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Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures)
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Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal , Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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LSBReviews's ratings for Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Daddy's Home (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  11/8/2005
Daddy's Home
Produced 09/05 Smash Pictures (
124 minutes

Directed by: Martin Del Toro

Starring: Tiffany Taylor, Courtney Cummz, Delilah Strong, Hillary Scott, Tiffany Rayne, Alex Sanders, Justin Magnum, Tony Tedeschi, Brett Rockman and Jay.

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NO Condoms

It's Taboo gone gonzo. Daddy's Home theme is fathers having sex with their daughters which we all know is illegal so at the beginning of each scene the stars introduce themselves and make it clear that they're only actors and they're not related in real life. I just looked at it for what it is, hot young chicks fucking some older dudes. All five girls are truly hotties. The girls all perform some deep throat cocksucking and I never saw so much saliva used in a film before (much of the saliva being spit out onto the camera's lens). Courtney, Hillary and Tiffany Rayne get fucked in the ass and suck cock "ass to mouth" Justin cums on Tiffany Taylor's panties, which are on her face. She then puts her panties in her mouth. Courtney and Hillary take oral/facial cumshots and spit the cum onto the camera lens. Hillary is the only girl who swallows. Tony jerks off and cums on Delilah's asshole, pussy and face. Alex Sanders cums inside of Tiffany Rayne's ass. She then licks some of off her hand and spits it on the camera lens. There's also some dirty talking and Delilah rims Tony Tedeschi's asshole with her tongue. These girls are really charged up and all turn in hot performances. The DVD extras includes a photo gallery, website information, trailers and some BTS footage.

**When you click on "Play", you have the option to watch this film with or without the father-daughter theme. Without the theme the scenes begin where the sex starts minus the stars introducing themselves.

Scene One: Tiffany Taylor (20) and Justin Magnum (30)..
Tiffany is a brunette beauty with long dark hair. She's smoking on a couch while wearing watermelon colored lingerie. Justin, playing her Daddy, comes in and gets mad at her for smoking. He tells here that if she has to smoke, smoke something that's good for her and full of protein. This leads to her sucking on his cock (deep). Tiffany spits some saliva onto the camera lens after sucking cock for a while. She try's singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" with Justin's cock stuffed in her mouth. They screw reverse cowgirl. And strangely enough he next fucks Tiffany's right arm pit. She spits on the lens a few times during the scene. They fuck missionary (Tiffany sucks his cock "pussy to mouth"). Justin sucks on her toes while fucking her. Justin covers the lower part of Tiffany's face with her panties. He pulls out and cums on Tiffany's neck, chest and panties, which are on her face, as he jerks off. She try's sucking on his cock through her panties. Tiffany takes the wet panties off her face and puts them in her mouth.

Scene Two: Courtney Cummz (22) and Jay (35)
Courtney is a very sexy and pretty blonde. Jay has been drinking. He's on a couch mad at Courtney for not being home. He catches her sneaking in the house wearing these sexy multi colored shorts with a white t-shirt and open pink sweater. He gets mad and spanks her a few times before making her suck his cock (which she's happy to do). Courtney deep throats her "Daddy" and his beer bottle (using plenty of saliva). She also spits on lens. Courtney gives a wet blowjob for a while.. She has to stop every few seconds to breathe. He removes her shorts to finger her ass (she tastes his fingers from her ass). It takes a little effort, but Jay is able to slide his cock into Courtney's ass. She masturbates while getting fucked anally. She tells him to fuck her harder. Courtney orgasms and tells Jay not to stop fucking her. She sucks his cock "ass to mouth". This process of Courtney cumming repeats itself with her yelling at him not to stop fucking her (ass). The positions change as Courtney continues getting her ass fucked and loving it. She fingers her pussy and puts her fingers in her mouth before wiping the camera lens with her wet fingers. She uses her fingers to spread open her asshole and pussy. He spits and fingers her ass. She farts out of her gaping asshole. Courtney asks for and receives his cock in her ass again. He pulls out for some anal gape shots. She again performs ATM on his cock. Courtney rides his cock in her ass cowgirl style. Jay is jerking off as he cums on Courtney's cheek and in her mouth. She pushes his cum into her mouth and gargles with it before spitting out several times onto the camera lens. She plays with the cums on the lens a little before the scene ends.

