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Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition)

Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition)

Studio: VCX
Category:  Classic , Feature film
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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T0MBOne's ratings for Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Debbie Does Dallas (VCX 30th Anniversary Edition) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  10/11/2009
Filmed in and around New York City in July, 1977, Jim Clark's 83 minute DEBBIE DOES DALLAS (1978) stands as one of the most-watched xxx films of the Classic Era or any other era, but is the movie any good? Does it warrant VCX's Double-disc, 30th Anniversary Definitive Collector's Edition? The answer, yep!


DEBBIE DOES DALLAS starts with Debbie Benton (Bambi Woods, long since AWOL from the XXX scene)and a bunch of cheerleader gal pals trying to come up with money for Debbie's trip to Texas to join the "Cowgirl" cheer leading squad. The discussion during practice leads the cheerleaders to the locker room where they hatch a scheme to make money and join Debbie on her trek to the cheerleader tryout.

Debbie lands a job with the horny Mr. Greenfeld (R. Bolla) at his sporting goods store and soon discovers that selling her body will speed up the process. So, the gals gather in the locker room and decide to go as far as they would go with their boyfriend with these new employers, make more, quick money, and that's the thrust of the rest of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS. Therefore, each cheerleader has a scene or two with an employer or two that builds to Debbie's encounter with Mr. Greenfeld for the anticipated finale.

The opening sexual encounter occurs in the showers with Roberta (Christie Ford) and Pat (Kasey Rogers, who disappears after her sex scene) taking on some members of a crummy football team including a young Hershel Savage, David Morris and a Steve Marshall. (now, a respected NYC surgeon) A very pale Kasey Rogers gets it from Hershel and Steve but her long wet red hair and gorgeous face wins me over during the terrific facial; Christie Ford is solid in this very wet yet well-shot and edited encounter---!!!

Roberta lands a job at the Hardwick's candle shop and plops into a beanbag chair to masturbate with a candle. The Hardwick's barge in and engage Roberta in a suck and fuck three way, well sort of a three-way. Mr. Hardwick (a buff Eric Edwards) fucks Roberta while Mrs Hardwick (Robin Byrd, a veteran of the skin biz in NYC) plays with her hairy pussy lips and clit. It's another solid scene with a strange cum-shot landing on Christie's foot for Robin to lick off---!!!

Annie (Jenny Cole) and Cindy (the very lovely Rikki O'Neal) wash Mr. Bradley's Benz then head inside for suck and fuck action before the wife comes home. Mr. Bradley (David Pierce) kisses and paws the girls then receives a double blow job. This solid scene concludes when Pierce jumps right into an awkward doggie-anal fuck with Jenny that concludes with a cum-shot on Jenny's back that Rikki smears around and licks up. Another solid scene with fine support from the very beautiful Rikki, who's fantastic in a few other XXX films from this period---!!! 1/2

At the library, Donna (Merle Michaels) gives her boyfriend Tim (Hershel, again) a blow-job but the librarian, Mr. Biddle (Jack Teague, as a creepy old man) caches them in the act. He lets them off easy after he persuades Donna to let him partake in an ass spanking session that's pretty goofy. The spirited blow job gets !!!

After a really lame round of tennis on a clay court, Ashley (Ben Pierce) and Hamilton (Peter Lerman) suck and fuck Lisa (the thin but lovely Georgette Saunders) in the sauna. Peter may or may not be doggy fucking Georgette who administers a terrific blow-job then receives a fine facial from Ben. Georgette looks much better in this film than other productions of the era---!!! 1/2

At a record store, Lisa (Georgette, again) joins an employee (the incredibly cute Arcadia Lake) for a double blow job upon the store owner (Tony Mansfield) among the record shelves. Super cute gals for this well-crafted blow job sequence---!!! 1/2

By now, Mr. Greenfeld has made Debbie an offer she can't refuse so she shows up in her faux-Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfit (colors reversed or whatever, the stars are there) at closing time and finds Mr. Greenfeld dressed out in-uniform while displaying his other "equipment." What follows is a standard 13 minute sex scene by today's standards (blow-job, multiple positions) but this sex scene finale is approximately 1/6 of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS' running time and one of the few (only?) extended workouts for the dopey, but lovely Bambi Woods, who would soon disappear from the XXX scene---!!!!

So, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS (1978) works on a few levels: Debbie adorned in the cheerleader outfit satisfies the male fantasy of wanting to fuck a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, a group super popular in the late 1970s; Debbie as your everyday run-of-the-mill cheerleaders makes it with a rather nebbish Mr. Greenfeld, which also fulfills every nerdy guy's fantasy of making it with the prettiest girl around; toss in the fantasy of an employer wanting to fucking his pretty employee.

Also, the film teases us with the Debbie and Mr. Greenfeld encounters then delivers in a pretty big way for that extended finale. Plus, the other lesser known performers are pretty good here and look really terrific in it's standard-frame re-mastered form. I've never seen this film look so good. So, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS (1978, VCX's 30th Anniversary Edition, 2008) receives a final rating of !!!!

Wait, there's more! Extras include the original trailer, Spanish audio (Beware! The dubbing seems pretty horrible during the big finale) and two separate commentaries, one from the ever-informative Hershel Savage and another from the loopy, sometimes catty Robin Byrd.


The cable version of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS is the headliner of the second disc; but at 62 minutes, it's missing more than 20 minutes of XXX footage. So, the overall teasing structure is intact but without the well-photographed naughty bits of the original.

The real reason to dig around on the second disc is to watch the Hershel Savage trio of extras: Tales of a Porn star, Uncut (follows the credits of Tales) and Hershel Savage Screws the Stars---!!! 1/2

The Making of Robin Byrd details her long professional career in fuck films and as a host of her long-running NYC cable-access sex show. Her schtick here is much more interesting and informative than her commentary on Disc 1---!!!

So, the Hershel extras run about 90 minutes and Robin's thing runs about 37 minutes, so there's 2 hours to watch even if the cable version of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS fails to impress. A photo gallery and 4 trailers are also included. Final rating for Disc 2 is !!! 1/2---!!!!!

A final rating for VCX's 30th Anniversary of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS is !!!! outa !!!!! for the 2-disc set. The real excitement here is seeing suck a bright and colorful original version of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS come back to life. Also, being a young guy who often fast-forwarded to Bambi's scene, I really enjoyed these other performances by sexy 70s creatures like Georgette Saunders, Arcadia Lake and Rikki O'Neal. In addition, the film works as a typical XXX comedy that has not a single lesbian scene. A good show with plenty of extras. I also recommend a documentary called DEBBIE DOES DALLAS: UNCOVERED (2006) as a companion to VCX's terrific 2-disc set.

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