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Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1

Studio: Puaka
Category:  Cumshots , Foreign

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  5/8/2002

Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1
I would title that as "Best of girls drinking Cream Pies 1".
Studio: Puaka
Price: $14
Format: PAL - I guess it is region free

Actions and Key Words
Cream pie; internal cum shot; cum licking; squirting

Initial expectation
A nasty German best of internal cum shots with girls licking the mess.

General comment
Okay guys, you want some new nasty stuff to watch? This is a must: cum licked by girls directly from pussy. This is something you start to see in USA with films like Cum Drippers but this one is already a Best Of. Germany did not wait to go in that direction. ;-)
You have to know that the girls are not the best beauties you can expect in the business. Some in these movie are even ugly but most of them are okay. Anyway as 90% of the film is close-up, you don't care so much about faces. I do think that this film is a very good value for money.
In that review, as the scenes are mainly close-up views, I will often call the girls short names like "the filled pussy girl", "the licker", "the licked", "the cleaner", etc. It might even not be english. I don't really know if it will make that review easy to read but but this is the best I could do. Otherwise, I would have needed double space. It is long enough as is! I try my best to tell you how the girls look like but because of the close-ups, you often discover their faces at the end of the scene. That makes things more difficult to review.

DVD perspective
Ultra minimum. You don't even have a menu. Only one speaker is working. That is often the case with Puaka Best Of. Basically, it is a tape on a DVD.
The picture is in 18 scenes out of 20 very good. You will miss absolutely no detail. Some pussies are in you room and you can touch them. :-) I don't care so much about sound so, as soon as it is direct with no crap music, I will give a good rate to the picture & sound quality.

Time: 120mn
scenes: 20
Girls: enough
Cumshots: Total: 43: from correct to very good: 36; Forgettable: 7. I might have missed some.
Squirting: 2


Starts with a view of a pussy fucked doggy by a big dick. The girls has black stockings, mainly shaved pussy. The guy cums in her. You clearly see his dick having some kind of contraction even without moving. When he takes off, his cum makes some bubble at the entrance of her cunt. She is blonde. A guy arrives and spreads her pussy to let us see. There is not so much to see but there is clearly cum there.
Because it is not enough, the new guy decides to put his own dick in the same pussy. He shoots as well and now a girl arrives to open that sex. A big load of cum is now oozing from her cunt. The girl licks that big white thick load with her tong. It makes a real big mess as there is cum now falling down her pussy lips. She spreads the pussy wide and the pink and white effect is very good. That scene is definitely a winner. The only bad point is that the licking girl is not very cute. She is okay but nothing more. The one with the full pussy is much better!
The licker is now going under the other one to receive the oozing cum in mouth. All the scene is mainly a big close-up.
A 3rd guy put his dick in the mess and unload. The girl under licks from his balls to the doggy girl's clit. Slap. Slap. Yummy ! If this is not nasty. What is nasty ?

A nice blonde is RCG and the guy unload in her. She gets his dick off her. A big white cum is immediately oozing from her shaved pussy. Another cute girl rushes to lick the mess. To be sure to get all of it, the first one changes for doggy position while the licker goes under her. Very close-up! In that position, another guy arrives and puts his dick inside that creamy pussy. Some drops of cum are falling down the licker's face. The new guy cums inside the pussy and when he takes his tool off, cum is oozing everywhere. The pussy is a complete mess and the licker does her best to clean the situation. Someone spreads this ass and the close up let you see every detail of the situation. I think that the doggy girl appreciates the licker's action on her clit. Every time her tong licks the clit you see her asshole contracting. Nice!

A guy is cuming inside a pussy of a girl wearing white stocking and black shoes. A brunette arrives immediately to clean it. There is not so much cum to clean here. The licker has nice red nails. The licked pussy is shaved, with big lips and 2 piercings in labia.

