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Deep Anal Abyss

Deep Anal Abyss

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Deep Anal Abyss:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Deep Anal Abyss overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Deep Anal Abyss Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Deep Anal Abyss Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Deep Anal Abyss Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Deep Anal Abyss Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Deep Anal Abyss DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Deep Anal Abyss A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  5/31/2009
Deep Anal Abyss (2008)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal, Lesbian, Fetish, All Sex, Toys
Starring: Katja Kassin, Dana DeArmond, Aline, Amber Rayne, Annette Schwarz, Adrianna Nicole, Kream, Jayda Diamonde, Adriana DeVille, Marco Banderas, Chris Charming & Will Steiger
Produced & Directed by: Jay Sin

Five or six more reviews and Long Noel is done reviewing pornography for good!

Deep Anal Abyss is a success and one of Evil Angel’s bestsellers, right beside Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 2 and John Stagliano’s Fashionistas trilogy. I picked this out because of the all-star cast and the trailer looked so hype. Let me say this about Jay Sin’s movies and this is the fourth movie from him that I’ve seen. His movies are not degrading at all. On some levels, little of the content is extreme (for example, the scene with Aline & Loona Luxx from Anal Acrobats 3), but very lewd fun. Nothing degrading at all. His movies are not as extreme, horrifying and trifling like B. Pumper’s Gapeman (a classic which pushes this whole anal-gaping phenomenon to the fucking limit, where some people would consider degrading). I don’t enjoy watching women gape so tough that you see her intestines. To me, it’s garbage and Gapeman was enough for me to endure. Some of Jay’s flicks are on the mild side (Pretty Sloppy) while some are more hard-edged (Anal Acrobats). All in all, it’s brilliant anus-obsessed madness that anyone can enjoy.

I won’t be too in-depth with this review, because it has been reviewed twice before here at ADT. Here’s my perspective on this one.

Dana DeArmond & Katja Kassin
So, Dana DeArmond is sitting on a throne, playing with and spiting on herself. A dildo comes in and she gets it slimy to go up all the way up her guts and pushes it out without a problem. The tease sequence is longer than necessary. We finally see Katja Kassin, looking natural and thick. She’s sitting backwards on a chair with anal beads in her ass. Dana plays with her for a long time. Very nice shots of Katja’s booty as it’s spread, winking, etc. Both ladies wear a little more makeup than necessary. The tease sequence got a lot better when we see Katja, than it was when Dana was alone. They freak each other out so much on a chair. Katja sits her big ass on Dana’s face as Dana eats her asshole. Their makeup gets smeared off and they fight with Chris’ dick, both trying to suck it as he sits on his throne. While one sucks, one licks the balls. Katja is the first to ride the dick in cowgirl, then in doggystyle anal. There’s some hot A2M and dude fucks Katja’s booty while Dana’s fingers are in it at one point. Dana gets it in her ass, doggystyle right after Katja. This is when the sex gets a little more energetic. He’s also able to get deeper in her than he could with Katja. More A2M. He pulls Dana’s hair and grabs her neck as he’s pounding her. He teases the hell out of her at one point. A bunch of ass licking. Soon, Katja squats her big ass on his dick and rides it tough, in cowgirl and RCG. Then Dana rides, RCG. Then the amazing happens. Katja hops on Dana’s back. Both are bent over doggystyle. Dude fucks them both in the ass. He goes from one asshole to another. He busts on Dana’s ass and Katja lips. This is the highest point of this sex scene! A very long scene lasting for 56 minutes, some of Dana’s solo action could have been cut by 5-8 minutes or deleted entirely. It has it’s flaws, which includes a setting that’s boring. but nothing too overbearing.

