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Studio: Diabolic
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
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Saki's ratings for Debauchery:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Debauchery overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Debauchery Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Debauchery Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Debauchery Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Debauchery Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Debauchery DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Debauchery A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  3/14/2000
Debauchery #1 (1998)
Studio: Diabolic
Directed by: Jean Yves Le Castel
Starring: Laura, Claudia, Theresa, Rebecca, Nera, Olivia, Josephina, Yves Le Prince, Baki, Armand
Running Time: 2:19
Format: Double Sided, Single Layer
DVD Features: Animated menus with full motion video; 20-picture photo gallery; and trailers for Lewd Conduct (Vols. 1-4), Panochitas (Vols. 1-3), Debauchery (Vols. 1-4), Gangbang Auditions (Vols. 1-3), 2 on 1 (Vols. 1-3), and Down the Hatch (Vol. 1)

The First Word: Diabolic scores again with fans of big butts, Euro babes, anal gapes, dirty talking, and big dicks shoved into every available orifice in this first volume of their Debauchery series.

Plot Synopsis: This is an all-sex video, so there are no setups, plots, or false pretenses. The format of each of the scenes is the same: the featured Eastern European girl, speaking directly to the camera (that would be to you and me), introduces herself in heavily-accented English, talks about her body a bit (for instance, "Do you like my big tits?"), and then proceeds to the hardcore and rather raunchy sex. The first scene features a raven-haired girl with big boobs named Laura from the Czech Republic. After a bit of talking to the camera, she brings in a friend, Claudia, a dirty blonde who looks like she's nervous and not particularly into performing on camera. Claudia also has a slight resemblance to Tonya Harding. After a bit of lesbian action, two guys magically appear and the four of them perform the multi-positioned oral/anal/vaginal ballet that Diabolic is known for.

The second scene features the most beautiful woman in the video, Theresa, taking on three guys at once. She's an slim brunette with a very pretty face and small natural breasts. Under the direction of veteran anal lover Yves Le Prince (the only stud I could recognize), she takes on multiple anals and DPs like a champ. The last several minutes features quite a bit of anal gaping (this is where Le Prince perfected "The Matador" technique he uses in Private's series of the same name). The third scene is another double teaming of a dark-haired girl named Rebecca. Scene four is the only scene in the video that has a story setup rather than an autobiographical introduction by the girl. In it, Nera is picked up by Yves on the streets of Prague and is lured back to his hotel room by the promise of an ice cream cone. When she asks for the ice cream, he promptly unzips his pants and presents his dick to her, which she begins to suck. Okay, it's not the most original setup, but it was a change of pace from the rest of the scenes. Later, Yves' other two friends join in on the action and Nera gets all of her holes vigorously probed by the trio. The last 30 minutes start off with the cover girl, Olivia, in some lesbian action with another girl, Josephina, before they move on to the boy-girl. I know that my scene descriptions may not give you much to go on, but trust me, the action and the girls look pretty much the same throughout the 139-minute video. If you watch 10 minutes, you'll get an idea of what the whole thing is like--the same, but just more of it.

Notable Performances: The end of the first scene highlight an amazing performance...for the guy. After fucking Laura in the ass, he pulls out and cums strongly into Claudia's mouth and on her face. That's normally marks the end of the scene in nearly every video...except this one. He then fucks Laura's pussy for a while, then returns to her ass. After only about two minutes of pumping, he climaxes again, understandably not as strongly, on Claudia's face (which is still wet from the first soaking). This is all one long take with no edits, so it's the real deal--two pop shots in two minutes--simply incredible! While I can't approve of the cross contamination risk of going from ass to vagina, I have to admit that it's a hot ending. The other part of the video that I particularly liked was the beginning of the second scene with Theresa. Unlike most sex scenes were the woman disrobes in record time, Theresa is more or less clothed for the first 10 minutes of the scene. Even though the men start fucking her doggy style within a couple of minutes, they only partially pull down her pants, leaving them around her thighs. Not only does this serve to keep her legs together for a nice looking camera shot, but it's pretty erotic at the same time to see someone having sex with almost no flesh showing. :)

Dislikes: Well, I'm definitely not a fan of extreme anal sex, especially anal gaping. Nor do I generally care for Eastern European women (they're beautiful, sure, but most look like they are going through the motions and don't really enjoy the sex, and that really bugs me). But I'm sure that a lot of you are looking for videos like this one, and if you are, I know that you'll like it. Someone asked me if I thought it was too nasty, and compared to most gonzos and especially to feature movies, I guess it rather raunchy. But not in a gross-out sort of way--Debauchery is wall-to-wall sex (lesbian, oral, anal, vaginal, and double penetration) with multiple partners. If you opt for this title, make sure you're getting it because you enjoy that sort of thing or else you'll be disappointed. Trust me, this isn't something you want to play on a romantic date! ;)

DVD Notes: Although the DVD menu design and extras are really bland, Diabolic was nice enough to include preview trailers for their entire DVD catalog up to early 2000. That's a nice feature, since it gives you a quick look at the performers and action from all of their video series. I can't stress how much of an inexpensive marketing tool for studios that trailers are. Previews are a win-win for both the studios and the consumer and should be included on every DVD. As far as the A/V quality of this disc, it's completely adequate for the job at hand. There aren't any distracting problems--I could get nitpicky and scrutinize the image and sound, but for a video like this one, no one's concerned with a reference quality presentation. I guarantee your attention will be focused elsewhere, and I'll leave it at that! :)

The Last Word: There are natural comparisons to be made between Debauchery and The Matador, since the same team (Yves Le Prince and Jean Yves Le Castel) created both series. Debauchery is much better than The Matador, because there's no attempt at a "story," the camerawork is focused on the women as opposed to the men (what a concept!), and the cast is all-around more attractive than in the Private series. If you like the sex themes covered by this video (all sex, Euro babes, and heavy anal), I recommend Diabolic's Debauchery 1 without reservation.

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