A dark hair girl is sucking a big dick. The guy cums in her mouth and she spits the cum on another blonde's ass in doggy position. Another girl arrives to lick the fresh cum from the ass. A blonde arrives and spit some cum she got from we don't know where on the same ass. Girl number 2 cleans again. A guy arrives and ass fucks the creamy ass. He fucks that ass hard and cums. Cum oozes but we don't have time to think as another one gives the same ass fuck. You clearly hear the noise made by the dick in the wet ass. Pffrt. Pffrt. He gets off and a blonde spits another load on that butt. With girl number 2 they now lick and lick this butt. The word messy is not enough. They also finger hard the pussy. You hear again: pffrt. Pffrt. I will just complain about the picture which is grainy. I always have to complain about something! :-)
Girl number 2 gets a silver dildo and sticks it in the wet ass.
Doggy girl is now on her back doing 69 with girl number2. You just see the pussy, the licker's head and that the licked girl is wearing black stocking and black classical high heels shoes. The licker tries to spread wide the pussy but it is slippery with all that cum.

2 girls in RCG. One blonde has black fishnet stockings and her blue knickers. The other is auburn with just a kind of jacket. They are not what I call beauties! The auburn has a piercing in her clit and in her navel. The guy inside her gets off and comes a weak load on her shaved pussy. The blonde will lick the creamy pussy. The auburn sits on another fresh dick while the blondes is fucked doggy. Some other guys are involved it is complicated to describe. Let's wait for the loads. The blonde has labia piercings as well.
A guy cums weak in the blonde (mish). Immediately another one continues to fuck her. She has some cum on her asshole. The new guy cums a heavy load in and out her pussy. You don't have time to think that a 3rd one is inside. No break for the reviewer! It is now messy. All of that is shot as a close up so you see the girls ass and the guys' balls. A new one cums on her pussy while she spreads it wide. Before he is done, his dick is finishing unloading inside her. More cum oozing from pussy to asshole. Working as he does he will get butter by beating all that cream!! Enough? No! Another guy goes in. When he is finished the auburn will come to lick. There is nothing more to lick. You the see the blonde's face better. She's ugly. Fortunately, we mainly saw her ass!

A cute brunette get a creamy cum shot in mouth lying on her back on a table. She wears black stockings. Another guy will come on her completely shaved pussy. Nice thick white shot! A brunette with stockings and suspenders will arrive immediately to drink the cum from this pussy. She will really eat it. The close-up doesn't give any doubt on that point. Another guy gives a very weak load in the brunette's mouth.

A brunette with black stockings is fucked mish. You have a very big close up of the dick moving in her pussy. This dick has some white cream on it. Is it girl's juice? Who knows? Meanwhile a quite cute blonde gives a BJ. A guy will cum on the brunette's bald pussy with open lips. The load is just big enough and white enough to make the view interesting. The blonde arrives and... yes you got it: licks the juice. She does that the nasty way!

A blonde with big tits and bald pussy is fucked RCG. You now have a view of a girl with black stockings and black shoes fucked mish hard by a guy. This guy will quickly cum in and on her pussy. The load is generous enough to make a big mess. Nobody comes to lick but another guy comes to fuck! Inserting his cock he makes the cum oozing out falling along her ass. While he moves, his cock becomes white with the cum of the previous guy. He takes off and comes on the pussy. Good shot! Put his dick back! Her ass is white of cum. A 3rd guy comes to fuck that cunt. A cute blonde arrives to lick the whole stuff. Big close-up. Cock again! This one cums on her pussy, just in between her small lips. The view is very good. He reinserts when he is done. Cum oozes out. New cock....
A blonde is fucked mish. The guy cums in/on her pussy. The previous girl comes to lick that very friendly pink pussy. A new guy arrives to fuck the blonde. This blonde is actually nicer than the other one. A guy is delivering carefully a glue heavy shot on the entrance of the blonde's pussy. The view is very nasty! The other girl arrives to lick the glue. With such a close up you feel like this happens at home. Very good CS.

Back to the clit pierced woman, doggy fucked. The guy shoots 1/2 litre of cum on that open pussy. The ugly blonde arrives to clean. We don't really see her face so it is okay. A guy comes to insert his prick in that mess.

An ugly old fat girls is ass fucked pile diver. They will make a big mess in that scene. As I hate that ugly female, I skip that scene. Sorry! Many cum shots in that one. I do not count them in my "figures" chapter. It is a bonus to you! :-)

Blonde, white stocking, mish. Close up on her ass as usual. The guy cums inside her while still moving in. A quite cute blonde arrives to gather the cream. The filled pussy girl does her best to push out the cum. You see her ass saying "lick me". The close-up doesn't leave any doubt on the message. Cum shot is so-so.