Aline & Kream
My girl Aline is with some new badass named Kream. This girl/girl scene starts with the two on a chair, freaking each other out. Both wearing blue-jean daisy dukes. Kream sports a pink thong bikini and Aline pulls it to the side, eating Kream’s ass out. Kream sits on Aline’s face, grinding her tongue with her asshole crazy. One of the freakiest facesitting sessions I’ve seen. Aline is wearing a thong bikini, too. Hers is light blue. Kream eats her ass out. Aline grinds her ass crazy on Kream’s face. Kream goes to work on Aline, as she lays sideways with her ass out. There’s lots of ass eating, ass slapping, booty hole winking and catty orgasms. They play with a few huge, double-headed dildos. They mainly get buried in Aline’s ass and the two girls share it in their mouths, deep-throating it. The tables turn and Aline goes to work on Kream, as Kream takes the same position Aline had, laying sideways with her ass out, then doggystyle. Kream can endure these huge toys better than Aline can. The g/g play lasts longer than expected and longer than necessary. Some of the action is hot and some of it is weak. This is not the scene I expected to be. While both ladies are pleasureable to look at, this scene… you can take it or leave it. Nothing remarkable at all, other than the ladies’ beauty, the face sitting session and some of the ass obsession. I didn’t expect to say this, but this scene was as plain and simple as Skechers shoes. Instead, see Aline with Loona Luxx in Anal Acrobats 3!

Jayda Diamonde
Jayda Diamonde also starred in Anal Acrobats 3, alongside Mya Nichole. And honestly, she is better in this scene than she was in the latter flick. Although she’s not that attractive. She rides a long dildo with her rectum, working the hell out of it with her juicy, pale ass! Soon as she hops off, juice leaks out her ass and she does an A2M on it. She rides it doggystyle, also. Will appears and she rides his dick anally, cowgirl position. There’s A2M, deep-throating and she eats him out. Cowgirl anal lasts awhile before RCG anal begins. Will rams her ass, doggystyle and then in missionary. While Jayda Diamonde was better in here than she was in Anal Acrobats 3, this scene is simply a filler.

Amber Rayne & Adriana DeVille
I’m happy that I’m seeing more of Amber Rayne these days. She ripped shit up in Gapeman, Gape Lovers 3 and even her scene with Annette Schwarz in Fuck Slaves 4. She looks so innocent in here, wearing a ballerina skirt and fishnet pantyhose. Her drawers go down instantly, with all of her raw booty showin’. She winks, spreads her ass, bends over and shows it all in it’s juiciest, finest glory. The music playing is the same music that opened the scene starring Kirra Lynne & Bobbi Starr, from Pretty Sloppy. She buried a toy deep in her ass, winking while the toy is up in there, pushes it out and tastes it. The toys goes in and out. She shakes her ass with the toy buried in her butt. Adrianna DeVille appears wearing a corset, a bra and a thong. She looks perfect, too! Perfect face. Perfect ass. The girls freak each other out and kiss. They play with and blow on a few dildos, licking on each other. Adriana bends over on a chair with Amber checking out her ass and slapping it hard. She pulls Adriana’s panties down, spitting and licking all in Adriana’s butt, tongue-fucking her rectum. Next, dildos get buried deep in there and disappears. Amber makes Adriana’s booty clap while the toy is in there. You can see so many wonderful views of Adriana’s butt when she lays sideways. A new toy goes up her ass and her thong is still pulled around her hips. Amber handles the toy with her mouth and there’s more A2M, winking and Amber eating Adriana’s ass. They switch and Amber bends over, letting Adriana have her way with her ass. Lots of ass eating, ass slapping, tongue-fucking in Amber’s rectum. This is one of the hottest g/g sex scenes I’ve ever seen and it’s not often I say this. And most g/g shit doesn’t do zilch for me at all. All types of hot-ass views of Amber’s butt. Just like it was in her scenes from other flicks I’ve mentioned before. More toys go in Amber’s ass, including a bizarre, spiky toy that looks like corn on the cob. It’s the highest rated scene in this flick so far.

