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Czech Point

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Czech Point

Studio: Studio 2000
Category:  Gay
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joeblow69's ratings for Czech Point:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Czech Point overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Czech Point Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Czech Point Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Czech Point Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Czech Point Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Czech Point DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Czech Point A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  11/1/2000
Now is the time, brothers and sisters, to bow down to the deity of your choice, and thank him/her for the glory that is the Czech Republic. There are only two Czech men in this flick, but man oh man, are they GORGEOUS! Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny are truly works of art. They both have bulging pecs, huge cocks, bronze tans, and best of all, don’t speak a word of English.

The two Czechs are visiting Chris Steele’s military base to get some “hands on” experience in how the US military is run. Chris knows a good thing when he sees it, and arranges for some alone time with Pavel. He quickly gets Pavel undressed and on his back so he can ram his tongue right up the Czech’s crack. The two then trade blow jobs before Chris throws Pavel’s legs up in the air for a good old-fashion ass ramming. Chris is a little more tender with Pavel than I would have been, but maybe Pavel isn’t used to getting fucked, and needed special attention. Anyway, Chris unloads his spunk all over the Czech’s inner thigh (very hot) while Pavel lets go with a geyser of a cumshot that you will want to watch again and again.

Elsewhere on the base, two cadets (Nick Savage and Michael Brandon) are arguing over who has the biggest dick. After a little wrestling, we can plainly see that Michael wins by a long shot. (Nick’s is apparently so small that the camera avoids showing in until he is about to cum.) Michael pins Nick down and forces his frankfurter down Nick’s throat. The action quickly turns anal, and I gotta say, Nick’s ass must be a bottomless pit, because he takes every inch of Michael’s big one with no problems whatsoever.

While Chris is giving the two Czechs a tour of the base, he catches two cadets (Steve Harper and Thomas Lloyd) swapping spit in their barracks. He demands the two show him the proper respect that a Corporal deserves, and boy does he get it. After Chris is satisfied with the spit shining his cock gets, he decides it is time to loosen up Steve’s hole for the pounding he is about to receive. Steve moans like a bitch in heat when Chris shoves 3 fingers up his crack. Chris and Lloyd both get piece of Steve’s ass before the cumshots commence. I was very stoked to see Chris take off the kid gloves and really fuck Steve silly in this scene.

In the next scene, Geoff Ashton and Ales Hanak are caught out in the rain, and seek shelter in a large military tent. Unbelievably, Ales looks even hotter when wet! Geoff is no slouch himself, with the face of an angel and very well defined body on a small frame (if only he didn’t have that tattoo on his back!). When Ales suggests they keep warm by sharing body heat, he jumps at the chance. Geoff takes is time sucking Ales’s big cock, worshipping it as any sane man would. Then Ales gives Geoff a rather half-assed blowjob before fucking him in a variety of positions. Ales towers over Geoff, and we get some really nice penetration shots here.

In the final scene, we are back in Chris’s office with Chis, Geoff, Ales, and Pavel. Just as the four start to get undressed, the screen fades to black, and the credits start to roll! What the hell?? As the old saying goes, it is best to leave the view wanting more, but jeez… it is very cruel to tease us like that.

Atomic has once again done a great job with the transfer, the video quality is excellent. Studio 2000 doesn’t disappoint with the extras, either. We get cast bios (check for the other films by Pavel and Ales…looks like they are also both in Prague Rising, just released on DVD!), bloopers, trailers for Cuffed and Mavericks, as well as a photo gallery. Most photo galleries are pretty useless since they just have photos from the movie. HELLO… if I want to see images from the movie, I will just watch the movie! Here we also get a bunch of publicity photos of Chris and Pavel. Nice touch!

Overall, I was very impressed with Czech Point. The only thing that is glaringly bad about it is the runtime… it clocks in at just less than 69 minutes. Each of the 4 scenes that we do get are very hot, but I can’t help keep wondering what that fifth scene would have been like.

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