A girl is doggy fucked. The guy cums in her open bald pussy and on ass. When he is done, he goes back. You see a very big white drop of cum falling along her clit. A girl arrives to lick ass and pussy. The filled girl wears stockings and suspenders. The licker is ass fucked while she cleans. That does not help her concentration! The girls 1 is fucked CG. The guy takes his cock off and comes on her ass. The blonde will come to clean. While she cleans the guy in her ass gets off and cums on her butt. Girl number one now cleans girl 2's butt. She gets another good cum shot on this butt to have something serious to eat. She also cleans the cock.
Girl 2 is now on her back, mish position. A guy cums a messy load on her pussy. You clearly understand she has been ass fucked. Girl 1 licks the cum.

RCG for a girl with vinyl black stockings. A blonde is licking the guy's balls. He comes inside her and the balls licker will gather the cum from the pussy. Very sexy! Later you realize that the owner of the filled pussy is not exactly "cute". Try to cut before while you are still thinking about another face.

Many people here. I'll go directly to the shots!
A blonde gets a good load on face and a thick white line remains on her cheek, This white line is licked and gathered by a brunette.

A vulgar fake blonde is hardly fucked mish. Another cute blonde is fucked mish and the guy cums on her pussy. Immediately another one fucks her again. She has cum on her asshole. New messy white load on her pussy before reinsertion. Many cums oozes out on her ass. The first blonde arrives to clean. She even fucks her with her tong. Nasty!

Doggy. Cums on pussy, mainly misses the target. Reinsert to finish cum shot inside. A girl comes to clean. Forget it!

Doggy ass fuck for a girl with black stockings. The guys takes off and comes on ass. An ugly blonde with glasses comes to clean. Big mess but I really don't like the cleaner.
Another guy ass fucks her. He comes IN her ass. The ugly spreads the asshole to lick the juice. Wow!.

A guy comes on a nice bald pussy. Average load. Messy result. Very nice view on that completely bald clean pussy covered with man's juice. You have time to appreciate mother nature. The legs have nice stockings. A cute blonde arrives to lick the cum. Good cool pace.

An ugly vulgar blond thing is fucked mish. She masturbate and squirts. I'd say it might be real. A guy arrives screaming like an evil and comes on the pussy while she spreads it as wide as possible. While he cums he puts his dick inside her. Good timing as you see the cum coming out while he goes in. Then he fucks her hard and she squirts again. Her own juice is mixed with all the cum. You can imagine how it looks like. That girl would not be so ugly (only her face actually) this scene would be a winner! The pierced clit girl we have already seen comes to clean. Nasty!

A brunette with a honest body and quite big ass is fucked in CG. She moves and makes the guy cum inside her. When the guy takes her off his cock, you see that she has pierced clit, her pussy is gapping and some cum is oozing out. Not so much cum, unfortunately. Enough to appreciate. A girl is waiting under that ass to drink the oozing cum. She'll manage to gather some cum with her tong anyway. Another guy arrives in that position and fucks her pussy. He'll get BJ/pussy/BJ, etc.
The licker gets fucked spoon as well. It is a cute blonde with black stockings and suspenders. The guy cums in her and girl number 1 comes to clean. In that scene the cum will slowly ooze out but the volume is good spoon and it is very sticky. The brunette licks the glue. You have plenty of time to enjoy. Another guy arrives and fucks the blonde. He quickly comes inside but the shot is weak and there is nothing to see.

Phew! Another difficult review because of the close-ups. Before doing that I did not even know that there was 20 scenes. Eventually this DVD is more focusing on girls licking cum than cream pies. But there is no doubt that it goes in the cream pie category and in the nasty one!!! I do not exactly know how to rate this. In one hand I loved the nasty actions from 1st to last scene. On the other hand some girls are really inappropriate for a sexy movie. There is also a lack of anal but it is not the subject of that Best Of. So, I will rate it 4.5 as I consider that Puaka did not cheat us at all. It is what they say and the picture is very good quality. The price is also very good. I'd buy it again if I had to. But come on! What an odd taste for some girls!

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