Annette Schwarz & Adrianna Nicole
Oh shit! This might wind up being the only scene in this movie that’s a flawless victory. They star in many scenes together, including their incredible scene from Gapeman. This is the only scene I will give an in-depth review for. I have faith in this scene right here! Annette plays the maid while Adrianna is taking a nice shower. Jay Sin, the cameraman, let’s us see all her booty meat. After she showers, she sits straight in a long black dildo, with her asshole. And get this: Nasty-time blues music is playing the entire time! I know this scene is gonna be legendary! Annette is playing with some pearls, licking them. She lays sideways, lifts up her skirt and dropping her drawers, fingering herself, then stuffing a line of pearls in her booty. Although I’ve seen Annette like this many times before (Slutty & Sluttier, Fuck Slaves 2), it’s so serious! Adrianna keeps riding the dildo in the bathroom and licks it all. This tease sequence lasts a very long time and I can say I enjoy every bit of it and that none of it should have ever been cut down. I wanted to come through the damn screen and get some when Adrianna put this tight, spandex bodysuit on! Annette meets her in the bathroom, spanks her ass while these pearls are still stuck in it. They play around with each other for a long time. There’s massive ass play, face sitting and dildos added to the mix. Adrianna shuts Annette’s face halfway through a door and watches as Adrianna sucks Marco’s dick. Annette is begging to come in, but Adrianna ignores her. When Annette persists, Adrianna sits on her face while she keeps sucking Marco’s dick. Marco then fucks Annette’s face as him and Adrianna kiss. Annette eats the hell out of Adrianna’s ass like it’s her last day on Earth. Adrianna is the first to ride the dick, anally, in cowgirl. Marco is really laying the pipe and pounding this woman’s ass. Lot of A2M. Adrianna rides the dick in cowgirl. Anal. Very nasty, energetic pounding. All you hear is a bunch of pounding and smacking from the buttfucking and some very loud and rough slaps on the ass. This is when it gets bit rougher, without being violent like a Rocco or Jake Malone flick. Adrianna bends over in front of Annette and Annette eats her ass out while she’s riding the dick. And she rides for a long time! Real grind house, “gut-bucket” shit. This is everything I love. This is warrior sex with two white girls who I’ll call “The Dream Team”! I’m thinking to myself, Why couldn’t this scene be in Anal Acrobats 3, instead of the scene with Mya Nichole & Jayda Diamonde? Why did this scene have to be in a flick full of fillers? Marcos goes back in Adrianna’s butt in doggystyle and there’s lots of nasty-ass A2M action, back and forth. Adrianna lays flat on her stomach and Annette stuffs her ass with a dildo and sucks it while it’s still stuck in Adrianna’s butt. More doggystyle anal for Adrianna and Annette. They are really getting down and dirty. My man Marcos is getting real busy in the butts of these top models! This is some warrior shit! A nasty butt circus! I am in love with this scene and it is a flawless victory. The best scene in this entire flick! This strong sex scene right here makes this entire movie worth purchasing!

Another fully-loaded 2DVD set from Jay Sin. There’s only 3 trailers, but there’s also cumshot recaps, a huge photo gallery, cast info, plus some spontaneous interviews, outtakes (deleted scenes) and BTS footage.

Deep Anal Abyss was a disappointment. I expected for this flick to be much better than it was, entirely. I thought this was a flick I was going to give a 96% rating or above to. Now, I’m not saying this to say it’s a bad movie at all. The final scene with Adrianna Nicole & Annette Schwarz was a motherfucker. I loved that entire scene from top to bottom. I really do! The second best scene is the fourth scene, with Amber Rayne & Adrianna DeVille while the scene with Katja & Dana DeArmond came in third place. The other two scenes are fillers, that received nothing more than 12 out of 15. Nothing more! So far, this is the most flawed Jay Sin flick I’ve seen. I really didn’t want this flick to be this way. Maybe I need to view it again. Starters of Jay Sin probably should check out something else. Rent it and see whether or not it’s worthy of owning and watching multiple times. This flick has it’s moments and the finale is enough to want to own this DVD. Yet, if you keep a small collection, check it out first and see if it’s right for you. If you don’t mind a few flaws in a flick, grab it. Otherwise, if you’re looking for something flawless and that you can view all the way through without doing a lot of fast-forwarding and scene skipping, grab the other Jay Sin flicks I’ve reviewed instead. Like his Anal Acrobats series, it makes you say “Fuck kegal exercises. It’s all about those rectal exercises!” This flick is heated, but not in it’s entirety. I don’t have a problem with a flick having one scene that’s a filler. But two?! Two?!

Replay/Stroke Value: 82% - Mild.
OVERALL RATING: 92.3% - Highly Recommended.

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