses his finger a bit to play with her pussy and then the scene ends.


I thought it was a rather good scene. Brett and Alex did a good job together, and Alex really seemed as though she was enjoying it. I liked the constant close ups of her ass, as well as the angles throughout the scene.


(Carol, Nicole, ? Guy)

Who’s She:

Carol is a cute blonde with a slim figure. She has a great round ass and wonderfully formed breasts. She is wearing black nylons, a black bra, and a black thong. Nicole is a great looking dark haired woman with a slim figure. She has a plump round ass and natural breasts. She’s wearing black nylons, a black skirt, and a shirt. Underneath she’s wearing a leopard bra with matching underwear.


Both Carol and Nicole doe separate strip scenes. They both tease us by flashing their asses and playing with their breasts. After their teasing, the two get together on a bed and start to kiss. Carol takes off Nicole’s bra then Nicole does the same and licks Carol’s nipples a bit. The two girls lick and suck on their nipples before Nicole starts to lick Carol’s pussy. The two get into a 69 with Carol on top. They both lick one another’s pussies until a guy walks over to them. The girls start to suck on the guy’s cock while the guy is licking Nicole’s pussy. He fingers her pussy and licks her clit with a nice close up of the deed! Nicole gets on top of him for some RC as Carol rubs and sucks on her nipples as well as rubs her clit. Pulling his cock out of Nicole’s pussy, Carol sucks the juices off of it then puts it back in Nicole’s pussy. Pulling his cock out of Nicole’s pussy again, Carol sucks off the pussy juice. Carol gets on her back so she can get her turn at a fucking. She rubs her clit while Nicole sucks on her breasts. The guy pops his cock out of Carol’s pussy so that Nicole can suck on it. Nicole gets on her back to get fucked again. Carol licks Nicole’s clit as the guy fucks her pussy then Carol does some PTOM. Both girls are on all fours rubbing their pussies as the guy switches back and forth between the two. We get great close ups of the girls asses waiting some fucking. Nicole gets on top of Carol with both of them on all fours. The guy starts to fuck Nicole then switches to Carol for a while. Carol then gets on top of him for some RC. After a bit of pounding her pussy, Nicole takes his cock out to suck off Carol’s juices. She puts it back in Carol’s pussy and Carol gets fucked some more. Nicole licks Carol’s nipples as she’s getting her pink hole stuffed. The guy cums in her pussy, and Nicole then sticks his dick in her mouth to suck on it, cleaning off the cum and pussy juice!


It was a rather good scene, though I was hoping for it to be a bit better. The camera work was well done, and there were some great close ups, but the sex could have been hotter, especially with those two.


(Venus, ? Guy)

Who’s She:

Venus is a very attractive dark haired woman. She has a petite body with some-what large natural breasts and a plump round ass. I have come to really like her over the years especially for her intensity.


Venus starts to strip off her black shorts and top for a short tease. Venus walks over to a guy sitting in a lounge chair. She takes off her top and sits on the side of the chair for the guy to suck on her breasts. She bends over to let him pull off her bottoms. He slaps and squeezes her gorgeous ass. She begins to kiss him while going for his cock. She sits on his face so he can lick her pussy. The camera gives a short shot of her ass while the guy is licking her pussy before she starts to suck on his dick. She takes his entire dick in her mouth without much gag, which is very impressive! She starts to get her pussy fucked cowgirl. The camera zooms in to the action where her ass cheeks really get shook (God that’s sexy). Venus pounds her ass up and down on his cock while we get a great shot of her breasts bounce. She gets on her back for some more pussy fucking. Her breasts bounce back and forth while the guy buries his cock deep into her pussy. The camera jumps to a close shot of his cock penetrating her pussy with a great shot of her asshole. Getting on top of him for some RC, we get some wonderful images of her breasts bouncing! She grinds into his cock a bit with her hips while he fucks her pussy. Some more great shots of her breasts and facial expressions grace themselves on the screen. Venus gets on her knees for some pussy pounding from behind. There are some great shots of her ass cheeks jiggling from the guy pounding his meat into her pussy. He squeezes and spreads her ass cheeks to expose her asshole as he continues to fuck her pussy. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and cums on her asshole then sticks his cock in her pussy again while the cum slides down from her asshole. He spreads her ass cheeks open for us to see her cum stained asshole.


I liked this scene. There were great camera angles and good intensity from Venus. It should have been longer, and I was surprised Venus didn’t get analized.


DVSX has done a good job with this film. The length ran a bit short (1 hr 53 min) for 6 scenes. Especially when you look at other films with 5 scenes that run over 130 minutes! Out of the 6 scenes I thought 4 of them were quite good. I really liked the use of the camera throughout the film, as well as the close ups. Sabrina Black, Alex, and Venus were great, showing intensity and enjoyment. I feel that there should have been a little bit more anal, and I was really surprised there were no anal cream pies. The sex wasn’t really that nasty which is fine, however being a “cream” themed film, I was expecting nastier sex. The technical aspects were well done and the special features were pretty good as well. I do think there should have been a cast index, especially since there isn’t even any labeling on the cover of the dvd. All and all this is a good title, but if you aren’t open to anything less than nasty sex then you might want to avoid this title. The women are hot, and there are some great performances by newer people.

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