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astroknight Dear Diary (Wicked) 2.5 starsDear Diary (Wicked) 2.5 starsDear Diary (Wicked) 2.5 stars
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Dear Diary (Wicked)

Dear Diary (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Linus's ratings for Dear Diary (Wicked):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Dear Diary (Wicked) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Dear Diary (Wicked) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Dear Diary (Wicked) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Dear Diary (Wicked) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Dear Diary (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Dear Diary (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Dear Diary (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  12/19/2004
Wicked Pictures: Dear Diary

Preview Expectations: This one is some classic Wicked, nearly a decade old, and back when the dawn of the Jenna Jameson era was upon us. Kaitlyn Ashley was always one of my favorite stars of that time or any other, and she was one of not all that many porn starlets that could actually act some. I'm just going in hoping for a decent story and some decent sex.

Initial Thoughts It's the tale of a woman(Kaitlyn Ashley) who is bound to a wheelchair, and has pretty crummy people around her that make her feel like crap. She confides in a diary and things take off from there. The story is actually pretty well done, Kaitlyn, Jeanna Fine, and Alex Sanders do a pretty fine job of acting out the script here, and at times it's fairly interesting to watch. I think for that reason and the softer sex, it makes a pretty good couples flick. The sex is decent, a couple of the scenes are pretty good, but a lot of the screwing makes me feel like they just blew a perfect opportunity in some cases. The camera work really gets aggrevating at times, and there is next to nothing in the way of extras, so for the most part this one is mostly a let down.

Technical Considerations: Picture quality is about how you would expect, VHS on DVD, it's kind of dull and fuzzy, but it's acceptable now and was pretty decent in it's time. Sound is OK with sound sometimes being a little quiet. Lighting is decent most of the time, but a couple of the scenes are really dark and the visibility isn't very good. My real problem here though is camera work, it wasn't very good at all. Far too much of each scene we get a softcore angle, where the dick sucking or penetration is blocked from the camera, this was probably done intentionally to allow them to just edit out the hardcore bits and have a cable version, instead of shooting more hardcore content, maybe not, but anyway you look at it, it sucks. It was common then, and still done now, but this one just reminds me how aggrevating it is.

Condom Usage: Yes, in some scenes

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1:Kaitlyn Ashley and Peter North

No lead in here, before the opening credits even roll, they fade in to Kaitlyn's sweet lips working over North's cock. Kaitlyn sucks slow and sensual, and gives Peter a solid bit of head, but we only see about half of it as that damned camera work puts us out of the action. Once Kaitlyn gets his dick hard as rock and moistened with saliva, she lowers herself down for some hot cowgirl squat fucking. North gropes her tits, and they have a good old time, but again we just see North's face for half the time. Kaitlyn bends her sexy body over the dresser and Peter plows her pussy in standing doggy for a while, and this is the best sex action of the scene, with some decent shots of her hot box being spread open, and a few full body shots that show her tits swaying with the thrusts, without much fanfare though, Peter pulls out and cranks a monster load all over kaitlyns ass cheeks and her pussy, it runs down her leg all the way to her ankles. Kaitlyn awakes to realize it was all a dream, and I'm dissapointed, they could have bailed out the crappy camera work by having Kaitlyn's pretty face blasted with seed, or atleast a tit shot. Duration: 14:08 mins

Scene 2: Krista Maze and Alex Sanders

Alex is Kaitlyn's nurse, but Krista is none to happy about the time he is spending with her. They bitch at each other a little, and Alex decides to stick his tongue in her pussy to shut her up, he gropes and licks her tits, and gets her good and hot with his tongue, he wants his turn, and gets her up to put her to work on his cock, she wraps her lips around his shaft and goes to work with a slow rythmic dick sucking. Krista seems a little unsure at times, but she gives a decent blowjob before Alex stands her up again and fucks her standing doggy, they have pretty good chemistry in this scene, and work pretty well as a coupling, they caress each other and kiss before he lays her down on the bench and hammers her pussy in missionary, folding her up on herself and slamming her pussy before he pulls out and shoots his baby batter all over her pussy. Not a bad scene. Duration: 13:23 mins