Scene Three: Delilah Strong (23) and Tony Tedeschi (41).
Delilah is very pretty with a mixture of brown and blonde long hair from Tampa. She's on a couch wearing heels with a green bra and mini skirt. Tony enters and wonders what she's done wrong, but she says she did nothing. Delilah eyes Tony while blowing him (she deep throats him and briefly sucks on his balls). She rubs her hand over her panties as he plants his cock and balls over her face (she sucks on both). Delilah licks his asshole while fingering herself. There's some dirty talking and she uses plenty of saliva during oral sex (she tongues his asshole a few times). More dirty talking as they fuck doggie style. Delilah briefly sucks on Tony's toes before she finger fucks her pussy hard and fast while Tony strokes his cock watching her. Tony chokes Delilah while fucking her. Tony tongues her asshole. He inserts four fingers into her pussy while she blows him (she helps by playing with her clit which makes her appear to cum). They lick each others assholes in a 69 type position. They screw in a couple more positions. Delilah is on her back in the pile driver position as Tony jerks off and cums on her asshole, pussy and face. Tony uses his finger to push the cum so that it drips off her pussy onto her face and he feeds her a drop of cum with his finger. Delilah wipes some cum with her hand and tastes it.

Scene Four: Hillary Scott (22) and Brett Rockman.
Hillary (22) is a very pretty blonde. She comes down some stairs in a house wearing heels, pink shorts and a matching pink top that cuts off mid stomach. Hillary finds a pink sex toy (feathers on one ends with a butt plug handle on the other end). Hillary sucks on the butt plug. We cut to Brett taking out his cock for Hillary to suck on (she deep throats him and uses plenty of saliva). There's some dirty talking while giving Brett a very wet blowjob. They pleasure each other orally in the 69 position (he also inserts the butt plug handle in her ass). Hillary has her mouth fucked before some anal reverse cowgirl (she inserts the sex toy's handle inside her pussy). Hillary rubs his balls with her foot as he jerks off. Brett then fucks her ass some more. She masturbates and appears to cum during anal sex. Hillary sucks cock "ass to mouth". Hillary takes Brett's cock and the butt plug handle in her ass at the same time. She sucks on the handle ATM. Brett jerks off and cums on the sex toy's handle, her tongue, face and neck. Hillary gargles and cleans the toy's handle with her mouth. She repeatedly lets the fluid in her mouth drip onto the camera lens and then sucks it back up. She does this a few times before swallowing the fluid in her mouth.

Scene Five: Tiffany Rayne (20) and Alex Sanders (39).
Tiffany is a very pretty blonde She enters a house wearing a sexy light pink (or white) bra with matching panties and sheer mini skirt (the skirt is lingerie). Tiffany finds and drinks beer from a bottle. She finds a sex toy on a bed that she thinks could be jewelry (it's a pink dildo with small ball shapes). She rubs it over her panties before inserting it in her pussy and tasting it. She also uses the toy to fuck her ass and put it in her mouth ATM. Alex enters and catchers her using the toy on herself. and drinking his beer. Tiffany deep throats Alex with the toy still in her ass. She spits on his cock and strokes it hard in her hand (she also spits on the lens). He swats her face with his cock. Tiffany rubs and fingers her pussy while getting fucked in her ass. She sounds like she had an orgasm and she sucks his cock "ass to mouth". They have anal sex in a few positions. Tiffany wants Alex to cum in her ass. She fingers her ass (they both taste her finger from her ass). Tiffany cradles Alex's balls in her hand as he strokes his cock. Alex inserts his dick inside of Tiffany's ass just as he starts cumming (some cum spills out of her ass). She catches some cum on her hand and licks it up. Tiffany then spits the cum onto the camera lens. She licks it up and spits it out a few times.

Photos - Still photos of the girls posing alone and during their sex scenes.

Website - Visit Our Website At:,

Trailers - Previews from Cum Catchers 2, Easy Prey, Pop My Ass, Six in Me, Teen Idol 2 and Whale Tale.

Behind The Scenes - Footage of Delilah, Brett, Hillary and Tiffany Rayne (11:08).

Lenny (LSB)

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