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Dear Diary (Wicked)

Dear Diary (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for Dear Diary (Wicked):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Dear Diary (Wicked) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Dear Diary (Wicked) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Dear Diary (Wicked) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Dear Diary (Wicked) Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Dear Diary (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Dear Diary (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Dear Diary (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/3/2004

The Little Details

Running Time: 87 min.

Production Date: 4 / 21 / 1995

Director: Frank Marino

Cast: Kaitlyn Ashley, Felecia, Jeanna Fine, Jordan St. James, Krista Maze, Peter North, Steven St. Croix, Alex Sanders, and J. B. in a non-sex role

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Hmmmm. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t get my expectations up too high for this one even with the female lineup here.

Initial Reaction: For the age of the feature, it’s pretty good, and Kaitlyn does a great job acting in it.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a bit of dark plot with their porn

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting to see a bit of nastier sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are about what a person expects from a mid nineties adult film. The audio is pretty clear, but the balance leaves a bit to be desired at times. The video is a bit soft and shows some grain, and the lighting is often a bit dark.

Music: The music varies from scene to scene. Some has a soft feel and some has a very odd feeling, but most of the time it’s balanced pretty well with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The main menu is okay. It combines the cover and the movie in an okay way that almost seems a bit sloppy. The chapter menu is very standard and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene.

The Feature

Although her legs don’t work, Kaitlyn Ashley isn’t going to let a little thing like being in a wheelchair keep her completely bound up. She knows that her mind can still wander, and it frequently runs to sex. She writes all of her fantasies in her diary, as well as her memories, and protects it as much as she can. It’s the most important thing in her life, since the only person who really seems to care about her is her male nurse Alex Sanders. When she meets a stranger who offers her a new diary in the park after she gives him an apple, she’s allowed to rewrite her memories and change her life.

Scene 1 - Kaitlyn Ashley and Peter North

Kaitlyn starts the movie off with Peter’s cock in her mouth before the credits even roll. She slowly sucks and strokes Peter before climbing up to ride him cowgirl style. They move to the dresser for Peter to fuck Kaitlyn from behind before he gives her great ass a nice gooey spray.

This is an okay scene. Kaitlyn looks to be into it pretty good, but Peter phones in a good portion of his performance. There are quite a few close-ups of him where I can’t help but think he’d rather be washing his car, and the scene definitely suffers because of it. The camera work also leaves a lot to be desired, and frequently had me wanting a different angle.

Scene 2 - Jordan St. James and Alex Sanders

Jordan and Alex get it on at the gym after they fight about the time Alex spends with Kaitlyn. Alex works his mouth across Jordan’s body before letting her mouth him in return. He fucks her from behind before rolling her onto her back. Finally, Alex pops on her pretty pussy.

This is another okay scene. There’s some good energy and okay chemistry, but nothing about the scene really drew me in. Maybe it was because of Jordan starting things out as a major bitch, as you can’t see why Alex would want to spend much time with her rather less fuck her.

Scene 3 - Jeanna Fine, Krista Maze, and Steven St. Croix

Jeanna finds herself sandwiched between Krista and Steven after reading Kaitlyn’s new diary. She sucks Steven while Krista licks her holes from behind, and then lets Krista help her suck his cock a little. Krista goes back to eating Jeanna and lets Steven fuck Jeanna while she continues to munch of her. Krista hops in the middle next, and lets Steven fuck her from behind while she fucks Jeanna with a strap-on. Finally, Steven pops across both asses as they stick up in the air.

This is a slightly above average scene. Jeanna does a great job here, and I love how Krista gets fucked while fucking at the same time. It’s a position I really wish would get used more, and one that I rarely see used. Other than that, the scene was overly dark and didn’t do a lot for me. The one position, and the nice amount of rimming, was enough to bring it above average for me.

Scene 4 - Felecia and Jordan St. James

Felecia and Jordan get it on in Kaitlyn’s diary next. Felecia starts things out letting her hands wander across Jordan’s body while her tongue works its way around Jordan’s pussy and ass. Jordan returns the favor briefly before Felecia works on her with a strap-on and a few fingers. Finally, the scene fades out.

This is an okay scene at best. Once again the darkness of the scene holds it back a little, and the camera work gets way too close. It also feels short and like it has much more potential than

Scene 5 - Kaitlyn Ashley and Alex Sanders

Alex starts out the final scene kissing Kaitlyn’s kitty. He doesn’t bother getting a hummer from Kaitlyn, which is really a loss for him, and instead goes directly to giving her a little missionary action. Kaitlyn takes control by hopping up for a cowgirl ride and then finishes things up with a nice facial.

Not surprisingly, this is an okay scene. It should blow away the rest of them, but the only thing that really stands out here are Kaitlyn’s gorgeous looks (especially compared to her down to earth look for most of the movie) and her facial. There’s some nice chemistry, but something about the scene just didn’t feel right for me.

Dear Diary leaves me with mixed emotions. The plot and acting is very well done. Kaitlyn does a great job leading the movie here, and if she didn’t at least get a nomination for the job she did here that year there either had to be some amazing performances that year or she got robbed. She’s nicely matched by Alex Sanders, who plays the compassionate male nurse just as well. The story is fairly simple, but works very well for the scenes. The sex, on the other hand, leaves a bit to be desired. It’s often a little boring due to the camera work, and the diary scenes are a little too dark. I don’t think there’s a single standout performance here sexually, and none of it comes close to the job Kaitlyn does with her clothes on. Dear Diary is worth checking out if you’re a fan of Kaitlyn Ashley or Alex Sanders, but I’d rent it before shelling out the big bucks.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts almost three minutes, and Felecia and Kaitlyn Ashley each get a star gallery which is nearly two minutes long. In each gallery you get roughly six seconds per decent snapshot or full screen photo. Trailers are included for XXX Training, Heat, Hercules, Falling From Grace, and Bordello Blues. There’s also promotional materials, DVD-ROM stuff, and a commercial for the Free Speech Coalition.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, group, rimming (female > female), lesbian, and toys

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: Only between Steven St. Croix, Jeanna Fine, and Krista Maze

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Wicked’s DVDs can be found online for between $15 and $30 with many stores offering them for around $21. Rent this one first. Kaitlyn does a great acting job, but I can’t see much repeat potential for the sex here. There also isn’t much for extras but the technical aspects are nicely done for the age.

Note to Wicked Pictures: A few more chapter breaks in your movies would be very nice!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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