Scene 3: Jeanna Fine, Jordan St. James, and Steven St. Croix

A look into Kaitlyn's diary takes us to her evil overlord known as Jeanna Fine, with Jordan working over Steven's dick with thier talented mouths. Jordan goes down on Jeanna, and sticks her big tits in Jeanna's ass crack for a while, this is interesting, Steven then plows Jeanna's pussy in doggy while Jordan helps with some licks. Jordan is also wearing a strapon, and she soon thrusts it down Jeanna's throat who energetically sucks it while Steven rams her pussy in missionary. All lubed up with saliva, the strapon finds it's way into Jeanna's pussy as she gets pounded in doggy style, Jordan has a real dick in her, as she gets it in the same position as she fucks Jeanna with the strapon, They have some pretty good chemistry with one another and just about the time we get going good, Steven ends the fun with a sizeable blast of sperm all over both girl's butts. Scene Duration: 11:40 mins

Scene 4: Krista Maze and Felicia

After a trip to physical therapy, the diary falls into ill hands again, and another trip inside finds an entry that starts with Krista and Felicia nude and involves Felicia burrying her face in Krista's love box. Both girls work each other over with thier mouths, Krista in doggy, Felicai laying in missionary, this is pretty lackluster, and Krista especially looks like she is picking through a turkey carcas with her tongue rather than really slinking in for some loving on Felicia's muff. Felicia does fashion a strapon, and fucks Krista in piledriver with it, but that is about the extent of the scene, short and tacked on feeling, it was also very dark, and the shadows blocked a clear image too often. Duration: 9:09 mins

Scene 5: Kaitlyn Ashley and Alex Sanders

Alex takes Kaitlyn home, and they chat a while and have an emotional standoff with tears and everything, and then the magic diary does another miracle, and allows them to fuck each other within the confinds of the book. Alex goes down and gives naked Kaitlyn something to moan about as he fucks her pussy with his tongue, and munches on her mound for a while. before long he replaces his tongue with his cock, and thrusts into Kaitlyns tender pussy in Missionary. Kaitlyn does a great job of acting like it's the first time in forever since she had a good fuck, and it gives the scene a decent eroticism, she soon hops on his cock and rides him slow and soft in cowgirl, and Alex guides her up and down. all too short of time later Kaitlyn wraps her hand around his cock and jerks out a load on her face that she cleans up a bit and rubs into her lips. No oral from one of the best blowjob performers of her time here though, since the whole movie built to this scene, it's really dissapointing, very short, but Kaitlyn stroking off a cock on her face and staring at Alex to end it was nice. Scene duration 9:17 mins

Extra Stuff

Trailers: There are trailers for the following releases. "Bordello Blues", "Falling From Grace", "Hercules", "XXX Training", "Heat"

Photo Gallery: 60 or so pics on continous loop in 3 seperate gallerys, one gallery is of the hardcore and posing shots for the feature, and the other two are of Kaitlyn and Felicia respectively just posing pictures.

Other Extras: Promotional Materials with event clips, DVD Rom materials, Free Speech coalition jargon, pretty bare bones.

In The End

This is very couples friendly, and I think that is where the bulk of the success of this movie will come from, If your a hardcore Kaitlyn fan, you will probably want to check this out for her scene with Peter North and her leading role, but overall this is a good feature with mostly average sex, Kaitlyn looks great, and Jeanna was good in her scene, but they were short and there just isn't a lot there, the story is good and may interest some that like Porn for the stories as well as many couples, Raincoaters will likely not like this feature much, and with next to nothing for extras it makes for kind of a weak disc. For couples I would say this may be worth renting, but for most others considering what else has come along since 1996, it's pretty much a rent or buy at your own risk. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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